if you are on the Internet for a long time has mixed webmaster, believe you must also know that Baidu search from 2013 to 2012, there have been many changes, from the beginning of the K station to the chain later hit, and then to the user experience and the original article on strike. I recently found a lot of changes in Baidu search engines, that is, for new sites, it has what rules?.

first, domain name included slow

1. believe we used to do site included rate is 100%, but now new sites if there is no content and the chain, only submitted Baidu words, will not be included. Even if you have content, but also must do the chain of boot. Otherwise, don’t let search engines include your web site. read more

for a long time did not share, see many webmaster constantly wandering, so hurry to talk about my views, how to be a successful website and a successful webmaster? I have summed up three points, three points if it can be completely implemented, believe that the site will be very good, of course, I am not what scholars, their own understanding only to share with you, I am not in education but in summing up my experience and discussion.

first point: enough skilled and industrious hands. But many technology that can gradually learn to constantly improve themselves, can not, but absolutely could not learn, although the CMS website has become mainstream, but even CMS station also need some technical things. Then there is hard work, may not have developed brain, may not take shortcuts, but as long as the correct way, diligent down, there will be harvested. read more

after the birth of the baby is not at work, at home to start a full-time wife, contact Taobao accidentally, just love Taobao to buy things, soon after, the full-time wife role makes me feel boring, want to go out to work, and worried about the baby if you can work at home. And also so think, why not open a shop? After the change from an online shopping Master become a seller, so Taobao and tangled together, from the shop to now, almost half a year, finally rose 3 diamond, although is not what, but compared to tens of thousands of shop soon died on a lot better than the store, or to celebrate. Just send a post experience to encourage yourself, but also share and share my experience of half a year! If you feel useful, please remember to take read more

I have been in touch with the station for nearly a year. I have met many experts and met a lot of people who can make a fortune. Today I will talk about my feelings,

yesterday in Lecture Room watched Wang Liqun speak two

I’ll talk a little about Professor Wang’s altar wine,

1 first, the body should do

station is very tired indeed I made 6 slightly successful one earned hundreds of dollars to K every day looking for something or write their own things slowly update on the computer next to the site cnzz every day, every day time is 5 to 8 hours, the evening sleep late read more

The history of the development of

in the classification of information website, in the domestic market and 58 city do is more famous, is limited to the development of city line, operation and development way which I introduced the classification information of county.

I am a real estate intermediary business license, I not only have housing, and home economics, matchmaking and other classified information, said information classification is not so good to do, my city is Anhui Dangshan, is a very small town, I made more than two years of classified information website, but there has been no what pick up, the money is not enough fees, not to mention the life, I am interested in the network business, because I always think that the Internet business less money, may one day be able to get a good return, I do it every day at twelve points, not during the work I often go to Internet cafes, so a lot of money previously, by Baidu alliance to earn a little money, seven or eight dollars a day income, I might as well go to Internet cafes charge, I was also relatively satisfied, at least Internet hits can earn, Even a, of course is a great encouragement to me, then I give Baidu league titles, I realized that this is a good way, so we still have to rely on their own website to speak of strength, I feel on the alliance to make money is not reliable, we only need to do is the county seat, I believe we eat to feed there should be no problem what the county. read more

A5 (admin5.com) station network December 2nd news, on the evening of December 1st A5 domain name auction, total shoot node domain 20, of which four digital 7872.com with 330 thousand of the highest yesterday results beat the price of the transaction, XOQ.com and Jxm.cn respectively to 160 thousand and 65 thousand of the price of shoot node.

A5 auction submission information:

The following types of domain name registration

temporarily accept: 2-5 digital com, 1-4, 1-3 digital cn/net digital cc/com.cn, 2-4 com/net, 1-3 cc/com.cn, letter of alphabet letters CN, 1-4, com or single spell boutique Larry cn. Pack individually or in bulk, read more


| Yang Ying Wang Qing freelance Hu Yun | drawing Li Tingting

good design has attractive power. You’ll find that even those designs that look good can make people pay more. But the really good design is a unique perspective and wisdom, constantly correcting all kinds of loopholes in life, to provide aesthetic feeling for life, of course, can help companies shape brands. Designer Mickey ·, in the 1990 issue of the software design manifesto, said, "designers are loved because they know what people want."." read more

two months before, because of my ignorance, directly change the website style caused by Baidu K, in fact the beginning also did not feel the site was plucked, then site was amazing that my home was gone, I was depressed, just included how it was pulled out the home page, and later asked friends, after he and I said just included site will be pulled out of I home, looks like a practice, I don’t know, but in terms of the amount of day by day in reducing know finally left two pages, I am mad, I am ready to shut down the garbage station last week. A friend advised me to pull in and so on, turn to do it without multiple other projects, the night before I opened Baidu site a surprise again to update my site, really very happy, even a look at statistics again There are more than 500 IP pages from one home page. read more

traffic is the basis of a web site, there is traffic only click advertising, in order to realize, it is also a sign of success of the site. How to obtain traffic is the problem that each website operator must consider.

March 3rd, Admin5 Thursday edition chat activity, invite ganji.com www.ganji.com SEO- Guo Yanjing (COBRA) to share how to get the site traffic and SEO aspects of the topic, this paper focuses on finishing version, welcome to discuss.

asked: Cobra is an early well-known webmaster representatives, 15 years old and join the Internet, talk about the experience of that time, detailing your first web site, and the problems encountered at that time. read more

every year has some ten strong IDC rank, 50 ranks and so on. I think the ranking is good. But when the rankings are turned into trades, they are no longer real. No longer cute. Baidu search. All kinds of ten strong IDC, 50 strong pull can be said master Tao, Hezekiah also rational. The IDC rankings released by the various media websites are not the same at all. In fact. On the other hand. We can analyze it. Media websites can be said to be IDC amateurs. Not investigated. Why is it so easy to get on the charts?. read more

local real estate net operating goal is clear, is ready to buy a house and decorate the house with the user, although this part of the population is relatively small, but these people are able to occupy the local consumption of total consumption into about ten, so the characteristics of small target market of local real estate network is very obvious, it is the local characteristics real estate network operations relative to the local portal is simple, but because of the huge market, profit margins have more advantages than the local portal, so in recent years, almost every small city in the county has its own local network of real estate, local real estate net no two of glory! read more

Now with the rapid development of

network platform, many people from the media began to complain about the market space of survival difficult, including material reduction, new thinking, short circuit and so on, can write and readers have resonance of the article are even fewer. This has prompted many from the media, people need creative shortcuts, nothing more than some pseudo original or reprinted, contrary to the industry’s virginity, there is no moral bottom line. However, the appropriate reprint, as long as the expansion from the media platform is not impossible, there is one to explain, there is no shortcut to writing on the road. Then, how can we get on the road of self media and dance with readers, and how to write a good article that resonates with everyone? I have four personal suggestions. read more

grassroots webmaster necessary psychological quality, now there are many grassroots webmaster, yourself open a web site, there are many reasons. Some want to play, purely for fun; some regard him as a career to do; some point to do Wangzhuan; some in order to practice or learning SEO and so on. But anyway, as a webmaster, at least grassroots level, the following mentality is necessary.

one, patience

, Google, Baidu, Yahoo included, you have to wait, you optimize the key to wait, all kinds of SEO effect is not immediately appear, and may have to wait for one or two months. Baidu day you look bad, k you, you repaired your website, apply for re landing, or wait?. One day you can’t wait, and you give up. Your patience is survival. read more

as the saying goes: "those who succeed, not to stick at trifles." However, in my opinion, in doing this, this saying does not apply, the webmaster to success, but must pay attention to subsection, pay attention to details, only in this way can we lay a solid foundation for the future success of the website. As we have to admire some successful website, in the details of specific treatment are very carefully and in place, but also in its success before, has been in many aspects are done, "Rome was not built in a day", whenever successful sites in their success before must adhere to spent considerable the mind, and as a webmaster we also need to make their success to pay attention to details, start small, insist on doing the little things. read more

The interaction of

in Beijing some time ago experience day, listen to the Sina Product Manager Li Chiming "more efficient information", lamented Sina for media and the dissemination of information on the deep, caught many subtle mind to single users point. He believes that micro-blog has been able to develop rapidly and become an Internet information dissemination platform can not be ignored, the key advantage is efficiency. Therefore, Sina, micro-blog’s design is also taken as the center to carry out and promote. read more

today is GG update PR day, online check, really updated, but there has been a little abnormal situation,


is suddenly high and low, just built 2 months or so, for this although some puzzled, but also more satisfied, PR rose, we have power station,


query PR for the first time:

second query PR value diagram:

third PR diagram:

finally share my experience:

in December 2008 to apply for a domain name: 800home.cn (special means of home), the next program to collect special products, published articles. read more

in A5 recently often see a lot of new webmaster friends are asking such a question, my site traffic is too bad. Why? How can let him up? In fact to your web site traffic is not too high, combined with own do stand experience to share, I website how to get traffic. There are many webmaster there are such doubts, in the end how to increase their site traffic,


early planning, many Webmaster Station can’t go on, the reason is because the early planning is not planned well, here are a few points for your reference. read more

is being taken up by a lot of pretentious online education that seems to have finally come to a head: the ladder, the good network, the suspension of operations. I don’t know what to say, if from the start, someone saw Gong Haiyan Gong will fail, then I says an article in "100 education into the K12, her third pioneering and suspension", that is I do not god. But I sure, as human beings, if not closed platform, ladder network, XX network will also appear, because it is the law of development of a society: the industry is always accompanied by the winners and losers, and contact with other industries of the Internet, some educators understand: knowing that in front of a cliff, why still go the confused. People who have been wandering, it is difficult to understand the entrepreneurial thinking mode, we stand different positions, the industry is not the same station, and even the size of the tuyere are not the same, how can there be a common language?. read more

lead: in April 22nd, the opening session of the start-up business, Liu Qiang, vice president of good loan network, shared his experience and exploration of the loan search engine.

April 22nd, sponsored by the country sponsored by the seventh open class "Internet banking P2P" in the past few years in Shanghai Lingang software park. The open class invited the entrepreneurs and observers to participate in the exchange.

, in the open class, Liu Qiang, vice president of good loan network, shared his experience and exploration of the loan search engine. read more