Heading into Game 4 against the Brooklyn Nets, LeBron James had been laying low. The Miami Heat had been playing so well that they hadn’t had to call on James for peak production. But Monday night, he put together an offensive performance of monstrous proportions: James made two-thirds of his shots from the field and 14 of 19 free throws, piling up 49 points and tying his playoff career-high. The Heat now lead the series 3-1.James had just two assists; he did most of the heavy lifting himself, and he did it by getting inside the defense. In addition to those 19 free-throw attempts, James was 11 of 12 on shots in the restricted area. Half of his 24 shots from the field came at the rim.NBA.com’s SportVU Player Tracking statistics can help us quantify how often James drove to the basket and how effective he was once there. The table below shows his driving statistics in the regular season, in the playoffs through Game 3 of the Nets series and in Monday night’s Game 4. SportVU defines drives as any non-fastbreak touch that starts at least 20 feet from the hoop and is dribbled by a player to within 10 feet of the hoop. The points per drive include all points generated on his drives, so this would include a drive where James kicks it out to an open shooter or even a drive where the ball is swung around the perimeter two or three times before a shot is taken.On Monday, James drove the ball more than twice as often as he has per game in the 2014 playoffs and significantly more often than he did in the regular season. The points generated off his drives were in line with the rest of his playoff performance and just a hair above his regular-season average. But every point generated on his drives Monday night was scored by James. Those drives weren’t for the purpose of bending the defense to create openings for his teammates; they were to score points.Enormous point totals and absurd levels of efficiency have become the norm for James, but we saw him at the height of his powers — hyper-aggressive, bullying his way to the rim with a combination of power and speed, finishing with feathery grace. We haven’t seen much of this James in these playoffs because the Heat haven’t needed him. But he can still appear at any moment, and that doesn’t bode well for Brooklyn or the rest of the league. read more

Antron Brown became the first African American in major auto-racing history to win a major title, claiming the NHRA Top Fuel championship Sunday.Brown held a 70-point lead in drag racing going into the day and was able to hold on to that advantage even as he lost his race first-round when his car caught fire, burning his hands.He had to stand and watch the final round with bandages on his hands, knowing his Don Schumacher Racing teammate, seven-time champion Tony Schumacher, would take the title from him if he won the match up with Brandon Bernstein in the Auto Club Finals. Schamacher lost, giving Brown the historic championship.“I never really thought about it that way,” Brown said of being the first black to win an auto  title. “But if I can be an inspiration to any kids out there, as a guy who never settled and never doubted myself, that’s great.”Bernstein won the final by inches on a holeshot (slower elapsed time but better reaction time at the start) to deny Schumacher and make Brown the champion. Bernstein reached the finish line in 3.76 seconds at 320 miles per hour, edging Schumacher’s 3.75 elapsed time at 325 mph.“You don’t wish nothing bad on anybody,” Brown said. “Tony has been my biggest supporter since Day 1. He has helped me leaps and bounds along the way. Tony’s a class act. I’m just beside myself. I feel so blessed to be in this moment.”Said Schumacher: “It’s a terrible way to lose, but there’s no good way to lose. They gave me a great car that got to the end, but the win light didn’t come on. I’m sure Antron is back there celebrating. He will be a great champion.”Brown suffered minor burns on his hands when the engine on his dragster caught fire in a first-round loss Sunday at the Auto Club Finals.“It’s just a little first-degree burns on my hands,” Brown said after leaving the track care center. “It was tough outing. We were just going for it. I don’t know what went wrong with the car yet, just a rough mishap.”Brown quickly climbed out of the car when flames came in the cockpit. His fire suit was singed as he pulled it off to his waist. Brown was walking around on the track before an ambulance took him to the care center.Brown lost in the opening round to DSR teammate Spencer Massey, who also was trying to win the championship. Massey had to win the opening round to keep his hopes alive. Massey lost in the second round to Bernstein, who is one of Brown’s closest friends.He watched and he won in the end, making history as the first black champion. read more

Robert Griffin III, the Washington Redskins’ mercurial rookie quarterback, returned to practice after a few days off feeling revived, he said. He also picked up a rare title for a first-year player: captain.The Redskins’ offensive players voted Wednesday to make their quarterback a team captain for the rest of the season. Coach Mike Shanahan said he believes it’s the first time he’s had a rookie in such a leadership position. But Griffin’s appointment speaks to his position on the team and the leadership acumen he has displayed since arriving to the Redskins.And he said he does not see the new responsibilities as a burden.“You just know that everybody’s looking at me to be the guy, to make everything work,” Griffin said. “To me, that’s not pressure. But I just echo it to everyone else that it’s not just me. People will say it’s me and I’ll get all the blame and all the fame, but it’s the guys around me that make me great.”Shanahan — who is in the news because he had money and his passport stolen from the Pittsburgh Steelers’ locker room when they played there almost two weeks ago — typically lets his players vote for an initial set of captains before the season, then takes another vote around the midpoint of the schedule. Griffin joins left tackle Trent Williams as the captains on offense.Griffin the few days “to get away from the familiar” during the bye week has replenished him. He insists the playoffs remain a realistic goal for the Redskins (3-6), who face the Philadelphia Eagles Sunday, because the rest of the NFC East also has been struggling.“I came back even hungrier,” he said. “I thought I was hungry before the bye week. You come back and you realize just how much more energy you have, just having that week off.”He certainly didn’t lose his creativity. For practice, Griffin wore a red shoe on his left foot and a white shoe on the right foot.“In college I used to wear a white shoe and a black shoe,” Griffin said. “And the whole message is everybody’s working together. Wednesday, Thursday, the shoes will be different — and Friday we bring it all together and get ready for Sunday.” read more

It would have been close. Alex Gordon might have scored, particularly if he’d been in the mindset to do so all along. Or maybe not. I’m sure there will be Zapruder-film-type breakdowns, and I’ll look forward to seeing them. It would have been one hell of a moment: Gordon, 220 pounds, who looks like he could have been a strong safety at the University of Nebraska, bearing down on Buster Posey, the catcher whose season-ending injury in 2011 helped inspire baseball’s home-plate collisions rule.Your browser does not support iframes.Game 7 will leave us with that sense of what might have been. Partly because it involved the Kansas City Royals, who were making their first World Series appearance since 1985. But mostly I’m referring to that penultimate play: When Gordon hit what was officially scored as a single and wound up on third base because of defensive miscues by San Francisco Giants outfielders Gregor Blanco and Juan Perez. It seemed to take an eternity — it was actually just 13 seconds — but I was surprised that Gordon wasn’t rounding third base by the time the TV cameras returned to the infield.Here’s what I know: Gordon should have tried to score even if he was a heavy underdog to make it. It would have been the right move if he was safe even 30 percent of the time.Between 1969 and 1992 — I’m using this period because it better approximates baseball’s current run-scoring environment than the offensive bubble of the 1990s and aughts — a runner scored from third base with two outs about 27 percent of the time, according to the tables at Tangotiger.com. We should probably round that down a bit in this example. The Royals had Salvador Perez at the plate — a league-average hitter — and the light-hitting Mike Moustakas due up after that.More importantly, they were facing Madison Bumgarner. That Bumgarner had been so dominant in the World Series is not as relevant as you might think. There’s extremely little evidence for a “hot hand” in pitching: In-game performance tells you next to nothing about how the pitcher will fare in future at-bats. Instead, you should look toward longer-term averages. Still, I feel comfortable asserting that Bumgarner was an above-average pitcher at that moment: Certainly not the first guy you’d want to have on the mound if you were the opponent. So let’s round that 27 percent down to 25 percent.So, Gordon should have tried to score if he had even a 25 percent chance of being safe?It’s just a touch more complicated than that. With the Royals down 3-2, Gordon represented the tying run rather than the winning run. If he’s thrown out at home, the game’s over; it forecloses on the possibility of Perez scoring as the winning run, like with a walk-off homer. What was the probability of that? Perez homered in about 3 percent of his plate appearances this season, but he could also have scored in other ways — by doubling, for example, and then scoring on a base hit by Moustakas. We can turn to Tangotiger’s tables again, which suggest that a league-average batter has about a 6 percent chance (I’m rounding down slightly) of eventually scoring from home with two outs.So, after Gordon holds at third, he has a 25 percent chance of scoring. Six percent of the time, Perez (or pinch-runner Jarrod Dyson?) also scores, and the Royals win outright. The other 19 percent of the time, Gordon is the only Royal to score in the ninth and the game goes to extra innings. If we assume the Royals are even money to prevail in an extra-inning game, their chances of winning at that point are:6% + (19% * 50%)That works out to 15.5 percent. Not coincidentally, this matches FanGraphs’ in-game win probability for the Royals (after Gordon held at third) almost exactly.What if Gordon rounds third and tries to score? If he’s successful even 30 percent of the time, the Royals’ win probability is at least 15 percent — a 30 percent chance of Gordon scoring, multiplied by a 50 percent chance of the Royals winning in extra innings. But it’s slightly higher than that. The 30 percent of the time that Gordon scores, Perez still has his 6 percent chance of scoring the winning run in the ninth. That brings the Royals’ overall win probability up to about 16 percent.We’re splitting hairs. The point is that if even Gordon had been a 2-to-1 underdog to score, he should have tried.These decisions can be counterintuitive. Sometimes a strategy that’s successful less than 50 percent of the time — like splitting eights in blackjack — is still the right move because the alternative is even worse. In this case, the alternative involved trying to score against Bumgarner with your catcher at the plate and two outs, and then having to prevail in extra innings.It would have made for one of the best plays in baseball history. We’re talking about the tying run with two outs in the bottom of the ninth inning in Game 7 of the World Series: Even a sacrifice fly can be thrilling under those circumstances. But this would have been in a league with Bill Mazeroski and Kirk Gibson and Bill Buckner: under serious consideration for the greatest play of all-time. (The play already had a little Buckner in it, with Blanco’s and Perez’s misplays in the outfield.)Unlike any of those moments, it would have involved an incredibly gutsy decision. It’s an extraordinary play if Gordon scores. It’s an extraordinary play if there’s a collision at home plate — and baseball needs to decide whether to invoke the “Buster Posey Rule.”And if Gordon were thrown out, it would have been the most extraordinary way to lose a game in the history of baseball.CORRECTION (Oct. 30, 11:14 a.m.): A previous version of this article misstated the first name of a Kansas City Royals catcher. He is Salvador Perez, not Santiago Perez. read more

NO64%NO70%NO 20, PHI 14+0.0 How Elo sees the conference championships playing outWin probabilities for Week 20 games according to two methods: standard Elo and adjusting for starting quarterbacks Interestingly, each conference championship is also a rematch: The Patriots beat the Chiefs 43-40 in Week 6, while the Saints topped the Rams 45-35 in Week 9. These kind of rematches are more common than we might think — from the advent of the modern playoff format in 1990 through last season, 63 percent of conference championship games featured teams who’d faced off at least once during the regular season.2If not twice previously, as in the cases of the 1992 Bills and Dolphins, 1999 Titans and Jaguars, 2008 Steelers and Ravens, 2010 Packers and Bears, and 2013 Seahawks and 49ers. And how predictive was the original game? Over the same period of time, the winner of the earlier contest (or contests) also won the conference championship game 63 percent of the time320 times in 32 tries. (excluding cases in which teams played twice beforehand and split the first two matchups).So what lessons can the Rams and Chiefs glean from those regular-season games against the same opponents to try to avoid a second loss? Let’s look at what went wrong the most for them in the earlier matchup. One way to do that is through expected points added (EPA)4Adjusted for home-field advantage. — specifically, in what area of the game (looking at pass defense, rushing offense, kicking, etc.) did the Rams and Chiefs most underperform their per-game average for the rest of the season? These are where each teams could focus on to try to generate a different result:Chiefs’ key area for improvement: Run defense (-1.47 standard deviations from season average vs. NE)Kansas City shouldn’t feel too bad about the earlier contest, in which they played the Patriots close to a standstill in Foxborough — especially since, by contrast, Sunday’s game will be held at Arrowhead Stadium. KC only lost on a last-second field goal, was outgained by just 54 yards, and even led New England with as little as 5:25 to go in the game. Patrick Mahomes threw for 352 yards with a 110.0 passer rating,5Or an 88.3, if you want to use the better version of passer rating we laid out here. although the Chiefs offense was held below its usual EPA output despite a big game (185 scrimmage yards) from the now-departed Kareem Hunt. But if the Chiefs get to 40 points again, particularly in the frigid weather forecasted for Sunday, there probably won’t be many complaints about the offense.The bigger concern for KC might be about its ability to contain New England’s stable of running backs, who generated 173 yards (and 8.9 expected points) on the ground in the first meeting. According to ESPN’s Stats & Information Group, Patriots rookie running back Sony Michel ran for 72 of his 106 yards before first contact in the game — reminiscent of the 70 yards before contact (and 129 overall) he racked up on the Chargers last week. The Patriots then preyed on Kansas City’s inability to stop the run by using play action, where Tom Brady had 140 yards and a season-high 10 completions. The Chiefs are not known for their defense, but even by their standards, the previous meeting was a struggle. Perhaps the presence of KC playmakers such as linebacker Justin Houston and safety Eric Berry (maybe), both of whom missed the earlier contest, will make a difference this time around?Other areas for KC to improve: Penalties (-1.32); passing offense (-0.45); punting (-0.35) KC66KC63KC 31, IND 13-12.3– Perhaps not coincidentally, the four teams that are still standing are the same ones we’ve been talking about most of the season. As early as Week 8 (roughly midseason), the only teams with double-digit Super Bowl odds in our Elo model were … the Chiefs, Patriots, Rams and Saints. Rarely do all of the front-runners advance this far across the board, so we really will be treated to the cream of the crop this weekend. Here’s what Elo (both the classic version from above and one with our experimental quarterback adjustments) predicts for each game: PICKWIN PROB.PICKWIN PROB.ResultREADERS’ NET PTS As has been the case all season, it was another rough week for readers picking against Elo. The readers broke even on the Saints’ win over the Eagles but lost big elsewhere, including getting penalized for a lack of confidence in both the Chiefs and Patriots at home. (In retrospect, was it really that hard to see the Patriots coming out and dominating the travel-weary Chargers in a place where they hadn’t lost a playoff game in over 2,100 days?)Anyway, congratulations to reader “Ellis,” who leads all users in the postseason with 276.4 points, and to Neil Mehta for another week in first place on the season, this time checking in with 1,275.9 points. Thanks to everyone who has been playing — and the game isn’t over yet! You should keep making picks and trying your luck against Elo throughout the playoffs. Home teams are in bold.The scoring system is nonlinear, so readers’ average points don’t necessarily match the number of points that would be given to the average reader prediction. LAR1648361636Jared Goff+737 Check out our latest NFL predictions. NE58NE53NE 41, LAC 28-17.0– Home teams are in bold.Elo quarterback adjustments are relative to average, based on a rolling average of defense-adjusted QB stats (including rushing).Source: Pro-Football-Reference.com After a wild-card weekend marked by upsets, the NFL’s divisional round restored order to the playoffs: The home team won in all four matchups — only the second time that’s happened this decade.1The other was in 2015-16. The resulting conference championship games — Rams vs. Saints and Patriots vs. Chiefs — could be explosive affairs. They feature the four highest-scoring offenses in the NFL this season and a very evenly-matched “final four” that could go down as one of the most exciting ever.You can see some of this using our Elo ratings, which measure the strength of every NFL team from history at any given moment. If you want a conference-championship round in which every game meets a certain threshold of both quality and competitiveness, few fields since the 1970 AFL-NFL merger can match this season’s quartet: LAR66LAR68LAR 30, DAL 22-3.6– OUR PREDICTION (ELO)READERS’ PREDICTION Elo’s dumbest (and smartest) picks of divisional weekendAverage difference between points won by readers and by Elo in Week 19 matchups in FiveThirtyEight’s NFL prediction game NE1662391618Tom Brady+4738 There are plenty of other storylines to watch, of course, including a potential passing of the quarterback torch from zombie geezers Brady and Brees to young guns Mahomes and Goff. Add everything up, and it should make for one of the most entertaining pair of games we’ve seen all season, with a couple of tickets to Super Bowl LIII on the line.FiveThirtyEight vs. the readersAs you’re following the playoff action, please be sure to check out FiveThirtyEight’s NFL predictions, which use our Elo ratings to simulate the rest of the postseason 100,000 times, tracking how likely each team is to advance to the Super Bowl. You can also pick playoff contests against the Elo algorithm in our prediction game and keep climbing up our giant leaderboard.According to data from the game, here’s how readers did against the computer last weekend: TeamRatingWin Prob.Base RtgStarting QBQB Adj.Win Prob. KC167561%1642Patrick Mahomes+3962% NO1682641619Drew Brees+4963 Standard EloQB-Adjusted Elo Rams’ key area for improvement: Pass defense (-2.17 standard deviations from season average vs. NO)Way back in November, the Saints never trailed as they handed Los Angeles its first loss of the season, humbling the Rams’ star-studded defense with its worst performance of the entire year. Now New Orleans will try to make it 2-for-2 against L.A. at home in the Superdome, and the Rams will have a tough time preventing that fate if they can’t slow down Drew Brees, Michael Thomas and the Saints’ passing attack.Brees had 346 yards, 4 touchdowns and a 137.0 passer rating against L.A., with Thomas gaining an incredible 211 yards on 12 receptions. It was the Rams’ third-worst game of the season in terms of generating pressure on an opposing quarterback, and Brees got a season-high 2.45 seconds of time in the pocket per pass, according to ESPN Stats & Info despite facing a blitz 36.8 percent of the time. Against a Rams team that thrives on pressuring the QB6L.A.’s defense ranked second to the Jaguars this season in pressures per dropback. and forcing mistakes,7They were also tied for third in total interceptions. the extra time that Brees had to survey the defense and pick it apart was devastating. The same could be said for Thomas’s ability to gain extra yards after the catch; according to NFL Next-Gen Stats, Thomas picked up 8.7 YAC per reception, or 3.8 more than would be expected based on player-tracking data. (It’s worth noting that Thomas also had a monster game last week against the Eagles, hauling in 12 catches for 171 yards, so Brees might be primed to go back to him in heavy doses this week.) Cornerback Marcus Peters was the closest defender on the majority of Thomas’s catches back in November, so his performance Sunday may go a long way toward determining whether the Rams fare better the second time around.Other areas for L.A. to improve: Rushing offense (-1.07); penalties (-0.50); field goals (-0.16) read more

OSU redshirt junior Sean Melton prepares for his parallel bars routine, chalking up the bars for better grip. Melton and the Buckeyes competed against the Michigan Wolverines at the St. John Arena on Feb. 4. Credit: Aaron Tomich | For The LanternFour Buckeyes will compete in the 2017 Winter Cup, including former gymnast and current director of operations Drew Moling, redshirt junior Sean Melton, sophomore Alec Yoder and future Buckeye and high-school senior Max Andryushchenko. The competition will take place on Thursday with finals on Saturday in the Westgate Las Vegas Resort and Casino.The scheduled times of the Winter Cup vary per athlete. Andryushchenko will compete at 4 p.m. ET while Melton, Yoder and Moling compete at 9:30 p.m. ET on Thursday. Finals will take place on Saturday at 10:15 p.m. ET.Performances at the Winter Cup will determine which 15 athletes, country-wide, will join the U.S. Men’s Senior National Team. Following the two-day competition, the top-four ranked all-around athletes will automatically qualify.The Men’s Program Committee selects up to 11 more gymnasts participating in the Winter Cup and members of the 2016 US Olympic team, including alternates, to keep their spot on the national team provided they earn qualifying national scores both days of the competition.After the 2016 Winter Cup, Melton was placed in U.S. Senior National Team following his third-place performance in all-around. Melton posted an overall score of 174.500, finishing behind three-time U.S. all-around champion Sam Mikulak (177.450) and 2015 NCAA all-around champion Akash Modi (175.300) from Stanford.Although he is still recovering from a wrist injury sustained during the 2016 preseason, Melton has not backed down and is ready to hit the floor again.“I’m going out there and showing all the USA committee that I’m back and I’m recovering. I’m not 100 percent back, but I’m getting there and I’ve improved on events that I’m doing,” Melton said. “I’m in good shape, and they could use me on Team USA to compete and help represent our country. I’m just excited to show what I’ve been working on since trial — and that I never gave up.”Yoder finished ninth overall in the 2016 Winter Cup, with a score of 170.700. He was placed in the all-around top-10 at the competition in the past two seasons — an eighth-place performance in 2015 placed him on the U.S. Senior National Team.“I’m looking forward to just getting out there again and competing,” Yoder said. “That’s why I do this sport. I do it because it’s fun and I do it because it’s what I love.”Moling, the current director of operations for the team, was 23rd overall with a combined all-around total of 162.750. Moling finished 16th on both rings (28.550) and high bar (27.850) at the 2016 Winter Cup.“After this meet, I’ll be done as this is the last one of my career,” Moling said. “I competed at this competition last year … and I did pretty well here; it qualified me to compete at the P&G Championship which is in the summer. Since I competed at the P&G, that pre-qualified me to compete at the Winter Cup this week. I figured I might as well come out and have one last competition.”According to the all-around placements and Men’s Program Committee’s points ranking system, the top 42 gymnasts will advance to the final competition along with the top-three gymnasts of each event. The all-around and individual event champions will be determined by their combined two-day score.OSU enters the week ranked No. 3 in the College Gymnastics Association (CGA) National Rankings, with the No. 3 average all-around score in the nation and a No. 1 ranking on pommel horse with an average score of 69.575. read more

Cody Cousino / For The LanternThen-sophomore Braxton Miller looks for an open receiver during a game against Wisconsin on Nov. 17, 2012 at Camp Randall Stadium. OSU won, 21-14.When he was told a teammate struck a Heisman pose after he was asked about expectations for the quarterback’s season, Braxton Miller responded with a sheepish chuckle.The junior Ohio State signal caller then brushed off a question about whether him being a preseason Heisman favorite is discussed much among his peers.“They don’t talk about it at all,” Miller said, with a smile. “If they see it on ESPN they might mention it to me if they see me walking down the hallway or something, but they don’t really bring it up.”After being an integral part of an undefeated 2012 Buckeye campaign that saw Miller gain a school record 3,310 total yards of offense, finish fifth in the Heisman voting and be named the Big Ten’s Offensive Player of the Year, lofty expectations have been hard to avoid.Coach Urban Meyer has not been shy about expressing his gratification toward his quarterback’s progression in fall camp.“Braxton’s worked very hard. I’m very impressed,” Meyer said Aug. 11 at OSU Media Day. “Him and (offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach) Tom Herman (have) got something really special going on right now. You can see it on the field. You can see his maturity.”That maturity is helping Herman sleep better at night, mainly because of how much better Miller understands the offensive concepts.“He’s head and shoulders better than he was, and farther ahead,” Herman said after practice Aug. 19. “I’m not saying he’s a finished product by any stretch of the imagination, but he does make coming to work a little bit easier knowing that he is progressing the way that he is.”The 20-year-old Huber Heights, Ohio, product ran for 1,271 yards last season, finishing fourth in the Big Ten, and putting his body in harm’s way multiple times with mixed results. Miller was banged up a few times throughout the year, most notably during the Purdue game.At the end of a 37-yard run during the third quarter of OSU’s 29-22 overtime victory, Miller was slammed to the turf, sustaining injuries to his head, neck and shoulder.He would not return.Enter in cool as can be then-redshirt junior Kenny Guiton, asked to be the savior to preserve the Buckeyes’ perfect season.A career backup, Guiton threw an interception in the fourth quarter before rallying the troops for one final drive, tying the game, then winning it in the extra session to run OSU’s record to 8-0.Guiton said fans thank him from time to time for his efforts in the Purdue game, but would like to give something else back.“I do get thanked a lot, and it’s pretty crazy because I want to thank Ohio for giving me this opportunity,” he said, referring to getting a chance to play at OSU. “It’s pretty cool to be out and every once in a while someone notices me.”Guiton said the thought of leaving OSU has popped into head from time to time from being a career backup, but is happy where he’s at and is here to stay.“Sometimes it comes up in my head, what if, what if I did this or that,” Guiton said. “But I’m here, I’m happy I came here, it’s a lot of fun. I’m happy with everything going on.”After being asked if he would be comfortable if Guiton needed to take the field in the event that Miller could not play, Herman wasted no time saying “without a doubt,” even though Guiton’s arm may not be as strong as Miller’s.“The big knock on him was that he had all the intangibles that you could ask for of a leader, of a quarterback, knew the offense inside and out, he’s a coach on the field,” Herman said. “But he just didn’t quite have the quick release and velocity on his ball. He makes up for maybe some of that deficiency with his leadership, his anticipation. He’s a rock in my meeting room.”Herman said his backup QB would be the starter for “at least” half Division I programs in the country.“His velocity might hinder his ability to do that but at the same time all those intangibles are something that you can’t overlook,” Herman said. “We’re blessed to have him. I’ve been a lot of places throughout my career that we would have been doing jumping jacks and cartwheels down the hallway if he was our starting quarterback.”Miller called Guiton his “big brother,” and said their relationship extends beyond the field.“We got a mutual respect outside of football, too,” Miller said. Referencing when his injury occurred during the Purdue game and he was carted off, Miller said his “big brother” looked him straight in the eye with one message: “I got you, man.”Herman said he has never asked Guiton if he is frustrated with being the backup, but spoke of a time during fall camp where the QB from Houston was asked how he was going to help the team in 2013.“He said, ‘I’m going to push No. 5, I’m going to be the best teammate, leader and coach on the field. I’m going to coach No. 5 like I’m a coach,’” Herman said. “It tugs at your heart strings a little bit, how selfless he is.”Guiton said if he is called on again, he will be ready.“My mentality is just whenever I get a shot I want to come out on top,” he said. “I want to be able to go out there and keep the offense’s tempo up and do the best things that can keep this offense going.”Should the chance arise where he would get more crucial playing time like last year, Guiton’s response to the possibility was simple and confident.“I hope so. We’ll see.” read more

Then-sophomore forward LaQuinton Ross looks on during a game against Iona March 22 at University of Dayton Arena. OSU won, 95-70. Credit: Lantern file photoOhio State men’s basketball junior forward LaQuinton Ross looks to have more of a role this season for the Buckeyes, and if OSU wants to repeat its recent performances in March Madness, the team will need him.The 6-foot-8-inch Jackson, Miss., native is expected to be a key contributor this year after spending most of last season as a reserve. Although Ross didn’t really emerge as a contributor until the Buckeyes’ run to the Elite 8, scoring 53 points in 61 minutes during the tournament, he’s always had the potential to be a star.Ross, the 43rd best player coming out of the 2011 recruiting class according to rivals.com, ran into academic problems that forced him to sit out the majority of his freshman season. He officially joined the team in December 2011 and played sparingly, averaging just two points per game.During his sophomore season, Ross played in all 37 of the team’s games and averaged 8.3 points per contest, showing flashes of exceptional play when he got the chance. Against then-No.3 Michigan Feb. 5, Ross scored 16 points and grabbed 5 rebounds. He followed that performance with 11 points against then-No. 1 Indiana at home Feb. 10.His career high came against Northern Kentucky Dec. 1, when he scored 22 points on 8-12 shooting.Although Ross was proficient during the regular season, he really made an impact in the NCAA Tournament, where he averaged 15 points per game and made some huge shots. The most notable of those was his game winning 3-pointer to beat Arizona in the Sweet 16. He finished that game with 17 points.With the departure of last year’s leading scorer Deshaun Thomas (19.8 points per game), the Buckeyes will need someone to replace him. Ross certainly has the ability to be just that guy. read more

Ohio State added another player to its 2019 recruiting class Sunday when four-star offensive lineman Harry Miller announced his commitment to the Buckeyes over teams such as Clemson and Georgia.Due to unforeseen circumstances our mission team is currently unable to travel to Nicaragua. I was planning on making this announcement with the kids from our school, but I am excited to announce I have committed to THE Ohio State University.#GoBucks#PrayForNica @Mission4Nica pic.twitter.com/CyZfRCaRGD— Harry Miller (@harrymiller76) June 10, 2018He is the No. 36 player in the country according to the 247Sports composite rankings. He also is the No. 2 center in the nation as well as the No. 8 2019 prospect in Georgia. Miller is the third offensive lineman that has committed to Ohio State in the 2019 class, joining four-star offensive tackle Ryan Jacoby and four-star offensive tackle Doug Nester. Miller is the first lineman in the Buckeyes’ class that plays primarily on the inside. Playing center for Buford High School in Buford, Georgia, Miller is one of seven 2019 recruits in the 2019 class that are not from Ohio. He also is one of two from Georgia, with four-star outside linebacker/running back Steele Chambers hailing from Roswell, Georgia. read more

first_imgThe back of the number 371 bus is engulfed by bright orange flamesCredit:MPSKingston/ PA Kingston bus LondonAmbulance Service staff were at the scene to treat people for possible smoke inhalation, but no one was believed to have been seriously injured.Police, firefighters and ambulance crews were called to tackle flames on the number 371 bus near the Guildhall/Rose Theatre at just after 9am. Bus fire in Kingston. No one hurt luckily. pic.twitter.com/l51VlpC6ZB— Nelson (@asnelson100) December 2, 2016 Crews are currently dealing with a bus alight in #Kingston https://t.co/iM0aVCb4bQ © @___hannahrose pic.twitter.com/y2xqTBk4Jj— London Fire Brigade (@LondonFire) December 2, 2016 Bus fire now out @LondonFire did a great job – no casualties 👍 pic.twitter.com/J8yQskix0G— Kingston Police (@MPSKingston) December 2, 2016 Bus fire in Kingston pic.twitter.com/t78eCmyQgi— david luff (@davidluff555) December 2, 2016 Tony Akers, Transport for London’s Head of Bus Operations, said: “There will be a full investigation into the incident.” Kingston bus fire Local residents were evacuated as a precaution over fears the bus would explode amid the blaze that sent a plume of dark grey smoke funnelling into the sky.But London Fire Brigade (LFB) said the fire was under control at just after 10am. The cause is currently unknown. Currently dealing with a bus fire on High Street, Kingston – please stay away pic.twitter.com/OTU1FtyRWr— Kingston Police (@MPSKingston) December 2, 2016center_img Another view from the police station of the bus fire in #Kingston pic.twitter.com/OW4I0a5UtF— Kingston Police (@MPSKingston) December 2, 2016 An LFB spokesman said: “A double decker bus was well alight when firefighters arrived at the scene.The driver left the bus before the arrival of the brigade and was treated at the scene for smoke inhalation by London Ambulance Service crews before being taken to hospital.” Forget Christmas decorations – if you want to get a crowd in Kingston set fire to a bus pic.twitter.com/Wi1B6hbGtG— Robin Hutchinson MBE (@LordScroley) December 2, 2016 Speaking at about 10am, a Metropolitan Police spokesman said: “Local residents have been evacuated as a safety precaution.”The road remains closed. Motorists are advised to avoid the area.”Passers-by posted pictures on Twitter of the burnt-out shell of the blackened bus, as smoke rose from the wreckage. Pictures shared on social media showed the back of the double-decker engulfed in bright orange flames.The LFB said the driver escaped before crews from two fire engines arrived, but was treated for breathing in smoke. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Bus passengers had a miraculous escape after a double-decker burst into flames in the middle of a town centre.Smoke began pouring from the vehicle as it pulled into a stop in Kingston, south-west London, on Friday morning.Moments later, it erupted into a fireball on the busy High Street during rush-hour. Witness Martin Delaney, who arrived on the scene as firefighters had got the blaze under control, said the scene was “pretty chaotic”.Mr Delaney, who shared photos of the burnt-out bus with wires hanging from its rear, added: “The road was taped off, there were acrid burning smells, local shops’ fire alarms or smoke detectors had been triggered – it was quite a mess.” A plume of dark grey smoke was sent pouring into the sky above south-west LondonCredit:Hannah Page/PAlast_img read more

first_imgSupreme Court judges are split over their historic Article 50 ruling, and look set to decide by a majority of seven to four to give Parliament a vote on when Britain leaves the European Union, Government sources believe.The news that more judges than expected could back the Government’s argument is a boost for the Brexit side, as some had feared before the case that only one vote would be in the Government’s favour.A narrow loss for the appeal will make it harder for Remain-supporting MPs and peers to frustrate the progress of a new law to trigger Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty and start talks to leave the EU by the end of March. Lawyer James Eadie (centre) speaking at the Supreme CourtCredit:AFP/Getty Images Lawyer James Eadie (centre) speaking at the Supreme Court The source added: “The feeling among those in the room was the division among the judges was much more pronounced than perhaps it first appeared.”The Government will still have to pass a law formally triggering Article 50 if it loses the case but only a small margin of victory for Ms Miller would make it harder for the SNP and Liberal Democrats to amend any legislation and attempt to delay it. Supreme CourtCredit:Jeffrey Blackler / Alamy Stock Photo/Jeffrey Blackler / Alamy Stock Photo The Supreme Court is considering the case after losing a High Court hearing last month. The judges are expected to announce their decision before the end of next month.Ms Miller’s legal team argued that because triggering Article 50 would revoke the legislation which took Britain into Europe, it would require an Act of Parliament to leave the EU.James Eadie QC, acting for the Government, told the Supreme Court that last week’s motion in favour of triggering Brexit by March 31 was “highly significant”. Ms Miller, the businesswoman and philanthropist who brought the case against the Government, said after the hearing that the parliamentary vote should have no bearing on the case.center_img Legal commentators and experts had believed the court comprised overwhelmingly pro-Remain judges, with some expecting the Government would lose by a margin of 10 to one.However, government lawyers in the courtroom now believe the margin is actually much narrower. One source said: “It is difficult to predict how the case is going to go but the thinking of those in the room is that there might be a sizeable minority who are with the Government.“The understanding is that it is unlikely to be a slam dunk either way; even if a majority agree with Gina Miller [who brought the case] there will be a sizeable minority who don’t. It will potentially be a split decision.  Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Show more Supreme Courtlast_img read more

first_imgA spokesman added: “In these increasingly violent times the arming of the British police service is a legitimate matter for debate.”Policing by consent is a mainstay of keeping the peace in the UK, so ultimately it is for the public and our elected representatives to decide what sort of policing they want.”Previous research has suggested the majority of police are opposed to any change in approach, but surveys of members of the public have proved less conclusive. Conservative MP Philip Davies said: “In light of the terror attacks we’ve seen in Europe, I would much sooner the people who were armed in the UK were the police rather than the criminals.”More importantly, it’s about keeping the police officers safe, so we should let them decide what protection they need. I certainly believe that they should be routinely armed with Tasers, and as long as they are properly trained they should have the option of hand guns as well.”The Police Roll of Honour Trust, a charity that supports the bereaved relatives of police officers killed in action, said that they would “welcome any measures that would help the police to protect the public and keep themselves safe from harm.” However, police chiefs say they have struggled to recruit firearms officers, claiming that many fear they could spend years under investigation if they used their weapon in the line of duty.Last year, Scotland Yard announced plans to increase the number of armed police in the capital by 600, bringing the total to almost 3,000. Now the Metropolitan Police Federation, which represents 32,000 officers in London, is asking all of its members whether or not they would be happy to be armed on duty.Ken Marsh, chairman of the association, said: “We’ve seen a lot of change in Europe and a lot of different kinds of terror attacks such as lorries being used. “We’re asking our officers if they think they should be armed with Tasers and firearms to get an informed opinion from them so we can tell people what my colleagues are saying.”If it comes back overwhelmingly that they all want to carry firearms we would have to have a very frank discussion about that, but there is no intention as we speak for that to happen.”However, if there was a major incident on mainland England then I think that people’s opinions could change. The terrorism threat in London is constant and our officers must be vigilant and be able to deal swiftly with any scenarios we face.”He said the results of the survey – which runs until the end of January – could have a “lot of implications,” including the prospect of officers having to pass harder fitness tests to be armed. Britain could move closer towards having fully armed police as officers from the country’s biggest force are today asked if they want to carry a gun.The Metropolitan Police Federation will be asking its members whether they would be willing to carry a gun or Taser in the wake of a spate of terror attacks in Europe.They will also be asked if the prospect of being armed would put them off their jobs. Nationally, the number of armed police is being boosted by 1,500 officers, the number that security officials believe Britain needs to help protect the public from the possibility of a terror attack.center_img In light of the terror attacks we’ve seen in Europe, I would much sooner the people who were armed in the UK were the police rather than the criminalsPhilip Davies MP A poll in the wake of the November 2015 Paris attacks, which claimed 130 victims, found that 58 per cent of people believed British officers should be armed on patrol. For more than two years the official threat level for international terrorism in the UK has stood at severe, meaning an attack is “highly likely”.A Scotland Yard spokesman said the survey is not being carried out on behalf of, or in partnership with, the force.They said: “The position of the Met and the Commissioner is clear – we are proud to maintain the tradition that police in this country are not routinely armed. The routine arming of the Metropolitan Police is not supported.”About 92 per cent of the service is unarmed and armed policing is delivered by highly-trained specialist units. There is no plan to seek to change this.” Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings.last_img read more

first_imgHMS St Albans was joined by three Typhoon jets while they sailed next to the Russian Aircraft CarrierCredit:MOD Crown HMS St Albans was joined by three Typhoon jets while they sailed next to the Russian Aircraft Carrier Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon said: “”We are keeping a close eye on the Admiral Kuznetsov as it skulks back to Russia; a ship of shame whose mission has only extended the suffering of the Syrian people.”We are man-marking these vessels every step of the way around the UK as part of our steadfast commitment to keep Britain safe.””In October last year security concerns were raised when the Admiral Kuznetzov steamed through the Channel on its way to support Russian forces off the coast of Syria.The aircraft carrier crossed British waters on its journey and was escorted through the Channel by two Royal Navy vessels.The Ministry of Defence have estimated the cost of monitoring the vessel at £1.4million.The MoD said in a Freedom of Information Act response there was no special extra costs to monitor the ship and the cost estimate had been calculated based on fuel used and the manpower required for the operation.The cost estimate is for the outward journey towards Syria and any costs associated with its return passage through British waters would be extra.center_img Equipped with missiles, anti-aircraft guns and torpedoes, the 55,000-ton carrier will be continuously escorted as it skirts around the UK and into the North Sea before heading back to Russia. The vast warship last came close to Britain in October on its way to its deadly mission. It crew was accused of an ‘indiscriminate’ bombing campaign in support of Syrian Bashar Assad.Two Russian planes crashed while attempting to land on the ship after returning from sorties. Russian aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov and a fleet of ships is being escorted past the white cliffs of Dover as they sail home after a bombing campaign in Syria.A squadron of Royal Navy and RAF Typhoon warplanes were deployed to monitor the ageing Soviet-era vessel accompanied by the nuclear-powered cruiser Pyotr Veliky and support ships from the air.The flagship – branded the “ship of shame” – entered the UK area of interest last night and is due to pass the white cliffs of Dover at around lunchtime today.last_img read more

first_imgHe said: “The further north you are, the better chance you’ve got of catching a shower and a greater chance of any shower turning wintry. But you can’t rule it out further south.” @DerekTheWeather @Sue_Charles Light snow in NW Carmarthenshire atm! #uksnow pic.twitter.com/8goCHNIkot— cudd cwmwl (@cwmwlcudd) April 25, 2017 UK weather forecast: Tuesday, April 25 There was no repeat in England of the more significant snowfalls seen in parts of northern Scotland on Monday.But forecasters have warned that thundery showers could bring localised hail storms and more wintry weather later on Tuesday. Many motorists had to scrape their car windows on Tuesday morning, such as in Pontrhydfendigaid mid Wales A dusting of snow on the North Yorkshire Moors on Tuesday morning Credit:Owen Humphreys/PA A snow shower in Aviemore in the Scottish Highlands on Monday, as the blast of Arctic weather moves southCredit:Jane Barlow/PA #sunshine and a dusting of snow #picture of the #midlands ##Uk in April 😎#wearsunglasses pic.twitter.com/aZAXVGrBX9— Chris Thorley (@ThorleyChris) April 25, 2017 A sprinkling of late April #uksnow on the spring onions this morning in #MerthyrTydfil 😃 pic.twitter.com/BYxPeM5nvk— HANNAH THOMAS (@hannahthomasitv) April 25, 2017 Snow in North Staffs this morning! @Jeep @Jeep_UK @Jeep_People pic.twitter.com/I1r9dx7y8y— stevens0074 (@steven7000741) April 25, 2017 Met Office meteorologist Alex Burkill said: “We are going to see plenty of showers. They could be intense at times and, as a result, that will bring the risk of something wintry, even though temperatures are set to climb a little bit as we go through the day.” Aviemore snow shower  The Met Office had a yellow warning in place for snow in parts of northern and eastern Scotland on Tuesday morning, but this was due to expire at 9am. The heck is this?! #snow #orkney pic.twitter.com/9hHUwP9667— Nikki Sabiston (@sabistonnikki) April 24, 2017 A band of late wintry weather has brought snow flurries to parts of England as an Arctic blast moved south from Scotland.Towns as far south as Norwich, as well as many parts of the North of England and the Midlands, reported waking to a smattering of snow on Tuesday morning.Areas including Staffordshire, Yorkshire, Lincolnshire and the North East also reported experiencing unseasonably wintry showers. Social media users posted pictures on Twitter of snow on their car windscreens and gardens this morning: What a shock. .snow on my car this morning on the east coast Uk pic.twitter.com/hgpZJ1HnfI— Sarah (@dunardtrek) April 25, 2017 Mr Burkill said Wednesday will be the last day of the cold snap, with temperatures rising towards the end of the week.He said snow at the end of April is unusual, but not particularly rare – Britain experienced snow showers on April 26 as recently as last year.He said: “It is fairly uncommon, but we have seen events like this before. You only have to go back as far as last year – we had snow as late as this time.” Many motorists had to scrape their car windows on Tuesday morning, such as in Pontrhydfendigaid mid Wales Credit:Ian Jones/Alamy Mr Burkill said night-time temperatures continue to be cold but not record-breaking with Redesdale Camp in Northumberland seeing the lowest recorded levels on Monday night at minus 4.1C (24.6F). A dusting of snow on the North Yorkshire moors  Overnight snow on the high fells above Lake Windermere Credit:Gordon Shoosmith/Alamy With high pressure to the W and a low to the E tomorrow will give cold northerly winds, but a reversal in fortunes is expected next weekend pic.twitter.com/kAyVu7LEdH— Met Office (@metoffice) April 24, 2017  Overnight Snow on the high fells above Lake Windermere  Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings.last_img read more

first_img Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. “We have been overwhelmed by the generosity of people coming forward and it is very typical of the Greater Manchester people to respond so positively to something so horrific by wanting to contribute and wanting to do such a great thing in terms of donating blood.”We had over 100 people lined up outside before we even opened the doors this morning and we’ve seen a good stream of donors since we opened the doors this morning.”We’ve had a mixture of existing donors who are aware in these incidents there is a need to come forward and they have responded really well.”We’ve had donors booked in who have kept their appointments but we’ve had a lot of new donors wanting to start donating as well and we are grateful for that. “The Mancunian spirit is alive and well. Everyone is really keen to get involved and wanting to do something positive.” The service usually operates via an appointment system, but with about 100 people outside one building on Brown Street in the city centre, just a 10-minute walk from the site of the attack, staff have been trying to accommodate as many walk-ins as possible.”In terms of a response it has been incredible,” said Richard Shortland, the north’s head of marketing for NHS Blood and Transplant. Mancunians queued to give bloodCredit:Twitter Mancunians queued to give blood “But it wouldn’t have been there if it had not been for the generosity of the donors who stick with us long term.”It is great people come forward today but really we need them not to forget about us next week or next month.”We are particularly interested in O negative donors. We’d like existing O negative donors to come forward but in addition we always look for new donors, new young donors and young black donors as they have a high chance of being in a very minority group that we particularly need.”If anyone had not been able to come along today we’d still love to see them. If they go to the website blood.co.uk it will allow them to register and book an appointment and make sure we see them in an organised process.” Manchester’s blood donor centres experienced an “incredible” response from the public in the wake of the terror attack in the city.A little over 10 hours after a lone suicide bomber detonated a homemade device in the foyer of the Manchester Arena, just as thousands of young people were leaving a concert by US pop star Ariana Grande, queues started to form outside Blood and Transplant buildings. With blood stocks high there was no immediate drain on resources following Monday’s incident and every hospital had what it required to deal with casualties.But with some attendees having to be turned away from centres on Tuesday Mr Shortland said the challenge now was to retain as many new donors as possible for the future.”We had to move a large quantity of blood around to where it was needed so that was mobilised overnight and everyone being looked after in hospitals in Manchester all had what they needed,” he added.last_img read more

first_imgOn stage at the vigil, his partner Russell gave an emotional homage to the “Deirdre to my Ken”.He said: “The pain I felt when I found out the news this week completely tore my heart out, but I will not let that pain tear away any of our precious memories we’ve shared”I feel robbed of my future, but I feel so grateful of my past.” Mr Hett had died just days before he was to jet off on a two-month trip to the US. I look like I’m going on a fucking hen do. thanks, bruv. #bemoremartyn pic.twitter.com/MU656ScNaK— Dan Hett (@danhett) May 28, 2017 Martyn Hett Manchester bomb victim Martyn Hett was remembered by hundreds of mourners at a touching candlelit vigil in his home town of Stockport this evening  Manchester bomb victim Martyn Hett was remembered by hundreds of mourners at a touching candlelit vigil in his home town of Stockport this evening  His brother Dan attended the event wearing a personalised t-shirt, adorned with tributes to his sibling – including from singer Mariah Carey – and a drawing of him.”I look like I’m going on a f****** hen do. Thanks, bruv,” his brother wrote on Twitter, wryly. The 29-year-old had built himself a social media following thanks to appearances on reality shows Tattoo Fixers and Come Dine With Me. Flowers, pictures, candles and a Coronation Street-themed cake were among the tributes which amassed beneath a cardboard cutout of Mr Hett. Manchester bomb victim Martyn Hett was remembered by hundreds of mourners at a touching candlelit vigil in his home town of Stockport this evening Credit:Mercury Press Hundreds of people have turned out for a vigil celebrating the life of Manchester terror victim Martyn Hett.The extrovert PR manager, famed for his tattoo of Coronation Street stalwart Deirdre Barlow, was remembered at a gathering on Heaton Moor Park in Stockport. Manchester bomb victim Martyn Hett was remembered by hundreds of mourners at a touching candlelit vigil in his home town of Stockport this evening Credit:Mercury Press Martyn Hett Martyn Hett Martyn HettCredit:AFP here is what my family can see right now. <3 pic.twitter.com/zaV9B0igtA— Dan Hett (@danhett) May 28, 2017 Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings.last_img read more

first_img Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Hewell jail, which opened in its current form in 2008, is made up of six housing blocks or wings – while there is a separate open prison called the Grange.In an announced inspection report published in January, Hewell was described as “a prison with many challenges and areas of serious concern”.Peter Clarke, chief inspector of prisons, said the “main concerns at the closed site were regarding issues of safety and respect”.He said levels of violence were “far too high”, communal areas “dirty” and many cells over-crowded, with some described as “filthy”.Almost two thirds (60%) had told the inspection team it was “easy” to get hold of drugs inside.Inspectors also found levels of self-harm had increased, a quarter of prisoners “felt unsafe”.It is understood the incident ended shortly after the bangs were heard at around midnight, and prison authorities are now back in full control of the affected wing Specially-trained prison security teams were drafted in to quell an “incident” at a Worcestershire jail.So-called Tornado squads, equipped to deal with riots, were sent to HMP Hewell near Redditch, after trouble broke out on one of the prison’s wings on Saturday.The Prison Service said a “small number” of inmates at the category B jail were involved.It is understood a handful of prisoners were refusing to follow prison officers’ orders and had been attempting to cause damage to the wing.Men shouting and swearing, as well as banging and dogs’ barking, could be clearly heard coming from the scene late on Saturday.From about 7.30pm, unmarked vans using blue lights and sirens started arriving at the site which is run by HM Prison Service.A steady stream of vans and minibuses was seen arriving at the jail’s front entrance, carrying and unloading Tornado squads carrying backpacks full of equipment.The main site, which houses about 1,000 inmates – some of whom are category A remand prisoners – is surrounded by farmland.Meanwhile, several loud quickfire bangs, thought to be distraction bursts being used by the prison authorities, have also been heard at the scene as the disorder continues. These have been greeted by loud shouts thought to be coming from inside the affected wing.last_img read more

first_imgThe entire campsite formed a circle, held hands, and prayed for the family and their lost childevon Narcotics Anonymous Campout Committee spokesman Dusty Miller, thought to be George’s father, is a recovering drug addict who celebrated three years free from addiction last October.Ruth Hill, believed to be his mother, posted a picture of the four-year-old on Facebook in tribute yesterday. Fellow campers joined police and staff in a frantic search of nearby roads, fields and hedgerows but the four-year-old was later found in the site’s pool.A resident living next to the campsite, who joined the search, said she had been told he had been missing for almost 90 minutes. She said: “I was asked to help by staff at the centre. They said the little boy had been last seen by his father at 1.30pm. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. A four-year-old boy drowned at a holiday camp swimming pool during an event organised by drugs rehab charity after staff said something went “horrifically wrong”.The boy, named locally as George Miller, from Weymouth, Dorset was at the end of a week-long holiday with his family organised by Devon Narcotics Anonymous when he went missing.Emergency services were called to Knapp House Activity Centre, in Bideford, Devon, and the boy was taken to hospital, but he could not be saved.In an additional agonising twist for the child’s family, the first ambulance on the scene became stranded with a flat tyre – forcing a second to be called in.The boy was taking part in the sixth annual camp-out for members of Narcotics Anonymous (NA) and their families. “A second ambulance was immediately allocated and was on scene within six minutes. This crew then carried on to the hospital.”Our crews and police officers on scene would have been doing everything they could to treat the patient.” “Somehow he must have wandered into the pool building. From my own knowledge I know that it is not open all the time – only when supervisors and lifeguards are on duty.”The activity centre’s pool is housed in a timber shed with perspex roof and was sealed off yesterday.A spokesman for Devon and and Cornwall Police said: “The boy’s next of kin have been informed and inquiries continue.”Officers are investigating the circumstances and the death is currently being treated as unexplained.”Ashley and Stuart Clements, directors of Knapp House Activity Centre, insisted that the NA group had “self-supervised” use of the pool.”Our deepest sympathies go out to the young boy’s family and friends,” they said.”The group had the use of the pool on a self-supervised basis for recreational use – it was not part of the planned activity program that we provide.”We are fully committed to understand exactly how this could have happened and will continue to liaise with the emergency services, the Health and Safety Executive and Narcotics Anonymous to establish this.”A spokesman for South Western Ambulance Service NHS Trust said: “The first ambulance on scene received a puncture whilst transporting the patient to North Devon District Hospitallast_img read more

first_img Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. A parish council chairman fought off two out-of-control Staffordshire Bull Terriers attacking his young pet by biting one of the dogs himself, a court heard.Anthony Gabbott also suffered broken bones in his right hand after he repeatedly punched one of the attackers in a bid to defend his German Shepherd puppy called Dougie.Chester Crown Court heard the owner of the terriers, Sarah Southern, had ignored a court ruling ordering her to muzzle them and watched as they pounced on Dougie during an afternoon stroll.The four-month-old puppy was dragged 12 feet away from its master and badly mauled on the side of its face. Dougie also suffered fractured ribs.Mr Gabbott, 56, a certified financial planner for a wealth management firm and chairman of Plumley with Toft and Bexton Parish Council punched one of the terriers and bit its ear in a bid to drive it away.He was said to be “very upset and shaken up” after the incident last June 9 on a country lane in the village of Plumley, near Knutsford, Cheshire and he went to hospital whilst vets carried out almost £2,000 worth of surgery to save Dougie.Southern, 42, who runs her own mobile beauty salon left the scene without giving her name but was traced after Mr Gabbott’s daughter posted an appeal on Facebook. She had ignored a court ruling two months earlier to keep her dogs Bear and Carly on a lead and muzzled in public following a previous incident in which another man was bitten.Prosecutors believe she had deliberately taken them for a walk 10 miles from her home in Winsford, Cheshire in the hope the animals would not be recognised.At Chester Crown Court, Southern admitted owning a dog dangerously out of control causing injury and was sentenced to 12 months jail suspended for two years. She was also ordered to pay the vets bills of £1,828 plus £750 compensation to Mr Gabbott and was banned from keeping dogs for life.last_img read more

Falling asleep during lectures after staying up all night partying was once considered par for the course Sir Anthony has previously warned that universities are turning a blind eye to freshers’ week “excesses” “Every student should be taught how to breathe deeply and to control the breath to manage stress,” the report said.“Students who learn how to relax deeply and practise yoga, tai chi, pilates or other relaxation approaches develop growing resilience and confidence for life.”His report, published last year by the Higher Education Policy Institute, outlines how to create “positive universities” also suggests first-year students take psychology courses that teach them about the importance of wellbeing and good mental health. It suggests all students should be offered mindfulness classes, as well as a psychology programme in their first year which teaches them skills such as resilience, how to deal with emotions, build relationships and identify and use their own strengths.Ahead of the start of this academic year, the universities minister told vice-Chancellors that they must “prioritise” the mental health and well-being of new students and that this requires “leadership from the top”.  In a letter sent to all university leaders in the country, Sam Gyimah warned that there is “no negotiation” when it comes to mental health.“With the new academic year upon us, I’m sure you would agree that good mental health and wellbeing underpins successful participation and attainment,” he said. For university students, falling asleep during lectures after staying up all night partying was once considered par for the course. But now nodding off during classes at Buckingham University will be treated as a possible sign of a mental health disorder.Under new plans, every member of staff at the university will be given mental health first aid training so they can spot signs of potential distress among students.Starting from January, all university employees – from professors to cleaners, caterers and gardeners – will be enrolled on a compulsory half-day training course in mental health. They will also be able to sign up for a longer two-day course and become a mental health champion.  –– ADVERTISEMENT ––Dee Bunker, head of welfare at Buckingham University who is overseeing the staff training programme, said: “We will teach about the signs and symptoms of stress and of someone who is depressed: not being engaged, not attending classes, a lack of eye contact or a lack of sleep.  “If someone is anxious you may find them pale, sweating, wringing their hands or nervous. They may not be able to concentrate, look you in the eye, hold a conversation, sit still or sit in same room with you.” “Our hope is that no member of staff would ever walk past anyone who is upset,” Ms Bunker said.  “This training gives people the knowledge and confidence to say: ‘Are you ok? Is there anything I can help with?’ and signpost them towards where they can get more help.”  Ms Bunker said that staff will not be expected to diagnose mental health conditions on the spot. “It won’t make you an expert – but it means you won’t ignore someone who is distressed,” she added.It is the latest in a series of mental health initiatives launched by Buckingham University, which will host a wellbeing in education conference this Friday.  Sir Anthony Seldon, the university’s vice-Chancellor,  said: “No member of staff should walk past a student clearly in distress. The aim is to save lives and we should all be playing our part.”  He has previously warned that universities are turning a blind eye to freshers’ week “excesses” and urged fellow institutions to end their “permissive” culture. Sir Anthony, a former headmaster at Wellington College, said that said that first-year students should be offered alternative activities to parties and social events where heavy drinking and drug-taking are prevalent. Falling asleep during lectures after staying up all night partying was once considered par for the courseCredit: Marion Bull / Alamy Academics will be taught that if a “student is falling asleep in your lecture”, this could serve as “an indication that they are not sleeping at night” due to anxiety or depression. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings.   “Collectively, we must prioritise the wellbeing and mental health of our students – there is no negotiation on this. To make this happen, leadership from the top is essential.”   Sir Anthony has previously warned that universities are turning a blind eye to freshers’ week “excesses”Credit: Peter Dench read more