Abstract: Taobao and other giants have to explore the mother and child channel is to let nature take its course. The size of the giants decided that they only when the opportunity to hold the front will force, but the same, they can easily overwhelm the bulk of an entrepreneur. Baby honey bud rise, in addition to the opportunity and vision, but also a strong capital touted.

"in October 29th the fifth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee announced the closing: adhere to the basic national policy of family planning, improve the population development strategy, the full implementation of a couple can have two children policy, actively cope with population aging action." It can be said that the official news, micro-blog, WeChat, the circle of friends so I see the eye piece has been pregnant. read more

Baidu product promotion website http://s.e.baidu.com

website details the promotion of Baidu products – products are: competitive promotion, brand promotion, image promotion, hot zone promotion.

each product is a graphic method, both interactive Flash tutorial, it is easy to understand.

this can be regarded as a free practical network marketing training courses.

in the "product and service" column below the "promotion settings" attracted me.

promotion settings as long as the following five index to consider, read more

2009 is coming to an end, the domestic and international media inventory of Internet star products in 2009, innovative formats. The Time, the best global blog, 2009 year Readwriteweb and several media named the best website, the most promising sites, best Internet Co, great reference significance for the current situation and development trend of our study abroad the latest Internet, we selected the most representative of the Internet industry review.

1.2009 rookie of the year: Aardvark, Wolfram|Alpha read more

BI Chinese station on August 4th reported

, according to the Wall Street Journal reported that WAL-MART wants to acquire e-commerce site Jet.com, and is negotiating with the latter.

"Wall Street journal" quoted informed sources said that the details of the transaction has not yet been announced, but the purchase price could reach $3 billion".

Business Insider made contact with the Jet.com, but the latter declined to comment on the news.

for WAL-MART, the acquisition of Jet and enhance its overall strategy and objectives in the electricity supplier industry position in line. read more

with 12 bells ringing, Carnival eleven double ended, the car home, easy car network, led by Tmall car electricity supplier war is ended, all have the sun out of their transcripts. Tmall total trading volume 35 billion 19 million (car category turnover of no specific data), BITAUTO 11 billion 700 million, car home 2 billion 643 million. We see behind these red figures is a strong market prospects, but the results in the birth of the moment has become history, we do not need too much care what it is, after the war finished, the summary is that we should be concerned about, see where wins lose again where thinking the potential crisis and the weak link, I believe there will be more significance. read more

in June 12th, the State Copyright Bureau and other four departments jointly held a national forum on copyright enforcement supervision, Jian Wang 2014 officially launched special operations. The special action will be part of the site is not authorized to reprint a large number of traditional media works, serious violations of the legitimate rights and interests of the obligee’s rights into the key tasks. To determine the number of Internet piracy key case, focus, and fast. Strong views on the people, the social harm of piracy sites, will be strictly punished, according to the law to revoke the qualifications or relevant administrative licensing qualification. read more

free service is a unique local characteristics of China’s Internet market. From instant messaging to online games and then to C2C, all through the free strategy to defeat the opponent, thereby accumulating popularity and the number of users, and finally achieve the purpose of profit.

China’s Internet free strategy to cultivate the consumption habits of Chinese Internet users, in fact, also blocked the development of China’s internet. Just think, if Taobao does not open the free strategy pioneer, although the strategy may not be able to overcome China’s eBay, but the timing of the listing of Alibaba and is likely to advance. read more

when the micro industry crudely made propaganda has let the user start when the propagation operator rejection, WeChat also began to gradually standardize the entire micro business information, micro business platform strong appear in the majority of brand agent when micro business development not only complain incessantly, to assist the norms of the derivative industry, but also to the micro business sales and brand will bring more opportunities. Today, the rise of micro business platform in the big trend, many brands are also ambitious expansion of micro providers, not willing to live on the platform, a tear force war broke out. Brand micro business platform providers, really like it sounds so beautiful read more

Diy.net sold for $200 thousand, Vista.com domain name for $1 million 250 thousand; D.cn200 million and Porn (main adult porn).Com is to create a high price of $9 million 500 thousand, the most classic is Google million acquisition of G..Cn. Open the domain name related websites can see such news reports, often broke the news of the success of the domain name transaction. Domain name trading market is extremely hot, the service provider has brought a rare opportunity for development, but also on the domain name trading platform put forward higher requirements. read more

recently, make a positive list of many cross-border electricity at night again expansion, popular fresh, such as liquid milk category was included, was previously part of cross-border electronic business platform under the framework of the commodity sale again.

compared to the positive list, consumers are more concerned about how to be happy in the future to buy buy buy". After the implementation of new tax system, most of the goods on the cross-border electricity price, how to buy the lowest price, convenient and fidelity? Therefore, we find here has many years of experience Master sea Amoy flower, sharing her bottom pressure of the sea Amoy technology with you. read more

IDC Review Network (idcps.com) reported on December 25th: according to the latest WebHosting.info data, as of December 23rd, China’s total domain name registration reached 7293614, ranking the world’s top second. The United States, the total number of domain names registered for 80762279, ranking first in the global domain name market. Below, IDC review network will be together to understand the two countries in the United States,.COM,.NET,.ORG,.INFO and.BIZ, the latest registration of these top domain names. read more

Abstract: users usually can not distinguish the nature of the drug, the drug needs deep in the hope that guide the use of professional pharmacists on different types of drugs, drug, medicine O2O products should be provided to the user segments of the service, to meet the different needs of users.

The value of pharmacists is particularly important in

‘s daily light care

this year since the "Internet plus" concept, internet medical and pharmaceutical O2O is very influential, hot market, O2O pharmaceutical products have more than 200 users, the product surface is the demand for drugs, but it is essentially a demand for medical services. read more

1 is 540 million yuan purchase ylmf: xp.com domain name  

behind the bright blind;

March 18th, A shares of the listed company Kodak shares announcement today, announced to spend 540 million yuan to buy a whole Guangdong for Computer Technology Co. ltd.. But for xp.com, 115.com held in the hands of a large number of products is a major highlight of domain name.

heavily purchased 3 digital domain name 115.com provoke controversy

ylmf system leading application software products and the Internet service provider, founded in 2005, its products for the Internet users are quite familiar with, including ylmf operating system (Ylmf OS), 114 site navigation, 115 SkyDrive, 3456 site navigation, 111G operating system, network game information portal ylmf. read more


industry has always had a saying: beat Quanjude is not Ali, Tencent, but there may be a big Dong, grandma like " + Internet; " restaurant. This is a vote, the traditional companies have care-laden, afraid of being abandoned in the era, only to speed up the pace of what a O2O strategy.

about traditional companies to embrace the Internet this thing, although it looks so beautiful, but made countless heroes jingzheyao sheben also not only, fold fold market, minutes out of the pit that was not discuss with the. Today we see the transition on the road, what are the pit waiting for the traditional enterprise. read more

1 apple conference summary: iPhone 6, iPhone Plus 6 and late Apple 

September 10th morning, apple held a press conference at the Flint Art Center, released the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, Apple Watch and mobile payment tools Apple Pay. In this paper, I black horse will summarize the main content of this conference.

iPhone 6

and numerous times before the spy exposure, Apple released the 4.7 inches screen iPhone 6, which has a metal material to build the body, compared to previous generations of iPhone, the new iPhone 6 in the design of a return to the original, with a curved design part of the fuselage frame, similar to the first generation iPhone. Like 5S, iPhone 6 will still have three colors: gold, silver and black. read more

IDC network (idcps.com) on 28 August 07 reports: according to the latest data from Baidu statistics show that in the first half of 2014 (January to June) during the browser share battle for the lead in domestic non IE and Chrome, both staged fierce competition competitive. In June, IE fell to 50.86%, according to this trend, in the future there will be less than the risk of 50%. While the share of Chrome is increased to 27.27%, growth and stability. Next, look at the detailed data analysis of the IDC review network. read more

          April 25th news, the well-known Internet professionals, Master Wang Cai Wensheng recently in Sina micro-blog said that Baidu was opening pinyin is very far sighted, creating a China website with Pinyin domain craze.

Cai Wensheng wrote in Sina micro-blog: Baidu (domain name from a hard to find), October 1999 was registered, when the domestic large domain most English or digital.

Cai Wensheng believes that Baidu enabled baidu.com Pinyin domain name is particularly visionary, but also verify that Baidu has always been the most understanding of Chinese, but also to create a Chinese website with Pinyin boom. read more

, the most familiar things around the heart to do a good job, you can find a dedicated career."

do for the campus market community class website, for me is a kind of inevitable. My parents are taught at Tsinghua University, I grew up in Tsinghua campus, after graduation, went to the United States, has in Minnesota, Shuangcheng State University, Harvard University and the Yale University to study for 8 years. The campus is my most familiar place, is the source of entrepreneurial inspiration, whether it is the first time the business eYou, or community sites, zhanzuo are based on the campus of the stage. read more

today has just opened Google search, suddenly changed. ICO, feel very suddenly, this is the Google since May last year, a sudden change of time since second ICO replacement.

This new

ICO is from Brazil. A university student majoring in computer André Resende design.


: Google

by the "PS learning network http://s.ps-xxw.cn


news July 20th, to strengthen and improve the management of the Internet, the Ministry of industry and information technology to improve ICP/IP address / domain name registration information management system ICP record information accuracy, now the Ministry of industry and information technology to record website information telephone sample verification.

it is understood that the verification contents mainly include: name of organizer, or the main site for name, address, the main organizer or site for office telephone, subject or person in charge of mobile phone number, website domain name. Check the phone number is: 010-66411166, 66418012. read more