perhaps many webmaster in the beginning of the station, the most headache problem is the virtual host (space) choice, below I will tell you about my three years of learning course, and I hope to help you. This article starts with (May)

I remember I just contacted the site is in the 07 year, was just out of school, the economy is not well-off, so even a classmate and flat-share a house, when I was working in a Guarantee Corporation, two of my classmates are in the university read e-commerce professional knowledge, the main the course is the site, so every day after work to pick up their courses and see nothing. Natural and also have a certain understanding of the website construction.

later heard people say to do a lot of money, so I also try to be prompted by a sudden impulse, but when I do go to contact this line I found, imagination is not so simple, is the three question was put in front of me the most direct program: 1. 2. 3. domain name space.

first: program

didn’t bother me how long, because there were many source download stations and CMS systems and DZ and zblog at the time, so the program problem was solved soon with the help of classmates.

next: domain name

this problem is the most simple, but after planning the style of the website, the domain name has been targeted, so it will be solved soon.

final: space

because it was still in the learning stage, so the choice of free space when the choice is 5944, an American space, but with a long after I worry, website advertising, and access speed is flying slowly, finally can not hold up the free space, but how to say, after all, people are free to provide you with the database is already quite good. I don’t think much of it. Backstage pick the right choice after a computer room space, then watch his main reason is the attractive price of 88 $/ 300M and 100 SQL. I immediately opened two, but after that there is an old saying how to say? – no good cheap goods, although free space indeed better than before the point, but the speed is too slow ah, ah. So I started the road of cleaning space again. The chance to see a future space: Kyushu 1G+SQL+webmail=12.95 yuan / month plus coupons first month is only 2.95, at that time I will laugh. Is that space or cabbage for 2.95 yuan? Is it pie in the sky? So I don’t mind. In the next few days and see about the future and evaluation of Kyushu, Baidu search, objectively speaking or praise more, so I bought a 1G of Chinese Cabbage (space) was $2.95, into the background found strong function php+A>

can you make money by making web sites? The answer is yes. Just as high school students can go to college, but not all of them can go to college. Doing a website is same, not all stationmaster can earn money through his website. Perhaps every day the webmaster to join, perhaps every day there may be webmaster quit.

then what is the most important thing to do website? Before you do web site, what questions should be considered? This article aims to give novice friends a little inspiration, and I hope it will help a lot of people who want to go to the station.


Technology: many novice friends are talking about do not understand technology, can do? The answer is yes, now a mature system very much, the forum program, CMS program, blog system, official shop procedures, there are very detailed tutorial, more exploration naturally understand. If the site of the process or not understand, will spend 50 yuan to Admin5 in the primary station training, on the one hand, learning some basic knowledge, on the other hand, make more friends, and through friends naturally know to do the process, in short, do not because of technical reasons hindering the pace. Don’t focus on the research of technical difficulties.

website positioning: whether the website is mature or not is directly related to the success of the website. Now do that small but special, have written before individual owners of the development direction of an article: "big and complete as small and specialized", a lot of friends in the site abandoned operation after a few months, think positioning is not correct, such a pity ah? So the initial positioning must carefully consider your. What is the goal of the website users, the more concentrated the better promotion of the corresponding target users. Identify the target user, then what do you want to offer services for these users? These services have the same do a good website provide? How do you do "I have no people, I have excellent people? Otherwise why should the user come to your website? The user site is to enjoy the service your website, things can not meet the needs of users, naturally will not be sought after by users and love. Your location is not correct, after several months of promotion, found that IP did not rise, income is not increased, maybe it will end in vain.

website promotion and operation: no matter how good the site is, no matter how good the service provided by the website. Not letting more people know is doing nothing. So, after the website is done, want to think how to popularize and operation website, the promotion of the website and operation is the most crucial link that makes a website, the stationmaster that gives up 80%, because be in promotion and operation link to have a problem. Website promotion does not go out, without visitors, is purely an ornamental product, a long time, and their own also bored, and naturally closed the site. Website promotion method can be described as thousands of master, Wan law. The rich go to buy Internet advertising to buy outdoor advertising. Write soft money, some people use QQ group, e-mail, search engine, website promotion and operation to learn more and more to communicate more, see more experience of the others, look at the text, do not see the "www" and soft, from the soft.


web site to face many barriers, program selection, website design, page layout and so on are the establishment process in the face of the barrier, and virtual host selection is the number of station barrier to face first, the quality of the relationship between the virtual host website operation success, how to select the virtual host station, across virtual host this barrier? Here’s what to say:

: the first host access speed, open the speed of the site is very important for the user experience, if the site is too slow, the opening speed is too long, then, whether it is for the search engine’s index or the visitor’s influence is very large, visitors do not have the patience to wait for a long time to open a web site, so we must consider the problem of selecting a host speed, and for the purchase of foreign host webmaster, site speed is more important, the United States HostEase virtual host in access speed is very good, and was named "China’s fastest American host, and buy discount code through its host, HostEase, can also get 20% discount.

second: better stability of the host, to maintain the stability of the host website ranking, if the server often downtime, so, your site will not open or intermittent long time does not open, the search engine spiders index is very good, because the search engine spiders crawling time is not fixed, who do not know the spider to index your content at that time, if you just arrived at the time of the index server downtime it will have a bad effect on the search engine spiders, select the host when the speed at the same time, we must also pay attention to the stability of the server is better.

again: to the high security of the virtual host, many people will misunderstand the stability and security of the host is the same concept, in fact, you are wrong, the security problem is mainly from external attacks, when your site’s ranking or flow increased quickly, it is likely there will be some people malicious attacks, if the space itself is not a little resistance to attack, so you can not guarantee data security, data security issues on the well-known host IXWebHosting in the United States are doing well, they are network and service monitoring 7X24 hours of their products, and an index scan on the server site. To prevent malicious software attacks, which guarantee the safe operation of the web site to a great extent.

finally: multi virtual host cost considerations, many people think that the host is to buy the more expensive the better, not from reality, when selecting a virtual host virtual host, if the speed, stability and safety are circumstances, and this is the time to consider the cost of the virtual host, after all, spend less money is king, the price advantage in the virtual host, the virtual host performance is particularly prominent, it launched as IXWebHosting host virtual host > three

did you notice the IIS log,


normal Baidu crawler to crawl the page, return to HTTP is 20000, now his page is always 200064, he asked what is the meaning of the 64, Baidu is not clear page, what are the solutions. I’ve also written an article about spider spiders on Baidu, Google, Yahoo search engines, and about the features of three search engines grabbing web pages. However, no analysis is given for the returned HTTP state, such as 200064. This is explained in the IIS: net helpmsg 64–The specified network name is no longer available. means the specified network name is not available, is perhaps the wrong path, perhaps the file does not already exist, but this is only the IIS own http state. While Baidu crawler log returns 200064, and as everyone knows, Baidu is artificial intervention, the 64 illustrates what? In the Baidu Research Institute in the forum to see a webmaster have such a explanation: spider in the IIS behavior of the 200064 explanation according to the time I to the present observation, although there is no enough evidence, but basically can be sure in IIS, if the spider behind the numbers 200064 then this single page will be in the web site in the search engine disappeared. I was behind the K pages are written in 200064, do not know if you agree, there are other views, of course, I say this is not absolute. Because I have a back page display 200064 but in the search engine still can be found. It also shows that the problem, but most of the 200064 act " There’s no more,.

so I think the spider’s 200064 behavior can be interpreted as erasing data.

‘s explanation still looks credible at the moment. Flymorn said, grabbing state into 200064 is not normal to grab, grab the normal is symbol of success in 20000, when the search engine error occurred when the page that crawl into a 200064 state, no normal routine grab; for Baidu, Baidu is likely to be no longer the catch in the main page but the index library, put the "Baidu sandbox" in the investigation, investigate how long, see you how to improve, perhaps, you can not see the Baidu released the K website, there is no law. Well, flymorn was also the Baidu K website, open the website of IIS log (.Log suffix, such as ex080222.log), indeed, also found that Baidu returns 200064 states: 2008-02-22 07>

is now entering a new stage of China’s entrepreneurial development, with the introduction of more entrepreneurial policies, entrepreneurial threshold is reduced to a very low level. However, in the actual implementation of the process, the low threshold benefits really can let people enjoy it?

2009, the general office of the State Council issued "on the strengthening of the employment of college graduates’ notice", which clearly stipulates, "the registered unemployment self employment of college graduates in the local public employment services, lack of self financing, can apply for not more than 50 thousand yuan in small loans to the partnership and organized; employment, according to the provisions of the appropriate expansion of the size of loans to local government regulations; engaged in low profit projects, according to the provisions of discount support." Although the central and local governments have repeatedly repeated this year after the start of the loan support policies, but due to the bank’s enthusiasm is low, the application of complex requirements and other reasons, this policy has not been properly implemented.

2015 Tan Peiming graduated from the Beijing City University with the students business plan to open a studio, the lack of start-up capital of their business loans for college graduates had high hopes, but the day after consultation but hopes.

After consulting in

continue to visit the ICBC, construction bank, bank China China three business, the answer is still Tan Peiming "no special loan for college students’ Entrepreneurship project".

reporters were also to Chinese bank, agricultural bank, construction bank, China Chinese ICBC, China Merchants Bank, CITIC Bank and other 6 banks to understand, except China banks provide college graduates in Shaanxi, Jiangxi, Guangxi, Chongqing and other places business loan business, the bank did not open this business.

in addition, cumbersome application procedures also become an obstacle to implement business loans for college graduates. In the Chinese bank for college graduates loans as an example, need to prepare employment unemployment registration certificate, loan application, self financing plan that nearly ten kinds of documents and materials, for the need to go to the labor and social security, industry and Commerce and other government departments, these procedures according to various departments to handle the concrete time, generally need a and a half or so, after the formalities are completed, also need to wait for a batch of bank loans.

"although the national loan policy, but because there is no mortgage loans for college graduates and high risk, unsecured bank lending and zero risk demands for contradictions, and less complicated procedures, the bank The loss outweighs the gain." In the recommended


May 9th, Tencent technology announced revision, and referred to the Tencent of the future technology will jump out of the "news" instead of "transformation of new media news + news research, by studying more and better ideas, the content industry to provide more" nutrition "." And "Penguin wise cool" products.

, following Tencent’s technology, also announced a revision of another technology news portal. In May 20th, news science and technology announced home new online, and referred to the revision to the responsive design and lightweight design concept, design and implementation of channel response after type, can be automatic version according to the personal computer, various sizes of tablet computer and mobile phone screen, any terminal can use the browser to visit and perfect present in technology so, the channel in the mobile Internet era reading experience has increased dramatically."

actually includes big technology channels, Sina Technology, NetEase technology and other science and technology news portal, have adopted the "light" style of UI, and news portal of "hodgepodge" style UI style is very different. Early domestic news portal is the "supermarket" style, the entire page to show more content to the user in the whole page are filled with headlines about this phenomenon, foreign people still cannot understand why domestic portals are using this "heavy" style, but this is really one of China’s unique phenomenon.

Why does

go "heavy"

?The revision of the

technology, and information technology throughout the Tencent, public science and technology, Sina technology platform, will find that they are changing the "supermarket" style, gradually abandoned the heavy content and style, make it easier for users to get their needed information. What exactly is the reason? I think there are several points:

The impact of

(1) social network. Between the news and news information is the existence of conflict, from the social network appears, is particularly prominent, users can get faster news information than the news portal by micro-blog, Facebook, circle of friends, Twitter and other platforms.

if you do not see the depth of content, 140 words show news information and news portal with about 1000 words to show the release of news and information content, and no difference, but also pay attention to micro-blog can obtain information faster than the news portal by users. Early news may have been made by special journalists, such as television, news portals, and so on. Therefore, the news portal can only be accepted by the users only when it becomes light, fast and simple. Otherwise, with the impact of the social network becoming more and more big, the news portal will only be in a state of decline. Science and technology news portal transformation, it is because the technology has been walking in the front including finance, politics, entertainment and other platforms, it took the lead in the face of social network on the network news media shock front lead to heavy".


young entrepreneurs are very common in society, have appeared around a lot, at the same time, the country in order to promote social youth entrepreneurship activities, introduced a lot of entrepreneurial activities in Wenzhou in 2015, the Postal Savings Bank Cup fifth session of the Wenzhou city rural youth entrepreneurship competition came to an end.

through layers of screening and competition, nearly 4 months recently, in 2015, the Postal Savings Bank Cup "of the fifth Wenzhou Municipal Rural Youth Entrepreneurship Contest Finals ended, Wenzhou vice mayor Ren Yuming, Wenzhou Municipal Communist Youth League Secretary Lin Xiaolu attended the activity.

"Internet plus" "young" and "rural" is the biggest characteristic of this contest. Finalists of the 40 players in each of their own time within 5 minutes, the form of PPT through the concept of project design, product design and innovation, by experts to comment, scoring. Finally, I want to catch the fresh health industry shopping network, Taishun agricultural net, national flowers and other 6 projects respectively won the creative group, entrepreneurship business group and agricultural entities group first prize.


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in modern society, innovation has been a lot of people on a schedule, and in many city in promoting innovation and entrepreneurship, with very good innovation channels have in Zigong city of Sichuan province.

Since the reform and opening up

Zigong blood flowing in innovation gene, Zigong also has innovative soil, foundation and good environment, more importantly, Zigong people have a strong desire for innovation and entrepreneurship, we firmly believe that innovation and entrepreneurship will lead Zigong to a brighter future, we are full of confidence.


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fine jewelry can make us look more beautiful, but also can dress up the artifact of our life today, people’s living conditions better, so for some individual small jewelry demand has also increased a lot, to open a jewelry store, has become a lot of entrepreneurs choose. In fact, open a jewelry store, want to make money, it is not easy. Today to introduce you, how to open a jewelry shop business to make money.

first, jewelry shop decoration image

find a good shop, a good brand, the next thing is the most troublesome thing in today’s "decorated" industry increasingly competitive era, product homogenization, homogenization of management, publicity and distribution homogenization, homogenization, how to occupy a space for one person in the decoration sector competition, no doubt. That is the difference between the image of the store only choice in many homogeneous, and the effect of saving renovation expenditures are beautiful, and scientific management, is the service for you.

is a professional jewelry shelf company "jewelry industry scale space shelf" for the jewelry jewelry store operators, to provide professional material output, whether you are a personal brand stores or stores, so you save worry save time and effort.

two, jewelry store is the first to improve the turnover rate of

we know, general shopping jewelry stores are usually just came to see, and did not intend to buy your jewelry, some people see their love jewelry will immediately buy, we called "shopping, and most of them even see love will not buy jewelry, because they don’t need, unless the price is really cheap, so now some ten yuan jewelry store business is very good, because the price most people can accept.

but our general ornaments are more than ten yuan, a few yuan, hundreds of dollars or even hundreds of yuan to our current consumption level, consumption concept, most people still difficult to accept (of more than hundred ornaments), especially the older one, so the things we really the sell? Not everyone will use our products, so that the purchase of our jewelry customers have such a sense of superiority! Tell her why this product is worth 100 yuan or more?

remember, you sell to customers is not the jewelry itself, but the jewelry customer expectations! Let the customer imagine how beautiful, fashionable, attractive and tasteful she is wearing the jewelry! Persuade customers who did not want to buy, want to buy more customers to improve the probability of customer turnover, which is the first condition of the successful operation of the jewelry store! Persuade customers to have certain knowledge, experience and skills.

at the time of entrepreneurship, there are a lot of problems are need to pay attention to recommend

in the current era of a national entrepreneurship, choose to embark on the road of entrepreneurship has become the practice of many people. However, entrepreneurship is easy, but not many successful entrepreneurs. At present, with the continuous development of underwear brand, market of underwear store has become many entrepreneurs entrepreneurial choice, so for the underwear store, how to achieve successful business to make money, and then more successful entrepreneurs share to shop it.

The importance of



site is related to the key underwear store on profitability, good location can let you win at the starting line, to bring you more traffic, directly related to the profit you harvest. So in the early choice of store address must be carefully considered.

decoration can not be ignored

shop decoration is to create the image and grade, underwear stores in the image must have outstanding place. Then according to the local consumption level to create a suitable pattern, if too high, the customer may look and timid step, too low but can not attract customers to visit.

opening propaganda

underwear stores opened, the printing of a number of personalized brochures, in the vicinity of the flow of people more occasions to distribute, so that more people know your shop. At the same time during the opening to do some promotional activities, so that more people become your loyal customers.

marketing skills are very important

marketing skills training is an important part of the shop, underwear store headquarters while providing perfect and advanced marketing skills training courses, but many details of things need to sum up in the long-term sales process, in short is to analyze the consumption of consumer psychology, this can improve performance.

display skills to pay attention to

display terminal stores one of the most effective marketing tools. The display is through the product, the window shelf, the model, the light music, the pop playbill, the channel scientific plan achieves the promotion product sale, the promotion brand image goal. Women’s underwear style looks like it is the case, but the display is good, not only can bring more into the store, underwear stores in the transaction is also greatly improved.

joined the shop, because you can enjoy the various advantages of the headquarters of the brand, but also can get the support of the headquarters, in the current venture market has become the choice of many investors. However, in order to obtain the success of the business, the relevant elements need to meet. So, if you want to join a lingerie shop and want to get