third, this is our most skeptical, several websites like us, is down right, just down the right time earlier than us, I suspect we are involved, the immediate removal of these site

3 site, is right down the

is the reason?

hard to do 3 months of website, a few keywords love Lu’an Housing Network (Lu’an real estate network, Lu’an second-hand housing, rent in Lu’an, in addition to other long tail) are in Shanghai love home page top, but August 29th is a nightmare of the day. All rankings in dozens of after all. This sudden situation, so we are very surprised. Have we been drop right? Very anxious, we must calm down, to find the cause, treatment immediately. Our analysis is as follows:

fourth, we still think it’s a good coincidence.

due to the site itself is not cheating, if this is the case, we have to deal with.


2, love Shanghai extension personnel are absolutely do not offend

The maintenance of ?Links

in this remind everybody make friends

5, whether there is malicious adversary website snapshot complaints led to

as of the morning of August 31st, we ranked 70 in the ranking of a few a few back to the front page. But not as high as before. Some of the long tail fell off. No way, can return to have good, the weight of things or to come slowly.

4, the website must maintain.

3, the chain must not be too concentrated, will be scattered.

the first question, because we have already begun to Monday and Tuesday to go to work, the content quickly updated, and in recent weeks the same weekend to work overtime

1, 27 and 28, because our maintenance staff did not work, the content of the website is not updated, whether

4, because the day before love extension in Shanghai call, we also wonder whether because of love and Shanghai to promote the artificial intervention.

second, after all TUI18 post snapshot still, questions should not be particularly large, and we have more powerful Links support, moreover, our forum and the chain is dispersed into several, should eliminate this problem

1, Links must not be careless, always check the

2, TUI18 28 on the evening of the site can not be opened, we have a lot of the chain in the above, whether due to loss of the chain of

fifth, there are also some possible, but will not lead to such a serious drop right. We re submitted a complaint, the website ranking will be presented with



morning to the office, open the computer, see the Internet on the part of the city rob salt news, feel very funny, great China, what was the lack of salt. We didn’t start with much care. But the company didn’t work for a while, there are many colleagues to call home, with everyone talking about online salt news, QQ group there is a variety of reports, I just feel very Speechless, do not want to follow the trend, think this kind of thing is what. Just focus on some users send information in micro-blog inside, there are some users to grab the salt that is angry, wrote about salt satire awesome fast language, because I was doing awesome, awesome share some interesting stories, see this information is interesting, so easily copied, on their own web site. The start is still not too much, but at noon, the observation site statistics, awesome network traffic is usually bigger than the morning, see the network keywords, that is their website now seconds, just released the information we search, let a person feel really unbelievable.


1, the website included snapshot information timely, second, and two minutes from

network has been adhering to the network free registration method of submission, sharing the little things around real, interesting, short, awesome. The website has been nearly three months. The snapshot of the site and included are good, the search engine should be directly seconds in recent days things (also can be said to be very clever.). Love Shanghai awesome, awesome Network > 80yizu

yesterday, today between 16 -17 points, awesome network traffic increased by about 8 times. Figure.

in the afternoon, I began to collect a lot of salt the awesome phrase, reproduced in his awesome release on the site, a full nearly 50. At the same time, some awesome, alarming release in his micro-blog above, additional [rapid spread, let the truth surfaced], also had prepared some awesome pictures with small website promotion on micro-blog. Do not think micro-blog is awesome, we a lot of comments on. Because each one is my carefully selected, so almost every broadcast people are very much. At the same time, the website by micro-blog to directly enter the URL of the people of all of a sudden up.


now when I write this article has exactly ten past twenty-three in the evening. Today the site traffic increased by about 400 than usual, these are the words of salt through the search to find my awesome network. Through the analysis of the day and just finishing, I want to increase network traffic for today is at least the following factors:


website right down topics:

solutions in 2015 the most useful website right down, K, being black, being attacked

: high quality natural chain do? You will read these leap


keyword optimization topics: site optimization keywords have no effect? Come here to study keywords optimization techniques the most practical


click on the navigation bar "Shanghai dragon", "information query optimization difficulty analysis of Shanghai dragon".


industry: industry website "Canon after optimization of pressure

secondsWebsite optimization

special chain optimization:

Shanghai Longfeng topics recommended:

optimization techniques and methods in the chain can improve the weights of the website deploymentOn the construction of the chain


user experience: after studying these topics, as a webmaster you can understand how to do web user experience

love Shanghai "," click to open the webmaster tools.

Shanghai Longfeng work all know that keyword is our fundamental premise of optimization is to optimize the keywords of web site. The following teach you how to analyze the key words.

then enter the keyword, click query". And then it will display information related to the optimization.

second, the chain spider. Webmaster friends will go to the forum, blog, classification of information, ask some high weight website to stay outside the chain, the purpose is to follow the spiders can leave the chain to grab their information website. However, I would like to remind the hair of the chain should pay attention to, such as a forum to try to return to his new post, multiple theme stickers.


fourth, love Shanghai snapshot complaints center. Love is love Shanghai Shanghai snapshot complaints Center for website search snapshot artificial processing means, such as the website snapshot backward, website snapshot error, website snapshot, snapshot problem can be solved by the complaint.

!Of course, the first is the original

Hello, I am Shanghai dream dragon. In A5 many Shanghai dragon friends love to share their dry cargo, although I am a half a bucket of water, I think the share of dry cargo! I have many webmaster friends all know dry cargo, but the emphasis on participation, we the people in this industry are the hope for the development of the industry better, more development and growth! Love Shanghai website a snapshot is the majority of owners are very concerned about the topic, the website weight is updated every day snapshot started up, the site weight up, the owners have been expecting for a long time the ranking is not far away. However, even so many snapshot backward correction stationmaster friend is very distressed, there is no way to love Shanghai website snapshot update every day? I believe that, below I talk about some ideas I used

. We all know that search engines love original things, especially the love of Shanghai is more emphasis on originality, originality is website snapshot update is an important standard. This is my personal view, there are a lot of Shanghai dragon friends said early is such that the website weight up, what what, if not the original love also included Shanghai. I didn’t feel, because I most optimization of the station is new sites, weight is slowly, and as for the degree of predecessors said, my estimate is not stand.

third, take the initiative to submit updates within the page and the article page to the search engine. This is many webmaster said so easily by K, the last time a friend told me that the site is not included snapshot not update how to do, I ask him to submit pages, he said it would be in love with the sea K. Of course that webmaster friends hope is practical, not alarmist. Shanghai dragon is a practical process, "this is a fine tradition of Chinese following the crowd of people, but not necessarily good. Sometimes the Shanghai dragon should dare and others do not dare to do their own practice to know the results of

fifth, to love the Shanghai Union for advertising, the love of spiders in Shanghai. Love Shanghai has been on their own things very seriously, give yourself some of the website or product good rankings, the Shanghai spiders will love as can be imagined, who is near here! I want to say is a friend in a group where I say, love for the Shanghai union advertising alliance. This method I practice, I have a station snapshot of August, I deliberately went to the Shanghai alliance advertising alliance for love. >

(2), set inside chain picture stand, only some of the anchor text pictures without a huge waste of the right picture, he meets the needs of the user does not meet the search engine body.

(1) anchor text keywords within the chain of the wrong strategy, many wedding photography station did not do long tail keywords. Basically is a self created keyword. These sites in the picture below is the text, lewd men and women in those years we loved the girl, there’s only love Wall Street and a picture link without text links. This is not a waste of voting rights? Even if you put these keywords on your site and what relationship, people come in is to look at your price and not to see the film works. You can look at the recommended links Taobao is generally a product picture and text links at the bottom. These sites both blindly create his own words never consider the search engine not to mention the user experience.

two, website.

find information on the net today to see a wedding photography website, inadvertently his ranking relatively large fluctuations. After 10 minutes of analysis found that he has a fatal flaw, even if he did the first two days fell because of his wedding photography made the station. We stand in the user’s point of view to think, what is the customer search wedding photography needs? Of course is to look at the price and the case is now, few users view your article? Within the chain and so today to talk about the site within the chain, the right set good website can let you have a place to live in long term site in the network on.

wedding photography station to add links in the picture and to add their own company in the picture watermark that can prevent piracy but also for their own publicity. Don’t stand wedding photography in the text under the big picture in the effort to do enough to attract the eye. A link in the text may not have a few people to click, if add links in the picture, the user will click to see this picture. This one and a similar meaning but on the contrary, with the anchor text must add a picture.

Control of The chain operating errors of

, a chain of internal control.

chain to which we need to set the number of control is within the chain? I speak mainly within the page’s control, many people don’t understand every station within the chain to do much in the chain, how many chain suitable what kind of station? We need to weigh these. Do Shanghai dragon to clear each industry station should do much in the chain, in fact is not a standard to be made according to the specific content and quality of the website. If you must provide an anchor text link address to provide pictures. Some people will ask to do within the chain is not repeated? In fact, spiders are difficult to read the content of the picture. ALT only comment function is not the function of voting. There are pictures without words is the biggest mistake.

Strategy of

two, the chain set, we must first meet the user to meet the search engine.


In fact,

2 do stand optimization, make the long tail keywords writing key. The station optimization is one of the important work we edit, but this step is often the most time-consuming, so novice editor when just touch yourself this work, can do the anchor text construction or long tail keywords focus, give yourself a little reminder, know what to do with that word, increase the work efficiency.

Shanghai Longfeng editor is not like we imagined, timing quantitative writing, to the end of the kind of money, the industry also needs the understanding and thinking of everyone, is also an editor, it is possible to do fast, you can slowly down. Now went to the graduation season, I believe there will be a number of new blood to their team. Here to share for the point of view of the industry, the hope can give you some guidance.

(4) keyword density should be controlled in 3-5, according to the specific circumstances to determine their own article length.

(3) in the middle of naturally occurring keywords, can not be applied mechanically, if it is not easy to add your keywords, then at the end of writing such as "original" by XX words.

(2) because of falling in love with the first paragraph of the article is the value of the sea has always been, so when the editor to write the article, in the first paragraph and the last paragraph should appear keywords

(1) title must appear to the optimization of the key


(5) to the first keyword optimization.

although he now has several good websites, but their work is still a Shanghai dragon editor, said their own work, liquidity is indeed great, because the editor of this line of graduates more, but for a long time and few, many times were not challenging or development work the potential not defeated, but why is it really? I think it is the points we did not seize the Shanghai dragon edition, makes their work very passive, and thus the future money is slim, so many friends chose to leave.

1 index list, make work well ordered. This is a lot of novice editors just join the least attention, always think editing is written, this understanding is one-sided, like when we go to school time, every day schedule, so to do editing, we want to own recently to write articles or write a plan for example, "article classification" and "article" the name "address" "articles derived from the anchor text and address", which is conducive to efficient work, also can let us to work for access.

3 said is all some preparatory work, the writing of the article is the focus of the work of the editors, of course the editor to write articles and do not want to what what to write, there is also some key points in writing:

chain construction is an important factor in the success of the website, the website quality, search ranking how much depends on the chain performance, of course, for the construction of the chain of the importance of the author, there is no need to argue, as we all know, but when you really operate the chain, often have a a sea feeling, do not know where to start, Beckham is a novice website, but in the construction of the chain on the summary of the three step strategy, share out hope that we do not spray.

: the construction of the chain

The first step of

finally, the chain is diverse. The construction of the chain need to pay attention to a wide range of sources, diversification. Because in my opinion, the construction of the chain method is The more, the better. Because it will make the site in the eyes of spiders is more natural, pure non site to do optimization. At the same time, so we should ensure that the construction of the chain need to meet the two points: (1) the chain from different PR pages, while Google withdrew from the China market, but completely ignored Google’s role is not wise. Then the influence factors of PR in the construction of the chain in it can not be neglected. But until now there are still some new Adsense too obsessed with PR high site links, in my view, the construction of the chain should be gradual, not a new station outside the chain are all high PR value, it will make the spider think that your site in cheating; (2) the chain must be different from IP>

about the skill of constructing the chain, here I do not directly say, but ask you a few questions from the side, if these questions we are doing very well, so the chain construction is not a problem.

second, the chain construction can be regarded as a high quality. A rarity, it is used in the construction of the chain on the chain is more difficult to change to the fact of higher value, because the chain construction more difficult, outbound links will be less, more weight will be distributed to friends stand for our help, of course more. As for the chain that should pay attention to the patient, the site for the chain of demand must not only stay in quantity, to know the spider for some low quality or the chain is useless to periodically delete, it will cause the decline of the number of Web site keywords ranking and the chain dropped in the invisible, no good for the development of the site. So when the construction of the chain must have a clear understanding on the website of the other side, weight, included how, have not been punished as these may affect their own factors of the quality of the chain should be considered.

first look at whether the chain can make accurate flow. In fact, we can understand that we should ensure that the relevance of the chain, such as I do cross stitch, then I need to provide and finished cross stitch site exchange links, we have to make sure that the related links page and the anchor text surrounding text, as to how to determine whether there was no correlation between the two. The idea is to see who is the target customer, if the target customers, so is the related website.


on the site outside the chain, qianyun Shanghai dragon I think, according to the behavior can be divided into two categories, namely Shanghai dragon er or webmaster to another construction site outside the chain, there is the active use of external links to your site. What is the link bait? Linkbait (Link Baiting) is refers to the content or resources, attract external link behavior. Note that the linkbait sounds like a derogatory term, but in fact it is best to prevent the construction of the external links a completely rational, search engine and users are acceptable. The following will introduce several methods to make more effective link bait:



SNS, so that we can be good to establish external links, and the sharing function is a function of many SNS functions, it is most likely to let you accept, let everybody see a functional effect of external links. As we have seen in the news, many video websites, such as the 1. Sina News and other news websites to share 2. potatoes, Youku and other video websites to share 3. Blog websites to share function. If you love or watches the news, video or blogs can share to recommend to their friends, as follows:

now the popularity of social network to an article by the author agrees that used by many people, such as dry a few days before the post "how to keep browsing with the title, enhance the effect of Shanghai dragon" or "what can save you, my article, my original content", many sites have copied too, but I didn’t do these qianyun linkbait, so no from where words.

two, copy function forced linkbait

, a sharing function application of

in their own website and some valuable, attractive or attractive resources, visitors love, will be reproduced to their own blog, to facilitate future reading, and the time will be reproduced in the text of the link to the past. For example, some industry report, useful tools etc.. This is also reflected in the A5 Adsense nets, as follows:

type link bait lureWe should learn to release



The rise of


qianyun Shanghai dragon mentioned here refers to the copy, we copy and then forwarded to the current page link will automatically appear in the bottom or middle copy.

of course there are some activities like temptation links, reprint articles sent to QB, or send the physical lottery >

1, to determine whether the chain is outside the chain, whether it is real recommendation: whether the chain is the user or other website sincerely recommend, whether the specific significance of high quality recommendations.

2, the chain of the two kinds of problems: one is the chain of garbage; a chain is cheating. The garbage outside the chain, pointing to the true meaning of whether the site is recommended, judge whether the site is deliberately creating hyperlinks, not including two aspects: the search results page a link, automatic generation of automatic generation of webmaster service website links, links and so on bad rubbish. Manufacturing chain for malicious behavior, love Shanghai official efficiency can be judged is about ninety-eight percent. The chain will automatically filter, not to calculate the weight of the website, have a certain impact on the web page will not cheat; outside the chain, is deliberately in some way to interfere with search engine ranking results, make their own website to obtain the interests of the chain have great influence on the purchase. Where to buy the anchor text chain cheating, buy high weight website Links, a large number of black to cheat, a massive increase in the low quality of the chain sprocket or material to make the chain, the chain of this type, we can automatic identification system, and on some pages point to the right down the as a result, directly to the negative impact of these pages.


above is the basic content of Shanghai Lee webmaster love talk about the chain of judgment. When after this announcement, there are many websites that are affected by different degrees, and this effect is widespread in Shanghai dragon hands, because Shanghai dragon Er usually used the chain to improve website ranking, and the behavior of many webmaster has sounded the bell tight. After the automatic algorithm, a lot of people are studying how to improve website ranking, but personally feel that these algorithms for some of the regular website, make regular website to obtain the website without the slightest impact, we only need to do a good job in the content of the website, and the website released some normal publicity with links there is no difference.


love Shanghai station Lee at the summit about outside the chain of judgment, everyone through the summit to love Shanghai judge whether the chain is the basic principle of the chain; distinguish two kinds of problems of the chain; the chain of garbage and cheating and outside the chain of love Shanghai processing principle and so on.

if you insist on the chain: we must pay more attention to the class in the same industry website to publish, do the relevant, high quality, wide range of division. And in the chain must pay attention to every release amount of the chain remained stable, otherwise is likely to be classified as cheating in the ranks. In fact, in the current era of the Internet, the chain will have a decisive role on the website ranking, only you to do this, in order to create a healthy website, also can let the site to get a good ranking.

: we do not recommend warmth to remind.

outside the chain of several major parts of the following:

take the essence to its dregs. Learning is certainly right, but don’t be too old, the original class does not move to follow, we must learn its essence to its dregs, to learn what they need in others, not for good, we should not go to learn, if others suffer, you suffer, like the prevailing style of the acquisition, the purchase of the chain, if someone is K, I think you will not escape.

frontsword second


frontsword fourth


frontsword third

should not blindly follow the trend. There are many webmaster or enterprises are indeed follow the trend to follow the trend of love, there is no wrong, see others do Shanghai Longfeng, I also went to Shanghai to do the dragon, see others to love Shanghai auction, I also went to Shanghai for sex. Is always behind the others, not a good breakthrough point, has been behind the others to drink the remaining soup. This is not for a long time, what’s the big breakthrough, therefore, do not blindly follow the trend, must have their own unique point of view.

diligent. Why is it hard? For the choice of keywords is hard too? Actually want to succeed in doing any one thing, is the need to work, so the site selection of key words and hard work or have a certain relationship, a hard-working webmaster and a lazy webmaster do.

keyword statistics. Collect some more keywords, long tail keywords, if you have time to look at the website statistics to see the best every day, at least once a week, analyze the keyword of the website source. The statistical data of the CNZZ inside source statistics website keywords. A few days to collect this keyword, then a month, a year. After a long time, you should have accumulated a lot of keywords, the first key words and these words that we should choose the keywords.

on selection techniques, perhaps you will see many versions, a variety of skills, I recommend here is Zoupian Jian feng. From a Smith Barney advertising "Metersbonwe, do not take the unusual way, this is the keyword of the website, we do not should not have the spirit of" bright sword ", but" money to spend wisely, not indiscriminately to follow suit, to follow suit is not wrong, but always walk behind others, and if if others strength than your strength, others eat meat, you can drink boiling water in the back.

website is one of the main basis of the website rankings, you know when you search for love in Shanghai, the search engine will not give a result of the forum for you, is certainly the keyword search site keywords and users closer, the higher the weight of the site will be in the front row, of course, there are those cheating, but that is only temporary, here we do not advocate.

frontsword first


is an electronic commerce website needs to have a large number of products and directory, while the mass of information page. Good of these pages if it can bring the search engine traffic depends on its website structure, page experience and the Shanghai dragon optimization in degree. Shanghai Longfeng optimization analysis about how to out from the site of the key word strategy, including a lot of long tail keywords and channel layout, writing home title. Good keyword strategy is to obtain a large number of long tail keywords flow


so early on keywords for effective consolidation, such as the home on the core keywords, some keywords keywords and key channel ranking were detected and recorded, according to the special or single page special Shanghai Longfeng optimization when necessary.

Liu Yucheng for a long time did not share their experience, because in the electronic commerce website whole Shanghai dragon, a very long time before there is no time to summarize. To love Shanghai Shanghai dragon who deeply felt bitter and helpless is a point, we can’t serve to concentrate on improve the analysis data of the electricity supplier website user experience and good, because the data fluctuation of love Shanghai sometimes there is no rule. I often said to the questioner: to love Shanghai Shanghai dragon, the most important is to adjust the strategy of calm; calm +. But in fact, we are willing to calm, but the top is not willing to calm, we still want the way. After so long, to share my personal point of electronic commerce in Shanghai Longfeng strategy process experience.

analysis of .The

data recording and processing of

for basic data record is the first step we have done, but it is warm up. We need to decompose the specific data more carefully, you see a website, PV 10W, IP 5W, did not prove too much, we need to analyze more dimensions, for example, the landing page out rate, the direct flow and total flow rate comparison, end-to-end ROI etc..


included, the chain, anchor text, UV, keyword ranking, you should at least pay attention to visitors, area distribution, channel flow situation, page click behavior, and to separate the flow of search and advertising flow area.

flow and natural flow to.

based data also records the main competitors.

For example: in addition to the basic A Keywords

electronic commerce website. Not immediately carry out optimization, but before recording data, data integration after the record to carry out a series of dimensions. It can be said that the data analysis and processing to do great help for future optimization. I have been very stressed, we should be good at optimizing website log, operation log, abnormal log should have to follow. Maybe you will feel a very troublesome, but later you will spare a lot of mistakes.

For data analysis.


by car seat modified 贵族宝贝langfangzhongde贵族宝贝 original starting A5, reproduced retain links, thank you.

webmaster must also have this idea, see a lot of website home page and no love Shanghai people to maintain and release the chain, but still ranked in the home page, this website is usually the old station, the accumulation of love Shanghai trust, the author make an example, such as an Internet company from the start you with the boss and see, now the company to do more and more, but also attracted a lot of people have the ability, but their position and salary are not high, is very simple, because you have been in the fight with the boss over the years, this is all you deserve. Baidu too, for those old station will still give special care, this is new for less than the.


13 annual mother launched a large area decontamination algorithm Scindapsus garbage information network, and for the external chain is more and more strict, the webmaster is not difficult to find, now we send these platform requirements is relatively high, such as a maximum of not more than 3 days, the content can not repeat, the title can not be repeated no, with the anchor text, these are in love with the sea since the introduction of some changes after Scindapsus algorithm.

so the owners need how to do outside the chain of

platform? How to select the


I suggest webmaster launch platform B2B platform, information classification, authoritative forum, quiz, favorites, blog, library, Douding love Shanghai, it still has a certain role in writing platform, if the owners can also write some good literary articles to the site for release, once the chain is reproduced webmaster increase the number is also very impressive.

on the outside of the chain can really make the ranking on the homepage? Sure there are many owners do not believe that Baidu is against the outside of the chain, want to get the ranking is more difficult, in fact, love Shanghai against the chain is only for those who refuse to fight outside the chain, and the chain weight on the website of the have a great effect on the ranking. See how to use the modified car seat chain do love Shanghai home.

car seat modified stationmaster advise you of the chain is not necessarily original, but the owners must ensure that the chain content in 60% of the original, and the same article only once, to ensure that the paragraph is clear, the title and content.

links platform is very important, if you choose the platform are posted on the forum poster that does not have what effect, I suggest webmaster can according to industry to determine the release platform, such as the auto industry can find some related platform for publishing, not casually suggest stationmaster issued by the chain, this is the role played very small, not by platform involvement, such as Bibi paste was Baidu uprooted, will certainly affect the part of the webmaster website.

The author thinks that

daily log is the key reflection one day to work effectively, such as the chain excel released statistics, the right of the site is down right down what is the event? What operations are detailed in the current log, data statistics such as daily website included quantity statistics, the number of chain statistics etc. have to do there.

first, Shanghai Longfeng optimization implementation plan

Shanghai dragon team workers don’t single-handed, will make you a lot more efficient, why do you think so? We look at the opposite case, the author is currently writing a person fighting in the first line, the optimization of the article, the chain and so on are their own shoulders, I deeply appreciate the single-handed is really sometimes very confused, such as the process of writing is to change the link, and the correlation is also good, write the work had to be interrupted, sometimes the website ranking dropped, can find a question with nothing, sometimes really feel very helpless, if it is a team operation, such as a small team of three people, a copy, a data analysis, a chain construction, the problem can not only explore each other, more important is to improve the site. The efficiency is the key to make up.

we do anything must set a goal for yourself, I think that is responsible for the company is not responsible for their own, website optimization objectives and strategy is on the basis of one-sided viewpoint blinders, may have to spend a lot of time and energy to achieve what we want to optimize the effect to Shanghai dragon as an example, a new station on the line after the keyword the writing and layout, station site optimization, plans to update the contents of the article, the article from how to operate and so on are a problem, have a rough idea is our implementation of the outline, and carried out in accordance with the summary of every stage of the implementation plan and is the key to make their own summary for optimization every stage of the strategy implementation, summary is not only the thoughts of the previous stage of the operation thoughts and methods to review more It is for the next stage of our work provides guidance and direction for effective strategies to maintain, to deviate from the direction of the operation in time to avoid it, it is the core and key of our operations in the execution plan of Shanghai dragon.

second team, sharing the workload of

is essential


third, create a daily log and data plan

site operation and maintenance optimization is not only a simple process to complete the daily work, more important is how to improve the efficiency of their work, I think it is worth thinking and execution of things, work is our most powerful weapon to reflect the value of the process, because we will encounter many the problem, some questions may be smoothly done or easily solved some problems may let oneself think, for a long time, I think the best way to find out constantly and solve problems is the realization of self value. The author detailed analysis and introduction.

The chain

2. Sina, love Shanghai, Sogou blog


love Shanghai that has been difficult to link, we can change a way to answer again. For example, an article related to your site to find the subject to answer, we can answer with "love Shanghai" China to "search" is a similar statement, and publicity for their site. At the same time more for their site search weight will also help.

1. soft contribute

For example

library is love Shanghai debate have weight this problem has been discussed for a long time, I >

I don’t think too much about these products are free to register and publish articles and fast fast by the love of Shanghai included. We can according to their site theme related industry knowledge to leave your links and text description. The weight of their products is love Shanghai needless to say, in addition to Sina, Sogou site is good (and there are many blogs you test is also very good, the chain construction of a wide range of high quality ranking is of great help). And I made some Sina blog is almost the second, and in their own management more convenient.

the construction of the chain of search engine optimization importance ranking on I think other people write out, there is no need to give you that. The construction of the chain is a kind of want to make new friends thousands on thousands of, know how widely the construction of the chain. Shanghai dragon in his hard road is always infinite curiosity, why the ranking is better than me, I often analysis the website of others use webmaster tools. Once myself puzzled myself how to build the chain chain construction, originally this work is very boring. At the end of the chain construction method is also learning many others, such as open chain Baidu domain:www.xxx贵族宝贝 search can be found on the site or others site are where, and high weight can know what the chain transmission. Extensive resources and ideas can also improve their foreign chain construction, but also hope that we can continue to learn to build strong outside chain. To everybody below the chain building materials and introduces several methods better:

Journal of Shanghai dragon or promotion of technical articles to the famous Adsense website, such as A5 etc site. At the end of the article, can leave your links at the same time, many people will get a lot of reprint articles, the quality of the chain. Of course, your soft Wen is not so good by, must pay attention to the writing quality and the novel as well as the technical content and readability of the rich to pass. There will be many high weight site reproduced by, for example, Shanghai dragon network technology blog site or love Shanghai library etc.. Also found that many friends reprint articles removed links to the original or even replace your own links, hope not to do so, cherish the fruits of other hard labor.

know, love 3. love Shanghai Shanghai library, Post Bar products such as

!Search engine optimization

second stages: at this time we must continue to make your site rankings, many websites this will naturally compete in the Internet world, is a basic rule of law of the jungle, the site is like riding, if not for the competition, so there is no way to make the website ranking optimization. This stage of the competition, the website will have the following characteristics of

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is a snapshot update speed is very fast, the next day you can snapshot update, content quality and the quality of the chain, and even be able to do the snapshot can update; two is the stage of the website ranking fluctuate widely, this stage is the stage of the construction site outside the chain to the site, the weight change speed very quickly this, naturally cause rankings change very quickly; three is the stage of the content page ranking will also appear very likely to float, today’s long tail content page ranking, and tomorrow is not, at this time as Shanghai Longfeng workers don’t panic, the key thing to do is to increase the content of high quality and high quality the chain of

: This is the first stage of the initialization stage, this period is the period of the new search engine website, usually love to Shanghai to inspect the strict inspection, Google search engine will be more relaxed, this time on the site’s home page will give priority to the webmaster is included, encouragement, for content rarely included, ranking is also do not know, a mirage and insubstantial objects, search engine spiders are rarely visited, the optimization is mainly to optimize the site code, update the content quantitative timing chain, a little every day, of course, the quality of the chain to the high point of the optimization stage is to spend nearly a month’s time, if you in order to carry out rapid profit through the website, then I would suggest that you not to do the webmaster of this industry, because it is basically impossible! When your site Through the assessment period, you will find that your website will have a good ranking

do most of the optimization of Shanghai dragon energy will be placed on the search engine optimization, search engine optimization usually has three stages, below we have a simple analysis of the three stages of

third phase: during this period the website ranking is stable, the website weight is also quite good, the core keywords inside the home page ranking to the front, relative ranking floating is not very large, this time to increase the construction site of the long tail keywords, included more web content, optimize the entire station also need to do at this time, the overall flow maximization! Of course content and the construction of the chain is not less, which is the premise of website ranking stable


three stage looks very simple, but really do optimization when there will be a lot of things to do, but if properly optimized and may be search engine punishment, visible Shanghai Longfeng optimization is not so simple things, but when we optimize if there is a theoretical basis then, we can know what to do and what not to do, let yourself go a little.

information architecture to the spider crawling

information architecture (Information Architecture), referred to as IA, the information architecture is a factor and module must pay attention to in many systems. It is small to the site, to the system, either directly or indirectly related to information architecture. System information architecture including the label, navigation, search etc.. Each module and the Shanghai dragon has a very close relationship. So the information architecture must know a lot about Shanghai dragon, and a qualified Shanghai dragon of information architecture should also have sufficient grasp.

information architecture, I think many owners have access to, but may not have very in-depth study. Have been watching this information, I feel it is helpful for Shanghai Longfeng, especially large sites, need to fully included cannot do without scientific link system, and solve the problem of information architecture can be very good. So today I have these data to summarize and share with you, please also criticized the shortcomings.

information architecture for Shanghai dragon who is mainly around the internal links and, when the content of the website page when enough, the effect is more intense internal links. We can say good internal links to the Shanghai dragon is laid the foundation. On the other hand, there are enough pages when not every page on the external links, this time the most important is to grasp the inner chain, "

is usually a lot of B2C or C2C will be classified very much, some things in accordance with the default from A-Z index, this is the information in the framework of "precise organization system"; and this system includes not only the alphabetical index, and in daily life by date, a person can be determined, released the way of organization. Familiar Chinese website, is in accordance with the retrieval way. For the website, the Shanghai dragon, according to this structure can well attract spider, everything in good order and well arranged a large site, because if the URL is too large, it is easy to fall into the endless loop. Use a logical classification, can effectively solve this problem.

information architecture allows website compiled into

information architecture of chain


we all know that a website is composed of numerous URL, each URL is a node, if the node Association, consisting of a net, is not an easy thing. If the site is small, the content itself is not much, so relatively easy. But for the hundreds of hundreds of thousands, millions of level ", this is not easy. We will go to the reasonable use of information organization structure, increase the whole network density, only the net more reasonable, can let the spider crawling, which included more pages. For example, our website, hot list, correlation usually recommend are the same role.

What is the information architecture of

said love Shanghai and Google, here to talk about soso, although in the domestic soso may only ranked fourth, a website every day from soso traffic is very limited, but as a webmaster attention website, even soso do not give up, today found their station through 9 months efforts, finally found by search included:

found in the webmaster forum to ask questions, many of my friends do not pay attention to soso, as long as the good Baidu on the line, but as a grown up website, website has a good weight, good content, we will slowly find traffic from soso also has a lot of, of course we can not rule out the development trend of soso; in soso Q can be found in many Shanghai dragon Er had their own website asking why not been included in the soso, still has not been included, it must be a lot of Shanghai dragon er not paid much attention to the search engines.

search engine has its own set of algorithms, each search engine is not included in the site and for the same rank, to love Shanghai and Google as an example, we found that Google included general than the love of Shanghai; for ranking, Google pay more attention to the quality of the article, an article as long as the content is good, will have a good ranking, and love Shanghai often pay more attention to the overall weight of the site, sometimes even new articles are of high quality original articles, love Shanghai will not be included, some algorithm that is the difference between Shanghai and the two love Google search engine.

summary: a site if not perfect, it will hinder the soso, of course, this is just one of the reasons for the website search not included. But once the search is not included, you will find the soso to solve the problem of Shanghai is difficult to love than by hundreds of times, the need to improve the content of continuous, constant feedback, >

also spent a lot of energy to deal with, just on the line immediately submitted to the major search engines, submitted two months after all search engines have included, only the search is still 0, so in addition to seek help in the webmaster forums, to continue with the soso product manager and feedback, continuous improvement your own website, through the submission, repeatedly:

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through continuous feedback, product manager specified three requirements: 1) your web page has a good user experience; 2) your web page where the server has good stability; 3) of your web content in full compliance with national laws and regulations. According to their website a feeling of exclusion, the user experience of not doing enough, since the beginning of the content of the website is not perfect, many columns or empty to the line, which leads to the content of the website of the vacancy, affect the user’s browsing, through the efforts of a few months, basically each column began to enrich the content then, soso began to included.


two. Third party information website: this part is to choose some rankings better, best can hang business website, for example: OK, taking Chinese Internet sites such as information, keywords of these sites are usually of long tail keywords mainly. For example: Wenzhou see Department of gynaecology to which hospital, Wenzhou hospital specializing in the treatment of cervical erosion. These words because competition is not big, the third party information website weight is relatively high, so in the website information can be reached in Shanghai love home, get hit, of course, it is best to choose some keywords conversion rate.


in addition to the two, of course, the search engine promotion will inevitably comes to love Shanghai auction. Love Shanghai according to the needs of the capital budget and bidding keywords competition to develop specific marketing programs, one of the most important principle is to choose some keywords conversion rate bidding. Starting in Wenzhou: 贵族宝贝809 Shanghai dragon贵族宝贝/Article/40.aspx, please indicate the source: 贵族宝贝0577ck贵族宝贝


regional medical station how to choose keywords? Now the search engine optimization has been an important part of network marketing, I do network marketing has been for some time, I was engaged in the search engine optimization in the medical industry, of course, foreign trade network marketing also very fierce. Because a better understanding of the medical industry, today we talk about medical industry to do the optimization keywords do?


. Their website: because my city private medical industry is relatively developed, there are a lot of private medical institutions, including many but some do have andrology, gynaecology, surgery. Take gynecological, about 5, 6 hospitals, each hospital for the network marketing have invested a great deal of energy. Each hospital is set up at least 5 sites, so your site choice is the choice of keywords but bear the brunt of area, such as:


above the three departments is their website to choose.


search volume is high but the conversion rate is relatively low. Keywords: how long can be measured


Wenzhou Gynecology Hospital hospital for treatment of irregular menstruation

keyword optimization finished, to optimize the specific units such as keywords: Wenzhou


Finally, some optimization

can be told from two aspects, one is the key third party information website, there is a optimize your keywords to choose


site navigation. Site navigation is the main channel for users to quickly understand the site structure and layout, is an important channel to search engine spiders crawling into the content page. In the king’s era, web sites do not require a large picture too much and Flash, otherwise it is not conducive to improving the site open speed and loading. Generally speaking, the best use of the site navigation text links and tree structure and so on, and make each page join times navigation, to facilitate the user experience and in accordance with the rules of search engine optimization.

site title. Whether it is title or website content title, timely reflect the best keywords, note that the keyword delimiter, such as love Shanghai general _ [] or []. [], Google, or [-] or spaces, and the main title keyword use [], or [-], [Key words between []], or _ etc..

1, In 5,

, 3. Keyword search is an important basis for the. Keyword should be comprehensive, accurate and diverse all keywords with, the content of the website and the title of the key word is the best time to one or a can, must pay attention to prevent and prevent keyword stuffing update of keywords and content exactly the same. In addition, mining and the set of keywords must also be combined with site positioning, market demand, competition situation and user experience selection and layout, and more precise long tail keywords construction and updating etc..


now there are many online about improving site included and ranking method in the article, everyone is well written, but on this issue belongs to a commonplace talk of an old scholar. But for many web site optimization of Shanghai Longfeng novice, articles are too time-consuming, here is the Zhengzhou Raiders method _ music technology company website summed up a concise version of the website to improve collection and ranking, please reference, hope to help.

4, ALT tag. Because the search engine spiders cannot completely identify the picture, so the ALT tag is added in the picture of the source code in order to search. The ALT tag main role is to tell what is the main search engine of this image to express the general, the article title plus, most with a keyword, do not have a large number of keyword stuffing. In addition, before add to the picture of ALT tag, we ensure the best picture of the high definition, medium size, and content matching, and website correlation and the user experience is improved.

in the chain optimization. The chain generally refers to the contents of the page link, is a key content in the hyperlinks to related web page content. This requires that we must appear in the website content in key chain optimization are used as internal keyword anchor text and point to the pages of the best variety, to prevent excessive optimization. The chain optimization should be based on the user experience, how users can do.

, a station optimization: good internal strength, need more attention to keep the weight of the station.


4, title, title, description of each channel and keyword

1, Q & a type: is completed in the site directory, build a quiz platform, early tired, this requires the designer and optimization division to communicate well, how do you pre, post the original Everfount, such as the Shanghai

chain is among the Links quality >

5, URL standard, preferred domain identification, an important page using an absolute address, robots, 404, clear navigation, website update mechanism,

website has been launched to do:


forum type, is completed in the site directory, like WHY, Shanghai dragon push forum, early will be very hard, the latter will be very happy.

is the first, infrastructure website ranking, such as building foundation

space, domain name choice, whether to support the static, whether to support the 301, the space is stable

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have a good website structure, we need to do is to enrich the content of the website content, regardless of where, what we need to do is to tell the search engine of our content is related to our site, and then segmentation is consistent with the site of each channel, the directory.

mining user power mining user powerThe

2, title, title, description, each channel is

well, how to do

4, pseudo Original: if you are a business station or the station, you will not have to consider so much, is directly in the station is updated, each section get an update of the forum, like the teacher Cardiff www. Shanghai dragon why贵族宝贝 home, pseudo original webmasters are in use, you you can learn about, this approach is basically the same.

1, the positioning of the site, expected the development scale of


1, the site’s overall architecture, is conducive to the spider crawling

keywords accumulation phenomenon


third: the website needs to be strong enough outside the chain, let more websites tell the search engines what you

second: website content needs to be strong enough, tell the search engines your website is what

3 and URL standard, the preferred domain, an important page using an absolute address, robots, 404, clear navigation, website update mechanism,

blog type, is completed in the site directory, like ZAC as a teacher, you write something original enough, there are certain personal opinion, is very good oh.


2, site selection, overall framework of the