first_imgStephen Granero For five years he has combined two of his great passions: soccer and technology. In the fields he faces a new challenge in the Marbella. While in the innovative field, he heads the first company to apply Artificial Intelligence to sports. In these tough days, Olocip It is helping to develop new models for predicting infections at the national level and by autonomous community.When, why and with whom does Olocip found?Five years ago I founded Olocip with the aim of investigating the capabilities of AI to answer questions asked by football clubs. Two years later Pedro Larrañaga and Concha Bielza, professors of the UPM and European leaders in artificial intelligence joined as partners.What can Artificial Intelligence generate in the world of sports? I’m very hopeful. The club is an example of how to grow by building from the ground up honestly and dreaming big. I am happy and ready to get promoted, which is the goal.Olocip’s engineers agree: “This is something inexplicable to us”Asier Rodríguez, Ander Alcón, Sergio Luengo and Marco Benjumeda are some of the Lead Data Scientist PhD. in A.I. from Olocip who are working daily on the project already explained by Granero. “It is inexplicable for us because we are all people and we like to help the rest. This is just one more grain of sand, but we feel lucky. Until now, the studies created have addressed the evolution of the coronavirus at a national level, being very generic , but it is essential to know its development by autonomous community, province, city or even hospital, since it is necessary to know the incidence of the virus at a relative level and on levels of saturation of the health system since each region faces different factors (population, health resources …) “.Scientists go further: “Over the past few months, a significant volume of work has been generated in the scientific literature investigating the value of parameters that describe the behavior of SARS-CoV-2. For example, there is considerable consensus that the incubation time of the disease lasts on average between 5 and 6 days (2), and follows a Weibull distribution (3) “. To define the model, we have used the following assumptions about the parameters based on scientific literature recent.Mortality ratio = 2% (4.5)Incubation period = 5.22 days (2. 3)Infectious period = 4.5 days (6)Period between contagion and death: 18.5 days (7) The crucial part is knowing how the disease will evolve in the coming days and months to anticipate problems such as the mobilization of resources (respirators, masks, ICU beds …), restriction strategy, relapse prevention, etc. Through our scientists specialized in artificial intelligence, we are working on the creation of predictive algorithms that allow us to know what the evolution of the virus will be for each autonomous community.What professionals are behind something as great and supportive as this?There are thousands of professionals collaborating in #stopcorona, led by the Samaipata fund. At Olocip, all our workers, including my partners, have participated given the urgency and importance of the project.Do you think this can be a turning point on the great importance of AI in all sectors?Without a doubt, AI is essential to face this type of pandemic and, of course, it is necessary in any environment where decision-making is transcendental, that is, anyone. The response of our team has been exemplary. They have worked without rest or weekend to arrive as soon as possible. On the one hand, it is a challenge that they are passionate about and on the other they know that lives are at stake. They have demonstrated responsiveness.How do you think AI will evolve in sport?Very fast. It is already here but it will grow without brake. Those who start from scratch will now be late. So those of us who have the path done are necessary for the market.Tell me about your tools and the one that impacts you the most …Beyond tools, we are an AI department capable of providing comprehensive service to clubs. This ranges from structuring and cleaning data to the implementation of services for pre-match, scouting, injury prevention, digital and business assets, among other services. We are available to adapt everything to the specific needs of each club and to answer any questions.How do people react when they talk to you about predictions? Do you think they are already aware of this tool?Our predictions are made from the knowledge generated by AI. We are all mentally predicting when we evaluate to make a decision. AI can help us in this process. They are scientifically validated mathematical procedures, we do not believe in black magic. In the rest of the sectors, AI is vital in the day-to-day of companies and in sport, it should be for more reason.Although now the least important thing is football … How are you seeing this season in Marbella? Artificial intelligence is capable of generating knowledge about any problem that can be translated into data, such as a soccer match, the performance of the players or the factors that influence a muscle injury. It does it millions of times faster and more accurate than any human capacity. Therefore, it is a tool that allows us to understand further and predict to make decisions with less uncertainty. That is a decisive competitive advantage for a club.At what point does it occur to you to dump all your resources to fight the coronavirus?In addition to soccer, we have modeled systems in other sports such as basketball, tennis, or cricket. We also work in industrial processes. Therefore, we have extensive experience outside the world of sports. When we were required to build predictive models of the Covid19, we poured 100% of the resources into it and in less than a week we had the first results available to anyone who needed it. #stopcorona is a non-profit initiative that will be essential if we want to give the best response to the virus.What is the daily work procedure?First, our specialists put together all the necessary information, cleaned it up using AI techniques, and then decided on the best way to tackle the problem. From there, they build contagion prediction models on a national scale and by autonomous community. The objective is to provide results on the number of infected, number of people in the ICU and deaths with real confidence intervals that help to understand the disease and improve decision-making.You play a fundamental role in this battle … How can people continue your daily work?On the blog of our website and on social networks @olocip_Lab, @olocip_Lab (Instagram) we are updating the predictions, and of course at important is it on a human level for all Olocip members? It must be praised that this is non-profit. 📈The peak of infected by # Covid19 in #Spain It will be on April 3⚠Daily updates according to new data published by #Health reducing uncertainty in short-term predictions. Therefore, results may vary from day to day.#StopCorona– Olocip (@Olocip_Lab) March 29, 2020last_img