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Rabat – The largest Moroccan cultural event opened Tuesday in Norway and is running through June 21 at the Beljit Center.This event, organized by the Moroccan Embassy in Norway in collaboration with “Dar Sanee” and “the Norwegian Beljit Center,” highlights the bond of friendship between Morocco and Norway.A number of Norwegian officials took part in this event, most notably Fabian Stang, the governor of Oslo, and Austin Orleen, director-general of the Norwegian Baljit Center. The event aims at exchanging expertise between Morocco and Norway, seeks the means to promote traditional products in the Scandinavian country, and contributes to the revitalization of Moroccan handcrafts. This event sheds light on original Moroccan handcrafts, as well as the skills and creativity that they embody and unveils the talent of the Moroccan craftsmen and women, especially those who work in the medium of ceramic and copper antiques and jewelry.During this event that will last until the end of June, traditional products and Moroccan handcrafts will be exposed; Moroccan music concerts will be held, as well as fashion and Moroccan traditional cooking shows.Moreover, this manifestation is a fantastic opportunity for craftsmen and women from all parts of Morocco to expose the best of their creations in the field of leather goods, earthenware, silver, copper, wood, and carpets.Souad El-Aloui, the Moroccan Ambassador in Norway, expressed her appreciation for organizing such a great cultural event in one of the biggest trade centers in the heart of Oslo city, highlighting that the aim of the showcase to deepen the understanding of Moroccan culture in the Scandinavian area.She considered this event an opportunity to highlight the richness of the Moroccan culture and expose the great experiences of Moroccan handcrafters, as well as the cultural wealth of Morocco in the fields of fashion, music, and haute cuisine.Further, El-Aloui stressed that this event is an opportunity to burgeon Moroccan culture in Oslo by introducing the Moroccan identity and the Moroccan heritage from the north of the kingdom to the south, as well as Moroccan lifestyle.She also added that the event is about “celebrating creativity and cultural diversity that characterize Morocco and its long history with its different civilization and human dimension,” mentioning that artisanal craftsmanship in Morocco accumulated a “long history” of productivity and creativity.She emphasized that the Moroccan artisans will display their masterpieces and their abilities to mix Moroccan authenticity with modern elements, and that the story ofMoroccan handcrafts is the story of hard work, diverse heritage, coexistence, and openness that have been preserved by successive generations.In this context, El-Aloui mentioned the interest of the “Dar Sanee” institution in male and female handcrafters who took part in this event to expose the different aspects of handmade masterpieces and handcraft products.Fabian Stang, the Governor of Oslo, welcomed the organization of such event in the Norwegian capital, referring to the cultural integration of Moroccans living in Norway. He also expressed his personal appreciation of Moroccan handcrafts, pointing at the necessity to valorize this product in the Scandinavian region.The Moroccan caftan gained a great deal of interest in this cultural event. A show for this authentic dressing was organized by the Moroccan designer Samira El-Hadouchi, who exposed fashionable and modern samples.Further, a concert was held by a variety of Moroccan bands that have performed samples from Moroccan folklore.The opening of this event saw the presence of various cultural festivities, diplomats in Norway, dignitaries from political, economic, and cultural domains, as well as Moroccan resident in Norway.This is the first time an event such as this has been held in the Scandinavian region, having previously been held in London, Paris, and Berlin.

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