first_imgChristmas was a boom time for sales of tablet devices, and none more so than the iPad 2. But a group of thieves in Canada managed to upset a number of legitimate consumers come Christmas morning when they opened their iPad 2 packaging to find nothing but a bag of clay, in some cases even the charger had been replaced with clay.What the scammers had managed to do was purchase iPad 2s, remove the tablet, and then make up the weight and shape with clay. They also had the necessary tools and materials to professionally reseal the iPad 2 box so it looks as if it had never been opened. The stores accepted the tablets back as returns without further checks because they were sealed, and then proceeded to resell them to other customers.The affected retailers in Metro Vancouver include Future Shop, Best Buy, Walmart, and London Drugs. There’s also been a report that the same thing is happening in Victoria. In total somewhere between 10 and 20 iPads have been replaced with clay and successfully returned so far.The fraud has forced the retailers involved to change their returns policy. If you return a sealed iPad 2 to one of these stores, don’t be surprised if the seal is now broken by the sales assistant and the contents checked. It is, after all, the only way they can be sure the iPad 2 is still inside.Hopefully some of the stores can look back through security camera footage and identify the individuals making these purchases and returns. It may be they are known to local police and can easily be tracked down before trying this scam again at other locations.Read more at CTV, via The Vergelast_img