if you are on the Internet for a long time has mixed webmaster, believe you must also know that Baidu search from 2013 to 2012, there have been many changes, from the beginning of the K station to the chain later hit, and then to the user experience and the original article on strike. I recently found a lot of changes in Baidu search engines, that is, for new sites, it has what rules?.

first, domain name included slow

1. believe we used to do site included rate is 100%, but now new sites if there is no content and the chain, only submitted Baidu words, will not be included. Even if you have content, but also must do the chain of boot. Otherwise, don’t let search engines include your web site.

2. pages include slow

now most webmasters will find that if your site is new sites, will be included in the page appears slow, the general weight high website as long as reprint your article on the site included, and you stop the release of the chain to guide the search engine included your page, but search engine will pass for a long time the judge only included your page.

second, the weight of new sites decreased by


, we just registered a new domain name, generally more simple words can have ranking, now is not the case, but also included new sites every day to update the original article, after a month of time before a little improvement.

third, ranking unstable,

new station after doing well, and now basically have a ranking, to second weeks began without. Some new words this for a moment in the home while another term in the Baidu home page, let many webmaster know.

fourth, snapshot questions,

before the new station snapshot stable update, as long as no change, basic will be very stable. Now if the new station snapshot update stable, even if you keep the same updates every day, or will often appear snapshot abnormal phenomenon.

fifth, no reason to drop the right

is your new website, optimization is in line with search engine standards, but it was down right. You can’t find a solution, and finally, just give up this new site and do it again.

summary, the current new station problems, I found so much, but I believe there are many other webmaster problems appear, I hope you can explore their own. This article by: three piece ball valve http://www.dingyicn.com provides, reproduced please indicate the source, thank you.

simplicity is not easy. It requires persistence. Because of simplicity, we have designed a nest thermostat, treadmill, digital video recorder. Because of simplicity, the bankrupt apple is full of vitality. Because of simplicity, you use the net to fly. Fisher’s space pens, Swiss Army knives, and Rolex oysters are some of the old-fashioned, minimalist work. These are simple wonders.


simplicity is not easy. It requires persistence. Because of simplicity, we have designed a nest thermostat, treadmill, digital video recorder. Because of simplicity, the bankrupt apple is full of vitality. Because of simplicity, you use the net to fly. Fisher’s space pens, Swiss Army knives, and Rolex oysters are some of the old-fashioned, minimalist work. These are simple wonders.

although simple mechanical wonders are many still keep the original appearance, but more of a long time.

recall that when you first used your parents’ first microwave oven, you had at most three keys (top, middle, bottom), and a timing button. Instead, LG’s microwave oven now has as many as 33 keystrokes. Do I use automatic defrost or quick defrost? Is this more or less? None of these keys can make my popcorn taste better and taste better. It’s not convenient to use. Why are these products becoming more complex,


"minimalism is doing subtraction," says Mike Monteiro, who works as a designer. "We are in a culture of consumption, which means that quality is associated with more and more things.". So designers and manufacturers are convinced that only more of them can be successful. It would be useful if Microsoft claims that the next generation of office software will reduce its capabilities by 75%, but there is no marketing strategy that will make them successful."

takes apples for example. Simplicity saved the company. Apple started with IMAC, and its design is deeply minimalist: OS, X, iTunes, the, iPod, iPhone, and, iPad., but as the company grows, it’s complicated to sneak into the design. Like newspapers and magazines in IOS applications, you need to open the bookshelf before you want to open the newspaper you want to read. What is more, iTunes?. The latest minimalist version, iTunes11, has a confusing interface because it has a bunch of unwanted functions. Its core function, the song, has been lost in confusion. But for Apple still has hope: the day before the design expert Jonny named "interface" supervisor indicates that Apple has started the pursuit of simplicity.

, too, Google is a company that pursues simplicity. Google has been on top of its simple search interface for decades. Simplicity plays a strong role in promoting Google. But when Facebook intervened, Google added some feature buttons that most people were not interested in, which made his search interface messy. For example >

for a long time did not share, see many webmaster constantly wandering, so hurry to talk about my views, how to be a successful website and a successful webmaster? I have summed up three points, three points if it can be completely implemented, believe that the site will be very good, of course, I am not what scholars, their own understanding only to share with you, I am not in education but in summing up my experience and discussion.

first point: enough skilled and industrious hands. But many technology that can gradually learn to constantly improve themselves, can not, but absolutely could not learn, although the CMS website has become mainstream, but even CMS station also need some technical things. Then there is hard work, may not have developed brain, may not take shortcuts, but as long as the correct way, diligent down, there will be harvested.

second: analyze enough creative ideas in the market. What is the market, the birth of a web site should have the meaning of its existence, is the "market" of the market can be said to be positioning, choose a love you or your good theme play is very important, look around the site, observe the side of the market, even if it is to go to the market buy food you are likely to find new ideas, get some experience, so the site has a good position is very important.

third: don’t pursue the large and complete personal website: This is mainly for individual owners, individual owners do not pursue, but should pursue small and fine, a person to do a "Sina portal" should be impossible, so I hope to do something practical to fine website some can.

also, in the end to say is good hearted, kindness is very important, it should be the same throughout the whole concept of life, carefully treat every friend, every one of your friends, will reap more good things. The above is my summary of the above points up easily but true to the perfect run to their own webmaster career, is actually very difficult, even if it is to sum up the above is my do not perfect, welcome to discuss, share website (http:// www.cncn6.com Symbian mobile phone network) last hope every a webmaster can harvest, can successfully continue.

after the birth of the baby is not at work, at home to start a full-time wife, contact Taobao accidentally, just love Taobao to buy things, soon after, the full-time wife role makes me feel boring, want to go out to work, and worried about the baby if you can work at home. And also so think, why not open a shop? After the change from an online shopping Master become a seller, so Taobao and tangled together, from the shop to now, almost half a year, finally rose 3 diamond, although is not what, but compared to tens of thousands of shop soon died on a lot better than the store, or to celebrate. Just send a post experience to encourage yourself, but also share and share my experience of half a year! If you feel useful, please remember to take


one, the continuous pursuit of the perfect shop

1, shop proper landscaping!


did not shop before, I think some stores have large pictures look very comfortable, so they usually go to the big picture store to buy things. Then I wonder why some shops do not have the big picture with a small picture? After opening the shop, just know it is to open the shop in order to use the big picture, so I think that the ability of sellers to apply for a shop, because the small picture looks really not too clear, even if after you click on the picture is beautiful, can not be a buyers click

check it!The first thing

so I shop is to apply for business shop, shop decoration, and I think this is the opening of new stores necessary investment, because the shop is open late, so we must do what to attract the customer to our side.

2, are the categories detailed enough,


can do a more detailed classification of products, so the search product is relatively easy, some products are not classified shops, or only 2, class 3, a lot of products to turn a page to check! Look tired! So I suggest to do a detailed classification! Separated according to brand and features, the convenience of buyers to find their own


3, the products on the shop are good and inexpensive,


some of Amoy friends always complain that no business, sometimes into the store to see the product, common, have a lot of people are selling, no feature of Taobao, but the price is superior! For people often online shopping is not really a great temptation Oh ~ so the product in the premise of ensuring the quality of reference for other shops prices

, as far as possible reasonable!

4, does the product name contain keywords?

too fancy product name to search actually did not play any help, like many patterns, such as circle, when buyers search with keyword search! Description of product function keywords can increase the amount, reduce the number of only decoration Tutu! Chances to search products will increase Oh ~

5, is the product description >?

I have been in touch with the station for nearly a year. I have met many experts and met a lot of people who can make a fortune. Today I will talk about my feelings,

yesterday in Lecture Room watched Wang Liqun speak two

I’ll talk a little about Professor Wang’s altar wine,

1 first, the body should do

station is very tired indeed I made 6 slightly successful one earned hundreds of dollars to K every day looking for something or write their own things slowly update on the computer next to the site cnzz every day, every day time is 5 to 8 hours, the evening sleep late

For this

, we want to keep the waist or neck lower limb exercise, Grandpa Mao also said that the body is the capital of revolution I said: the body is the capital of Wangzhuan

2 will do it himself,

web site or engage in other what, you must have some skills, even the pseudo original, steal the template, I believe that beginners are not, this is what we learn, even dishonesty, he must have cost. Otherwise, you do the computer every day, next to all waste of electricity, waste of emotion.

3, others say you can do

you do the network, we are not opposed, the key elder people’s life experience can give you guidance, at this time you should learn to communicate, learn to listen, can not go all the way, encounter difficulties to overcome.

4 says the person you do must be OK,

you do Wangzhuan SEO, a master said to you what to do or someone to give you advice, what should you do? Accept, even if it is wrong, you have the wrong one step closer to success, to be brave to face setbacks, as well as I accepted the K reality, oh

more than 4 points to write relatively simple, I hope you think carefully, in fact, every day behind the webmaster network has a lot of valuable posts, the key is that you do not have that experience, you can not understand it.

the way to his friend’s new hair

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besides, I’m QQ 3912628

The history of the development of

in the classification of information website, in the domestic market and 58 city do is more famous, is limited to the development of city line, operation and development way which I introduced the classification information of county.

I am a real estate intermediary business license, I not only have housing, and home economics, matchmaking and other classified information, said information classification is not so good to do, my city is Anhui Dangshan, is a very small town, I made more than two years of classified information website, but there has been no what pick up, the money is not enough fees, not to mention the life, I am interested in the network business, because I always think that the Internet business less money, may one day be able to get a good return, I do it every day at twelve points, not during the work I often go to Internet cafes, so a lot of money previously, by Baidu alliance to earn a little money, seven or eight dollars a day income, I might as well go to Internet cafes charge, I was also relatively satisfied, at least Internet hits can earn, Even a, of course is a great encouragement to me, then I give Baidu league titles, I realized that this is a good way, so we still have to rely on their own website to speak of strength, I feel on the alliance to make money is not reliable, we only need to do is the county seat, I believe we eat to feed there should be no problem what the county.

well, into today’s topic, I think the classification information should proceed from the following points:

1, housing information including: Housing rental and sale of charging fees for our intermediary companies, for the network charges seems to be a bit difficult, I should think so, rental and sale of housing so that the user can upload pictures, pictures, only can give users bring effect, customers will love this website about the profit point, analysis can be issued free of charge, Dangshan telephone users want to see when you can look through the way: first pay, second, of the transmitted information, fifth people to open the site when the user can see the phone, this method is suitable for the local classification of more mature, if this is not very good but early the counter, but we have to do is try to limit free, if can also charge fees, and the best local DM node All charges are free at DM, and vice versa.

2, a matchmaking, this can be a fee, for users to upload their photo set option will certainly look at the photos need to be charged or membership so as to see the phone, especially female phone must be paid before they can, of course we have to ensure the quality of our things, so to avoid liar. Because I do intermediary also met many such people.

3, the flea market, I suggest a free development, after all we have a lot from commercial considerations, not completely free we are justified, after all, is not a network information, publish all kinds of information for free.

4, vehicle information: this can charge, including the 4S shop.

A5 (admin5.com) station network December 2nd news, on the evening of December 1st A5 domain name auction, total shoot node domain 20, of which four digital 7872.com with 330 thousand of the highest yesterday results beat the price of the transaction, XOQ.com and Jxm.cn respectively to 160 thousand and 65 thousand of the price of shoot node.



A5 auction submission information:

The following types of domain name registration

temporarily accept: 2-5 digital com, 1-4, 1-3 digital cn/net digital cc/com.cn, 2-4 com/net, 1-3 cc/com.cn, letter of alphabet letters CN, 1-4, com or single spell boutique Larry cn. Pack individually or in bulk,


remarks: the domain name can be submitted without reservation price. After the submission of the domain name with the reserved price, the A5 staff shall be required to have a unified examination, and the reserve price is unreasonable, and the A5 has the right to not pass it. In the auction, the auction shall be cancelled and the reserve price shall be revised, otherwise it shall be deemed as a breach of contract.


submit domain name, enter group contact QQ/, WeChat:

A5 (6710265) A5 Ouye clay (8961095) A5 (6505926) A5 Ruili Kaka (6326901) A5 (9361502)


A5: (6528309) A5 (3945497) A5 fish Naomi (2947281883) A5 (153126911) A5 depin Nannan (18252109157)

A5 domain name auction perennial hot levy concentration: http://pm.a5.net/

domain name broker 1:


domain name as A5 broker fish, guess the "new" domain name trading department, has the perfect three collaborative digital 922.com transactions, repeatedly docking high quality domain experience also laid them in the domain name industry "little known", attach two domain agent photos, there is not a "I can rely on face to eat, but with the strength of the emotion play? M domain chiefs, small men, there was a problem with the demand please Gaga plus WeChat:



| Yang Ying Wang Qing freelance Hu Yun | drawing Li Tingting

good design has attractive power. You’ll find that even those designs that look good can make people pay more. But the really good design is a unique perspective and wisdom, constantly correcting all kinds of loopholes in life, to provide aesthetic feeling for life, of course, can help companies shape brands. Designer Mickey ·, in the 1990 issue of the software design manifesto, said, "designers are loved because they know what people want."."

premium payment is not only the ordinary consumers, more and more companies are willing to join the design cost of their financial statements, they hire professional design consulting firm, dozens of creative team who work to buy, even willing to achieve sales profit is divided into strategic cooperation. Although the frog design (Frog), a company like Continuum told the "first Economy & Finance Weekly", their Chinese customers still hope to obtain a design scheme of instant, but there are more and more companies not only have additional properties – product design as they hope to solve the problem from the source, to make their products out of the ordinary.


Create something out of the ordinary

people, sometimes need some "why things like this" intuition: why must the heating heater exudes the smell of burning dust? Why always wear a headset line around chaos? In 1980s, the British government researcher Jane · Fulton · Su Rui (Jane Fulton Suri) for help improvement and reduce consumer use mower accident and reputation (because many people don’t know the handle and the switch to cut the toe), but she still feel regret: I always are designed to study, but the problem has occurred. Suri later met has just launched IDEO design company David · Kelly (David Kelley), and her insight into the design of research and production to the model – this is the starting point of thinking into the IDEO anthropologists.

The best example of

‘s intuitive interpretation is Steve · Jobs. IDEO, another founder, David ·, Kelly’s brother Tom ·, Kelly (Tom Kelley) first financial weekly, said: "some people follow their instincts. If you are another Steve, Just, go, ahead; but if you are not, you need some process and method." In 1990s, Samsung set up research and development centers near IDEO’s Palo headquarters in Silicon Valley, Alto, to improve the innovation process.

actually, even Jobs follows the design

two months before, because of my ignorance, directly change the website style caused by Baidu K, in fact the beginning also did not feel the site was plucked, then site was amazing that my home was gone, I was depressed, just included how it was pulled out the home page, and later asked friends, after he and I said just included site will be pulled out of I home, looks like a practice, I don’t know, but in terms of the amount of day by day in reducing know finally left two pages, I am mad, I am ready to shut down the garbage station last week. A friend advised me to pull in and so on, turn to do it without multiple other projects, the night before I opened Baidu site a surprise again to update my site, really very happy, even a look at statistics again There are more than 500 IP pages from one home page.

immediately feel stand and live, and seems to have not been more than before the flow of K greatly improved, I do not know what is the case, I do not know much about SEO, only know some of the most basic rules. But according to my personal situation, I have come to the conclusion that it is true that persistence is the victory. In the meantime still need to regularly update your website, the premise is not because of his cheating was K, if it want to get rid of cheating cheating stuff do a good. I used to wonder how it could be re collected by Baidu. Now it seems that time really solves the problem, and this recommendation is for reference, not necessarily for everyone.

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traffic is the basis of a web site, there is traffic only click advertising, in order to realize, it is also a sign of success of the site. How to obtain traffic is the problem that each website operator must consider.

March 3rd, Admin5 Thursday edition chat activity, invite ganji.com www.ganji.com SEO- Guo Yanjing (COBRA) to share how to get the site traffic and SEO aspects of the topic, this paper focuses on finishing version, welcome to discuss.

asked: Cobra is an early well-known webmaster representatives, 15 years old and join the Internet, talk about the experience of that time, detailing your first web site, and the problems encountered at that time.

: I was 02 years from the beginning of the site, the beginning is used in the y365,8u8 space, then it is very silly, but I HTML space, dynamic forum, and does not support FTP, is a web form single upload, busy for a long time, finally going to delete. The domain name at that time should be the station of yjdzz.y365.com glasses. At that time, FLASH was very hot, both of which were made by FLASH. The problem at that time was the problem of income, because at that time many of the alliance was unreliable and didn’t realize the opportunity, and later learned the wireless alliance.

asked: Guo teacher, Hello, how can I get the product flow station, such as weight loss product station?. Can I only rank by SEO? Is there any other way,


answer: for small and medium sites, the main way to get traffic, or the highest cost-effective way is the search engine, and SEO is one of the best ways. Of course, if you have the energy and funds, you can also carry out SEM marketing. Now the Web2.0 form of the site, the impact of electricity supplier is also very good, there is time to study.

asked: 1, I do pregnant women anti radiation clothing class Taobao customers, how can I do promotion to get into the quasi flow? 2, flow to how to have higher conversion rate?


answer: 1, search traffic is the most accurate, now with micro-blog, you can also from passive to active before marketing, marketing, to the demand of this search, or discuss people on this topic, to participate in the expert’s view, and then lead into a single. 2, and now many electricity supplier website, there are special optimization page group, they according to statistics, click on data, etc., analysis, so as to optimize. For example, Baidu statistical thermal chart function, that is, analysis of user behavior tools, recommended use. To improve the conversion of Jiang a website advertising direction, location, and the website of the product and so on are all related, is a systematic work.

: Hello, guests, introduced in the introduction, early 2008 operating Shijiazhuang city network, the site traffic exceeded 118000, when you did what optimization to achieve these traffic?.


every year has some ten strong IDC rank, 50 ranks and so on. I think the ranking is good. But when the rankings are turned into trades, they are no longer real. No longer cute. Baidu search. All kinds of ten strong IDC, 50 strong pull can be said master Tao, Hezekiah also rational. The IDC rankings released by the various media websites are not the same at all. In fact. On the other hand. We can analyze it. Media websites can be said to be IDC amateurs. Not investigated. Why is it so easy to get on the charts?.

as far as I know. Ask for money, you can go to the top ten. Some are more off the mark. Pure personal IDC. Even the business license is not on the list. This will only cause more of my webmaster fooled. More confusion for the IDC industry. Virtual host evaluation network. Make a comment. Except for a few paid IDC, not a liar. Any other IDC has been scolded all over the family. This also gets into some of the poor quality of the webmaster’s behavior. Of course, peer attacks are also many. Without any research, how can it be a true IDC ranking?.

has been on the A5 forums, behind the scenes forums, etc.. Met a group of stationmaster. Has own stationmaster group. Everyone is extremely fond of the adulteration of these ranks. Almost every webmaster is from the middle of the walk out. Therefore, through the support of many people in the group. We did a Chinese IDC ranking network (idcpm.com). In order to protect the interests of the owners, but also to protect the credibility of IDC, so that some poor quality people swear and peers can not attack behavior. We took a vote to rank. Just like punk’s trading network. Only after buying a host can comment be made. This comment is true.

if you are satisfied with IDC’s behavior, the webmaster can give it a precious vote. A IP can only be cast once. Therefore extremely precious. Without losing principle, IDC ranking network ranks automatically according to the scores. Exclude any manual intervention. After careful investigation. Comprehensive score. IDC industry is the only poll by the very top of the IDC poll rankings. More authoritative and impartial. At the same time also welcome the national formal IDC country into China ranking nets, let the webmaster to speak for you, real gold is not afraid of fire to refining,


local real estate net operating goal is clear, is ready to buy a house and decorate the house with the user, although this part of the population is relatively small, but these people are able to occupy the local consumption of total consumption into about ten, so the characteristics of small target market of local real estate network is very obvious, it is the local characteristics real estate network operations relative to the local portal is simple, but because of the huge market, profit margins have more advantages than the local portal, so in recent years, almost every small city in the county has its own local network of real estate, local real estate net no two of glory!

But the time is

to 2012, the local real estate network the scenery seems no longer since 2011, the implementation of regulation more effective today, first-tier cities real estate transaction has shown concern the freezing point, which will greatly affect the local real estate, many county local sales department Luo que, only during the Spring Festival, many people return to someone went to the sales department for simple consultation, in that real estate prices did not decline significantly after the news, it basically won’t come back! Local property downturn, naturally transmitted to the local property network, especially at the county level local property network! The following I would like to analyze the local property network has been faced with three risks!

: has opened the real estate business stronger, reduce advertising costs

is now a lot of real estate business, especially a few years ago, the opening of the real estate business, housing prices are relatively high, and sell real estate also has more than half of the possibility of such floor sales price is very low, so that some of the most real estate developers will adopt a pragmatic strategy, halt the troops and wait, on the one hand, to reduce operating costs in particular, investment in advertising, this impact for the local real estate network is very large, because the local real estate net profit model, many part is from the real estate advertising, and the game between government and real estate business is in a state of stalemate, an estimated one or two years will not be clear. And this is bound to make the local real estate net lost one or two years of advertising revenue! Therefore, this part of the risk for the vast majority of local real estate sites who need to understand and be resolved!

two: new opening almost no loss of buy and promotion profit point

and then the current real estate policy regulation of the background, many real estate business will be their own plans to step back, and even suspended the opening plan. Many of the sales ladies and gentlemen have been unemployed, local real estate is bleak, but prices remain strong, even if there is price discounts, often is the basement to No one shows any interest in the ultra low price to attract users, or just one set to make some gimmick, but ultimately is to scare consumers!

is the case, the opening of the new reduced or not, or is the director of the local real estate network to halt the troops and wait, naturally lost to help real estate developers to sell the house, this opportunity, commission what group purchase promotion information and so on, what, the target user’s attention will be reduced, because.

Now with the rapid development of

network platform, many people from the media began to complain about the market space of survival difficult, including material reduction, new thinking, short circuit and so on, can write and readers have resonance of the article are even fewer. This has prompted many from the media, people need creative shortcuts, nothing more than some pseudo original or reprinted, contrary to the industry’s virginity, there is no moral bottom line. However, the appropriate reprint, as long as the expansion from the media platform is not impossible, there is one to explain, there is no shortcut to writing on the road. Then, how can we get on the road of self media and dance with readers, and how to write a good article that resonates with everyone? I have four personal suggestions.

one is diligent in the masses, in-depth life. Since the media platform can not be separated from the real life creation, as long as the life of the text, in order to go farther, in order to stimulate everyone to read the resonance. Authenticity is the life of an article. Only when it goes deep into everyday life can we get real material and add vitality to it. A qualified person from the media often go deep into the masses, deep into life, into practice, into the most difficult, the most contradictory problem, go up to the place, to the people of the "fuel" to go, only to master the first-hand material, will not exist without material the problem at the same time, to achieve the "mouth, eye ground, hands, legs". Only to know life, truth and real people, write the article to have something in common, the point of survival. Because there is material in the mouths of the masses, there is an article in the crowd. Only people from the media in mind the situation, did not write, but already have ready plans to meet a situation.

is also diligent in reading and often writing. "Having read more than ten thousand books, writing if there is god." From the lines of the sentence, we can see that reading is the foundation of writing, and writing is the soul of writing. Today we will learn from reading, learning to learn, do your. "Extensive collection of information around the network, expand the road way. To develop a good habit of reading, writing, for example, see the wonderful place in newspapers, can use strokes mark, see the incisive place on the network, can be copied, as a key content learning master Rong; read a good article, it may in the blank, write down their thoughts and feelings and comprehension. When needed, a turn that can speak, Chukouchengzhang, writing can be cited at. A self – media person must develop good study habits, and good habits benefit greatly.

third is diligent in accumulation, good at drawing lessons from. As the saying goes: "one can’t make bricks without straw." Writing is the same way. No "m" is the lack of accumulation, picked up a pen to write when you feel nothing to write, speechless, unable to write. Therefore, we must learn to learn, see the title of the article, good words, good ideas, good examples, good material, in a timely manner to note or save. At the same time, keep an eye on the things around you, and try to experience daily life with your heart, and catch the words, things, things and scenery around you

grassroots webmaster necessary psychological quality, now there are many grassroots webmaster, yourself open a web site, there are many reasons. Some want to play, purely for fun; some regard him as a career to do; some point to do Wangzhuan; some in order to practice or learning SEO and so on. But anyway, as a webmaster, at least grassroots level, the following mentality is necessary.

one, patience

, Google, Baidu, Yahoo included, you have to wait, you optimize the key to wait, all kinds of SEO effect is not immediately appear, and may have to wait for one or two months. Baidu day you look bad, k you, you repaired your website, apply for re landing, or wait?. One day you can’t wait, and you give up. Your patience is survival.

two, always stay calm,

when your website a keyword, first name, not so happy, maybe after a week on the go, when your ranking has not been before, also not happy, think the rankings can rely on your ability, your optimization to carry it up. Of course, don’t compare with those big websites and ppc. This possibility of being the first one does not exist at all,

three, open-minded

must be optimized to learn others website, hc360.com a master SEO optimization, although there are many places I don’t know where he optimization and Sina optimization! Is said to do very well! Can imitate the somebody else template, do good template, then change the key word, change the picture, layout little changes, check the similarity is very low, there is no problem! Although a rogue way, but very practical!

four, pragmatic mindset,

do website, step by step. Don’t be opportunistic, do stick post machine, or buy IP flow (although very cheap), or with the link station, or use tools nets other people web site inside add code, increase the chain, rest assured, die, is the time problem!


five, heart

to do a website to be worthy of their own conscience. Don’t engage in porn sites, virus website don’t, don’t engage in reactionary website! Website contents inside more pages are not advertising content, to find! I think I still have a conscience, at least do the software is free to download, are their own use! For example Skype, I come to this has been in use, the IM function is powerful, the video card, a voice conference call can! And cheap! To wps2008 and Kingsoft 2008, I was also in use, that is also OK! There is no need to feel bad, but also to promote, in turn to be scolded! < / p>

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as the saying goes: "those who succeed, not to stick at trifles." However, in my opinion, in doing this, this saying does not apply, the webmaster to success, but must pay attention to subsection, pay attention to details, only in this way can we lay a solid foundation for the future success of the website. As we have to admire some successful website, in the details of specific treatment are very carefully and in place, but also in its success before, has been in many aspects are done, "Rome was not built in a day", whenever successful sites in their success before must adhere to spent considerable the mind, and as a webmaster we also need to make their success to pay attention to details, start small, insist on doing the little things.

specific to do the station requirements and details, our webmaster in doing the station, all want to understand a truth is "do standing, such as life."". Behind a successful website, must be a good personality and habits of the webmaster, only in this way can you give the charm of the gene from the site, and provide the best angle for future success. In dealing with the details and minor matters of the website, I think five small things should be done to pave the way for future success.

first thing, let search engines love your station.

allows search engines to love your web site, not just to be completely around the search engine, with its preferences and requirements as the top guide. But at the beginning of the station, select the excellent site building program, optimize the program appropriately, and make the structure concise and clear, which is beneficial to crawl and crawl of search engine spiders. This is the future promotion of the site’s technical indicators, such as site snapshot and collection, etc., are once and for all good.

second things that allow users to love and respect your site.

ultimate success depends on the user’s support and access, the user plays a fundamental role is most long for the success or failure. Therefore the operation process in the website will focus on user attention, from the website design website to the organization of the contents will be considered for the user, allowing users to feel the site on their attention and careful in the use of the process, so that users love and respect your website, how to keep the user firmly where.

third things, set up their own characteristics, impressive.

on the site before the success, a good image, with the characteristics of the website design or forum discussion atmosphere, can make the new and old customers impressed on the website, which can make the old users continue to get fresh here, to enhance the site dependence and trust, and then to add new users so, users of the site continues to expand the scale, and this characteristic is the site where the characteristics of successful gene future, can have to make people easy to remember and share the role of.

fourth things, so that the website and the same type of website to build full trust and contacts.

relationships between websites and websites are like people to people

The interaction of

in Beijing some time ago experience day, listen to the Sina Product Manager Li Chiming "more efficient information", lamented Sina for media and the dissemination of information on the deep, caught many subtle mind to single users point. He believes that micro-blog has been able to develop rapidly and become an Internet information dissemination platform can not be ignored, the key advantage is efficiency. Therefore, Sina, micro-blog’s design is also taken as the center to carry out and promote.

his speech is based on four key points of micro-blog’s information design (information acquisition, self information expression, information dissemination and information communication). Alipay as a tool based website, I focused on acquiring information content: how we can effectively convey information to the user, is convenient for users to understand and use all kinds of our products of Alipay? He has some very good points, such as: minimize the bounce rate less users, ensure smooth reading; the amount of information not more, make something of value is more easily absorbed.


copywriting is an important means of conveying information. Graphic thinking popular modern, text information is still an important part of the site.

people in the Internet age have hated reading large text, and web browsing is pretty fast. The key point of copywriting design is how to quickly convey the effective information to the target users and not cause the comprehension barrier.

I think the website copy may be divided into operation copy, product copy, operation copy.

1, operation copy is the product promotion and activity based propaganda copy. This copy requires rapid dissemination of value and innovative value, simple and eye-catching, and strive to instantly attract users eye, stimulate the desire to click.


diagram 1

. And in 2, and the last and final product copy is mainly the introduction of product function, use, help information, protocol, including website navigation, page title, web interface is one of the main body, the pursuit of rigorous, concise and logical. The following figure is the product navigation and introduction of google.


diagram 2

3, operating copy refers to the operation of the user related papers. Including control labels, operation tips, errors, status, operation results, etc.. The 3 copy provided at the wrong.


diagram 3


three are not clearly distinguishable and often appear on the same page. Sometimes a copy may also carry multiple functions, such as Figure 2 on the Google product introduction and exposition case, is the product of copy can also count the operation. < >

today is GG update PR day, online check, really updated, but there has been a little abnormal situation,


is suddenly high and low, just built 2 months or so, for this although some puzzled, but also more satisfied, PR rose, we have power station,


query PR for the first time:


second query PR value diagram:


third PR diagram:


finally share my experience:

in December 2008 to apply for a domain name: 800home.cn (special means of home), the next program to collect special products, published articles.

immediately as the major search engines to submit, they are also very fit, soon included,


not a few days, think this is not fun, change procedures start navigation to finish, alas, and do a period of time, good, search engine included also changed.

and a few days feel that the navigation station too much and want to cattle B up too difficult, change the program, is a forum, or old, do a few days again, this station is now down, repeatedly found himself a failure, do more than a month, no insistence what to do good, so he determined to take the copycat station, began collecting, and are now collecting more popular articles, but to see some experienced friends say you what station is also not a breakthrough, so I started to make false original, change the title, the content. I have seen such changes, at least every article, but they do have learned something, feel a little richer than before, at least to enrich.

, let’s sum up here:

1. station position, that is to say you know which line the line to do what, don’t just imitate others see which line than


2. do in the station, one


3. content is king, do not blindly a large collection of popular articles, I see a new station "China Station Road", the large number of which are from the latest popular articles, good, very hard-working, but I to Baidu in the site, had not included a static text, understand


4. not too much traffic between, and if too concerned about this, often will let themselves very disappointed!


5. try to keep everyone at the site, and I don’t do it well, user oriented.


please webmaster tongue.

in A5 recently often see a lot of new webmaster friends are asking such a question, my site traffic is too bad. Why? How can let him up? In fact to your web site traffic is not too high, combined with own do stand experience to share, I website how to get traffic. There are many webmaster there are such doubts, in the end how to increase their site traffic,


early planning, many Webmaster Station can’t go on, the reason is because the early planning is not planned well, here are a few points for your reference.

(1): the name of the site seems to have a lot of people have not noticed yourself to your own preference for the name of the site set up, some time ago hot " non mainstream QQ space station, " do not believe that you can search, see if there is no very much of this station some webmaster, adding a few words in front of the simple that their website name is very good, actually otherwise, the name of the site is the atmosphere, is directly related to your site by the search engines, do not believe that you can do the same for the 2 stations, with a different name to compare. You will soon find out the problem. Chinese computer network, we can search, and compare the secret Oh, similar, there are many oh.

(2): the first theme of the site you have to consider is what kind of a station website before, even consider not too full, you have to put your website on to go the road to roughly sketched out, set aside a little space, allowing this revision, if can make a success, then the best one successful. Later on, don’t modify your website on a large scale, so give the search engine " spider " the impression is very bad. He will think your website is very unstable.

(3) modify the template, add columns, key words, first slightly for search engine optimization.

two early planning well, your website can be displayed, the following is the most important, if the above you did not do well, then you must do a good job

(1): after you do website content website, increased the content of the website, and the best is original, if not to modify their articles, but do not completely and others as search engines allow plagiarism, but you can not completely copy, (some friends choose CMS to collect the things people and others, on the site of a punctuation is not bad, so even if the website is search engines, over time your site has been K, this station is do not long.


website content: there is another point is that we must not add some pornographic reactionary passion video. Things like the derailment, if added, should be deleted in time, such a web site is only temporary, said bad day, there will be police uncle to find you. Stop talking about your website, >

is being taken up by a lot of pretentious online education that seems to have finally come to a head: the ladder, the good network, the suspension of operations. I don’t know what to say, if from the start, someone saw Gong Haiyan Gong will fail, then I says an article in "100 education into the K12, her third pioneering and suspension", that is I do not god. But I sure, as human beings, if not closed platform, ladder network, XX network will also appear, because it is the law of development of a society: the industry is always accompanied by the winners and losers, and contact with other industries of the Internet, some educators understand: knowing that in front of a cliff, why still go the confused. People who have been wandering, it is difficult to understand the entrepreneurial thinking mode, we stand different positions, the industry is not the same station, and even the size of the tuyere are not the same, how can there be a common language?.

Gong Haiyan’s three venture failure, worth doing is thinking, rather than pretentious, said he had already guessed, said Gong Zong itself is such a person, said Gong general direction wrong, and so on. What is more, even the founder of New Oriental Yu Minhong recently attended an entrepreneurial training camp, with the same time routines, Scarlett had to jump out of the palm. He believes that there is no pure online education called for this point of view, not agree. What is the Internet? The Internet is used to break the tradition and break the traditional industry. Yu Zong idea is equivalent to many people do not believe before, there will be network music, like offline audio-visual publishing, that they are heterogeneous, not long. But the result is how to see, and so on, there are many, the most classic than Alibaba founder Jack ma. 15 years ago for financing $2 million, to New York, failed to return, 15 years did not give up, Ali IPO to New York, is to want more money back.

at the same time, one of the 100 New Oriental Education a mortal malady, had admitted is a pure Internet Education platform. From February this year, 100 Education launched free TOEFL, IELTS class, reservation number of up to twenty thousand people, you can get a glimpse of the attractiveness of online education. What’s more, followed by New Oriental yihuhuhuapiao, when booking number, has been in the New Oriental internal reflection. It’s the ass that decides the head, so it’s not for the outside world. From the New Oriental outflow of most teachers, basically settled in 100 education. I’m afraid no one believes in the relative standard of IELTS and TOEFL classes. Not to mention the 100 behind the education is YY, which itself is a system of product line, if the line, it is estimated 100 education for the home, Li Xueling will be the first time to find him, this is not open the Taiwan? Therefore, the ladder network failure, if there is not wrong in the education of the pseudo line on the issue of enlightenment to us three points:

(1) avoid tantaiqiuquan, vertical is the future of

from the time for online education share, Jia Lang has always stressed that the platform to do vertical fine classification, one dream to do online education > Amoy

lead: in April 22nd, the opening session of the start-up business, Liu Qiang, vice president of good loan network, shared his experience and exploration of the loan search engine.


April 22nd, sponsored by the country sponsored by the seventh open class "Internet banking P2P" in the past few years in Shanghai Lingang software park. The open class invited the entrepreneurs and observers to participate in the exchange.

, in the open class, Liu Qiang, vice president of good loan network, shared his experience and exploration of the loan search engine.

dry refining

in the development of Internet technology, it must make the traditional business of wormhole theory. If the loan can be as simple as saving, is the world simpler?.

the core and basic business logic of a good loan network is how to lock up the flow and the demand for concentrated loans. First of all, you must have a huge and unique drainage system, and build barriers to channel and drainage. Second, the establishment of APP, PC and mobile terminal to get through, through the common drainage at both ends. Third, through the O2O model, the establishment of China credit elite club, online and offline promotion. Fourth, after a single focus of the product, the establishment of integrated industry chain, and ultimately establish an integrated ecosphere.

in the future, the entire Internet banking is a large and full platform, one is small and beautiful products.

for start-up companies, it is necessary to defend, innovation is the prerequisite for development, Shou Zheng means that the more standardized policy, we are more likely to survive and barriers.

more than 90 exchanges, and now the mainstream of this era is 90.

Internet banking is a continuing field. Not necessarily big money, big background in the entry, but do service in this industry, there are still many opportunities, and then small individuals will make their own achievements.

original text:

Liu Qiang: thank the entrepreneur, thank the organizers, I come from Beijing, standing in the hall today, we see that compared to last year, continuing the Internet Financial heat, including our landlord, including the present government support for us, we can see that the Internet finance is moving more in depth direction in doing.

I feel particularly good open class entrepreneurial state, we can not be mentors, but we are in the early start on the road to go a step further, our internet financial products launched in 2013, this is my 20 minutes to make a self case sharing, we make the first product from the budding period of fanatical Entrepreneurship the idea to do today, more popular and more Mengjin background, we think yesterday in what to do, what to do today, what to do in the future.

really do P2P in the country or with the net loan related, we statistics is 20>