first_imgDear Editor,I write this letter with reference to your recent article “Resource-trapped” UG fails to attract qualified staff – Deputy VC. Not to disagree with the Deputy VC, but there is an added perspective that is missing in the analysis of why UG lacks qualified staff.Due to a dying relative and after hearing the unfortunate news of the death of a younger fellow, QC student named Courtney Crum-Ewing, and learning about the current situation in Guyana from our former QC Head Prefect Ashni Singh, I decided to remigrate to Guyana in 2015. I was enthusiastic to contribute to the country of my birth where I could leverage my over twenty years of international business experience within the Fortune 500, my Master’s Degree from a top 20 university focused on Business Management where I also was a Teaching Assistant and my Bachelor’s Degree from a top 10 university (based on global university rankings). Another past QC student, who is a current professor at UG, had helped me approach the University concerning an open position in their Business Faculty. This is the same University of Guyana where I was once accepted after requiring special permission due to age and became the youngest student to ever attend the University at that time. Just prior I had taught for free at Queen’s College due to a teacher shortage. It was an honour to do so and the Headmaster, Mr Trotz, had approached a number of us who had recently topped the country at CXC exams. Teaching at QC was an opportunity which I gladly pursued, but others dismissed it due to other commitments and wanting to be paid for their efforts. After attending orientation at UG I, however, opted out, and instead pursued my studies at an Ivy League university overseas. It was a rare opportunity due to its history of producing Presidents for the USA, such as President Theodore Roosevelt and President Franklin D Roosevelt. President Barack Obama would later add his name to the list.When I had applied to teach at UG, I later discovered that the University did not even consider my application, but had considered other candidates. I guess there must have been a very qualified candidate pool. However, given my experience, I am not sure that the University has pursued recruitment in the most professional manner and has vetted candidates primarily based on qualifications. To put it quite simply, the phone never rang nor was an email received. Thus, in my humble opinion, the current shortage of qualified staff at our University of Guyana may also be an issue due to the University’s recruitment process. My impression may be incorrect, but this may be an area that the Deputy VC may want to further review for improvement opportunities.Best regards,Jamil Changleelast_img