School enrollment plan (people) the actual enrollment (person) in Xining in 700800, the 448504 Middle School of Kunlun Huangchuan middle school two 336392 Xining eleven 700750 Xining 336392 Xining twenty-two 21 560672 tiger Taiwan middle school

Qaidam Road Branch

392280 of the total 392224 Huangchuan middle school, a village school in Xining nine 336224 504448

Q: a small rise in early 2014 enrollment which school enrollment plan has been adjusted? Why?

A: junior high school enrollment plan is based on the year of primary school graduates education statistics, junior middle school, school size, school supplies, the allocation of teachers and teaching instruments and equipment support level scientifically formulated. But with the construction of Xining new city, old city transformation and the accelerated pace of urbanization, and to Xining to do business, entrepreneurship, and migrant workers settled floating population rapid growth, great changes have taken place in the school-age population distribution and residential density, resulting in twenty-two in Xining, seven middle school, in the back, Kawa Ni, 21, twenty-five, the number of students the school serves a range greater than the total number of diagnostic statistics, Huangchuan middle school, a student village branch, Xining nine, tiger Taiwan branch school in the service area is lower than the number of diagnostic statistics, in order to ensure the implementation of junior high school-age boy nearest school, so the school enrollment plan made the following adjustments.

Two: a small rise in early 2014, how to divide the area?

A: 2014 primary school junior high school zoning according to the total enrollment of students, students living distribution, school size, traffic conditions, school scale and enrollment plan and other factors, in line with relatively nearby, respect for history, maintaining a stable and moderate adjustment principle, reasonable delineation of urban junior high school enrollment school district. In line with the conditions of enrollment policy of primary school graduates, relatively nearby Guardian assigned to entrust the school district where the property; have Xining city residence, the residence and domicile address inconsistent (including demolition due), graduates of non household headed and guardian, household moved to effectively limit non-compliance of the primary school graduates, relative to the nearest swap assigned to city school degree of discontent; in line with the policy of non residence in the city primary school graduates, to ensure that the public junior high schools in the city school under the premise of swap assigned to degree of discontent schools; nine year and twelve year school of primary school graduates directly assigned to the middle school; suburban primary school graduates based on the service radius overall, counterparts assigned to the adjacent primary school and is now close to the middle school.

three Q: why this year on the part of their counterparts in the helicopter school students swap allocation?

A: since primary school and junior middle school do; read more

2014 is the city to promote the "water into the city," the year of tackling the project. Huangshui River Basin by a single change to the comprehensive management of pollution control, pollution control, ecological construction set, landscape leisure and flood discharge as a whole, according to the requirements of the municipal Party committee and municipal government, this year the city will further increase the project investment, project investment amounted to 3 billion 300 million yuan, to promote the comprehensive management of Huangshui River basin. read more

In the "six · a" International Children’s Day is approaching, the morning of May 28th, vice secretary of provincial Party committee, party secretary Wang Jianjun, deputy secretary of Municipal Committee, mayor Wang Yubo, provincial Party committee secretary Shen Hongxing, city leaders Zou Jiansheng, Li Jinqing, Wang Hong, Zhang Yonghai, Zhang Qian and Guan Industry Commission Director Bao Fuyuan to Xining Yucai School, and young children spend on behalf of "red scarf meet China Dream Theme Day activities, and for the city’s children send greetings. read more

August 19, 2010, the Xining Municipal Health Bureau health authority party branch in the six floor conference room of the chuangxianzhengyou Party of the Council, all Party members attended the meeting. At the meeting, each party control "constitution" and "five lead" chuangxianzhengyou standard, combined with their actual work, knowledge, mental state and work style from the aspects of the thought did deep analysis. Through analysis, identify the problems and the reasons for the problem. One common problem: one is the study of political theory lacks the initiative, the reason for thinking and inadequate attention; two is to work the mental state is not full, there is drag, lazy, thinking, not in strict accordance with the standards of Party members strict with himself in thought; the three is the combination of theory and practice and innovation the reasons for the lack of ability, learning is insufficient and lack of thinking. To solve the problem, each party took measures to improve themselves, and said to be actively involved in chuangxianzhengyou activities, set a good example for the masses in learning, work, serving the masses, law-abiding and promoting etc.. After self analysis, the leadership of the people’s personal analysis of the Council, that each party made careful preparation, accurate analysis, feasible solutions, and requires each party should take practical actions into chuangxianzhengyou activities, and actively carry out the "old and new", "good with the help of a poor one through mentoring, than the school, time, help, super, first-class performance, common striving for outstanding party members. At the same time, it was also on the supervision of the Party branch chuangxianzhengyou target are discussed, for members of the opinions and suggestions. read more

Adhere to the rule of law, adhere to the ecological environment, the development of human culture, adhere to the fine service, emancipating the mind, continuous reform, hard work, build a well-off society. Three to do research, learn from experience. Solicit public opinion, continue to strengthen the preliminary study, with the idea of opening up a good plan. Four to screening projects to strengthen the development of support. Around the city’s economic and social development, screening and do some favorable current and long-term development projects, "13th Five-Year" to strengthen the project development. The meeting stressed that innovative financial investment is an important task to deepen the reform of the financial system. To reform idea to guide capital investment, enlarge the amount of funds, to realize the close linkage of financial capital and social capital, financial capital; to reform concept to improve the use of financial resources, strengthen the system construction, blocking the abuse of power and other corruption loopholes; with strong concept of performance management reform, the establishment of social third party evaluation mechanism, promote capital efficient and safe use. All regions and departments should pay close attention to the formulation and improvement of various types of financial investment and use of various industries, and continuously improve the efficiency of the use of fiscal funds. The meeting noted that elevator safety and people’s work and life are closely related. All regions and departments must attach great importance to clear responsibility, strengthen supervision, to ensure that each elevator are safe operation. First, to implement the responsibility. To strengthen the use of elevator management unit is the first person responsible for the safety of the elevator operation awareness, so that the source of safety responsibility can be traced back. Two to strengthen supervision. Quality supervision departments should be standardized, institutionalized as a starting point, according to the law to strengthen the elevator construction, installation, use, maintenance of the whole process management, and constantly improve the quality of the elevator safety. Three to strengthen the special rectification. Safety supervision, real estate and other departments should perform their duties, strengthen routine supervision, strengthen special rectification, eliminate security risks. The meeting stressed that at present, the majority of the people have the traffic management as an important standard to evaluate the level of government management, governance capacity. All localities and departments to solve the traffic problems as an important project to improve people’s livelihood, the combination of distance, construction and management simultaneously, tackling the problem, with a powerful, powerful and effective action, timely response to the concerns of the people good, continuously improve the ability and level of city traffic management. In September 10th, mayor Wang Yubo chaired the municipal government thirty-sixth executive meeting, considered the "Xining" 13th Five-Year "planning work plan", "Xining City, reform the way of financial investment to promote industrial restructuring and upgrading plan", "Xining city science and technology project investment mechanism reform plan", "Xining City Elevator safety management approach", "Xining city public transport development plan (2014-2020)" and other issues. The meeting pointed out that the "13th Five-Year" is to build a well-off society in full sprint five years in our city, is a comprehensive deepening of reform to achieve decisive results for five years. All localities and departments to develop a highly responsible attitude to Xining, to do the work of the 13th Five-Year "plan. First, we must do a good job learning, strengthen the ideological guidance. Study of new ideas and new requirements of the general secretary Xi Jinping series of important speeches and a series of central governance, study and implement the provincial government for Green Governance new ideas and new deployment to provincial strategic task as a guide, the scientific evaluation of new shape; read more

After the one year and ten months construction, spend 21 million 490 thousand yuan of theme park area was built and today Shixia breeze foreign opening. This is one of the scenic spots in order to restore the "Xining ancient eight Shixia breeze" as the theme of landscape construction, climbing 28.5 meters, a total of five layers of high imitation of the Tang Dynasty Pavilion style building stone Qingfeng Pavilion, not only can make people feel the breeze blowing gently, but also the surrounding landscape Ning Lake Wetland Park so as to keep.It is reported that

Shixia breeze scenic area is one of the 2011 municipal government planning and construction of the theme park, located in the small gap at the East district. This small gap, the new building of the Qingfeng Pavilion is in the key position of small Shixia gorge, is the city’s implementation of Xining ecological management projects, afforestation and change the face of the Nanshan sample area, the geographical position is very important, is the city’s East gate.

will show the eight ancient cultural scenic spot

Qingfeng Pavilion is built into a stone hall, the first floor of the main use of vivid and concise introduction of the new text panels Qingfeng two floor Shixia engineering; key by the celebrity calligraphy and painting exhibition breeze Shixia culture connotation; the third floor above the Xining ancient illustrations, eight scenes are introduced, by mining the ancient eight long history culture, highlighting the cultural characteristics, showing the historical origin.   read more

The Ministry of health and Family Planning Commission recently issued the "basic medical and health institutions of Qinghai province common disease hospital standard and two-way referral indications", defined the basic medical and health institutions 50 common disease hospital standard and two-way referral indications, grading diagnosis and treatment to guide the work of the first primary diagnosis, two-way referral.

the Commission requires the community health service centers and township hospitals in our province according to the grading clinic referral procedures and requirements, guide patient referral, implementation of the "gatekeeper" responsibility, and actively from superior hospital to patients in improving the service ability, make full use of all kinds of project activities, improve health service skills.  
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this year, in addition to Baoziwan town of new rural construction tasks completed as planned Yan Village integration of urban and rural development objectives and the district government issued Tao Nan Zhu Nan, seven villages, three villages (I Zhen Jin Jia Wan, Tao Bei, waves) in the absence of undertake the task of building the case. In accordance with the general requirements of the goals of the new rural construction, and actively guide by the town government, village cadres leadership attaches great importance to actively cooperate with the broad participation of the masses, according to the actual village trying to raise funds, increase rural village renovation and infrastructure investment, promote the new rural construction project.
the main construction contents are: one is the Jin Jia Wan Village a total investment of 7 million 120 thousand yuan, completed 4.5 km village road hardening, greening 3 km, the new cultural plaza two 6000 square meters, built channels (the main canal of 600 meters, or 4.5 km), water pipe network transformation (Sheung Shui 5.6 kilometres of water 7 km) in a sewage treatment station, power line, 4.5 kilometers, the new cultural compound a 3000 square meters; two Tao Bei Cun is a total investment of 561 thousand yuan, the new village comprehensive service center of a two storey steel mixed structure of 260 square meters, the construction of rural landscape (six corner Pavilion) a building, the culture show a street, the installation of 14 solar street lights, etc. three is accelerating the construction of new countryside; Lang village a total investment of 620 thousand yuan, completed the installation of 90 solar street lamp, cultural square fence 1300 square meters, 700 meters water maintenance, planting trees 300 More than 690, closed circuit TV line maintenance, a new parking lot of 2670 square meters. The cumulative total investment of 8 million 301 thousand yuan. read more

The morning of September 9th, the city celebrates thirtieth teachers festival outstanding talent and outstanding teacher named in recognition of the General Assembly held in Qinghai conference center. City leaders Su Rong, Wang Haihong, Feng Yi, Zhang Qian, Zhang Ying attended the meeting and presented awards to the award-winning teacher, Wang Haihong presided over the meeting, Zhang Qian on behalf of the municipal government to the city’s teachers and educators expressed sympathy for the festival, and put forward the expectation. Recognition of the meeting, the municipal government named and commended a number of education personnel, among them, Wang Zhanshuang and other 8 people in Xining city was named "masters", Zhang Yujun and other 60 teachers were named as Xining academic leaders, Zhao Chungui and other 263 teachers in Xining city was named "teaching expert", Zhao Lei, 157 the teacher was named "rookie teaching in Xining city". At the same time, the City Board of education also named Bai Yunxia and other 318 teachers for the year 2013-2014 outstanding teacher in Xining honorary title, and be commended. Zhang Qian pointed out in his speech, in the future, the city party committees, the government should pay more attention and support education, in the financial, manpower and other aspects of tilt care; teachers should take the lead in practicing the socialist core values; all levels of education departments and schools should further promote the implementation of quality education; to improve the overall level of the quality of teachers. Wang Haihong presided over the meeting stressed: the teachers should bear the responsibility and mission of teachers; professional development education departments and schools should attach importance to teachers; the whole society should create a good atmosphere of respecting teachers. Another hearing, the city’s primary and secondary schools have begun to celebrate the thirtieth teachers’ Day is coming, such as Jia Xiaozhuang primary school organization all the teachers on the red carpet to accept students flowers; primary school children will Mafang water Xunzi flowers to all my dear teachers in primary school; ten shop will also be in the teachers’ day of outstanding rural teachers organization of teachers in recognition, fun games, cooking contest etc.. In addition, the same day, the East District of the area of 83 outstanding teachers, class teachers, educators in the collective recognition.   read more

"Mom, where have you been, we’ve been looking all over the past two days and we haven’t found you anywhere?." The deaf kids saw old Wang Ying lost her mother, grabbed her hand, and cried together. After 4 days, by way of more than and 800 km, in March 25th, lost the deaf mute old man Wang Ying, in the city management assistance station (hereinafter referred to as rescue station) with the help of staff, and finally returned home safely.

couldn’t communicate, any family information is not old…… Rescue workers found the old man decided to go to the West Xinyuan village along the street looking for information. Meanwhile, the rescue station will be the old man’s photos and simple information sent to the four district three county rescue station, hoping to find effective clues. However, the staff still did not receive any clues about the elderly family. read more

9 18 on the afternoon, the United Front Work Department of the United States, the United States and the United States and the Ministry of education, the United States and the United States Department of the United States and the United States Department of the United States and the United States Department of the United States and the United States Department of the United States and the United States and the Ministry of education, the United States and the United States Department of.

scene in the game, 6 players wearing the emblem, standing under the red flag shows "two a" learning achievement in education. They focus on "deep fine according to the subject of qualified party", combined with their actual work, expression, infectious fresh real examples and passionate language, both from different angles interpretation of the understanding of members of the mission of understanding and understanding as well as on "two learn to do" feeling, to express the love for the work of the United Front, the expression based on their own, to fulfill their duties, chuangxianzhengyou determination, highlighting the good spirit of United Front System of Party members and cadres positive, uplifting. After the game, we have said, to take advantage of this opportunity to work in the future, to practice the "two school leaders do", learn to do really, live, based on their own hard work, make a contribution to the United Front Work in our province. read more

now many shopkeepers once saw a business opportunity can make money business as everyone knows, rash and too much in haste, such bold decisions could make their own money. In the summer, to a sell "foot bath salt" guests, leave me, price list and two bag samples, introduced a "foot bath salt" feet of the benefits, said to be called logistics. After a long period of time, to a claim to be military soldiers, see the two bags of "foot bath salt" sample of 35 yuan bought. read more

Recently, Xining city public transport limited liability company, Ledu Shipping Group Motor Transport Company Limited, Weiyuan shipping group mutual automobile transport limited liability company, Qinghai ping an automobile transportation Co. Ltd. and Xining City Public Transportation Co., Ltd. Huangzhong branch of 5 transport enterprises, through the approval of the Ministry of transport, was officially listed as a natural gas vehicle theme the project, access to transportation energy saving special funds 4 million 980 thousand yuan.   read more

In July 11th this year is twenty-second of the world population day, the United Nations Population Fund of "7 billion people in the world" campaign theme, the national population and Family Planning Commission will Chinese area campaign theme of "facing the 7 billion people in the world"

is the twenty-second year in July 11th, the population of the world, the United Nations Population Fund of "7 billion people in the world" campaign theme, the national population and Family Planning Commission will Chinese area campaign theme of "facing the 7 billion people in the world". With the focus on the challenges of the world population reached 7 billion this global epoch-making event brings opportunities to demonstrate the achievements in the development of population China, introduced China complete population work, promote the comprehensive development of the overall idea and tasks, set up Chinese population and family planning work in the international image. read more

this year, the province continued to increase investment, to the livelihood of the ten facts as the starting point, full support to improve the income level of urban and rural residents. As of the end of the third quarter, the province’s urban and rural incomes grew by 10.1% and 13.5%.
– to broaden the channels of employment funds allocated 483 million yuan, to support the province’s employment difficulties, to carry out the employment assistance month three public employment and personnel services special activities. At the end of September, the province’s urban employment 55 thousand people.
– increase investment in agricultural and pastoral areas of support to promote the facilitation of business registration system, to reduce accreditation project, by the proband according to the first photo card, increase infrastructure investment in agricultural and pastoral areas, agricultural and pastoral areas to solve 250 thousand people drinking water security issues, new construction and renovation of rural highway 4935 kilometers, to improve production and living conditions in rural areas.
– improve the lowest income residents of new funding arrangements 1 billion 100 million yuan, support to establish and improve the standard of subsidies. Including improving the minimum living standards for urban and rural residents: from January 1, 2014 onwards, respectively, to improve the urban and rural residents per capita minimum living standard 20 yuan and $10. Raise the standard of elderly subsidies: from January 1, 2014 onwards, an increase of 20 yuan per month.
– the allocation of funds to control prices steady so far has arranged 620 million yuan of funds, mainly used to support large-scale breeding vegetable greenhouse construction, field construction and beef meat sheep industry development etc.. For the stability control of the market price, the price adjustment arrangements issued capital of 71 million 100 thousand yuan, mainly for cheap grain and oil supply, subsidies for public transport operators, and support 100 discount stores, 3 par market construction, at present, some stores Haidong, other areas have run in haibei. read more

Little house, big business." Xining Federation of trade unions in 2014 combined with the party’s mass line of educational practice, the construction of the workers’ house as a "cultural benefits workers," Huimin initiatives, Bookstore Building to achieve three breakthroughs.

A is the realization of the construction scope of the breakthrough, staff house construction extended from the previous to the front-line workers is relatively concentrated, there is still a lack of study conditions of grassroots enterprises and key project construction project site to government agencies, community, and to the needs of workers and business units large tilt, to truly meet the staff house looking forward to the masses, especially the community relying on existing resources, integrate the advantages of resources, to achieve the effect of resource sharing. Two is to achieve a breakthrough in the number of construction, in order to allow more workers to benefit, the City Federation of trade unions this year to increase the intensity of construction, plans to build a new staff room 35. Three is to achieve a breakthrough in funding assistance from the parties to actively raise funds for 350 thousand of the special subsidies. read more

10 month 18 days, the province’s city national work conference held in Xining conference, conscientiously implement the general secretary Xi Jinping visited Qinghai’s important speech spirit, summing up the work, exchange of experience, a clear mandate to further strengthen the city national work under the new situation. Before the meeting, the provincial Party Secretary Wang Guosheng, governor of the province of the city’s national work requirements of the province of Hao Peng. Standing Committee of the provincial Party committee, United Front Work Department, chaired by the vice governor Han Jianhua speech. read more

features of tree pool, sinking stage, landscape wall, glass guardrail, ornamental stage, children’s slide, north of the city of Xining City Chaoyang small garden renovation is carried out in an orderly manner, as of now, the public Restroom, landscape room decoration, LED screen and the pavement is tense construction, is expected by the end of November.

it is understood that the Chaoyang small garden is located in Seongbuk Chaoyang Road, South Highway Lanxi expressway, west of the Beichuan river is finishing transformation scenic belt, the East is the north area of dense residential area residents. Chaoyang small garden covers an area of 5354.4 square meters. In order to enhance the Chaoyang small garden green landscape, to create the garden of adult deep meaning, beautiful and natural ecological service function supporting public leisure and fitness space and show the charm of the city north window, July 2013, Chaoyang small garden renovation project started. The purpose of this transformation is designed to provide the public with a quiet rest, watch play, children’s activities, the elderly fitness morning exercises and other space, and the use of their own sense of beauty to enhance the image of the city. Landscape design project according to different plots, landscape extending in different directions, the traditional lanterns of modern fashion design and transformation, the whole Beichuan River scenic belt combined with all kinds of sketch, square, green project, reflect garden art, cultural heritage, leisure livable features such as multi function service for people. (author: Fang Xu Yan Qingqing)
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now has a very large number of operators in all walks of life, so if a shop business is very hot, it will inevitably make a lot of people surprised. A dumpling shop is located in Binzhou Yangxin County in the downtown area, is a laid-off worker surnamed Zhang couple, in recent years, come here every day to customers in a continuous line, small shops in the eight table was packed with several waiters sister-in-law busy awfully. Why is the boss’s business so prosperous? Friends say, is because of his "eccentricities" caused by him, and what kind of "eccentricities"? read more

In 2007, Xining City Department of transportation, according to the Xining municipal government "on 2007 for farmers to do practical work of the notice" requirements, focus on rebuilding or construction of 4 county highway project construction, the total mileage of 161 kilometers, around 230 thousand people travel to solve problems.

4 highway projects are the bridge Yin Road project, Xining road project, Mongolia road project and rural highway project. Among them, the construction of highway bridge Yin standard is three roads, construction mileage of 57 kilometers, the highway bridge from Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County to the town of Dabanshan pass section. Lu Yun highway project construction mileage of 44 kilometers, from Huangzhong County lushaer town to Yungu Sichuan reservoir, 38 administrative villages through Ganhetan Lijiashan, 5 town. Mongolia road from Huangyuan county and Pingxiang Mongolia road village, through the song cloth charcoal village, Dong village, the whole 13 km. (author: read more