recently wrote some articles about optimization, and I feel like I’ve become a SEO expert. In fact, I am simple, that is, a rookie. Not afraid of jokes, do not stand a IP over a thousand, but this does not affect me continue to write my article, as long as someone is looking at, then I wrote it is still a little meaningful.

some people, technical level is very high, but sometimes he Lenz is not understood, how to lose myself to some simply do not understand the technology in the rookie rankings, which is a blog program to defeat him, it felt very strange. Then I thought about the problem. I found the root cause of the situation.

said a very simple thing, some time ago I went to my former colleagues to help China Unicom to repair the computer, when he complained to me: "now the sales staff wages high, every day is a half day classes, but also to earn extra money in the schedule. And those of us who work in the office pay the least and have the most." On the face of it, this is unfair. It feels like doing more and taking less. In fact, if you think about it, you’ll see why this happens. Because any enterprise, the first goal is profit, and the second goal is profitable, if there are third goals, I think it is profitable. So people who deal with money, of course, take more money. This is like the above said, good technical competition, but no technology. Because you are technical, others may be economic, or a marketing expert. And isn’t SEO just opening the door to marketing,


these days, I’ve been thinking about why it’s always difficult to rank websites. After I have understood the above things, I think I may have been wrong, I used to pay too much attention to technology. And technology is an invincible hole, well, this is bad that. So I feel like I’m always busy, but I don’t do much. Of course, I don’t mean that technology isn’t important. If I don’t have some basic skills, I think my station doesn’t even have a ranking now.

I would like to ask you how many people understand the technology, well, you say. Do you have technology? Yes, yes. Why not? I don’t know. Yes, I don’t know. Why not?. To tell you, no technical people are boring. Every day to engage in technical, rarely say a word, social scope is not wide. That’s a big problem. Maybe some people are not, but at least I am such a person, I always feel that plus my QQ people are asking for me, and I rarely ask others. So naturally no interest in doing emotional communication, and some people without technology, he has nothing to do, but to build a personal circle is very good, so he has a lot of human resources. As a result, he can quickly access external connections to improve his site’s ranking. If he is more like to send something valuable, such as financial people published financial point of view, it can not be, and the ranking will go up. Yes, they may not know anything, but in SEO, he >

entertainment now has many leaks, recently there are a lot of stars have been burst, then coulee nuozha because of their age fraud are explosive, but for such a bid, there is also no way to prove that is true.

"black body" coulee nuozha recently as the storm continued, she in reality show "Idol" to cry a lot of friends in her black ", let many of the audience for the sweet girls with compassion, but it seems more and more netizens also for her big controversy. Recently, a netizen coulee nuozha age is 27 years old, was born in 1988, in order to develop Guli Nazha later changed her age, contributed to the Film Academy last year called the best candidate.

and netizen can go to the Xinjiang art school to check, she only played Huanzhugege inside the Maddie Xiangfei late session, Medina is that she was 88 years 89 years 88 years old people, but it can’t be 92 years.

reporter to see Baidu encyclopedia, found the age coulee nuozha is written at the age of 23, was born in May 2, 1992 in Xinjiang Urumqi, Chinese mainland actress, model, from 16 years old to start a part-time plane model and dancer, was educated at Xinjiang Arts Institute high school.


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Hello! At noon today wrote a "web promotion program: wonderful program display case (a)" now take some time out to write second articles, write down the following site wide marketing plan! This is still in the telecom portal to analyze! Because for a long time in this position, it is quite familiar with at the same time, the site has a very good reputation, the reputation is very good! So it is very easy to marketing, some marketing programs here to talk about the next will continue to launch other programs.

website marketing scheme is every webmaster must understand, of course for little traffic, also not only added to the reputation of the website advertising the way to make money, but if for a local portal site on the 30000 IP, is a must have their website marketing plan, here to talk about my understanding of several website marketing plan.

1, many webmaster is set in a variety of websites many place advertising, pictures, text, text and so on, throughout every corner of the site, 30000 people visit the site, you can consider his website advertising fees or, even I do not believe the one page advertising actually price is 2000 yuan a day, telecommunications portal so cattle? So I think at that time, a front page head 800*90 pixel advertising position to 2000 yuan a day, what? This is obviously the price ah! When I have started with administrator privileges add a bottom in home "8 words" advertising, before I and a business better, help him free to put for a long time, the result? He said his mobile phone ringing off the hook, let me change her mobile phone number Landline number! But he also according to advertising prices hit a 20 percent off cooperation for a long time! So, no way, the portal flow is really large, almost became the local people every day must see the portal


2, released more information is actually hot! Release information is not free, then the local portal general life based information! Who can send information, as long as not illegal information will be sent, you only need to have a mobile phone to send his mobile phone communication, telecommunication fee system, each message charges 1 yuan, 1 minutes at least 20 pieces of information, you can earn much money to single this business portal website every day! It is hard to imagine! Only this one review published information also need 10 people to share the


3, there is a member, I understand that the members have general members and senior members, members receive an annual fee, it is of course different members have different permissions, such as the release of what kind of information? How much? In what position? Would you recommend? Whether bold information and so on. The difference! Join the 1 year minimum membership also needs 10 thousand yuan or more, so if a member of the site more, return inside very much, everyone can imagine the profit level of


4, organize events from time to time

was once a year the Spring Festival, although compared with the previous years, a lot less taste, but rare and friends together, chat to talk, it is a rare member, during the Chinese new year, mutual exchanges, marriage is when I can hardly be avoided, when it comes to their current work is "higher". When several of my age and almost as large as the relatives gave me a strange look.

obviously, Wangzhuan in their hearts, is already a poor reputation, look, know they are hostile to Wangzhuan, only because he had been cheated of part-time job experience. Although it can always see Huo blog friends estimate are certain Wangzhuan experience, but there will be new friends, then, is always Huo and mode of operation we talk over the web.


first for making money


as shown above, this is a relatively common mode, usually accompanied by a "type", "writing" and other words, for example, typing service, handwritten version of the article, print to electronic version, according to the number of billing, thousand 100 yuan +, which for some students, it is temptation, want to do


can do! But first you have to put the courier charges to call me, then I put the information sent to you, after you type success, electronic version of the back, so you have to pay 8 yuan fee, Alipay transfers, if you don’t turn, then to the end, if you transfer. Well, then, you need to pay 100~200 yuan deposit, the reason is: my information is very valuable, mail in the past, if you don’t give me a job, do not give me information, how to do


next, if you pay a deposit, then you will also need to pay A, and then pay B, and then……

if you do not continue to pay, then the previously paid fees will not be refunded.

Taobao brush reputation


The first kind of

mode, most of my friends in the first pay, decisively abandoned, so some people, and developed second part-time techniques, this method said it is very simple, is to use the virtual baby once the payment is not refundable even if there is no principle, will automatically confirm receipt, delivery, part-time people did not receive the so-called brush reputation should pay the Commission, but also the loss of the amount required to buy prepaid cards (usually 100+ yuan), obviously, which belongs to the scope of the offence.

this model, unfortunately, users and sellers, sellers sent the goods, but inevitably because users’ anger ‘nowhere to vent and give bad reviews.

high priced part-time website

Two in front of the

are money, third, is a precise, for free labor.

, >

new station, the most important thing is to adhere to the update, rather than a set of luxury incomparable CMS. Any set of CMS can be built into excellent websites. Choose CMS just for your own site simplification. It’s essential for you to update what you have to do every day, even if you smoke a little, publish an article or modify an article. Nowadays, the movie station is still more popular, I have done before the thunder download station, and now use a more fool movie program. Although there are automatic collection, but every day or to collect the contents of the reorganization, re release, Baidu to my station when cold, hot, mainly the weight of the site is too low. PR=0 station, how can Baidu look at it? But you updated every day, the film’s general situation, the film actor, and the name of the film after finishing, Baidu will still like it. Your station changes every day. It always causes the spider to pay attention to it. You can also revise the things you collect. These are commonplace things.

update is the best SEO for a new station. Like a sapling, watering and fertilizing can make her grow strong. The same is true of most stations. You do not update the site in half a month, not just spiders, ordinary visitors are too lazy to come second times. For those who think about SEO pondering site, which day will be ranked before friends, in not updated, constantly original, based on the SEO is the right way. Blind SEO will only be dropped by K. I used to optimize a movie forum, the data is bought, but after optimization, ranking to the top few. Believe in doing thunder and thunder movie forum for the domain name was familiar with in the movie forum hot once to the front row. Excessive SEO is dropped by K. It’s time to start using again, but the station now focuses on updating the constantly changing content rather than SEO. In fact, you’re already in SEO during the update. So I think a new station, the most important thing is to update, not SEO, not choose a luxury CMS.

when China’s investment environment is getting better and better, many foreign students and overseas Chinese have chosen to return to business. The rise of returnees is not only China the result of economic development, but also Chinese roots caused by feelings of bones.

"home and everything". In the traditional concept of Chinese people, the family is always the most important part of the heart. For entrepreneurs who have been abroad to get back to the family, returned to the country to start a business, it means that either the family moved back home, or separated from their families. This dilemma is often very difficult to let the returnees tangled, then the family’s understanding and support becomes very important.

held in the opening activities after the "inheritance of · on the Shenzhen returnees" dialogue meeting, is currently part of the returnees business in Shenzhen in the field to share his entrepreneurial scriptures, they are invariably talked about the importance of family in the entrepreneurial process.

Chang Zhijun is chairman of the national people plan expert, Ryan Seiki Shenzhen Co. ltd.. When he returned from Japan in 2007, he was 45 years old. At that time, his children are in high school, it is necessary to spend money, but he gave up the stability of foreign work and life back home to start a business. His wife in order to accompany him to start a business, resolutely resigned from the Japanese foreign trade company’s high paying jobs, and he returned home.

"entrepreneurship is a very frustrating thing, my mind is full of things that the company has little time to ask about the family, so I have been very sorry." In the dialogue scene, Chang Zhijun also prepared a surprise for his wife. For the first time he had been offered a bouquet of flowers to his wife, and thanked her for years. His wife was very moved, and even a few choked when talking, she admitted that so many years of the heart had complained, but often see the husband of hard work, this kind of complaint disappeared. The audience was also accompanied by the perennial companionship and pay to be touched, spontaneous bursts of applause.

Hebei talent network began operations in December 10th until now is fourth days, as a technical novice webmaster from me, experienced a lot, probably many seniors will experience this stage. The choice of enterprise recruitment free, how long can Yanzhao talent network go? I don’t answer this question, but it is clear that we will not give up

!The establishment of the

website at the beginning of the recruitment target is all free, because from our local, there are several real recruitment network recruitment market, the market is not standardized, and for us the novice webmaster, do not charge more strenuous. The program is nothing to us, we focus on website promotion. The morning to see the "Souyi" with an example to tell you "method to improve website traffic is very enlightening. His advantage is because the author accumulated a lot of resources in the early days, including the flow of very good station, so with a station, of course, no problem, and we are different, we have nothing. In accordance with the plan, Wang predecessors in the forum hair website promotion 100 methods, we also tried, to stick to post, was sealed. To the forum to post, the same was sealed. Maybe our approach isn’t right, but is it the wrong platform for a free service for the enterprise? Why is that?


our team is now working on the webmaster trading forums to maintain team and website survival, but we have no regrets. We have been working on the free recruitment service for the enterprise. But the next step how to do, how to do, hope that the webmaster predecessors zhidianmijin. Station URL

webmaster network first reprint, please indicate source

As the saying goes,

Like attracts like. out on Birds of a feather flock together., the scope of activities and the circle of life. Do stand is the same, whether you do content acquisition, classification of information, do local portal, do business, you must have similar websites webmaster familiar with the website, SEO, is nothing more than the selected keywords, and dissolved in the content of a website, and then do a lot of the high quality of the chain and reasonable in chain, then as far as possible to maintain the daily updates to the activation engine for your attention and focus in life, make friends. Love is to choose one person (not necessarily specific, ha ha ~) to make friends from all walks of life, and on the pillar of the state, heresy to a government, next to the marketplace biesan and keep in touch with greetings often, for a long time, more familiar, are getting along better. Eventually there will be afraid of a cat, the cat is afraid of dogs, dogs are afraid of the lion, the lion is afraid of elephants, elephants and mice out of fear of ecological chain, encounter any problems, just find it superior nemesis, general can solve the problem, as in life often, someone black and white two to take a phone call, everything OK!

if we use this kind of thinking in our website, our website must be evergreen station too. Is applied to the site, the weights of the high site will bring you some weight, low weight website may bring you some IP, if one day, your weight and IP have, you are a "stream" website. In life, you’re a figure.

summed up, do website promotion is:

1, the election of the industry, the election of the keyword (to friends) the most important

2, lateral development, widening and strengthening (making more friends) are more important

3, it’s important to enrich your website (preferably original) (keeping in touch and greeting)

4, after the stability, and then gradually increase other related keywords, and repeat 1, 2, 3 (friends know friends) important

5, wait for harvest. You mean heavy,


above is only personal do station sentiment, if there is objection, right when fart, because it does not affect my website management.

Note: No, no

to do everything, sword in hand, heart has no sword…… Reference to the station is "the highest realm of SEO is not to SEO!"

message: find on your site profit model, dozens of IP every day than you every day tens of thousands of IP high income. If you think this has any value, can be reproduced, but please keep my links: Wuxi computer repair network because you are my friend, should keep in touch, you say it


1 they don’t want to produce content, they expect a better life,

2, because the problem you can solve is what they don’t have,

3, and you can’t solve

for their real problems

4, Oprah didn’t mention it,

5, none of the people they know is on your website,

6, you can’t make them look at their loved ones,

7 they don’t mind what they see,

8, no colleague said it should be on this site,


it is very boring

10, it doesn’t make people laugh,

11, it can’t save people a lot of money,

12, it doesn’t help people save time,

13, there’s nothing exciting about them,

14, it can neither save life nor save the world,

15, it’s not as exciting as Vegas,

16, it looks like an advertisement for Citibank, and people hate it,

17 no one lined up,

18 they work, have kids, work hard,

19 because they have an appointment with the American Idol program,

20 they’re afraid of computer

21 they have enough friends,

22 they don’t write well,

23, more people are using Craiglist

24, you didn’t tell them how to do it,

25 doesn’t go to this site, no one would think he’s an idiot,

26, it’s for freaks and idiots,

27. It must be

for those computer Masters

28 would steal their identity and kidnap their child,

29, they don’t understand your jargon,

30 they’re better at making things that you don’t feel able to do,

31, they were born before 1985,

32 they are not proficient in computers,

33 they’re shy,

34 they’re not like Yahoo, Amazon or Ebay,

35, it has more than one screen, not like Google,

36 they feel depressed,

37 they don’t want to sit in front of the computer "

to write before I can tell you that there is a future web designer. Why? Because of this industry and the rapid development of the Internet. Whenever you in the newspaper, the portal site to write very Niubi pull down station Moumou tens of millions of dollars in venture capital, the majority of enterprises is undoubtedly the Internet business. And the rise of the Internet, a strong impetus to the development of web design this occupation, when you see the hottest position in the talent website, ranked first is likely to be the web designer. Web design in the past few years the development of very fast, portals emerge one by one, hundreds of vertical sites thousands of Bengchu, each enterprise has established its own corporate website, directly led to the demand for web designers increased greatly, with the other " excited " is that any website revision It is very frequent. Therefore, web designers. Your work is never done. The whole future than the plane design interior design should be large, reflected in the preliminary treatment, the city I first introduced it, I know the average wage in Shenzhen between 3000-4000. Bad, just graduated in 1800-2500. Special cattle more than 10000 also have it, you can always listen to the door who, who listed company financing, most of us in the Internet industry enterprises. Shows that the industry is now very hot and high-speed development. Anyone who reduces the identity of web designers and detractors of web design must be ignorant.

some people think, "web design is actually very simple, learn a few basic software, PHOTOSHOP, DREAMWEAVER, FRONTPAGE and so on, a little art foundation on it.". You may need to learn something about the internet. But web design talent is prevalent and do a "reward" is not high, it is farting, is now in the fierce competition environment, with the development of various technologies, quality requirements more and more high web designers, such as div+css will ultimately master, many norms must grasp, relative practitioners treatment more and more high, "a lot of people can do, but really is the kind of professional, everyone can do? Do not know few people here outfit niubable. Any knowledge would like to master is not simple, I hope all your colleagues to take good control of their own.

web designers easy to start, have the ability to do the webmaster, their own operations, websites to operate. I found that the real understanding of the web, or our web technical staff, because we face it every day. Many people work for a few years to join the webmaster army, ha ha, and also can own orders. The design level of high price is relatively high, to do business station than is designed. The program is very mature, enterprise station that function; also, now any recruitment website now one of the most popular recruitment must have the position of web design. So we can see the heat of this industry. At home, nearly 500 thousand people, more than 90% of webmaster, web design or WEB program

from the station has been more than a year, when the station was a objective: Zhengkou! When a year ago, I managed to do in the school library, the system is also the maintenance of the electronic reading room of the machine, to ensure the normal network. To tell you the truth, when I was in, I didn’t understand anything. I couldn’t even download a movie. I was in the mood to learn something.


enters, because he doesn’t understand anything, he is always looked down upon by others. And then go in, followed by a master behind, always subject to someone else’s gas. Laughed every day, but I’m more optimistic. Want to compare open, so every day or good. Time passes quickly, in the twinkling of an eye, the old network management wants to graduate, originally should say the successor’s person is mine, but because of my technology really not really. So, the old network management in our school, but also find a person to take over. The new man made a scene as soon as he came in, because he made a website and was able to visit the internet. That’s incredible. It’s very popular with us, so he takes all my thunder. I secretly decided that I would make a website, too,

that’s it. I’m on the road to the station. I don’t know anything. Where did I start? When I was in high school, my teacher taught me how to use forntpage to make web pages. I know that’s not right now. So I asked around, ask what others do (I don’t know these things can be found on Baidu), finally someone told me to do the dynamic website to learn asp, so I said nothing went to the Xinhua Bookstore to buy the ASP programming. I think I can do the website. Can buy back a look, all the code, I do not understand, try to see many times, but still do not understand. But I know, there are HTML, to learn HTML; so I put this book down, and then go to the library, crazy borrow HTML book, see, without practice, nothing can be learned. I began to use DW practice, I put the layout into half design, half the format of the code, so I point, and point to see what code is generated. So I know what code can generate. Gradually, I read HTML, then opened the book to read, read the HTML part, but there are many other parts of the book can not read. I will try to study this book, from A to Z look, cannot read again from A to Z see, finally, I know the use of the original ASP is some properties and methods, remember that each of the properties and methods, know at what time what properties and methods on the line, I try to write. I added a lot of ASP on QQ and asked some mentally retarded questions, but the people in the group were good and always answered my questions enthusiastically. I know many good friends in the group, we discuss the problem together, although we are far apart, but this does not affect our communication, I gradually understand what is like-minded.

ASP finished, and I began to write their own, do their own stations, you can find yourself doing stand ugly, completely unlike a web site, to search the Internet information. Discovery >

novice to share personal experience, do not Paizhuan!

was not familiar with the Internet before, and felt like a blind man". In the beginning of contact, I feel everything has no way to start, I do not know which point should start from, to learn too much knowledge. Of course, a lot of knowledge we can’t do everything, so instead of each point all know a small part, not to hold a hand to study, put a point of practice acme is a specialty (self comforting Oh, ha ha). Now contact e-commerce, mainly the web site of the chain, the following will be the two months to do some of the chain of experience to share with you.

for medical sites, if you want to achieve good results, in fact, only need to do two points: 1, higher conversion rate; 2, lead to more traffic. What I want to do is to attract more traffic, and then subdivided, how to rely on Baidu attracted traffic? Sure is to improve the site weight, website weight is divided into two aspects: 1, do internal work; 2, do a good job of the chain.

how to do the chain,


just began to feel like a chain not much, if any things, the feeling is very abstract, do not know where to do outside the chain. And the first site is a medical site, I feel Baidu should have restrictions on medical websites. So on the Internet to find a variety of information learning, a new web site in the end how to do the chain? Through a variety of Webmaster Station to collect information, learning and some of their own experience, I began to do it.

began the first week of the hair of the chain, do some traditional methods, the registration information in a variety of Yellow Pages published online, the site added to the inside; various search engine login entrance, submit website; there are a variety of web directory submission site information; there are some self-help chain like, will on the seven or eight day, it can be found in the hair of the chain, some could not be Baidu spider crawled, especially as some self-help chain, asked to submit the site before must first put their own website link to our website. Do so for a week, found that the effect is very bad, check the of the chain, only similar to the 0460 site home, such a few web directory was grabbed to. The effect is not good, naturally want to change strategy, looking for some similar web site, see their chains are sent to where, after another analysis and learning, found in some classification information on the chain is also very good. He found some of the weight of relatively high classification information website, like 58 city, people network, Ganji, list of network and so on, to find a suitable category in the above URL in the effect is really good, the second day when the test results, the classification of the information chain is included a lot of at that moment, finally reflected see their fruits of labor, the heart suddenly so little comfort. In this way, continuous learning, summary and Analysis >

              do not know what began in society more than "non mainstream" the word, a group of 90 men and women in the personality publicity, wearing an alternative, turned out. And at this time, the first batch of non mainstream websites emerged, such as: non mainstream, new generation, non mainstream blog, non mainstream official network, and so on..

              their " non mainstream " the explanation is: individuality, offbeat, non popular, do not blindly follow the trend of today’s mass, pay attention to meet their disposition clothing, dress, words and deeds. Non mainstream means is not the most popular thing… It is a relatively advanced or lagged from the number of people speaking, the pursuit of non mainstream people accounted for a relatively small, more mainstream called. This relatively few let Baidu TOP" non mainstream " keywords soared, more and more non mainstream sites are zero, non mainstream, non mainstream, non degree eight the mainstream and so on, a total of about 2,30 of it. It was in 07 years around February, and as of today, large and small add up probably hundreds of non mainstream sites. I also did a hey but relatively late is not published, at most QQ owners I know are 80, I asked them what is " non mainstream " and they laughed and said do not know, just feel very sick, I only know that non mainstream " this time is not long; the non mainstream, but does not contain " a small number of people, such as embroidered square dance master, my personal feeling is not representative of the mainstream type of O (a _ U) O

                the significance of writing this article is mainly about feeling, who said after the selfish, realism, we love beyond love Jay, does not mean that we lag behind the trend, we have our own aspirations and ideals. We cannot be defeated " non mainstream "


the last time and we share the "share" local portal operation experience and mode of profit today Fanfan going to tell you about how I was through a combination of online and offline profits.

in recent years, more and more vertical website webmaster’s favor, like local portal is hot too, but for the grass-roots webmaster, due to popularity, resources, funds are limited, to achieve profitability is still a bit difficult, I believe many web sites have high popularity but it has been unable to profit, a website has been unable to profit is difficult in this era of survival in down, let your own website how to quickly profit? Is every webmaster want to break the biggest difficulty, want in the local portal net profit is not a few friends. Then, as a local gateway network, what profit model,


first of all, my website has set up classified information, recruitment, property, group buying activities, online shopping, reputation merchants, enterprise Yellow Pages, promotions and forums 9 channels. In the early development of the website does not suggest that you try to hurry to make money, even fooled businesses, this is not a permanent solution. For the web site, the popularity is the most important, it is easy to make money, and the early stage of website content construction and publicity. Then I will profit model of Wuxi 369 information network with the author personally operation for example, hope to help those who will plan into the local station in the industry and has been in the local portal industry share some experience.

line of profit model

< 1> sale website advertising: this all the more clear, advertising profit website is one of the most common and most important profit, but these ads are the best with relevant section, can sell some real estate and necessities of advertising, how much the price, to negotiate with the business, do mutual benefit. And no matter how much advertising is done, it must satisfy the user’s experience and allow users to find the information they need conveniently.

< 2> group purchase activities: Although most network group purchase are facing collapse phenomenon, but if the group purchase activities combined with our online portals will often have unexpected results, many users through the local network to buy your loyal businesses launched products, so you can get high income.

< 3> property channels: on the one hand can provide users with the latest local housing prices and rental housing information; after the popularity of the intermediary companies or brokers can be settled down to earn a certain income.

< 4> part of the channel the title: when our local portal site with popularity, brand development to a certain time, can according to the need to start multiple channels for rental, which can not only enrich the content of the website, the accumulation of popularity, but also can bring some income for us.

< 5> divide >

home website how to go beyond competitors, the most direct way is to strengthen the visibility of the site, enrich the content of the site, the industry keywords promotion.

to Home Furnishing network, on the one hand, the website content and Home Furnishing industry closely related, on the other hand, website propaganda Home Furnishing prominent industry leader in site image promotion, the combination of the two launch, received good results:

website content is always the first, and home network content reflects the home industry information and home products of the latest developments

in Home Furnishing network general manager Mr. Zhang Fuxin under the guidance of site personnel specialized organizations, acquisition and analysis for Home Furnishing Home Furnishing industry industry news, writing articles, rich web content. The main content is to introduce Home Furnishing product knowledge and industry trends, industry trends and other articles. In this article, emphatically introduces the development strategy of Home Furnishing network the introduction of new products and Home Furnishing network. Sometimes Home Furnishing and reproduced some building materials industry relatively strong professional articles published in the website, the original articles have good effect on the recommendation of Home Furnishing network.

Home Furnishing enterprise is always the main force in the industry. Home Furnishing around the enterprise and the product, Home Furnishing network has opened a special column for a detailed description, each enterprise has recommended hot comments, mainly for Home Furnishing enterprise, enterprise depth recommendation reports, will recommend Home Furnishing enterprise and its products to you. In the specific reporting content, the home network according to the relevant needs of the report, to supplement some industry information or link some related comments, will make the recommendation report more readable.

home network recommended articles, mainly around the introduction of enterprises, the latest features of products, as well as the direction of enterprise development, enterprise position in the industry, and enterprise market analysis.

home network website publicity, but also prominent home network industry features, by doing exchange links, and the industry’s major building materials associations, building materials, websites, home sites and other widely link exchange. Specifically through the analysis of the industry website audience, combined with the characteristics of the industry, pick out some sites, by customer service communication, exchange links for each other. This is very effective in promoting the popularity of the website,.

In the

industry forum, often can see Home Furnishing network publishing industry articles, published these articles generally focus on areas of building materials industry Home Furnishing concentrated professional forum, in these forums, from Home Furnishing net article are from the information to the product. Many of them Home Furnishing related commercial soft, or Home Furnishing industry prospective articles, or Home Furnishing exhibition information, or information industry conference, which will attract some managers to pay more attention to Home Furnishing network.

at the same time, the home network through the collection and collation of the home industry list, for home enterprises e-mail, mail advertising in the form of mass mailing, publicity will be sent to the enterprise mailbox. These data are collected from Alibaba to HC and many B2B platforms

Search and commodity search within the

web site is a common tool for users to find specific information within a web site. Continuous observation, search, utilization, the ability to investigate the user’s understanding and expected changes.

1, define

imports WebSideStory, Search, Mercado, Google, Search, Appliance, Endeca and other search tools into a web site and can determine how many people in the audience have used the search. The most general method of measurement is to insert tags on the search results page, or to identify them from log analysis. The formula is as follows:

read more than one search results page number of visitors / total number of visitors = search usage

is not based on "visitors", but is based on the number of visits, and it also helps to understand whether a person uses a different search. In comparison, the results of the two calculations are different.

in the different business context, search placement is extremely important, and if the site analysis tools can correspond to complex segments, it is recommended that the site KPI subdivision tracking.

two, form


should report on the website KPI clearly is that the value of reading is 1 times more than the proportion of the search results page, that is not the external search engine, but the use of "internal site search" rate.

three, expected target

search usage varies according to the expected visitor type and the information provided, the type of merchandise, and the availability of the site as a whole. Some sites have a majority of "station searchers", while few sites search for them in the station. The value is almost stable as long as the design of the site does not change greatly.

four, action

because this value is basically stable, so if there is a dramatic change, it is likely that the recent revision of the site, there have been some mistakes. If you drop sharply, you have to think, "do the station search tools work right now?"". In addition, regardless of the amount of investment in the search tool and the low utilization rate, it may have been the result of a bad search configuration in the past or some bad design in the station search.

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" website Daquan

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)>;       original text: a.

, a monk chanting in the temple, but not in business outside the Buddha; concentrated practice martial arts secrets, but read up MBA. Recently, the monk also played in e-commerce, online selling the martial arts secrets……

you might think that the monk deviated from the Buddhist tradition, but I don’t think so.

this monk is Shi Yongxin, the thirtieth generation of Shaolin Temple abbot, folk called Shaolin CEO, in recent years, the hot Buddhist celebrities.

August 1987 is the elders passed away, Shi Yongxin ‘legacy, became director of Shaolin Temple Management Committee, presided over the overall work of the temple. In August 1999, only 34 years old Shi Yongxin became abbot of Shaolin Temple. Shaolin Temple has since entered the Shi Yongxin era. Shi Yongxin took over as the abbot of Shaolin Kung Fu, with travel extensively, travel to Europe to visit the United States, the world tour, and actively promote the culture of Shaolin Temple, made a lot of very fruitful work. Perhaps it is because of its extensive experience and open field of vision, it has enabled it to further promote the use of commercial Shaolin Temple Everbright business.

in China’s rolling wave of economy, Shaolin Temple is more active in society than Shaolin Temple is polluted by the earth. For example, in view of the fact that Shaolin brand was registered by some enterprises, in 1998, Shaolin Temple decided to invest in Henan Shaolin Temple Industrial Development Co., ltd.. In Shi Yongxin’s words, "if you don’t set up a company, you can’t register the trademark. If you have the company carrier, you can carry out the protection and management of the intangible assets of Shaolin Temple."." By 2006, Shaolin Temple has received 76 certificates of registration of 32 categories and trademarks, and Shaolin Temple trademark has also been recognized as "well-known trademark" by the State Administration of industry and commerce". During this period, despite the bad reviews, but Shi Yongxin did not compromise, he took a broad road to get rich on the Shaolin Temple. This is Shi Yongxin, a monk in the era of knowledge economy, destined to take Shaolin Temple as a road that no one has ever imagined before.

experienced a Shaolin Kung Fu World Tour, trademark lawsuit, establish a company to test the water, Shi Yongxin quickly into the market economy, put forward the application of world heritage, opened the Shaolin Temple site, and asked the monks to learn English and the Internet, but also the start of the Hollywood and Shaolin Kung Fu in the drama movie dream…… The reform of Shaolin culture gradually appears in front of the world, and Shi Yongxin’s commercial dreams are becoming reality in a world of sobs. The Shaolin Temple is also a new look, the old temple was fully restored, the new temple momentum, Shaolin Temple infrastructure construction rapid development, monk Ding Xingwang, visitors full house. Shaolin Temple is at its height again. Back in 1981, a 16 year old Anhui boy named Liu Yingcheng, rushed to the Shaolin Temple are all converted to Buddhism, he opened the door of the dilapidated old revision soon, and the sight greets a deserted house, dead twigs and withered leaves……

it is worth mentioning that, in Shaolin Temple more than 1500 years of history, the heyday also often, but the court is provided, only this time, >

I think, in front of a lot of people in Admin5, I am a novice at best, one inexperienced, two no technology, three no connections. How do I say, I contact the computer is relatively early, 00 years began to play online CS, and then play the middle reaches, and then play legend, this play to play for 05 years.

05 years, a Sichuan friend used to know his literary propaganda forum to me, fall acerbity literary forum, but now is Sichuan a site acquisition, then my friend now do not know what to. That’s when I began to really touch the Internet, contact forums, and some other management and maintenance. 06 years, opened another literary forum in a bamboo fall solo astringent, and let me help him do administrator, because I was in the fall when the accumulation of astringent done a large amount of resources, as well as some other members of the alliance network literature.

in the year of 06, I helped his literary forum develop to 4000 members, averaging 400 online and posting 2000+. As for a literature forum, I know I can’t compare with other kinds of forums, and we don’t have any paper media products, so I’m satisfied with such a state. And I didn’t say I had to let it make money for us, and so on, so I and our entire management team were very satisfied and worked hard. Just by the end of the year, because my friend had something, I didn’t know anything about it, and he sold the forum without permission. Specific to sell how much money I don’t know, sell less than half a month after I and the few who dropped out of the management.

07 years unwilling to remain out of the limelight and another friend, to create the spread of literary forum, attention to 90 literary direction, has been playing a warm card to attract members and achieved good results, now seem to have 6000 members. Quit yourself at 2000 members, because one of the local TV station looking for my friend to run another local portal, so put a total owner temporarily transferred to the site I have been optimistic about the. Now, it seems that my choice is correct. 90 after this keyword in Baidu, spread to the third – fourth appearance, has not been stable.

promised his friend at the time because he had a very attractive offer. What he said to me at the time was, "you’re on the project. I’ll pay for it. After starting, you get 20% of the shares."." I asked him, "I have a project. Do you have any money?"". He is very confident, seems to know that I will ask, "you can rest assured that I have some coal bosses here, there is no place to spend money, you take the project is really feasible, 300-400 million is not a problem."." So I started planning a local website and talked about three or four times later, and I got three hundred thousand startup money in my account. And, by 20% of the shares, 60 thousand of these 300 thousand are mine. And, the boss said, "it’s just a start-up. Later, if it goes well, you can vote again.".

was very much


I never thought that there was a name of "webmaster" in my life plan. But right now, I’m a station master, managing the Wenzhou co – pie group and the free food forum. What I don’t think of is that my present blog has become a place for me to publicize and share.

for the first time to write a blog when I was 20 years old (07 in June) was just graduated from the University, I think they have a certain reputation in the school, students and professors think that my article is well written, so I decided to walk the road of creation. The truth is that you feel like you’re on a more routine path, and that path is destined for more experience and pain.

in August 07, I went to Guangzhou alone, and went to the Flower City Publishing House to look for the chance to publish novels. At that time, the novels after 80 were pretty hot, but I don’t know. Everything has gone down the slope. I was told by the editors of the flower city to wait until the 08 year of June to have other publishing opportunities, Ms. Zhong Jieling told me, and let me go to the Tianya forum first. Opening a personal blog for the first time. 08 years, my novel also participated in the Sohu original competition, fortunately also won the national semi-finals qualification.


in my concept, the blog is a very private platform, it records all my emotions, how I want to write, how to write, so I think the blog is very boring. All the way back to Wenzhou in 09 years, I quit my job and put up a stall at the gate of Wenzhou University city. I thought of the four words "network propaganda" again.

I serialize my Hawker’s life in the forum of Wenzhou network. The title is "my peddler’s life". Although those characters are all written in the middle of the night after I put them away in the stall, I have received the sympathy and attention of some netizens. My purpose at that time is to make my booth business a little better. Well, I didn’t want to start my own blog or drive a micro-blog. In fact, many Internet users through the plain text I rough from the city had to come over and eat my beef offal.


I think a lot of things are planned and need to be carried out with fun and attitude.

for example, I took part in the 08 Sohu original competition, and I always wanted to win the prize, but in fact, my writing skills still have to be improved. And I returned to my own door, Wenzhou, after playing the forum, the result, less than half a year, Wenzhou network (www.66wz..Com) forum 10th anniversary top ten write hands, even I have one – the most personalized review award. Later, I started blogging under the advice of the manager. In the one month, 30 day blog challenge, I won the weekly championship and the third place in the finals.

by the end of 2010, at the Party of friends, someone told me: "people who used to play forums know your name."

I thank the old

a few months ago, wrote a paper, personal webmaster how to keep warm in winter, warm in the job at the same time, you need more to find their way out of the site, as well as their own profit model. Old Xie personally think, personal Adsense spring has been in, personal Adsense need to set up the greatest confidence to work and struggle.

Xie Xie points out a few ideas for everyone to think about, as long as you want to understand, your personal website will have a play,


1. make your work schedule reasonable

I don’t know how many personal webmaster has thought about it. In fact, you don’t have a good time arrangement, although you feel tired and spend a lot of time, but the efficiency is not high.

old Xie suggested: 2-3 hours a day to update the content of the site and some of the management of the site. Spend 3 hours doing website promotion every day. Spend at least 1-2 hours a day watching industry news and thinking about web site user value discovery.

2. analyzes your profit model and tries to find a new way out,

because of the different types of websites, users, groups, and so on, the profit model will be different. What you want to do is better to dig out the value of your user community.

, for example, I was doing a local website, I have a real user group good now, so I can contact some local famous wedding dress shop, or car decoration, house decoration company to cooperate, can be used directly or put into the network advertisement.

there is no good profit model, your personal webmaster can not develop, after all, profitable, you have a bigger stage, enough for you to play and perform.

3. analyze your website to promote

many webmaster now face a very big problem is, what promotion all do, but what promotion all do not fine. This promotion today, and what kind of promotion, tomorrow at the end of the day, or nothing. Website promotion is a process, if you have a very strong capital, that is another matter, if it is ordinary people, please use several free promotion methods, such as the owners are very familiar with the SEO, the soft network promotion method.

4. personal webmaster need to learn more, improve their ability and level,

many webmaster, impetuous atmosphere in their body has a full performance. Some personal webmaster, please pay attention to your words, because in many cases, you a word, may reflect you this person is what kind of quality, your website is what kind of web site.

study, the old Xie every day now in continuous learning, after all, Knowledge has no limit., the more you learn, the more you want to learn. Better to raise your skill level to a new level.

old Xie found an interesting phenomenon, many of the development of good personal Adsense, they will ask my "soft Wen learning keys" and other e-books