thousand dollars can do? Buy a high-end mobile phone are rigid, want to do investment seems to be talking nonsense. Everything is possible in this world, entrepreneurs should not give up the idea of thousands of dollars to start early, 2015 of the hottest projects in the capital of thousands of shares in this, so that we know that thousands of dollars can also be made into the cause of the cause of the six.

1. degradable environmental protection flowerpot

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entrepreneurship in the current society has been sought after by many people, as long as the business opportunities to choose the right, to get a successful career will become very easy thing. In this paper, the small and medium series will introduce a successful business case, to see whether the cause of everyone’s help.

starting from the university so far, after 80 guy with a hole in the 3D printing technology to break out of their own piece of heaven. In China open innovation and entrepreneurship competition Anhui division game on the occasion, Kong Shuai and his partners embarked on a journey through the game, the China innovation and entrepreneurship competition Anhui division game, lay a better foundation for future development. read more

is the name card customers own money to India, then send to others, which is printed cards manufacturers, and then sold to consumers, if a product can bring these together, do not have to spend the money on their own raw materials, and customers for their own brands to do the advertising, this is very good, so the name card poker as a new idea of entrepreneurship.

the readme: 5 years ago, our company went bankrupt, I also became the idlers, playing poker has become my main pastime every day. One day to a friend’s home want to play poker, no home, friends to pay to buy, dig out the money did not dig out a little bit of a decade to get out of a business card, next to a person said, this card can be when playing poker? Another person said, this card if there are colors and points can not play? No cards, poker naturally did not play. read more

how to run a milk tea shop? This may be a lot of entrepreneurs for the first time, it is necessary to consider a problem, with the increasing number of products now, people’s tastes are increasingly picky. How to run a milk tea shop?

1, site

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everyone knows that the cigarette business needs to do a good job related to the display, however, countless operators do not know how to carry out the relevant display in the end. In a word, the cigarette retail terminal, as the link and bridge of direct consumption, is the key part of the information source and value chain. But the daily operation of the retail business on the terminal display lack of awareness of the initiative to protect the weak, the overall display when the face is good or bad. To solve this problem, we need to start from the breakdown of the terminal display, classification services. read more

as everyone knows, the trend of delicacy is the source of wealth, and by the end of 2014, the popularity of desktop burning rice and vegetable roll assembly, selling king! Desktop grill is soaked in rice and vegetable roll pork sauce, wrapped in white meat and other high quality Steamed Rice stuffing into a cylinder, into the oven and bake until golden brown baked edible snack.

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people have this idea, a little salary, what time can I turn? There are a lot of people are confused, because want to have their own career, many people will ask me whether to work or do business, work for a lifetime so entrepreneurship it has risk. The following Xiaobian to share a similar story.

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shop is a lot of entrepreneurs have to start a business Avenue, we look at how they are to build their own life career? How can we open a store of their own gold?

1. to open up channels for shops

network developed today, there are many entrepreneurs love through newspaper advertisements, housing intermediary, real estate transactions, the Internet and other information about the shops. However, many of the information on this site is too fragmented, incomplete, outdated information, it will waste a lot of time. So, looking for shops to open channels, multi pronged approach, to find more professional website. read more

found in Shanghai in the Qing Dynasty old, bring the absolute archaeological value, is the absolute cultural relics of the old building, now under consideration were included in the protection of cultural relics, now Xiaobian together into the old building of the story!

Jinshan Tinglin found an old old house located in the Qing Dynasty, the six tower Pavilion East Village nine groups, over two floors and six rooms, walls and windows have been damaged. Into the interior, preservation of old furniture is uneven in quality but this face carved poems, a relatively complete partition. Cultural relics department staff told reporters that this is a typical Qing "hard peak" building, built in the late Qing dynasty. read more

bean products nutritious delicious, has been more popular in the market, because the demand is very large, resulting in the industry’s brand is very much. Below, let small secret soy milk powder ten brands list, which allows you to China bean milk market brand have more understanding, can choose to own more favorite brands.

soy milk powder ten brands list NO.1, Vivian: national trademark protection, won the Chinese brand, top 500 Chinese enterprises in the world, setting one of the units China milk industry standard, Weiwei food and beverage Limited by Share Ltd. read more

custom wine, in our lives, has been a very high-profile choice. How Luzhou Lao Jiao custom wine? In the market, not only has a high popularity, but also the primary choice of entrepreneurship. Luzhou Lao Jiao custom wine to join the project, the best choice for business with a small capital venture.

now in such a competitive society, want to have a space for one person must choose to join the investment. Join the investment choice Luzhou Lao Jiao custom wine is definitely your best choice to join the investment. Delicious is worth you to join, let you easily make a lot of money to invest Luzhou Lao Jiao. read more

we can usually find a lot of shopping malls are linked together, forming a strong competitive situation. How to stand out in a group of women’s clothing store? This requires a certain skill. What are the skills of women’s shops? If it is not very clear.


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now many college students in our country are beginning to go to the grassroots level, college-graduate village official is actually a very typical representative, recently, in Jiangsu of Donghai County province to promote the college-graduate village official who advocated entrepreneurial activity.

"we can now base for normal operation, to expand the scale of planting, the introduction of more varieties of demonstration, we need more financial support, raise the public network to help."   Donghai County college-graduate village official flower planting demonstration base "flower" Hao Dabao said happily. read more