in order to strengthen the train west railway station surrounding road traffic management, road traffic environment to create a safe, orderly and smooth, from the beginning of the July, Xining city traffic police brigade to train west railway station at night taxis, shuttle passengers, vehicles Zhandao other Luantingluanfang, road congestion caused by the phenomenon, in conjunction with the transportation department to carry out special treatment work.

to ensure that the governance work has been effective, the brigade held a special meeting, made a detailed scheme, clear job responsibilities and division of labor, in order to determine the unit for the unit to integrate the existing police set up night duty, patrol group, led by the daily brigade on duty is responsible for the entire area of the night road traffic management, specially sent to the leadership at the West Railway Station train supervision work will be on duty four squadron service for reasonable arrangement, a group responsible for traffic management work during the day, another group is responsible for every night 6:30 to 10:30 traffic order management, counseling, and severely punish vehicle Luantingluanfang, violation marks violations markings, traffic chaos whistle. At the same time, the requirements of the police, combined with the six into the propaganda work, to the majority of traffic participants to explain traffic laws and regulations, to promote their conscious maintenance of good traffic order.

Since the

to carry out remediation work, police brigade dispatched 271 passengers, and 261 traffic violations, which criticized 86 people, issued traffic safety publicity materials more than 3 thousand and 500. Through the efforts, effectively improve the traffic order of the Railway West Railway Station, providing a good and convenient travel environment for the masses.



days ago, north of the city of Xining City District opened public service hotline call, to provide convenient and efficient government services for the masses. North District opened public service hotline call since the opening, the spirit of "convenient and responsive" service tenet, to effectively solve the people around trouble, trouble. Whether it is north of the city residents, or migrant workers, which involves policy consulting, public services, complaints and other aspects of the service demand, just make a phone call or send a message, the north area of public service call center can provide the most convenient service. As of now, the center has received 23 calls, of which 9 complaints, public service class 8, class 6 policy advice, 23 hotline content has been fully resolved, the masses of the center to provide the service satisfaction rate of 100%. (author: Fan Shengdong)


With the continuous spread of the great beauty of Qinghai brand, is driving the team known as the Qinghai Lake dream sapphire influx across the country, resulting in the Qinghai Lake scenic spots around the road traffic surge, many foreign tourists long time stuck in traffic, good mood moment is extinguished, greatly reduced the beauty image of Qinghai. The second half of this year, our province will focus on planning the road leading to the scenic Qinghai Lake, the transformation plan for the 109 National Road – Riyue mountain Daotang River, the black river along the route, every five kilometers will be set at a parking lot, every ten kilometers will be built at a sitting inn.

a parking lot more tourists enjoy

In order to promote the effective service of the floating population family planning association and the floating population in the urban areas

in order to promote the city’s "floating population warm home" and the family planning work of the floating population of the family of effective service. July 25th to 26, the provincial Office of population and family planning management of the floating population, the provincial population and family planning technical guidance center in the city’s largest indoor market – Mo street market to carry out a two day "Kang Fu home" tour service flow of population and family planning.

science and technology guidance center of professional and technical personnel through free medical consultation, hanging banners, display panels and other forms of disseminating information, rights of the floating population and family planning interests such as the new policy carried out extensive publicity. At the same time as the free Mo street market among the floating women of childbearing age households do B, the amount of blood pressure, more than 300 mobile population of people of childbearing age benefit, to check out the sick women of childbearing age to propose treatment scheme in detail, on the part of patients suggest the referral.

the service activities, so that the people of the street market to further feel the family planning workers for their relationship and love, hope to provide them with such services in the future.



north of the city of Xining City Traffic Police Brigade Road Traffic Safety Management and accident prevention work as the focus of the current work, and recently being carried out the special rectification work organically, to achieve a clear division of responsibility to the people, it is not natural, refinement measures.

They took

to prevent traffic accidents as the key traffic management work, continue to maintain strict control of high-pressure situation, with a high sense of political responsibility and responsible for the safety of people’s lives and property attitude, typical accident analysis meeting regularly, summarize the rules and reasons of area traffic accidents, to carry out targeted prevention of traffic accidents work, to minimize traffic accidents, to minimize casualties. And conscientiously sum up the prevention of hidden dangers of good experience, good practice, timely detection and rectification of the problems and weaknesses in the accident prevention work, and strive to reduce the area of traffic accidents to a minimum.

continue to pay special attention to the traffic safety propaganda work, constantly adjust promotional content, improved forms of propaganda, improve traffic safety publicity targeted, active communication and coordination with the relevant departments, and constantly improve the long-term mechanism of road traffic safety; continue to increase security efforts all the publicity and education of rural transport, give full play to the rural traffic safety policing role. The police went to the fields of face to face communication with the masses, understand the requirements of the masses, the masses to solve the rural traffic safety awareness and low status from the source. Xichuan Road, Beichuan Inspection Squadron will be into the countryside, into the community as the focus of publicity. Through a variety of forms, the propaganda work to cover all the villages, communities, and effectively improve the traffic safety awareness.

Xichuan Road, Beichuan Inspection Squadron in the area of road accidents "black spots" and the driver of the prominent illegal behavior, based on carrying out special rectification work, take the mobile patrol and fixed combination of checks, in particular to strengthen the patrol and inspection work 20 to 23 hours, to strengthen the management and punishment. At the same time, do a good job of rural roads control, for speeding, overloading, Luantingluanfang, overcrowding and other serious violations to maintain strict management and strict and strict teaching work situation.

strengthen the management of the five kinds of vehicles. "Five" vehicles exist on vehicles without license, undocumented, Luantingluanfang, overspeed, overload, driver driving without a license, poor awareness of traffic safety situation, these vehicles are mainly concentrated in the area around the road, the road, away from the urban rural market towns and country road intersection, there is a great accident hidden danger. Area of duty squadron recently launched a motorcycle for the special rectification work, focus on the Chaoyang West Road, Qilian Road on the motorcycle control efforts, since July 29th seized Wupaiwuzheng motorcycle more than and 100, effectively eliminate the motorcycle caused by road traffic accident. Brigade requires the squadron to strictly implement the duty system, strengthen the monitoring of the road, the accident prone sections, dangerous sections to prevent sticking, leaving no management blind. In the prevention of road traffic accidents in the work of the organization and leadership in place, police work in place;

July 21st, in Tulsa mountain forest green green area, two fox rescued wild animal breeding center staff released. The day before, the reporter learned from the Qinghai Tibet Plateau wild zoo, now, people’s awareness of animal protection is gradually enhanced.

it is understood that, in fact, the two are not the fox zoo "residents", but was sent to rescue rescue wild animal breeding center. In the rescue center, the care of the staff, at the same time, but also to do the appropriate wild training, physical recovery is very good. See the two little guys have field survival ability, in the efforts of the relevant departments, the two were finally released into the wild fox. Wang Min, deputy director of the Tibetan Plateau wildlife park, who is in charge of wildlife rescue, said many people were able to help them when they saw illegal hunting and injured animals. In recent years, only the ambulance center received more than more than and 200 kinds of animals were rescued by the public, of which the majority of birds. Rescue center will rescue some of the wild animals, released after training. In Xishan Forest Botanical Garden, etc. more than ten kinds of recovery more than and 200 treatment wild wild animal. In the future, the public rescue of wild animals, can be sent directly to the Qinghai Tibet Plateau wildlife rescue department. Tel: 6307290.


in recent years, the process of urbanization in Xining continues to accelerate, the rise of high-rise buildings such as the rise of urban areas, high-rise buildings highlight the atmosphere of metropolis. This is a reporter in the North District of the city to take a shot. Xu Meili photo  

To ensure the

Temple Village resettlement housing was completed as soon as possible, for the completion of a resettlement housing before full occupancy, Chengbei District Construction Bureau of investment of about 400 thousand yuan, to the village resettlement in front of 141.5 meters long, 13.4 meters wide road hardening. Hardened area of 1704 square meters, sidewalk pavement area of 284 square meters. At the same time, the combination of public space renovation project of north area, by setting the isolation pier form in the temple stands in front of the new village resettlement parking lot about 1400 square meters, 100 new parking spaces, alleviate the Huangshui River market surrounding the parking problem. The project started construction in October 31st, is expected to be completed at the end of November.


Xining City North District attaches great importance to the construction of primary and secondary schools, through sound mechanism, develop plans, expand the ranks, strengthen training and other measures, and constantly promote the construction of primary and secondary school.
is a perfect mechanism, clear responsibility. Established by the Deputy Secretary of the Party Working Committee served as secretary of education, to further improve and perfect the work mechanism, the formation mechanism of the party building work of the district Party committee education lead to the total, specifically responsible for the specific implementation of the school. Hold regular meetings to study the difficulties and problems existing in the work of Party building in primary and secondary schools, put forward measures for work, inform the progress of work, and supervise the implementation of the work. Two is the investigation thoroughly, make plans. To carry out the investigation of 17 primary school to school deeply region, distribution, teachers and the party organization, the number of Party members and Party members, Party members and the distribution structure, education and training of party activists and Party members were registered in detail, be aware of the basic situation. On the basis of investigation and analysis, the author made a research on strengthening the work of Party building in primary and secondary schools in the north of the city. Three is to do a good job training, strengthen the ranks. Strengthen the development of primary and secondary schools to Party members under the age of 35, teaching teachers, excellent teachers, advanced education workers to focus on training targets, the establishment of the teachers in primary and secondary schools to join the party activists information base number stable. Four is to strengthen training, improve quality. Organized by the school party secretary summer training courses to further enhance the management level of the party secretary, effectively improve the level of Ideological and political work of the party secretary of the school. (author: Wang Ping)


August 24th, the City Commission for Discipline Inspection held an enlarged meeting of the Standing Committee, thematic study of the Communist Party of China Inspection Regulations (hereinafter referred to as the "Regulations"). Municipal Committee, Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection Secretary Cao Jiansong presided over the study, and to study and publicize the implementation of the regulations to deploy.

10 29, the Provincial Standing Committee (enlarged) meeting to convey the spirit of learning the party in the sixth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, the province to implement the work arrangements. Provincial Party Secretary Wang Guosheng presided over the meeting and delivered a speech.

Wang Guosheng, Hao Peng, Wang Jianjun conveyed the general secretary Xi Jinping at the party’s the sixth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee of the important speech, on behalf of the Political Bureau of the work report, "on the new situation in the political life of the party" Chinese several criteria "Communist Party Supervision Regulations" draft explanation.

the meeting pointed out that the study of the the sixth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee special party comprehensive strict major issues considered by the party, "the" guiding principles for party political life under the new situation and the revised "Chinese Communist Party Supervision Regulations", to deepen the comprehensive strictly, to resolve the outstanding contradictions and problems existing in the party, the party faces effectively deal with "four to overcome the test" and "four kinds of danger", continue to strengthen the Party of self purification, self-improvement, self innovation and self-improvement ability, has very important significance. "Standards" and "Regulations" strictly a comprehensive focus on this theme, and the valuable experience to inherit and carry forward the party’s fine tradition, fully reflects the party’s eighteen since the CPC Central Committee comprehensively strictly the new experiences and new achievements, and puts forward a series of new initiatives and new ideas with new practices, in order to strengthen and standardize the political life of the party to strengthen inner-party supervision, provides a fundamental follow under the new situation, to promote the new great project of Party building, to better carry out a great struggle, with many new historical features to promote Chinese characteristic socialism, which has great practical significance and far-reaching historical significance.

the meeting noted that the general secretary Xi Jinping important speech at the plenary meeting published, a comprehensive summary of the party and the country a year of work, scientific development and changes of national situation and party situation, clarify the profound significance of comprehensive strictly, in-depth answer a series of heavy Dali on management and administration of the party and the practical problems, to strengthen and standardize the party the political life, strengthen inner-party supervision to make the overall deployment under the new situation of leading cadres, particularly senior cadres put forward clear requirements of the key minority. His vision, overall, pragmatic, through Marx’s standpoint, creatively put forward a series of new ideas and new perspectives and new requirements, to further deepen the understanding of the laws of the party building, is the latest achievement of the Marx doctrine of Chinese, is to promote the comprehensive programme of action strictly, and create a new situation in building of the party.


meeting stressed the need to closely unite around the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at the core. Of the party since eighteen, general secretary Xi Jinping led the whole army and people of all nationalities new situation of construction of a new great project of creating a China characteristic socialism and the party, in the reform development and stability, domestic and foreign affairs and national defense, the party state and army has made a series of great practical significance and far-reaching historical significance of the achievement. The cause of the party and state the future. General secretary Xi Jinping has become the core of the Party Central Committee and the core of the party in the practice of the great struggle. The plenary meeting, formally proposed to Comrade Xi Jinping;

to ensure that the 2016 college entrance examination in accordance with the smooth implementation of security, the Ministry of education and the requirements of the provincial government, provincial bidding committees lead transferred the provincial education department, provincial security bureau province recruit committee member units composed of 5 special inspection working group, from May 18th to May 26th, the 8 city of the province’s entrance test area for the safety construction work and security room to conduct a special inspection.

the inspection team by listening to the county government and the committee members of the unit report, field view of the secret room, command platform, examination room, listening preparation, preparation and operation of related equipment, test room environment, access to relevant information, feedback etc., to the state and county government responsibility implementation; paper (paper) security; integrated test environment; purify the network environment involving test, fight against cheating equipment sales, test centers around the security and health and epidemic prevention, the special action against teicoplanin cheating; standardized exam management configuration for maintenance, English listening test equipment technology; proctors and related personnel selection and training, emergency plan construction etc. the situation has carried on the detailed inspection of the problems found in the inspection, asked the state county government to strengthen the coordination, the whole time Reform implementation. At the same time, the Commission requires governments at all levels and the provincial government in accordance with the "notice" on a really good college entrance exam in 2016 the safety work of the spirit, to fully understand the extreme importance of college entrance examination of safety work, to further enhance the overall awareness, sense of responsibility and awareness of risk prevention, earnestly implement the main responsibility, to create favorable conditions for the safety of the college entrance examination, to ensure the realization of 2016 safe entrance target.


Xining (National) economic and Technological Development Zone since the start of construction, all the way along the wind and rain song, exploration, positioning, forward, a solid pace, witnessed the miracle of the history of entrepreneurship in Xining……

August 16th, an ordinary day, but in Xining (National) four Park Economic and Technological Development Zone, regardless of the world’s leading cutting-edge enterprises, has just started Small and micro businesses, the roar of the machine, in order, everything is so smooth and orderly.

Development Zone "three

times growth pole

in the Development Zone, the number "3" is the basis for the development of many achievements.

from the integration before the park planning area of only 42.82 square kilometers, to continuously enhance the carrying capacity of the park, the implementation of "District Four" management system, the functions of the park, complementary industry cycle, competing development, regional planning area expanded to now 126.9 square kilometers, with only three years, the Park area expanded three many times.

, deputy director of the Xining economic and Technological Development Zone Zheng Haojun said: "we are from poor and blank until now, most of the very experienced people can imagine, but these are precisely the most valuable ideas brought by the park — the fruits of scientific development." Old Xining people remember, the development zone is located in the four largest park long ago wasteland, and now every acre of land on the rise of the enterprise, is becoming an increasing number of atoms, and constantly promote the Development Zone forward.

this is a group of proud numbers: "11th Five-Year", the main economic indicators of Development Zone average annual growth rate remained above 50%, the GDP increased from 2 billion 250 million yuan in 2005 to 18 billion 470 million yuan in 2010, an average annual growth rate of 52%, is "8.2 times fifteen" at the end; industrial added value of 14 billion 550 million yuan, is 12.7 times "at the end of fifteen, the average annual growth rate of 66%; the province’s industrial added value accounted for the proportion of 23.9%, accounting for the proportion of 52.9% in Xining city. Just a few years, the main economic indicators of the development zone to run high, the total economic growth doubled. Large projects of large enterprises continuously settled, forming a solar photovoltaic, new materials, non-ferrous metals, chemical, biological products, in Plateau Tibetan medicine, Tibetan carpets and other characteristics of wool spinning industry cluster, rational industrial structure and industrial agglomeration ability significantly, the formation of Xining and the province’s industrial economic development with strong support, and the surrounding area development has played a leading role.

is facing a new round of national industrial structure adjustment, the eastern industrial transfer to the Western gradient historical period, to promote the transformation and upgrading of the industrial park, taking advantage of the opportunity to leverage the development of Xining economic and Technological Development Zone proposed the main economic indicators in 12th Five-Year to maintain an average annual growth rate of 30%, and strive to "12th Five-Year" at the end of the Development Zone industrial added value accounted for more than 1/3 of the province, the employment of more than 100 thousand people.

Development Zone, recruit

although the government in the capital and other aspects of small and micro enterprises to provide appropriate support, but the development of small and micro enterprises still exist some difficulties, and the most prominent is the issue of enterprise land.

people’s Congress proposed Wang Jianfeng, due to the enterprise economic park land shortage, makes some Small and micro businesses cannot be stationed in the park, and the park outside the Small and micro businesses hard land, unable to expand the scale of production, leading to the development bottlenecks encountered. He suggested that the government to help small and micro enterprises, to further solve the problem of project construction land. (author: Peng Na)

this year, the North District of Xining City, continue to focus on comprehensive management of the Beichuan River Basin, the implementation of Chaoyang Bridge small garden construction project at the same time, plans a total investment of more than 1000 yuan, mainly to build a small hill and slope, unitary Beichuan Dongshan Avenue West, lake landscape, and the implementation of the second batch of public welfare forest "four" green building projects.

The second batch of

forest afforestation projects involving quadrilateral green area Baoziwan, twenty shop, Bridge Street, a total of 19 villages, more than 1000 households. From the city to the north section of the neighboring counties Danla expressway, Huang Ning expressway, West High Speed on both sides of State Road 109 and north along the Huangshui River, Beichuan River, River Road, and between the clip plots will achieve green, green with a total area of 2700 acres, coniferous and broadleaf trees and flowers to mixed collocation landscape effect. At the same time, the North District adhere to a high starting point, high standard, seize the favorable opportunity of spring planting, timely promoting forest afforestation work, signed the "four" green land agreements with farmers, planting project plan to spruce, juniper dominated seedlings were 38 thousand strains. (author: Wang Yang)

in recent years, the Provincial Federation of industry and Commerce in the "Green Fair" as a platform, give full play to the advantages of network organization, implementation of the project, the introduction of investment, to achieve a win-win "as the goal, Zhuchaoyinfeng, boost the healthy development of private investment in our province. Over the past five years, actively cooperate with government departments to carry out investment work, a total of 90 contracted projects, the contract amount of $21 billion 421 million, the project compliance rate of 100%, the rate of funds in place to reach 57.47%.

in order to further deepen exchanges and cooperation with domestic and foreign enterprises, attract more enterprises to green investment, the Provincial Federation of innovative investment approach, and the Federation, Provincial Federation of Taiwan compatriots, Overseas Friendship Association cooperation, efforts to promote investment work towards deeper and wider areas and higher level. In China, the Provincial Federation of industry organization of investment management, project management experts and technical personnel, from government departments at all levels, Xining (National) screening investment projects of economic and Technological Development Zone, the Qaidam circular economy pilot area, Haidong Industrial Park and private enterprises in the province, through the classification, sorting, analysis, improvement, determine the key investment projects, through the organization of network Federation, the Federation, Tsu, Overseas Friendship Association, make recommendations to the Federation of Hong Kong and Macao Chamber of Commerce and the private enterprise. At the same time, with the Xining municipal government, the Provincial Department of finance, the provincial animal husbandry department, the provincial Civil Air Defense Office, the provincial radio and Television Bureau together with the delegation to Inner Mongolia, Shanxi, Hebei, Jiangxi, Chongqing and other provinces (municipalities) to carry out on-site promotion; invited the Beijing urban construction group, Shaanxi construction group, Sichuan Huachuan group, Hebei Star Aviation Technology Group and other foreign enterprises to green investment investigation; investigation and project investment of three County Chamber of Commerce, in the green remote member enterprises and part of the central enterprises to use Tianjin City East Sea docking; "harmony", "Xi’an itefcewc" and other kinds of trade negotiation platform, invite private enterprises and entrepreneurs attending investment in Hong Kong and macao.

During the period of

2012 to 2015 "Green Fair, more than 1200 customers were invited to a collection of high profit group, Yi Tak Holdings, Buchang Pharmaceutical Group, Yili Group and other three places of influential business. 2015 sixteenth session of the Green Fair, there are 317 domestic private entrepreneurs, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Merchants participants, contributed to the signing of the project, the signing of the amount of 3 billion 73 million yuan. 2016 "in the upcoming Green Fair and the third session of the electric vehicle challenge, from Canada (Furui) holding group, the United States Onkyo group, Chongqing taoranju group, Jiangxi Kaixinren group and other well-known enterprises at home and abroad will be invited to attend the meeting, will be the" Green Fair "to add a thick and heavy in colours.


Xining intermediate people’s court took the lead in the establishment of the "problem bank" working mechanism in the courts of the province, to ensure that the work of the trial norms, orderly and fair, just.

since 2007, the Xining City Intermediate People’s court in the court system, NPC deputies and CPPCC members, letters and visits and case investigation, discipline inspection and supervision in the process to collect the more than and 400 trial, the court reform, involving business team construction, management and other aspects of the judicial suggestions and opinions, the spirit of "strengthening mediation, in accordance with the law to maintain carefully, strictly back commuted" principle, formulated the "Xining City Intermediate People’s court commuted the case remanded on standardizing the work of a number of opinions", from the criminal, civil and administrative trial, sentenced to three to standard specification.

The first batch of

included in the problem library assignment, the contractor departments and leaders in charge to strengthen communication, supervision and inspection, as of now has solved the problem 20. (author: Li Jing)


In April 1st, the reporter learned from the Municipal Public Security Bureau held the city’s public security organs anti-corruption work conference, 2014 clean government and anti-corruption work of the city’s public security organs identified six tasks, one is to abide by the political discipline, clear decree; the two is to strengthen anti-corruption education, improve self-discipline consciousness; the three is to deepen the style construction. To solve the problems; four is to strengthen the mechanism construction, the source of prevention; five is investigating the case, strict discipline violations; six is to insist on reform and innovation, and strive to enhance the level of discipline inspection work.

School enrollment plan (people) the actual enrollment (person) in Xining in 700800, the 448504 Middle School of Kunlun Huangchuan middle school two 336392 Xining eleven 700750 Xining 336392 Xining twenty-two 21 560672 tiger Taiwan middle school

Qaidam Road Branch

392280 of the total 392224 Huangchuan middle school, a village school in Xining nine 336224 504448

Q: a small rise in early 2014 enrollment which school enrollment plan has been adjusted? Why?

A: junior high school enrollment plan is based on the year of primary school graduates education statistics, junior middle school, school size, school supplies, the allocation of teachers and teaching instruments and equipment support level scientifically formulated. But with the construction of Xining new city, old city transformation and the accelerated pace of urbanization, and to Xining to do business, entrepreneurship, and migrant workers settled floating population rapid growth, great changes have taken place in the school-age population distribution and residential density, resulting in twenty-two in Xining, seven middle school, in the back, Kawa Ni, 21, twenty-five, the number of students the school serves a range greater than the total number of diagnostic statistics, Huangchuan middle school, a student village branch, Xining nine, tiger Taiwan branch school in the service area is lower than the number of diagnostic statistics, in order to ensure the implementation of junior high school-age boy nearest school, so the school enrollment plan made the following adjustments.

Two: a small rise in early 2014, how to divide the area?

A: 2014 primary school junior high school zoning according to the total enrollment of students, students living distribution, school size, traffic conditions, school scale and enrollment plan and other factors, in line with relatively nearby, respect for history, maintaining a stable and moderate adjustment principle, reasonable delineation of urban junior high school enrollment school district. In line with the conditions of enrollment policy of primary school graduates, relatively nearby Guardian assigned to entrust the school district where the property; have Xining city residence, the residence and domicile address inconsistent (including demolition due), graduates of non household headed and guardian, household moved to effectively limit non-compliance of the primary school graduates, relative to the nearest swap assigned to city school degree of discontent; in line with the policy of non residence in the city primary school graduates, to ensure that the public junior high schools in the city school under the premise of swap assigned to degree of discontent schools; nine year and twelve year school of primary school graduates directly assigned to the middle school; suburban primary school graduates based on the service radius overall, counterparts assigned to the adjacent primary school and is now close to the middle school.

three Q: why this year on the part of their counterparts in the helicopter school students swap allocation?

A: since primary school and junior middle school do;

2014 is the city to promote the "water into the city," the year of tackling the project. Huangshui River Basin by a single change to the comprehensive management of pollution control, pollution control, ecological construction set, landscape leisure and flood discharge as a whole, according to the requirements of the municipal Party committee and municipal government, this year the city will further increase the project investment, project investment amounted to 3 billion 300 million yuan, to promote the comprehensive management of Huangshui River basin.