1, by

4, planning and customer. For example, in a prominent position marked the enterprise customer service phone (if there are conditions, it is best to use 800 or 400 phone), online customer service system (enterprise QQ, Shanghai’s love bridge), so that users can conveniently and quickly to contact you. For the product marketing website, also can advance planning site some new line of promotional activities, to create a marketing atmosphere, but also to gather popularity.

(3), large >

prior to site planning, web interface to draw sketches (such as the left and right place placed what what, specific to every detail), will draft a art, by artists to complete the interface design.

site location. To make sure the site is enterprise image display platform, or for a particular product marketing website.

The interaction of

(2) and related pictures, links set ALT and TITLE tags.

site in the development process of Shanghai dragon matters:

is the enterprise network name card, it is needed to highlight the scale of enterprises, achievement, development, caring leadership, vision, social effects, and for the specific product marketing website, is the priority among priorities is to highlight the product, product function, advantage, make comparison and effect before and after the successful case the old customer interviews, certificate authority, to improve the credibility of the product.

2, website structure. To ensure that the overall structure clear and reasonable, the use of what the classification, catalogue to have a prior planning.


in A5 for many years, has been read not write, even rarely comments. Because is always take themselves as rookie, think that a little bit of their own understanding of the goods, is not enough to take the shot. Today, the primary one is the first post, drying out a summary of their own, Shanghai dragon field, ready to accept the criticism of the predecessors, on the other hand also hope to novice or beginners a little help. The initial post, don’t I want to edit strangle in the cradle. The beginning, I think the "Shanghai dragon" is not only a technique or strategy should be a kind of thought, and this idea should run through the planning, web application development, new line of Shanghai during the stable period of Shanghai dragon dragon, etc.. (this article mainly to the corporate website as an example)

2, the use of open source systems was higher, such as WordPress, DeDeCMS and so on, if it is their own development process, you need to pay attention to:

(1), try to use a static page, the search engine friendly.

3, the website keyword selection. According to the website with the theme of love Shanghai index or webmaster tools, or through the analysis of its competitors site selection of suitable keyword list.




1.4, Links and IP sites involved. Links site if K and drop right, will directly affect our website ranking. So, every day to check the Links is essential, we should develop such good habits. In addition, with our website in the same IP address of the website is blocked will also affect our ranking, if appear larger changes we have to.


1.3, purchase link loss and black hat means sequelae. Some Shanghai Longfeng optimization personnel in order to rapidly improve the rankings, will take the purchase link approach, or by some black hat means to optimize. Buy link with the site outbound links increased and reduced the quality, if we have no other high weight of the chain, ranking will certainly decline. The black hat optimization itself is a means of cheating, sooner or later will be right down. So, Shanghai dragon must not buy links and black hat cheating.

, a chain of instability. After our website rankings do go up, we are only concerned about the ranking, while ignoring the maintenance of the chain. The chain is mainly through the following ways:


1.1, forum account maintenance is not enough. Many of our webmaster do the chain is obtained through the forum post. However, when the forum account was closed, the chain are lost. Or, a lot of people are post irrigation, or some of the rogue, illegal posts go back, when this post was deleted when the chain is gone. Also, when there is no maintenance after we finished the post, will be a large number of new posts to replace and sink to the forum at the bottom, so that the search engine will have included Posts deleted, the chain that we lost. So, the chain can not use the forum message tools, top stick machine, do not reply to irrigation and rogue posts, to our posts to the regular maintenance, avoid search engine delete.

website optimization after 3 months, through the optimization of the title, keywords layout, inside and outside the chain chain, and the structure of the web site and the adjustment of the catalogue, we usually can do keyword ranking. However, after the rankings do go up, but often floating, such as wandering between the home page and the second page, or have been in front of 20 is not to go on. Then the influence factors are the main keywords ranking what

blog is the chain caused by loss of seal. Our free blog, such as Sina blog, love Shanghai early in the space, will not cause the attention of the administrator, so the link is no problem. When we have the website ranking, webmasters will ignore the blog maintenance and update frequency is low, the poor quality of the link, with more and more, the link correlation is low. This will directly lead to the blog account has been closed. Once the blog was blocked, not all our articles, links are lost, but also a great influence on the website ranking. Therefore, we must adhere to update the blog, an article with a link to the.


write the headlines: not repeat

has different content, different contents of the subject are not the same, even the same theme website, such as my blog, the overall theme of the site, is the Shanghai dragon, but each page title is different, the title tag is the first factor, page optimization, search when judging engine related pages, the title for high marks.

this is a search engine in the important indicators to judge the related pages, must not be ignored, and title is the best from the closer the better, even if do not close, not too far away, the purpose is to facilitate the search engine can be the first time to find the title tag;

is the first key position is the page title tag, description tag position, although the description words have nothing, but what is of no use to describe the search engine, good writing, is very helpful to improve click;

Each page of the website < > In addition to the All the web page title

search results page displayed in the title

Shanghai dragon

browser window displays the page title


optimization tutorial _ Shenyang Shanghai dragon consultants | Shanghai Longfeng green blog

handwriting to change, the station can be estimated, station did not have so much energy to change this thing, this requires good communication with technical personnel, tell them you need to design a title generating template, through a program called the page title, the common is the breadcrumb navigation write upside down, such as product name – name – the name of the website classification. For the special requirements of the page, or to artificial to write, for example, the title of the home page;


page title

on each page, the target keywords, this is our basic idea, page optimization of the key position, what are the

The key position of

Shanghai dragon page optimization after Shanghai Longfeng structure optimization, another important optimization;


note second: simple and smooth without accumulation, the high correlation with length

said here is not the title, the title of the page, but the page title design;

if all the pages are the same as like as two peas Internet users at the time, then? What feeling, a search engine to crawl, how do you determine when judging the relevance? So, the title does not repeat, is very important, this is also a lot of serious mistakes often made by new Shanghai dragon;

HTML code presentation format:

search engine, and the user experience is not good, the two way to show the title:

pay special attention to, do the breadcrumb navigation. There is no navigation, when the user enters the channel page of the article page back to the home page. I come into contact with a web site that day investment into thick, then could not find the home page.


site in the construction of the chain is able to weight channel page article pages on the home page. Especially I do Nanjing studio 贵族宝贝7floor.cn this kind of station, the first time a website does not have no weight outside the chain, the need to establish a good on their website links. When your site weight up, it can be imported to the home page weight is more important to improve the rate of web page, included. Increase the weight of the website, you can send the chain to improve keyword rankings.


two, the website internal structure optimization

my site to do keyword ranking in September 2nd, ten words, by December 2nd there were six at home, three on page second, one on page third. To do website optimization, keyword ranking is basically in accordance with the Shanghai love love a set of criteria, so whether it is large or small website, website optimization idea is basically the same, that is, the structure of the station, in the chain, the chain etc.. Here is my Nanjing wedding photography site from several aspects of this simple and share ideas under the station optimization.

the construction site of the chain is to improve the keywords ranking, bring traffic. The site conversion rate and flow, in addition to >

landing page, is to choose a competitive website, keyword density, reasonable arrangement, occupies a place in the Shanghai home of love. In general small site customers, many of them are doing keyword ranking, that is to find some hot search keywords, and then let these words in search of love Shanghai natural result ranking, to increase website brand display and the purpose of flow. The first step that we have to do, is to analysis website, these keywords to find a suitable landing page. Then is to optimize the key landing page, let the spider know love Shanghai core of the page is the keyword here involves keyword density, correlation. Pay attention to when doing keyword matching, the page must have wanted to do a keyword ranking. If there is no keyword matching page, you can add column page and add a keyword.


a web site keywords ranking four steps

, landing page matching

three, the website chain

four, the chain construction site

site internal structure optimization is to do the site internal optimization can be very good to promote the site included rate. The station reasonable structure can attract the love of Shanghai successfully crawling. Check the web site, the general is to look at the website structure is not consistent with the tree network structure flat. The home page to page is not very smooth, between the upper and lower levels return to reasonable, mutual recommendation between pages.

The structure optimization of the website

anchor text link problem


keyword density problem

love Shanghai wide update when many site is down right and be K, which is down right or be part of a K webmaster can not accept the fact, because they think I have taken the establishment means are regular, never cheat any, why my site will be K? Let us look in an article I had seen in A5 in figure

webmaster tools to check the keywords diet pills, we found that the density of the keyword density in the page is five point six percent, meet the keyword density requirements, but we are in the next

anchor text is many webmaster in post content and building site links often encountered, but in the construction of the anchor text above is also a university asked, some webmaster when operating a website to think only a URL with anchor text words equally, one-sided and that this will increase the keywords.



from this illustration can be seen in many webmaster think love Shanghai banned are pure original site, and when the use of search engines love Shanghai will find "there is a lot of garbage sites, many webmaster to face this kind of situation has questioned the love of Shanghai. The main purpose of today I write this article to tell some Webmaster: May your site content is original, may you outside of the chain is stable, but there may be your K station because of the keyword density problem and anchor text links led to the problem, here we have these two aspects the problem with the talk.


there are many owners believe that their website is regular in the station, but there are some details you may not notice, the first is the keyword density, we look at an example you might understand why there are details of the keyword density:

we can find when we lose weight when the input keywords, keyword density is more than eight percent, and this is a reason to search engine drop right cause, perhaps many webmaster still wondering why I want to capture the search engine keywords? Let me talk about my views on the search engines keyword: search engines keywords on the web page for the analysis of spider crawling, but this time the search engine spiders may crawl to a few words, then he will be through the analysis of the content of the website and web pages, select 1 to two key words which are examined, if just the selected site keyword density is greater than eight percent, so that a search engine will think your site keyword density too high, there may be on your site will be right down, this is a The reasons for these seemingly normal website will also drop right.

We use

bottom navigation should put some of their own that column keywords necessary, such as contact us, disclaimer, copyright, do not set up, put the bottom navigation is a waste place, and there is no help for users and website optimization, try to think it is important to their need to repeat that, the content on the bottom navigation, search engine can tell what is the key, but also let the user can quickly return to the corresponding page to browse in the footer.

For >

will bring the bottom navigation, most have the bottom navigation is the webmaster to increase keyword density and prompts the user through the bottom navigation returns the corresponding column and setting, of course is not to say that the bottom navigation of website optimization, as long as the setting is correct, the effect is still there, so we should how do the optimization settings?

3, breadcrumb navigation

4, the bottom navigation

navigation must be able to tell the user what their columns is, at the same time not clear navigation conditions of their location also have an understanding, anyway, the main navigation is the site of the main key, also can let users remain on the site, so that is the first step must do website optimization well set the main navigation.

website optimization user experience has been the point, if the website user experience is not good, even if you’re ranked high, the conversion rate will be very low, find something a long time can not be found, but also how to trust your customer service, if browsing website, can not find the relevant content, user think this is not what he is looking for the website, will soon close the site, five navigation here, is to allow users to quickly find what they need, to improve the user experience.

The general procedure of

1, the main navigation

said Vice navigation, we all know that is complementary to the main navigation site, usually there is no side navigation, only on the site led to a picture of the case will be in the bottom and side navigation website.

2, deputy navigation

breadcrumb navigation in website optimization website status is not the main navigation, but its importance in the site can not be ignored, as we all know, the main site navigation is to switch between multiple columns page, including all two columns (columns, news products) and important website (single page optimization switching between pages), and breadcrumb navigation is mainly switching between two and three, home directory directory, such as home – News – News page, will every level in the anchor text to understand such a form, not only to enhance the user experience (the user will know you are at present the location, convenient user traffic), and a search engine search engine spiders crawl, also let you know the structure of website optimization website.


, a set of long tail keywords


1. in Shanghai as an example

"computer" is the word love Shanghai index every day is probably around 9000, if you are doing computer sale website, the word optimization requires much effort? Can bring you income and can be? Probably not, because the customer search "computer", and no subjective intention.

and other sites can be through a variety of answers, statistical tools to mining, to expand to determine the long tail keywords region, occupation, gender, season and so on, these not introduced. Of course, can also use love Shanghai index.

The following

long tail keywords. Search long tail keywords user goals more accurately, the conversion rate is also high, long tail keywords can extend the limitations of a wide and targeted, many potential visit waiting for us to explore the flow. So a web site to improve ranking, weight, customers must operate long tail keywords. How to operate the long tail keywords

2, main products on the website or the target keywords as the research object, by extension, to determine the long tail keywords. Be judged according to the subjective psychological needs of customers.



1, through the search engine drop-down box or related search to determine the long tail keywords. Regardless of which search engines in our search for a short term, the bottom will appear ten related search, and the ten related search is the best source of our long tail keywords. (Figure

although the daily love Shanghai index is only 100-200, but the optimization difficulty significantly reduced, users have the subjective needs, he is likely to want to buy a computer. So your conversion rate of natural increase.

make a comparison:

3, with a competitor’s site as the research object, look at each other is what operation keywords, their research and analysis.

An important remarkable index computer love No effect of

today I came to share the skills to do the long tail keywords. A site in the main product positioning, the main keywords, we can do long tail keywords.



long tail keywords that website and want to have very high conversion rate, it depends mainly on the long tail keywords. A lot of Shanghai dragon Er began this keyword index analysis is the degree of difficulty, what to do when the choice, had forgotten to do a website that is profit. But the main way is to rely on the profit conversion rate, and the rate of conversion of a website is mainly rely on the long tail keywords.


2. "long tail keywords try what computer"

from his website itself structure, chain, chain what no problem, the snapshot is normal, so I just took an article on his website content, from the inside to be copied some statements, found similar content very much in love with Shanghai a search, this shows that the repetition of the content high, belongs to the low quality of the original false or can be said to be copied. Figure:

you can see from the figure, this article does the quality is not high, and then I asked him how to replace the original false original article, he simply disrupt paragraphs and simple words, the pseudo original method from the start, the effect is very poor. Exclude the website structure, outside the chain, after a chain of factors such as, I concluded that the direct reason included his site is the continued reduction of low quality.



offbeat reason

on the other site


is the direct cause

included less but ranking good sites often is the case, you can through the webmaster tools to inquires the true love of Shanghai.

as a webmaster, the most concern is the collection and keywords ranking, but the rankings included and not directly related to the keywords, because the article not included that what is the ranking? Today met a novice webmaster asked me questions like, he told me his website content included decreased also, I have a look at his content, the reason is very simple. So I took the webmaster website examples here just included some of the reasons for the reduction in the.

here maybe someone will ask, many websites are websites directly copy others, why the website is very normal? This would involve weight and height of the web site, compared to the high weight website, low weight website directly copy the article is tantamount to Dutch act. Because the initial weights of the high site also rely on high quality articles to accumulate the weight, the higher the weight of the engine is high credibility, the audit threshold is low, so the weight of the high site directly copy it is also very easy to copy, but this does not mean that after this, copy the article the long-term will cause the website weight is more and more low, finally low weight to a certain extent the page will be placed in the sandbox or directly removed.

in all aspects of excluded cases website changes there may be search engine problems, this situation I believe that the vast majority of the webmaster have experienced, some time ago also appeared in the K station, in the end is the search engine problem. In another case, the website included actually did not reduce, only by engine shut up, real or included in increasing every day, we can love the ShangHai Railway Station to query the collection station real tools. Figure:

loves Shanghai as long as an update, the webmaster mood swings, a few happy tears, some websites have small changes, the webmaster can go on tenterhooks, rush all the Webmaster Help forum. My website how, what work do not in place, why slipped, why the chain off, why the website included and fewer etc.. Chinese 8U small wateryuer with titanium reactor (www.weihaifanyingfu贵族宝贝) web site do stand experience analysis of website of small changes to the webmaster to cheer, as long as your site not illegal operation, small waves do not panic.

The second reason is that the information reproduced

. Like in the A5 Adsense nets such high weight website put a chain, published articles will be the webmaster network reproduced, so you do a chain of work on the harvest of the N chain.

in the forum to see some webmaster friends said website keywords I have been in love for Shanghai, love Shanghai updated suddenly from slipping backward a why. This phenomenon is very normal, the first railway station itself is not very stable, love Shanghai on it is still in the investigation stage, ranking fluctuation is normal. Second, love Shanghai big brother has now updated algorithm is not very stable, so that the site keywords ranking fluctuations are normal. Third, Shanghai love no one, Robin Li can easily manipulate it, let alone a little webmaster, just operate their own station see love Shanghai algorithm, so ranking tiny fluctuations to calm, not hung up.

: the first small changes in

third: the chain fluctuation

new website love Shanghai an update included fewer is normal, if not reduce or reduce has no problem, because the new site itself weight is not high, included fluctuations are inevitable. In addition, Shanghai will always love to integrate to have included page, may also be included a small reduction in love Shanghai included page found after the content of the page is not qualified, in the integration of information and then remove the page before included. So as long as you are in normal operation means to update some of the original article, love Shanghai naturally to your web friendly, will increase the chance of spiders included your site content.

keyword ranking

second: website trace reducing

chain to reduce the first reason is repeated on the chain of information. On the site outside the chain of information so as not to repeat, but it also inevitably. Love Shanghai for a repeat information to be integrated and then removed from the database, then there will be many sites outside the chain to reduce the phenomenon.


some owners really put their station when children in foster, carefully care, the chain fell carefully several view. The site is indeed to the webmaster care, but not to care, trying to grasp a certain degree of just perfect.

to understand the search engine segmentation technology can not do not understand the search engine index, because the index database is a prerequisite for word segmentation! Index actually is after the selected page classification information database: when we love Shanghai to search for information, search engine is not present in the sea. Now looking. But the search engine had all kinds of information classification and archiving, each classification information has a separate database, index database and the independent database is what we say, when we go to Shanghai love a word search, index database is automatically out of love for Shanghai belongs to the word, from the the corresponding index database information presented to the user, this is also the reason that the search engine can quickly from a large amount of information in the library information transfer the corresponding search engines know! The principle of index database, so it is not difficult to understand the following should be segmentation technology:

We optimize the !

we know that each search engine has so on word segmentation, word segmentation as Shanghai dragon Er how much do you know about, understand the search engine segmentation technology on the search engine algorithm is very helpful, well below Taizhou, Shanghai dragon for everyone to talk about what is a search engine segmentation technology

through the above content, to establish the index library must take each word file in a web page, so that the same word classification in the same database, the word file within a web page is called segmentation! We know that the search engine watch "is not the same as we see", we is to look at the content search engine to see the source code to extract the search engine website source code, then the search engine according to see source code words and links different classification to different database! Well, here I told you should want to know, we know what is the meaning of the word segmentation technology the Shanghai Dragon, then I tell you, the word segmentation technology is of great significance for Shanghai Dragon:


word segmentation technology is of great significance to Shanghai Longfeng, make good use of the word segmentation technology is helpful to our website! Taizhou Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon is a blog, no sense of Shanghai dragon things I will not update the site, unless it is the entertainment category, Taizhou Shanghai dragon Shanghai dragon will be updated from time to time the latest information and share all kinds of dry cargo, there is also a publicity.

We know

such as "how to learn Shanghai dragon" of the word love to Shanghai home, then in the "learn Shanghai dragon", "Shanghai dragon" these words on our website have better weight, but we are not aware of it, as long as we impose the terms optimization, so these words the ranking is also very easy to go up, but if we put some with the website title is not related to the word search engine optimization up, so there is no way according to the segmentation technology to our website for other word weight, so that our website in the website for the reasonable use of word segmentation technology, which can hit more words so, our website has ranked in many words on

two, the chain of garbage caused by excessive weight decreased by

chain has become an object of website crackdown, especially Scindapsus two generation algorithm, is put forward higher requirements on the chain of high quality, not only the chain itself has high weights of attributes, the best is the chain from high weight on the site, the chain also has correlation then the correlation and the chain content itself, not easy to leave a chain or chain of the anchor text in the high weight website on it, if it is not able to play a positive role but also counterproductive, so once the Shanghai dragon optimization workers through these simple external the construction of the chain, even once considered the Gao Quanzhong site outside the chain, this may be your website weight drop fuse.

, a website collecting content too much, easily lead to sudden drop

The rubbish

many times through the website of Shanghai dragon can in a very short period of time will be the site of the ranking make up, but want to maintain this website ranking, the difficulty is very high, and this is now a lot of network marketing to avoid the problem of the network marketing team tend to see how long it takes the website ranking row to the first page, but not to maintain long-term home, unless some website home page snapshot will appear on the home page, this is actually because in a short time to truly enhance the website weight and be able to stay long in the difficulty is very high, so these marketing teams are often not able to ensure the.

website is to fuse website weight decreased dramatically, such as pig several times before revision, not only let the pig ranking a general decline, but also greatly reduces the degree of user experience, become widely criticized for negative education "

most of the time, the webmaster to enrich and expand the site itself by no ground for blame collection content, but if a website is a whole collection of these contents, although in the early with the love Shanghai site was included, the content of the website will continue to increase, and with the richness of website content included the more natural, can make a web site can enhance the weight, but the weight is extremely precarious, it is easy to love with the Shanghai algorithm innovation will be the first hit website group, such as before the release of the spark plan and love Shanghai pomegranate two generation algorithm and so on original content put forward higher requirements, so once the garbage content inside the website more easily which site is down right.

then a site weight and ranking why can not stable? Of course in addition to the optimization factors of the site itself, also includes the continuous adjustment algorithm with respect to love Shanghai, love Shanghai, for the webmaster friends, from our own perspective, has certain practical significance and stable website ranking, research the strategy proposed in this paper is from the perspective of their continuous improvement and stable website weight strategy.

website weight

three, the website frequently


so, what is the difference between the major search engines? We take the three major domestic search engine as an example, a simple analysis.

love Shanghai position will lead to other search engine rankings, but the reason is not because of love is said to the Shanghai, but we met these search engines algorithm in the optimization of time. Although each search engine algorithm rules are different, but the general direction is pointing to the user search experience. This is to assess the customer more satisfied, but the most important thing is the market share.

as we try to apply the basis of site optimization to be perfect, love Shanghai last year continues to introduce new algorithm, the focus is mainly transferred to the content of the website and in the chain, Shanghai dragon in optimization of the most basic keyword, description settings, love sea gradually began to ignore it, or have no love for Shanghai it’s not as will focus on the details of the 360; and Sogou algorithm, for details of the optimization in the meta tag set or compare value, will be a reference factor as the theme of the site, the overall score.

1, the value of user experience.


we do not deny that now most enterprises in Shanghai dragon for the optimization of the love of Shanghai, but with the re division of the search engine market share, Qihoo 360 and Sogou status can not be ignored. A lot of good love Shanghai Shanghai Dragon said that as long as the other is optimization, search engine rankings will also increase. Indeed, the author Dennis his website, many website ranking is also consistent with this statement, but this is not an inevitable result.


3, for the website included the different mechanisms.

industry talk to Shanghai dragon optimization first thought is to love Shanghai Shanghai dragon, as does Chinese market search engine boss, love Shanghai status allow all doubt. However, as we can not ignore the Shanghai dragon ER and new show of Qihoo 360 and the combination of sogou.

I do not know whether it is found, now love Shanghai included more slowly compared to before, the second almost become a myth of what. By reflecting some webmaster >.

2, for details of the optimization on different sites.

user experience is now all the search engine algorithm concerns, so the author Dennis tends to 360, in addition to the matching rule 360 will be included in the comments from the site itself optimization algorithm, based on the premise of factors that influence the interaction with the user is also ranked; then love Shanghai joined with the 360 evaluation. Similar is a focus on user attitude; and compared with the previous two major search engines, Sogou to good, like do not want followers, but praised the quick step of precise matching, also can best meet the user search experience.

Shanghai dragon Er

is not included, the website content update will implement snapshot with the new

, the first snapshot included with QA

to illustrate the problem we need to understand the snapshot of the principle:

will promote the snapshot included?The

believe that we also often participate in link exchange work, a lot of people on the website of the Shanghai snapshot requires some love. Then the snapshot in website optimization in the end how to play a role in

The concept of the weight of

first sunluck Shanghai dragon in here to explain: the snapshot itself has no direct effect to the user site ranking! But the actual situation is the snapshot date indirectly reflects the website more or less, big or small, there is a problem.

and other relations1,

sometimes we showed no difference in the home page content update, such as some in the pages of the home call plate building new content, even very quickly by the love of Shanghai grab and included, in fact it is very difficult to update the web page snapshot snapshot includes content and snapshot date. On this point is still in the "Shanghai dragon transport chain construction and the layout of the page" in the article is involved.

? ?


will update the content page by page content to determine the quality is consistent with the content of the website, homepage keywords correlation. Some bloggers love to add some mood words like the article in the blog, but the content location and description of the relevant keywords, ZhengZhan generally not with. It will not therefore plate content updates as related to the home page snapshot update.

love Shanghai did not disclose, when >

3, included the influence of weight, weight is more likely to be included, the faster the be.

search engine to the web page snapshot like photos and then put these data into the cache database, click on the snapshot of the data to be viewed.


for the home page, the inside pages included updates and new pages, does not necessarily make the page snapshot update.

when we can browse the web, love Shanghai will put the photos out, let everybody see your website is what it looks like. (snapshot is website content before, now the state is not related) snapshot update date with the web site update frequency.

snapshot does not promote included, but in terms of speed will affect the updated snapshot.

in the strict sense is not a causal relationship between the two and the form but different. Collect fast, first your website content update frequency and quality of love have been recognized by Shanghai; then, your link building (including inside and outside the chain chain construction) do very well, and the spider crawling spider entrance path is very smooth. So timely updates in the snapshot on response and update is also very natural.


technology in Shanghai Longfeng entrepreneurship. This has been a lot of people doing, this is the most common mode of entrepreneurship, and will combine Shanghai dragon and provider will also be the future development trend of Shanghai dragon, so many people in this walk in the front, of course, have a good project or a good product and the team is very important there is a common building enterprise, provide products or services, or B2B, B2C website, also can operate the site platform, which only teachers also talked about CPS or the union advertising business model, and this requires Shanghai Dragon technology to a certain experience, can choose according to their own conditions.

1, the use of

, Shanghai dragon is generally what

2, Shanghai Longfeng work to do related work. This is the stage of Shanghai Longfeng development process is important, I think a lot of Shanghai Longfeng personnel are engaged in this occupation, some may be to optimize the company’s office in the website, specifically the optimization of enterprise website, more exercise is tiring, while others are in the network company operating a relatively large web site, such as industry or station the portal site, usually do the work for Shanghai Dragon technology, director, editor or chain and art Shanghai dragon related work.

only has been the majority of Shanghai Longfeng personnel admired mentor, in addition to his years of teaching, training and experience of research in the forefront of search engine changes a group of elite Shanghai dragon according to his point of view and understanding of Shanghai dragon even industry development view to us is of some reference the value of the original CMS+BBS+SHOP, early Shanghai Longfeng pattern has also been a lot of people learn, of course this observation and precipitation and his many years of accumulated experience and Shanghai Longfeng industry are inseparable, and for many of us in Shanghai or Shanghai dragon dragon novice practitioners, let us for yourself and for the industry a clear understanding and expectation is very necessary, so this article only today.

last week in Dongguan Shanghai dragon line exchange, most of this exchange is natural hot Shanghai dragon WHY Cardiff only attended and shared, but also on-site to answer a lot of problems in Shanghai Longfeng practitioners, is really awesome. In the conference only share a Shanghai Longfeng practitioners more topic, that is Shanghai Longfeng occupation planning problem, I think this is for the majority of Shanghai dragon friends will compare a reference value, so through the collation of the lecture content and share it with everyone to discuss.

3, Shanghai dragon related work part-time. Pick up some business in Shanghai Longfeng work, it can not only enhance and consolidate their Shanghai Longfeng ability, but also bring extra income, which is more common in Shanghai Longfeng practitioners working mode, such as the Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon optimization of single provide consultancy services, or provide the Shanghai dragon website construction services, has received post editing and chain task.

do you need a Shanghai Longfeng own website, a fatal mistake and rookie in the selection of key words. Many websites have their own name, new ideas are, it is your site title, should write their names on the cover of the book as a novice, then easily title in this column just write on their website name. But their mistake, the search engine is a library, you must be the title of your book classification, so others can find you this book through the catalog to have a chance to pick up your book to see the contents inside. The library books and thousands on thousands of people through you, not the book’s name to find you, unless you have overwhelming advertising.

in the twinkling of an eye, learning Shanghai dragon for a year and a half, in these five hundred days, I spend eight hours every day and the global Internet, search engines to deal with through constant practice slowly explored a set of their own experience, this share to our webmaster, hope you will be of some help. In March 10, I inadvertently exposed a marketing book, that the Shanghai Dragon – search engine optimization, after some exciting, think this is a very promising marketing mode, to achieve high quality traffic to the site by the conversion of income. So, I began to Shanghai dragon long learning career. Here I will take a new perspective a little introduction and share Shanghai dragon in the process of experience and misunderstanding.

so, how to select the right keywords? First of all, you have to clear what is your website main keywords. For example, a website selling shirts, then I want the search engine search shirt people can search to my site, the traffic is very accurate and high quality, it is a charm of Shanghai dragon. To determine the site of the main keywords, there will be specific to typesetting and writing the title, the general search engine control in the 26 word title. We hope is to have its own keyword search volume, no amount of search word optimization has no meaning. At this time, we need to "love Shanghai" index of this tool. Through the love of Shanghai index query, we can know the search volume for each word every day. While the novice this is another mistake to make is to choose the high index of the word. They think the more people the higher the index search, then I can show the station in front of more people, but I do not know the higher the index, the greater the difficulty of optimization. So, for the individual grassroots webmaster, we hope to achieve gains in the short term, to select index medium or low index, at the same time I am more recommended to select the long tail keywords as the title of the keyword writing. What is the long tail keywords? People usually search long tail keywords is a phrase or a sentence, for example: "the best shirt", "shirt which brand is good" and so on, there are usually a lot of long tail keywords have good index, and the optimization difficulty is not great, the flow of precision also very.


Select the

company in recent months have retreated before some customers, including health care, education and chemical industry etc.. And will all concentrate on the sales of car parking lock, parking lot facilities etc.. When the Shanghai dragon predecessors or chiefs transformation to provide training services, business related sites and products or do Shanghai Longfeng consultants, the company is how to change it? Please look at the following thinking and analysis.

Increase of

competition, one is Shanghai Longfeng knowledge more and more into the game player. For example, the company operating the parking lock, the 2011 national promotion manufacturers no more than 5, to 2013, there are at least 20 more parking lock manufacturers in Shanghai Longfeng, the degree of competition is greatly increased. Auto lock is a special industry, and medical products, a small team to deal with the rich medical company, most of the time is not.

small network company on site promotion, the survival pressure is increased sharply. Based on this situation, the author, after much consideration, the most energy into the promotion and sale of car parking lock products, so as to gradually return the non core customer orders.


and sales of products is not the same. I noticed a lot of peers, are in transition to do stand or do product. As the 1861 city network company’s operation of the real estate network, network, network and other facade of villa real estate website, the profit is far more than the site promotion software counterparts.

psychological pressure increase reflects the mood swings of the optimization in the search engine algorithm of frequent adjustment. As of July last year, grey black June, combat medical sites, combat hyperlink cheating and low quality sites etc.. Net >

two, competition and psychological pressure increase

, the pursuit of profit maximization

is currently the Shanghai dragon service is more and more bad, I believe this is the most and the voices of the team. As the city Changsha, large and small Internet companies and a team of more than 500, an enterprise site will generally choose 5 words, 2000 to optimize the price of 3000 yuan / quarter, up after it maintenance optimization. Small and medium-sized network companies are generally difficult to receive orders, but also no big strength. Many small teams are relying on this one day, had to deal with the frequent adjustment algorithm bring volatility to the ranking of the psychological pressure.

said the upper optimization, from unilateral, studio and personal network companies are to snatch customers. Often a $3000 construction project, after several rounds of peer competition, the price down to 1500 yuan, 600 yuan or even someone verbally gave the domain name space. While tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands of large and small team is difficult to do down next, it is difficult to guarantee the quality of the. In the low-end single profits too low, high-end single basically hopeless, in this vicious spiral, hard transformation of the author’s choice is reasonable.

super IP can self-made potential and flow, can be quickly realized to creation, brand personification, is the best path to create personal super IP.

13, Boeing

but why focus is to persist, or more directly said what his stick? Everyone knows the importance of persistence, know the importance of vocabulary, but how to find support themselves and their way? This is the entrepreneurial chiefs don’t tell you.

5, 360, and Zhou Hongyi

6, Ford

many people have 35 friends, nothing is going to have fun. But what about the partner? Holly’s founding partner was a friend built up at the University, but Wang Yang said three golden words in a tearful wedding. Don’t talk to your good friend partnership business, so business partnership need what kind of people? How to find these people? How to play everyone’s expertise? How to enhance team cohesion? This is business chiefs don’t tell you.

7, Sohu and Zhang Zhaoyang

10, more…

everyone found no, a high-profile CEO character, >

successful into Holly standing on the podium waxed eloquent speech, in the face of tit for tat Yankee, and the relative clause verbatim recite 5000 words, for English words. But the story is only a slight one. He finished reading 800 books in four years and swept through the library of the University of yanjing. When he spoke to his students, he said, "it’s on the market. I’ll carry it back."."


6, music and Jia Tingyue

general brand is just a cold and cold "symbol", if you use a person’s name, immediately let you feel the temperature of this brand, and feel like a living person.

? >

a "China partner" red, "a hero is Chinese can kneel, even from other people’s legs under the past." Red crossing network. Let countless young hearts be lit, burning raging fire. This reminds me of the college entrance examination time Shuabing article, write "North heroic spirit to test, but the math scores of 1 points" Ma venture gangster entrance of those things. This is strikingly similar to the experience of the hero, holly, in the movie.

is a brand the most important thing is to solve the problem of trust, since to do with their own brand names, so their reputation and brand bundled together, so he just made a hundred years of brand, brand handed down.

why do they use their own names as brands,

3, millet and Lei Jun

15, Hermes

8, NetEase and Ding Lei

3, with temperature

2, HP

1, apple and Jobs


entrepreneurs don’t tell you: how to recite a dictionary,

many people recite the words, but rarely memorize a dictionary, let alone a book". Gee, so that the success of the road is not crowded, because on the road to success: a death of a number of hot weather, cold weather of death group, death group, a group of opinionated dead…… The one who can hold on is king,

1, to create personal super IP

9, Meizu and Huang Zhang

14, Bayer


2, solve trust

4, Alibaba and Jack Ma

most of the internationally recognized brand names are used by the founder’s name or surname, for example:

4, Mercedes Benz

all kinds of propaganda, sought after, the story of entrepreneurial bigwigs, painted packaging successfully implanted people’s hearts. It seems that entrepreneurship is not too far away for young people with dreams. But that’s what worries me the most.

7, Panasonic


also has a number of brands that, although they do not use the name of the founder, their brand is as deep as possible with the founder or operator. For example:

11, Chanel


even has been very low-key HUAWEI, in order to enter the mobile phone market, Yu Chengdong are high-profile, and let HUAWEI mobile phone just a few years, sales done the world’s top few.

startup gangster didn’t tell you: how to find partner

3, Disney

however, the inspirational story did not tell you, if you read the speed of two days, 1 copies, then a month can read 15, a year can read 180, then the university four years, you can read 720. And you will have no time to pack ride from Lhasa, there is no time to the lake boating, no more to meet the world an Su mei. When he climbs up into the clouds and becomes a successful man, he will put away the ladder and tell you how he has gone through a long and arduous journey to find the way.

8, Ericsson


5, Chrysler

2, Facebook and Zuckerberg



but it’s amazing that when he came to China, he became a liar, and that also saw the chaos in China’s internet.

is more popular in foreign countries, the specific content is through the Internet to their own wisdom, knowledge, ability, experience into actual income people.

originally two Chuang, is not the person that plays theory, the thing of theory also can’t write, come directly to a few of my several typical case say:

also recently gradually noticed that sh419 gradually is not the feelings of our users, search for "Wangzhuan project", the top is actually the promotion of fraud, sh419 has to make money, listed on.

second: second successful success exist in great luck, few problems when I consider the truth, do Ren activities, although the case said, here I say it, then know this doll what you want to do, then casually looking for a web page, and then bought a YAHOO the domain name 15 dollars, 50 yuan Hongkong space when I finally do not refund, then again I take the product and shipping products, 53KF trial with customer service system, a website with the product, and then is the traffic problem, buy in when the traffic flow of the Union and spent 70 dollars, because the union of little traffic, only one day over more than 100 IP, 70 dollars to flow when I didn’t do as well as 20.30 dollars, then first single turnover is second days to do, earn is about 400, the 5 day A total of 3.4 orders, no return, the final reason is not because a customer said this item is rubbish

then went to the page and we saw the settlement announcement on the right again. At this point, we had hinted that it was a very profitable project. At the same time, the page design is exquisite, and it feels very professional.

some friends want to see group operation of bidding to make money, but do not know how to start to tell the truth, I am not a master, ha, Adwords optimization technology in general, mainly playing the content network, Sogou promotion is not to say, as for the promotion of sh419 I’ve played in general, buy advertising auction, flow alliance bidding, written before admin5/article/20101128/293512.shtml Liu Erchuang: the auction has 5 conditions to make money first such an article, we look at the proposal, I believe you must have finished the harvest.

when I opened this site, I first popped a website prompt: "today’s settlement has been completed, please check members.". It’s a professional feeling. It’s a good alliance.

first failed: let’s not the other, said the first time I got for it, tell the truth, the first time I really do not Ren products, but a kind of educational products, then search through Adwords network, the account is first rushed more than 500 points, I was on Adwords the search network settings can hardly understand, I put the price adjustment is 27 yuan, because I understand how, I think there is a big price relationship and the fact that high click rate click rate and price has great relation, the quality of these also understand, but I did not expect 27 a click on the average click price later is 7 dollars, the click rate is 11%, when I was ready to change the price of advertising through the audit, but to forget, that is just something, so a waste of 1 days of advertising, the The ceiling is more than 200, without an order, and later made more than 1 days, until the advertising spend, have an order and finally a refund, but half a keyword quality score to 10, then I call the mobile phone number, space for GoDaddy, do their own customer service is lost about 500.


if the doubts of the people that will download their software, did not think it really is a set of software, it seems not a fee so much work to engage in a set of software, so you one hundred percent believe it.

starts to register, lets you enter handset number, you thought, since is makes money, certainly needs a contact way, is quite normal. Then let you return the text message, and you want to, people and mobile are cooperative, and certainly no problem.

a few years ago this is the popular SP scam, now from the temptation to become Wangzhuan, is just a superficial reform way, but there are still countless friends fooled, want to say here is, don’t have flourishes dreams also remember my station Austria, www.58task see see, money flow and click on the advertising alliance, is to do a little advertising, don’t be a stranger.

, founder of the New Oriental also admitted that, after the New Oriental roller coaster shares landslide, and organizational assessment system and the transformation of the relevant issues. At that time, New Oriental landslide occurred, the stock slipped to a low of 18 U.S. dollars a share, revenue fell from 20% to 12%, profits fell by 8%.

, but since then, New Oriental changed the organizational assessment ideas, no longer simply through the KPI to assess performance, "New Oriental now the assessment mechanism, popular saying is" butt decided head". We no longer ask principals and administrators to generate revenue and profits, but instead to check that you are doing the right thing – if you do the right thing, income and profits are natural results."

snail mother comforted him, "so we have a shell." "we do not depend on the sky, nor on the ground. We depend on ourselves.".

Yu Minhong said, "good enterprise organization system, is to establish a scientific and fair assessment mechanism," "all outstanding talents, must be in scientific, fair assessment mechanism to leave.". If the mechanism is unfair, it must be bad for the people to stay."

little snail: but the earthworm brother doesn’t have any bones. He doesn’t climb fast. He doesn’t turn into a butterfly. Why doesn’t he carry this hard and heavy shell?

about this organization assessment and construction related to share, the following is Yu Minhong speech memoir:




, the founder of New Oriental, Hong Thai fund founder partner Yu Minhong delivered a speech at the annual meeting of Hong Thai Fund recently, he spoke about the organization to grow, mature and successful in three aspects, and the organization of the assessment system before New Oriental review summary.

little snail: the Caterpillar sister has no bones and can’t climb fast. Why doesn’t she have to carry this hard heavy shell?

two, my story:

: because the Caterpillar sister can become a butterfly, the sky will protect her.


has a lively, fresh green, orange and pink Meng Da tall grey. It is also maturing – multinational authentication, multiple protections, and more compatibility.

little snail cried: "we are so poor, the sky is not protected, and the earth is not protected.".

"growing up" means

"there was a time when the brain drain is serious, some people take a very high salary is still to go, not because of his dissatisfaction with wages, but he thinks around that incompetent people took the money with him almost, he might only get another occupation after so much in the new salary, but at least don’t feel bullied." Yu Minhong says.

is the first element, the establishment of three. We want to put the company into what kind of company? We ultimately want to put themselves into what kind of person? Only the establishment of three in order to lead the continued development and growth.

is now looking for more partners in the Jingdong, as well as surprise "zero" yuan.

little snail asked his mother, "why do we have to bear this heavy and heavy shell since we were born?"

was hiking with my family when I was young, and I was always in the front. A snail attracted my attention. I asked my mother, "why do snails crawl so slowly?". "Because he’s carrying the whole house," she said. "How sad it is!" I asked. Dad said, "the more you bear, the more happiness you will bear.". At that time, I did not understand the meaning of my father. Years later, I had what I had to bear, but I never understood what my father said. Until one day, a special birthday present. Looking at the busy snail, I remembered the words of my former father. Thank you for everything, Dad. Thank you for the happiness you’ve given me.

three, its story:

first saw it in November 2015, when it was a bit lonely, but still couldn’t hide the glow of its current. After more than a month to see it again, it has a lot of different skin color of small partners.

today is our annual meeting. Before I start drinking, I would like to speak to Hong Tai, to each of my brothers and sisters here, three words, three "Cheng".

have the correct views, broad vision and mind, good habits of

, the first "Cheng" word, is growth. 2016 was a year of rapid growth for Hong Hong and each of us, and growth meant three things:

mother: because the earthworm brother will drill earth, the earth will protect him.

Mom: because our bodies are not supported by bones, we can only crawl and crawl. So protect this shell,

activity rules: those who participate in the 79 yuan stalls in all chips Jingdong chips on the input, Pepsi, click enter, or click on the link: z.jd/project/details/60638.html, from=jr_search& type>

one, snail’s story:

second elements, is to grow in the formation of horizons and mind. This is the difference between heroes and heroes, heroes and heroes may be in ability but racing together bridle to bridle, the hero has values, vision and mind, but not necessarily lawrence. You can have the ability to succeed, but not necessarily the achievements of masterpieces. Hong Tai to be handed down, so every Hong Tai’s mind and vision is very important. "I am confident that Thailand will eventually become China’s capital market’s biggest achievement."

is the first step of success: a monthly income of $150

1, registered friends. After successful registration, the more active users in the station plus friends, to enhance the popularity of ID in this SNS inside.

has been mixed up in the Warrior forum for several years, and has learned a lot in this forum, but has rarely been posted. Remember the beginning Wangzhuan, and everyone else, I have been confused and helpless. Now I’m in the field has been slightly higher, the average monthly income can reach $12500, lately I’ve been thinking about my success cause. The following will write out my experience, I hope useful to everyone.

further success: a monthly income of $12500

6, leave footprints under the tower. Many of the popular topics or topics that other people share are very high. So, it’s a good choice to take a sofa and make a small ad.

8, make good use of every useful component. When SNS is registered, you can open some useful components by adding components. Useful components can be divided into two categories, one is emotional interaction, for example, the stock market simulation, a move on him, friends trading, fishing, parking dispute, through these components can be slowly deepened with friends feelings, on the back of the promotion is very helpful. Another is to promote sharing classes, such as short blogs, diaries, records, posts, polls, and more


from 2001 to 2010, one of the hot words in the station has always been at the top of the shlf1314, even in front of the government web site. Without any maintenance, it can bring me $150 revenue every month. Until recently, I was able to stop the site because of the fact that the site was replaced, and the data provided by this site was out of date.

soon after, I find a niche in the market, this field has existed in many websites, information is not a lot, but on the user experience and evaluation of such information is very rare, and its advertising click price is very high, I think this is definitely a big field. Seeing some comments on the forums, I realized that being a user review site would be very popular. The ready-made CMS and WordPress plugins don’t do such a user review site directly, so I’ve written a program myself. Then I in this area is related to the website to promote my website, and the website SEO optimization simple, to ensure that the shlf1314 is included, and do some chain construction work for example, submit to the site navigation, etc., the web site traffic every day by > crazy

most webmaster’s steps are: looking for a suitable topic – setting up a website – writing articles around this topic. Unlike them, I focus on finding the way users search the web and how to solve them. The websites I build are unique and others can’t copy, and that’s why I don’t mind sharing it here.

3, update logs every day. Share with friends and groups and draw attention. In particular, provide some useful information that we are concerned about. The information within the SNS community can be shared only if it is accepted by the user, so as to achieve the purpose of communication.

4, hot vote. The SNS community has a basic function, that is, voting. We can launch a number of votes in SNS. On the one hand, it can be used for data analysis, and on the other hand, you can provide the station users’ attention to you.

how did I do that,

SNS is an aggregation of social networking, the more popular popularity SNS website kaixin001 and renren, happy net, watercress, 51, sh419, a large number of practice has proved that the SNS community has more viscous, higher trust degree, more effective power of reputation. Nowadays, users who play SNS are becoming more and more popular, and SNS marketing has become a force that can not be ignored in network marketing. Many large companies in Europe and America have demonstrated the successful practices of Internet operation on SNS. In fact, those useful attempts can be of value to any enterprise. Modern marketing, enterprises must try to master the Internet, the following for you to introduce some of the SNS marketing skills:

5, APP game promotion. At present, there are many popular games in SNS community, these games have contributed to the development of SNS to a certain extent. As a result, these games are very popular in SNS. It’s necessary to use these games to promote websites.

2 and join related groups. Like the group, through the search, apply to join a number of related groups with promotional products, such as: stock, foreign exchange, funds, stock index futures group.

I will provide some government data on the web, these data that is stored in the DVD, I put these data in the form of a web page on the Internet, and provides a search function, convenient for people to access. In addition, several simple pages are added, such as common problems, about us, etc., such a web site has been built. The site is so simple that it adds up to less than 100 lines of code. Then, I did some simple SEO optimization such as submitting to web navigation, plus Adsense advertising.

7, speculation worthy of users to share hot topics. Extrapolating from the theory of six dimensions, a compelling topic is shared in the SNS community and can spread to every corner of SNS. Hot topics in different industries should be published in the corresponding industry SNS share. This article source: push guest China