third, this is our most skeptical, several websites like us, is down right, just down the right time earlier than us, I suspect we are involved, the immediate removal of these site

3 site, is right down the

is the reason?

hard to do 3 months of website, a few keywords love Lu’an Housing Network (Lu’an real estate network, Lu’an second-hand housing, rent in Lu’an, in addition to other long tail) are in Shanghai love home page top, but August 29th is a nightmare of the day. All rankings in dozens of after all. This sudden situation, so we are very surprised. Have we been drop right? Very anxious, we must calm down, to find the cause, treatment immediately. Our analysis is as follows: read more

morning to the office, open the computer, see the Internet on the part of the city rob salt news, feel very funny, great China, what was the lack of salt. We didn’t start with much care. But the company didn’t work for a while, there are many colleagues to call home, with everyone talking about online salt news, QQ group there is a variety of reports, I just feel very Speechless, do not want to follow the trend, think this kind of thing is what. Just focus on some users send information in micro-blog inside, there are some users to grab the salt that is angry, wrote about salt satire awesome fast language, because I was doing awesome, awesome share some interesting stories, see this information is interesting, so easily copied, on their own web site. The start is still not too much, but at noon, the observation site statistics, awesome network traffic is usually bigger than the morning, see the network keywords, that is their website now seconds, just released the information we search, let a person feel really unbelievable. read more

website right down topics:

solutions in 2015 the most useful website right down, K, being black, being attacked

: high quality natural chain do? You will read these leap

keyword optimization topics: site optimization keywords have no effect? Come here to study keywords optimization techniques the most practical


click on the navigation bar "Shanghai dragon", "information query optimization difficulty analysis of Shanghai dragon".

industry: industry website "Canon after optimization of pressure read more

second, the chain spider. Webmaster friends will go to the forum, blog, classification of information, ask some high weight website to stay outside the chain, the purpose is to follow the spiders can leave the chain to grab their information website. However, I would like to remind the hair of the chain should pay attention to, such as a forum to try to return to his new post, multiple theme stickers.


fourth, love Shanghai snapshot complaints center. Love is love Shanghai Shanghai snapshot complaints Center for website search snapshot artificial processing means, such as the website snapshot backward, website snapshot error, website snapshot, snapshot problem can be solved by the complaint. read more

(2), set inside chain picture stand, only some of the anchor text pictures without a huge waste of the right picture, he meets the needs of the user does not meet the search engine body.

(1) anchor text keywords within the chain of the wrong strategy, many wedding photography station did not do long tail keywords. Basically is a self created keyword. These sites in the picture below is the text, lewd men and women in those years we loved the girl, there’s only love Wall Street and a picture link without text links. This is not a waste of voting rights? Even if you put these keywords on your site and what relationship, people come in is to look at your price and not to see the film works. You can look at the recommended links Taobao is generally a product picture and text links at the bottom. These sites both blindly create his own words never consider the search engine not to mention the user experience. read more

In fact,

2 do stand optimization, make the long tail keywords writing key. The station optimization is one of the important work we edit, but this step is often the most time-consuming, so novice editor when just touch yourself this work, can do the anchor text construction or long tail keywords focus, give yourself a little reminder, know what to do with that word, increase the work efficiency.

Shanghai Longfeng editor is not like we imagined, timing quantitative writing, to the end of the kind of money, the industry also needs the understanding and thinking of everyone, is also an editor, it is possible to do fast, you can slowly down. Now went to the graduation season, I believe there will be a number of new blood to their team. Here to share for the point of view of the industry, the hope can give you some guidance. read more

chain construction is an important factor in the success of the website, the website quality, search ranking how much depends on the chain performance, of course, for the construction of the chain of the importance of the author, there is no need to argue, as we all know, but when you really operate the chain, often have a a sea feeling, do not know where to start, Beckham is a novice website, but in the construction of the chain on the summary of the three step strategy, share out hope that we do not spray. read more

on the site outside the chain, qianyun Shanghai dragon I think, according to the behavior can be divided into two categories, namely Shanghai dragon er or webmaster to another construction site outside the chain, there is the active use of external links to your site. What is the link bait? Linkbait (Link Baiting) is refers to the content or resources, attract external link behavior. Note that the linkbait sounds like a derogatory term, but in fact it is best to prevent the construction of the external links a completely rational, search engine and users are acceptable. The following will introduce several methods to make more effective link bait: read more

1, to determine whether the chain is outside the chain, whether it is real recommendation: whether the chain is the user or other website sincerely recommend, whether the specific significance of high quality recommendations.

2, the chain of the two kinds of problems: one is the chain of garbage; a chain is cheating. The garbage outside the chain, pointing to the true meaning of whether the site is recommended, judge whether the site is deliberately creating hyperlinks, not including two aspects: the search results page a link, automatic generation of automatic generation of webmaster service website links, links and so on bad rubbish. Manufacturing chain for malicious behavior, love Shanghai official efficiency can be judged is about ninety-eight percent. The chain will automatically filter, not to calculate the weight of the website, have a certain impact on the web page will not cheat; outside the chain, is deliberately in some way to interfere with search engine ranking results, make their own website to obtain the interests of the chain have great influence on the purchase. Where to buy the anchor text chain cheating, buy high weight website Links, a large number of black to cheat, a massive increase in the low quality of the chain sprocket or material to make the chain, the chain of this type, we can automatic identification system, and on some pages point to the right down the as a result, directly to the negative impact of these pages. read more

take the essence to its dregs. Learning is certainly right, but don’t be too old, the original class does not move to follow, we must learn its essence to its dregs, to learn what they need in others, not for good, we should not go to learn, if others suffer, you suffer, like the prevailing style of the acquisition, the purchase of the chain, if someone is K, I think you will not escape.

frontsword second


frontsword fourth


frontsword third

should not blindly follow the trend. There are many webmaster or enterprises are indeed follow the trend to follow the trend of love, there is no wrong, see others do Shanghai Longfeng, I also went to Shanghai to do the dragon, see others to love Shanghai auction, I also went to Shanghai for sex. Is always behind the others, not a good breakthrough point, has been behind the others to drink the remaining soup. This is not for a long time, what’s the big breakthrough, therefore, do not blindly follow the trend, must have their own unique point of view. read more

is an electronic commerce website needs to have a large number of products and directory, while the mass of information page. Good of these pages if it can bring the search engine traffic depends on its website structure, page experience and the Shanghai dragon optimization in degree. Shanghai Longfeng optimization analysis about how to out from the site of the key word strategy, including a lot of long tail keywords and channel layout, writing home title. Good keyword strategy is to obtain a large number of long tail keywords flow read more

by car seat modified 贵族宝贝langfangzhongde贵族宝贝 original starting A5, reproduced retain links, thank you.

webmaster must also have this idea, see a lot of website home page and no love Shanghai people to maintain and release the chain, but still ranked in the home page, this website is usually the old station, the accumulation of love Shanghai trust, the author make an example, such as an Internet company from the start you with the boss and see, now the company to do more and more, but also attracted a lot of people have the ability, but their position and salary are not high, is very simple, because you have been in the fight with the boss over the years, this is all you deserve. Baidu too, for those old station will still give special care, this is new for less than the. read more

The author thinks that

daily log is the key reflection one day to work effectively, such as the chain excel released statistics, the right of the site is down right down what is the event? What operations are detailed in the current log, data statistics such as daily website included quantity statistics, the number of chain statistics etc. have to do there.

first, Shanghai Longfeng optimization implementation plan

Shanghai dragon team workers don’t single-handed, will make you a lot more efficient, why do you think so? We look at the opposite case, the author is currently writing a person fighting in the first line, the optimization of the article, the chain and so on are their own shoulders, I deeply appreciate the single-handed is really sometimes very confused, such as the process of writing is to change the link, and the correlation is also good, write the work had to be interrupted, sometimes the website ranking dropped, can find a question with nothing, sometimes really feel very helpless, if it is a team operation, such as a small team of three people, a copy, a data analysis, a chain construction, the problem can not only explore each other, more important is to improve the site. The efficiency is the key to make up. read more

The chain

2. Sina, love Shanghai, Sogou blog


love Shanghai that has been difficult to link, we can change a way to answer again. For example, an article related to your site to find the subject to answer, we can answer with "love Shanghai" China to "search" is a similar statement, and publicity for their site. At the same time more for their site search weight will also help.

1. soft contribute

For example

library is love Shanghai debate have weight this problem has been discussed for a long time, I > read more

!Search engine optimization

second stages: at this time we must continue to make your site rankings, many websites this will naturally compete in the Internet world, is a basic rule of law of the jungle, the site is like riding, if not for the competition, so there is no way to make the website ranking optimization. This stage of the competition, the website will have the following characteristics of

! ! !

is a snapshot update speed is very fast, the next day you can snapshot update, content quality and the quality of the chain, and even be able to do the snapshot can update; two is the stage of the website ranking fluctuate widely, this stage is the stage of the construction site outside the chain to the site, the weight change speed very quickly this, naturally cause rankings change very quickly; three is the stage of the content page ranking will also appear very likely to float, today’s long tail content page ranking, and tomorrow is not, at this time as Shanghai Longfeng workers don’t panic, the key thing to do is to increase the content of high quality and high quality the chain of read more

information architecture to the spider crawling

information architecture (Information Architecture), referred to as IA, the information architecture is a factor and module must pay attention to in many systems. It is small to the site, to the system, either directly or indirectly related to information architecture. System information architecture including the label, navigation, search etc.. Each module and the Shanghai dragon has a very close relationship. So the information architecture must know a lot about Shanghai dragon, and a qualified Shanghai dragon of information architecture should also have sufficient grasp. read more

said love Shanghai and Google, here to talk about soso, although in the domestic soso may only ranked fourth, a website every day from soso traffic is very limited, but as a webmaster attention website, even soso do not give up, today found their station through 9 months efforts, finally found by search included:

found in the webmaster forum to ask questions, many of my friends do not pay attention to soso, as long as the good Baidu on the line, but as a grown up website, website has a good weight, good content, we will slowly find traffic from soso also has a lot of, of course we can not rule out the development trend of soso; in soso Q can be found in many Shanghai dragon Er had their own website asking why not been included in the soso, still has not been included, it must be a lot of Shanghai dragon er not paid much attention to the search engines. read more

two. Third party information website: this part is to choose some rankings better, best can hang business website, for example: OK, taking Chinese Internet sites such as information, keywords of these sites are usually of long tail keywords mainly. For example: Wenzhou see Department of gynaecology to which hospital, Wenzhou hospital specializing in the treatment of cervical erosion. These words because competition is not big, the third party information website weight is relatively high, so in the website information can be reached in Shanghai love home, get hit, of course, it is best to choose some keywords conversion rate. read more


site navigation. Site navigation is the main channel for users to quickly understand the site structure and layout, is an important channel to search engine spiders crawling into the content page. In the king’s era, web sites do not require a large picture too much and Flash, otherwise it is not conducive to improving the site open speed and loading. Generally speaking, the best use of the site navigation text links and tree structure and so on, and make each page join times navigation, to facilitate the user experience and in accordance with the rules of search engine optimization. read more


4, title, title, description of each channel and keyword

1, Q & a type: is completed in the site directory, build a quiz platform, early tired, this requires the designer and optimization division to communicate well, how do you pre, post the original Everfount, such as the Shanghai

chain is among the Links quality >

5, URL standard, preferred domain identification, an important page using an absolute address, robots, 404, clear navigation, website update mechanism,

website has been launched to do: read more