from 2006 to now, with the popularity of SNS, SNS marketing is no longer trendy fashion concept, a large number of stars, institutions, brands, businesses have opened their own SNS marketing trip.

this process is the birth of the classic case has been numerous. For example, the American television advertising Pepsi super customers in the 2010 ad plan, for the first time to give up U.S. "super bowl" (Super Bowl) football television advertising, to carry out publicity through social media. read more

T8 10: K-Beauty (Korean Japanese, Korean beauty) popular beauty brand Memebox today completed the C $66 million round of financing.

Memebox was founded in 2014, at the beginning of the creation is to improve the beauty box based trial. In the international brand continues to grow, the United States and the United States after the increasingly high consumption of cosmetics, Memebox decisively began to transition, the main direct consumer oriented electricity supplier model.

‘s main product sales in the world, the company’s sales in China grew by 1200% year on year, an increase of $490% in the United states. read more

website promotion is the core content of enterprise network marketing, therefore, the website promotion program writing can be said to be the key to the success of enterprise network marketing. How to write a real executable website promotion program?

I think there is a need to pay attention to the handwriting in the following points:

before writing the program must first think clearly, straighten out ideas, it is best to outline the list. To be operational, focus on practical solutions, does not need to show off Wenzao, understand the line to express. To pay attention to the basic format and layout skills, avoid basic text errors, to facilitate the circulation of discussion. read more

WWF WWF poster: to stop a man is to stop them all. Stop trading chain link, there is no sale no harm.


World AIDS Day Poster: life can save lives, condoms to help you avoid aids.


calls for blood donation posters: half of the screen with the red blood on behalf of life, half of the dead white on behalf of the dead. Another person’s life is in your hands.


the last 10 years of your life, how would you like to spend it?

fishing? Or infusion?

most Canadians in the last 10 years of their lives are associated with disease. read more

This article originally appeared in, author Mark Saldañ a. This article is about the 4 ways to make Twitter powder up, through Twitter to marketing. Although in China, we are more often used social media is micro-blog, WeChat (public subscription account) and so on, but I believe that the text of the idea of the powder also apply.

your company’s main business is definitely not sending Twitter messages. But social networking is a cheap way to broaden your customer base and potential customer base. The great thing about Twitter is that it is a fantastic choice for the public to experiment. You don’t have to do crazy things, you just need a few different skills to see the statistically significant changes. You can use the following ideas to quickly start Twitter marketing: read more

this year’s Spring Festival can really let Xiaobian surprise several times, because my favorite actor, Stephen’s masterpiece "Mermaid" once again set a new high China commercial movie!!!!

ended the morning of February 16th, the famous director Jing Wong in micro-blog "congratulations to director Stephen Chow Mermaid broke the two billion!" this is not only the "Refresh" catch demon created the 24 day record of 2 billion, will be 3 billion, 4 billion, accident to 5 billion box office mark. This is a conspicuous eye-catching number so that I can not help but sigh: Yeh "Mermaid" is a marketing handbook read more

now education is becoming more and more popular, the school is also increasing, facing the school, parents are not looking at dizzying? Those schools on the site of friends, our problem is that how we from many schools which became a talent shows itself? We have brains to investigate the problem. Golden Wangzhuan have a friend is to do their own private schools, I will help him do recruit students, then I put forward can do a website for the school, but also for parents to watch, then the effect confirms our choice is right. read more

November 23rd news, today’s media reports, QQ online shopping will be incorporated into easy fast". In this regard, the relevant person in charge of Tencent electricity supplier, said the statement is not accurate.

the official said, since this year the Tencent split the electricity supplier and the establishment of subsidiaries operate independently of business electricity supplier, will clear the strategic vision to create the best consumer word-of-mouth business platform ", hope that through the" easy Xun Wei core self + quality shops open platform "mode in the construction of a new generation of electricity providers an open platform. read more

introduction: advertising, word of mouth will put into our brand memory, display and pricing businesses carefully set about our consumer decision-making, scene type trial tasting plus celebrity endorsement experts and even affect our taste preferences.

bought a six pack of avocado a day later than the appointed time of arrival, this is I don’t know many times at the same site to buy a fresh avocado, from the early 10 average a few dollars now to meet the eye everywhere a 6 dollars, even those around living abroad for many years the avocado diehard also think the price is really affordable. Of course, in recent years, thanks to the rapid development of imported food, including the import of fresh food. read more

brush has become an unspoken rules of the industry, the first condition is to do electricity supplier will brush single: the whole industry is caught in a prisoner’s dilemma, do not brush will be eliminated, the higher the cost of the brush.

single brush is the electricity supplier industry of "secret", and recently, with a flower companies listed on the new board of the application is approved, the public transfer instructions issued in March 1st will be "brush" the industry unspoken rule clearly exposed in front of the public, the public transfer instructions admit scalping. "And the publication of the relevant data and false income. read more

December 25th, China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) issued a notice announcing the CN domain 1 yuan experience activities will end in December 31, 2008, next year will be implemented by the market regulation of price policy. From 07 years in March, the implementation of the CN domain name registration experience of $1 has finally ended.

domain name service provider commented on this, CN domain name price has finally returned to a rational state. Because now CN domain name has become the largest national domain name, the effect of the activity has been reached, so now began to be priced by the registrar. However, the registered price of 1 yuan, the domain name registrar is losing money. 100 yuan price, we are profitable." Had to engage in this activity is solely for the purpose of fishing a first name? And now CNNIC have pity on the price to mention about 100 yuan, is to let the domain registration business have a profit of read more

Alibaba has not satisfied with the status quo of B2B information publishing platform, and will focus on the hope of big data in the provision of more perfect import and export trade services for smes.

Taobao, Tmall and Alibaba with a scouring, Ali cloud, Alipay and a series of products, build e-commerce China solid barriers, throughout the country, business world, is ali. At the same time, Alibaba accumulated the largest trading data in China, which is the core of the development of large data base. read more

The latest

fresh topic, May 14th, in Beijing, Shanghai, SF preferred Hangzhou near a subway station simultaneously launched lychee early adopters, inviting female consumers to taste the first year available, 24 hours of air directly to the south of the Five Ridges litchi, and last year’s war is the beginning of the end of May, which means that this year’s "litchi the war started in advance, fuse is the preferred sf.

industry view, although fresh electricity is a hot topic in recent years, but trapped in the cold chain logistics development lags behind other factors, the development speed is not so fast, is the main place of fresh stunt earned in desperately crying. In fact, fresh category is relatively large, both need into the refrigerator, through the cold chain delivery of fresh food, also includes storage area characteristics of fresh food. Fresh food is not stored on the higher speed requirements, but instead reduce freshness. The origin of the direct supply of litchi and not storage of fresh food, in addition to preservation, more need for speed, because of a means of rapid delivery of fresh is so fresh and speed is the key to the development of fresh electricity supplier. read more

November 22nd, Jingdong business in Shanghai, held in GOU, YUE special theme of the commercial sharing. HP China District commercial computer channel sales General Manager Chen Jinghong Taikehubu, Jingdong deputy general manager of Jingdong, commercial marketing general manager Li Jing, director of Jingdong Taikehubu eastern region Si Xiang Feng and other leaders attended the event. At the meeting, the Jingdong commercial release of the hive big data systems, commercial mining through, enterprise Wyatt management, commercial scenario solutions and a series of commercial support services. Meanwhile, Jingdong commercial joint HP, released the latest commercial notebook information. Jingdong’s strategic business service system, marking the official opening of the commercial market electricity supplier change, and the future direction of the development of the commercial market. read more

and other high-profile business race different, Adult supplies electricity supplier has been hidden in the life.

but this does not necessarily mean "without showing feelings, muffled fortune". In the rapid growth after the initial stage, Adult supplies electricity into a difficult period of climbing, many businesses have begun showing a melancholy mood.

"chunshuitang ox? 9 years to do now. We rely on these small fish and shrimp, fish in troubled waters is more and more difficult." A man who has withdrawn from the stadium, said the person in charge of electricity supplier. read more

electricity supplier companies in the registration service agreement, the general jurisdiction of the dispute will be agreed on the court, the lawsuit can only be located in the electricity supplier". Consumers in the online shopping platform for the first time, you must agree to the electricity supplier company in advance of the service agreement, to complete the registration. This may cause some barriers to online shopping consumer rights." Yesterday morning, the second court court deputy director Xu Ying introduced last year, the second court heard two cases of a lawsuit in the jurisdiction of the court controversial cases. read more

3 months ago, the Alibaba original CEO Wei Zhe because of "fraud" incident resign; 2 days ago broke from the Alibaba Alipay group "solo" news; plus has been the poor performance of the stock price…… May 14th, held in Hongkong, Alibaba B2B (1688.HK) annual general meeting, the atmosphere is not as easy as before.

but, in the face of adversity, to survive, to turn a bad thing into a good thing, has been the best Alibaba. Whether it is in the "SARS" period, or in the face of the financial crisis of the waves, the Alibaba are well done great Shift of the universe. If you say, "SARS" and the financial crisis is from the external force majeure, this time the crisis is from the inside out, this time, you can do? Alibaba! read more


domain Zhou Caifu story often staged a good idea for rice farmers bring good, recently have good ideas with their own grassroots minon and describe a "sell creative money" story in the domain name domain name on the market this week, also focus and investors through the trading platform, enterprise terminal domain name acquisition of domain name, the domain name at home and abroad the type of features below to see these rich domain


this week domestic concern is Qihoo 360 low-key enabled digital domain name, the domain name jumps to the Qihoo 360’s official website, domain name and Qihoo 360’s official website domain name is very similar to, the industry for the Qihoo 360’s acquisition of domain a guess, the acquisition of the domain name domain name is to maintain brand image or otherwise Qihoo 360’s new plan? read more

A5 ( station network October 30th news, in 20 this month, the State Copyright Bureau issued the "notice" on the standard SkyDrive service copyright order, SkyDrive pointed out that service providers should take effective measures to stop the illegal users upload and share unauthorized works.

it is understood that SkyDrive in the whole process without having to pay any copyright licensing fees to increase its user base, and spread a lot of infringing works. The genuine video site because of paying huge copyright procurement costs and put a heavy cost pressure, coupled with the update far less than the speed of these piracy sites, the user’s loss is serious, the genuine video market is facing a hitherto unknown challenge, forming a vicious spiral of bad money drives out good money. read more

eleven that night, Alipay’s Hangzhou office lights lit.


technology news November 11th morning news, Alibaba group said, as of today at 2:19 in the morning, Tmall eleven Alipay double turnover has reached 3 billion 370 million, more than double last year’s eleven Tmall records all day long.

Zhang Yong, President of Tmall

expects eleven annual sales this year is expected to exceed 10 billion. According to Tmall data, the first minute after 0 am today, more than 10 million independent users into Tmall. 10 minutes later, Alipay turnover of 250 million. 37 minutes later, the figure crossed the 1 billion line. At 1:10, the Alipay Tmall total turnover reached 2 billion yuan. Camel, GXG, JACK&JONES three stores in more than 10 million mark in less than 1 hours. read more