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Lopetegui, very hard: “We look too late at the example of Italy”

first_imgJulen Lopetegui appeared in the official media of Seville to explain how he is living the situation that the country is going through: “We are carrying this historic and dramatic moment in the best possible way. We have had the easiest thing to do, which is to stay at home. Our responsibility is to be here and trying to help. “The Sevilla coach was very critical regarding the decisions that were made and, especially, regarding the delay: “Decisions were required. Health is the priority. The health of those generations that brought Spain out of a postwar period and are now dying in a horrible way. Our elders are the people to whom we owe our lives and it seems to me a great ingratitude to hear certain comments. “And the fact is that this crisis has touched the Seville coach very closely:” People I know in Madrid have died who was very fond of me. We are sad and worried. My oldest son is alone in Madrid and his daily routine is tough. The measures have not been enough, although it is difficult for the decision maker. We had a very clear example in Italy and we looked at it very late. “ LaLiga Santander* Data updated as of March 23, 2020 In what is day to day with the Sevilla squad, Lopetegui does not hide the difficulty of maintaining a certain normality in such an abnormal situation: “We are busy because it is our individual responsibility, especially in maintaining the daily link with the players and that affect your physical condition as little as possible. Emotional work is also very important because it is good that the head is occupied with things other than the news about the coronavirus. “ And he also warned on how complicated the return to work will be: “This is much more difficult than the return than after the summer, when the players are mentally healthy and fresh. When you talk about two weeks of preparation I think it is done from a point of ignorance. “Lopetegui wanted to send a message of encouragement to the entire population: “We must not look for culprits or put ourselves in profile. Each one can help, applaud those who help us, in supermarkets, pharmacies, truckers, policemen … What we must do is not to leave home. Whoever skips it is irresponsible and something else “The Basque coach doubts that LaLiga will return: “It seems strange to me when those responsible talk about dates. It has to be played when everyone can enjoy it. If there is time to finish, it ends. I understand the economic consequences of not finishing a season, of course But I don’t understand it well when playing behind closed doors, football is played for people, without people it doesn’t make sense. And if you play without people, there is a risk, so you should not play. Three quarters of the season have been disputed, that cannot be ignored, whoever decides to do it for that stretch played is how I see it. “last_img read more

An Education in College Savings

first_imgFilling out the FAFSA is one of those tasks that’s easy to keep putting off. It’s boring, time-consuming and notoriously complicated – for students as well as parents. But as many prospective college students have learned, ignoring it completely is… Full Story,When I graduated from college *ahem* eons ago and it came time to pay off my federal student loans, I had no clue there were different options. I opted into the standard repayment plan because I didn’t know any better. Looking… Full Story,Some of my fondest college memories aren’t from going to homecoming games, attending my first college party or walking around campus when no one else was going to class. Some of my favorite memories are going home for winter break and… Full Story,When I was in college, I had a bit of a spending problem. I loved to buy new clothes, go out to eat and go to concerts.  Even though I tried to budget, I always wound up overspending.  The one… Full Story,Signing up for a student credit card probably sounds exciting. After all, for most students, it’s the first chance to open a line of credit – well, besides the student loans they took out. But as tempting as it might… Full Story,Table of Contents  Why Students Should Consider a Gap Year How to Save for a Gap Year Money-Saving Tips During Your Gap Year Applying for College After a Gap Year Additional Resources  For many young adults, it can feel like… Full Story,When I was 26 years old, I paid off my student loans just three years after graduation. People congratulated me on my task and couldn’t believe how quickly I’d done it, especially since I was only making $30,000 a year. … Full Story,For some prospective college students, taking out student loans is a breeze. When you have a supportive parent there to explain the fine print and co-sign on the dotted line, all you really have to do is fill out some… Full Story,You’re doing the best you can with your money situation, but somehow, you’re still barely staying afloat. Besides staying on top of your bills, you might have a mountain of debt to pay off — student loans, credit cards, and car… Full Story,Being in college is all about learning new skills. Sometimes that means learning how to cook on your own or how to manage a busy class load.Learning how to build a credit history is one of the many skills every college student should have. It may sound strange, but using a credit card can build those skills and create solid financial habits.Full Storylast_img read more