"yindajihuang water diversion 750 million cubic meters, replacing dry 1 million 100 thousand acres, for the eastern city of group of 3 million people, industrial park, Barry gallery features of modern agriculture and animal husbandry and the arid provide drinking, production and ecological water, will protect the eastern region urbanization, agricultural modernization, industrialization and ecological civilization construction of water."

to the ecological province, zhilvhulv, soil and water conservation, beautify the home circle, as the source of life, production and ecology of water base since when has become the key to development. To accelerate the construction of water conservancy construction, yindajihuang project, which is not only the people of the province more than half a century of dreams, is one the country’s major ecological engineering. read more

Around Qinghai and Gansu Province at the junction of the revitalization and peace project, the province will implement the six major tasks, to promote the Qinghai and Gansu, Sichuan, the junction of transportation construction and development. Reporter recently learned from the Provincial Department of transportation, with the "complete and planning area of Qinghai province and Gansu Sichuan at the junction of highway traffic development planning" in the 7 counties of the specific implementation of the follow-up gradually, traffic development in our province and Gansu Sichuan outline clear blueprint for the future.

– the flow of external transport channels in accordance with the building construction Silk Road Economic Belt, promoting the national highway construction, including through Xining Tongren – Chengdu, Delingha – Maqin Barkam Chengdu 2 provincial transportation channels, strengthen the area and the eastern city group, Hercynian cycle of Chengdu Plain Economic Zone, Economic Zone Transportation links etc..

– perfect trunk road network to upgrade and improve the level of technology in highway, provincial, county road bottleneck elimination. Including the dragon, banma to Dawu to banma such as highway construction, the main trunk highway construction scale of 1654 km.

– promote the construction of rural roads, including the implementation of the resettlement of township administrative villages, to the agricultural and pastoral areas of smooth highway engineering construction scale of 12480 km.

– drive passenger and freight transport station construction on the existing building for a long time, the old county passenger station facilities transformation, including the transformation of the passenger station 5, the construction of township level passenger station 44, car pass test (bus stop and waiting hall) 337.

will also strive to enhance the level of transport services and improve the management level of highway maintenance, fully open the green Gansu Sichuan traffic network.  
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September 18th, the reporter learned from the press conference held in Qinghai Grand Theater, the investment of 500 million yuan will be officially opened in Qinghai Grand Theatre on October 8th. Qinghai Grand Theater is located in the center of the Sea Lake District of Xining City, a total construction area of 36 thousand square meters, including can accommodate 1200 spectators in the theater, can accommodate 800 spectators in the music hall and can accommodate 300 spectators multifunctional hall. It can meet the needs of the large-scale dance drama, opera, drama, symphonic concert, drama and variety show, etc.. Qinghai Grand Theatre is one of the scale of Qinghai and the western region the largest and most complete facilities, the most perfect, the highest level of intelligent building top comprehensive theater, built and put into use in Qinghai Grand Theatre, Qinghai to fill the blank of unmarked cultural building. read more

9 30, the province held in Xining martyrs cemetery Memorial Day activities. Provincial Party Secretary Wang Guosheng, governor Hao Peng, the provincial CPPCC Chairman Ren Qing Jia, deputy secretary of the provincial Party committee Wang Jianjun and other military leaders, together with representatives from various provinces, to the revolutionary martyrs presented wreaths, deeply cherish the memory of the martyrs valiant record.

in the early morning of the Xining martyrs cemetery solemn, Revolutionary Martyrs Monument towering. read more

The original bmiur card to disable

– May 31, 2016Urban and rural residents health insurance card to disable

– June 30, 2016

reporter from the Xining Municipal Social Insurance Administration Bureau was informed that from November 15th onwards, Xining city launched a comprehensive social security card issued, more than 6 Medicare insured institutions to make social security card, other health care workers, urban residents and the new rural cooperative medical insurance insured social security cards were issued. read more

Round mountain view flower bed let different flowers menyuan! When blue meets the yellow, what kind of view will it be? Stand in the round table Menyuan mountain view, you will see the blue sky and white cloud and the Qilian mountains, Sichuan full of rape shining gold, into the sky. Here is the most beautiful flowers — Chinese Menyuan hundreds of rape flowers.

Menyuan hundreds of rape flowers is the world’s top ten beautiful flowers, is the national AAAA level scenic spots, planting area of 60 acres. The summer season, Menyuan hundreds of paved golden flowers to P.Tricuspidata, countless tourists with golden fantasy and shock of the soul. As in the best viewing rape flowers — Taiwan round mountain view, in order to give visitors the best viewing platform and enjoy flowers opportunity, Qinghai Huahai tourism development company to re create the round mountain view flower bed area. The scenic spot down the road laying corrosion resistant elastic wooden plank, and on the top of the mountain for tourists to watch rape luxury green size wooden platform, the scenery Sightseeing Leisure coffee corridor, thrilling strop Road, elegant flight gliding, antique style or modern style sightseeing train etc..

into the round mountain view flower bed area, visitors can take a sightseeing train across the sea, enjoy the scenery boundless rape; like walking, can walk in the mountains on the boardwalk, close to smell the fragrance of the reluctant gladdening the heart and refreshing the mind; so quickly left the scene, visitors can also sit on the wooden platform coffee or leisure and sightseeing corridor, let the impetuous heart to accept the baptism of natural beauty…… Into the circle mountain view flower bed area, visitors will also see people with 100 flowers in Menyuan to create a unique landscape – "love you ten thousand years earth art word. Only standing on the mountain flower round table, to see the world’s largest earth art word, let the most beautiful flowers to people’s blessing. read more

September 7th, after the coordination of the relevant departments of the relevant departments of the city of Xining City, Xining City Road 71 primary school students to move to a temporary relocation of primary school road.

at the beginning of August, Xining City 71 Road Primary School found in the security check, there is a slight crack, the teaching building of the wall at the end of August, 71 road primary school teaching building crack is more and more big, including the principal room, some doors are not shut up. After examination found that the teaching building bearing wall cracks widened phenomenon, accompanied by sinking, new cracks and other issues. Xining City, the provincial Party committee, the Xining municipal Party committee secretary Wang Jianjun instructed the city of Xining, the relevant departments in the city as soon as possible to come up with solutions to solve the problem of student placement. After the City District Education Bureau after co-ordination, formulated the "71 road primary school teaching building was suspended in the first grade primary school freshman class in the 71 Road, second floor, two to the sixth grade temporarily to the particular scheme for learning" labor Road Primary school. read more

recently, Xining formulated the "kitchen garbage collection and disposal of special rectification program", from mid April to the end of December, many departments of the municipal urban management, food and drug administration, agriculture and animal husbandry, industry and commerce, public security, environmental protection will be carried out jointly for a period of eight months of food waste collection and disposal of special rectification.

During the renovation of

, will focus on the production of food waste units, to carry out food waste management and standardization of the door publicity, inform and correct education. Investigate and deal with food waste generated units are not set up in accordance with the provisions of the collection container, pour food waste, food waste will not be handed out by units and individuals do not meet the collection, transportation and other illegal acts. Crack down on illegal collection and transportation of waste edible oil processing and refining behavior, focus on livestock and poultry farms without the use of harmless treatment of food waste of livestock and poultry behavior, cut off the illegal use of food waste underground industry chain and the interests of the chain, strict blocking all the illegal disposal of food waste channel. The kitchen garbage collection, transportation and disposal, take time and location, the way home service unified collection, centralized processing, prohibition of food waste by non food waste in Xining "navicert" units and individuals in the collection, transportation and disposal. For units and individuals in violation of regulations, according to the relevant laws and regulations, depending on the circumstances were be warned, fined, ordered to suspend or revoke the license and business license and other administrative penalties; serious enough to constitute a crime, transferred to judicial organs for criminal responsibility according to law. read more

Xining 2011 science and technology week opened the curtain

Xining 2011 science and Technology Week kicked off

5 15, the city to join hands to build innovative Qinghai as the theme of science and Technology Week kicked off. On the same day, led by the city’s leading group of science and technology education, in the center of the square to carry out large-scale science popularization activities. Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, the city of agriculture and animal husbandry and poverty alleviation and Development Bureau, the Municipal Forestry Bureau, the Municipal Association, Municipal Health Bureau, the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, the Municipal Seismological Bureau, the Municipal Meteorological Bureau and the city district, west district government, more than 30 units to participate in publicity. A total of 28 kinds of publicity layout, blackboard newspaper more than more than 160 pieces, hanging "science and Technology Week" flag color on the face of the 21 banners, distribute all kinds of information more than 10000 copies (volume). read more

51 labor day. However, when we celebrate a small holiday, in our province, there are a lot of workers must stick to the post.
every holiday, when they are busy. The tour guide occupation, in others it can be a day sightseeing tour, but the hard work that only you know.
"all the rest to come out to play, we are out of play when people began to work. Especially in May, will be more and more busy." Yu Yaling said. Legends of
Qinghai Lake, what a beautiful place, need to pay attention to what the local local customs and practices, as well as some previous knowledge, on the way to Yu Yaling one by one and visitors to share. "We come out to travel is to relax the mood during the tour guide will directly affect the impression of the guests on the destination. So I will never bring their emotions to work, I will use my enthusiasm and quality services to infect them, take them to visit the great beauty of Qinghai, but also a good mood." Yu Yaling said.
Duan Zhilong: 8 read more

in order to strengthen the train west railway station surrounding road traffic management, road traffic environment to create a safe, orderly and smooth, from the beginning of the July, Xining city traffic police brigade to train west railway station at night taxis, shuttle passengers, vehicles Zhandao other Luantingluanfang, road congestion caused by the phenomenon, in conjunction with the transportation department to carry out special treatment work.

to ensure that the governance work has been effective, the brigade held a special meeting, made a detailed scheme, clear job responsibilities and division of labor, in order to determine the unit for the unit to integrate the existing police set up night duty, patrol group, led by the daily brigade on duty is responsible for the entire area of the night road traffic management, specially sent to the leadership at the West Railway Station train supervision work will be on duty four squadron service for reasonable arrangement, a group responsible for traffic management work during the day, another group is responsible for every night 6:30 to 10:30 traffic order management, counseling, and severely punish vehicle Luantingluanfang, violation marks violations markings, traffic chaos whistle. At the same time, the requirements of the police, combined with the six into the propaganda work, to the majority of traffic participants to explain traffic laws and regulations, to promote their conscious maintenance of good traffic order. read more

days ago, north of the city of Xining City District opened public service hotline call, to provide convenient and efficient government services for the masses. North District opened public service hotline call since the opening, the spirit of "convenient and responsive" service tenet, to effectively solve the people around trouble, trouble. Whether it is north of the city residents, or migrant workers, which involves policy consulting, public services, complaints and other aspects of the service demand, just make a phone call or send a message, the north area of public service call center can provide the most convenient service. As of now, the center has received 23 calls, of which 9 complaints, public service class 8, class 6 policy advice, 23 hotline content has been fully resolved, the masses of the center to provide the service satisfaction rate of 100%. (author: Fan Shengdong) read more

With the continuous spread of the great beauty of Qinghai brand, is driving the team known as the Qinghai Lake dream sapphire influx across the country, resulting in the Qinghai Lake scenic spots around the road traffic surge, many foreign tourists long time stuck in traffic, good mood moment is extinguished, greatly reduced the beauty image of Qinghai. The second half of this year, our province will focus on planning the road leading to the scenic Qinghai Lake, the transformation plan for the 109 National Road – Riyue mountain Daotang River, the black river along the route, every five kilometers will be set at a parking lot, every ten kilometers will be built at a sitting inn.

a parking lot more tourists enjoy
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In order to promote the effective service of the floating population family planning association and the floating population in the urban areas

in order to promote the city’s "floating population warm home" and the family planning work of the floating population of the family of effective service. July 25th to 26, the provincial Office of population and family planning management of the floating population, the provincial population and family planning technical guidance center in the city’s largest indoor market – Mo street market to carry out a two day "Kang Fu home" tour service flow of population and family planning. read more

north of the city of Xining City Traffic Police Brigade Road Traffic Safety Management and accident prevention work as the focus of the current work, and recently being carried out the special rectification work organically, to achieve a clear division of responsibility to the people, it is not natural, refinement measures.

They took

to prevent traffic accidents as the key traffic management work, continue to maintain strict control of high-pressure situation, with a high sense of political responsibility and responsible for the safety of people’s lives and property attitude, typical accident analysis meeting regularly, summarize the rules and reasons of area traffic accidents, to carry out targeted prevention of traffic accidents work, to minimize traffic accidents, to minimize casualties. And conscientiously sum up the prevention of hidden dangers of good experience, good practice, timely detection and rectification of the problems and weaknesses in the accident prevention work, and strive to reduce the area of traffic accidents to a minimum. read more

July 21st, in Tulsa mountain forest green green area, two fox rescued wild animal breeding center staff released. The day before, the reporter learned from the Qinghai Tibet Plateau wild zoo, now, people’s awareness of animal protection is gradually enhanced.

it is understood that, in fact, the two are not the fox zoo "residents", but was sent to rescue rescue wild animal breeding center. In the rescue center, the care of the staff, at the same time, but also to do the appropriate wild training, physical recovery is very good. See the two little guys have field survival ability, in the efforts of the relevant departments, the two were finally released into the wild fox. Wang Min, deputy director of the Tibetan Plateau wildlife park, who is in charge of wildlife rescue, said many people were able to help them when they saw illegal hunting and injured animals. In recent years, only the ambulance center received more than more than and 200 kinds of animals were rescued by the public, of which the majority of birds. Rescue center will rescue some of the wild animals, released after training. In Xishan Forest Botanical Garden, etc. more than ten kinds of recovery more than and 200 treatment wild wild animal. In the future, the public rescue of wild animals, can be sent directly to the Qinghai Tibet Plateau wildlife rescue department. Tel: 6307290. read more

in recent years, the process of urbanization in Xining continues to accelerate, the rise of high-rise buildings such as the rise of urban areas, high-rise buildings highlight the atmosphere of metropolis. This is a reporter in the North District of the city to take a shot. Xu Meili photo  

To ensure the

Temple Village resettlement housing was completed as soon as possible, for the completion of a resettlement housing before full occupancy, Chengbei District Construction Bureau of investment of about 400 thousand yuan, to the village resettlement in front of 141.5 meters long, 13.4 meters wide road hardening. Hardened area of 1704 square meters, sidewalk pavement area of 284 square meters. At the same time, the combination of public space renovation project of north area, by setting the isolation pier form in the temple stands in front of the new village resettlement parking lot about 1400 square meters, 100 new parking spaces, alleviate the Huangshui River market surrounding the parking problem. The project started construction in October 31st, is expected to be completed at the end of November. read more

Xining City North District attaches great importance to the construction of primary and secondary schools, through sound mechanism, develop plans, expand the ranks, strengthen training and other measures, and constantly promote the construction of primary and secondary school.
is a perfect mechanism, clear responsibility. Established by the Deputy Secretary of the Party Working Committee served as secretary of education, to further improve and perfect the work mechanism, the formation mechanism of the party building work of the district Party committee education lead to the total, specifically responsible for the specific implementation of the school. Hold regular meetings to study the difficulties and problems existing in the work of Party building in primary and secondary schools, put forward measures for work, inform the progress of work, and supervise the implementation of the work. Two is the investigation thoroughly, make plans. To carry out the investigation of 17 primary school to school deeply region, distribution, teachers and the party organization, the number of Party members and Party members, Party members and the distribution structure, education and training of party activists and Party members were registered in detail, be aware of the basic situation. On the basis of investigation and analysis, the author made a research on strengthening the work of Party building in primary and secondary schools in the north of the city. Three is to do a good job training, strengthen the ranks. Strengthen the development of primary and secondary schools to Party members under the age of 35, teaching teachers, excellent teachers, advanced education workers to focus on training targets, the establishment of the teachers in primary and secondary schools to join the party activists information base number stable. Four is to strengthen training, improve quality. Organized by the school party secretary summer training courses to further enhance the management level of the party secretary, effectively improve the level of Ideological and political work of the party secretary of the school. (author: Wang Ping) read more

August 24th, the City Commission for Discipline Inspection held an enlarged meeting of the Standing Committee, thematic study of the Communist Party of China Inspection Regulations (hereinafter referred to as the "Regulations"). Municipal Committee, Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection Secretary Cao Jiansong presided over the study, and to study and publicize the implementation of the regulations to deploy.