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Kvitova traces and leaves Carla Suárez out of Doha

first_img5 years after dropping in these identical tracks in opposition to the Carla Suarez, the czech Petra Kvitova, Favourite eighth, was compensated with a victory over the Spanish, 4-6, 6-3 and 6-0, and certified for the spherical of 16 of the Qatar Open in Doha.After imposing on the Chinese language Shuai Zheng in his debut, Suárez, champion of the match in 2016, couldn’t with the eleventh of the world this week, which after giving up the primary set, was extra blunt within the punch and he developed Carla along with his punches in an hour and 44 minutes. The Spanish had completed with the primary set in 40 minutes, after at all times going forward on the scoreboard, and though it price him to shut this sleeve, by which he wanted 4 factors to take action, he took the lead. The double Wimbledon champion and winner in Doha 2018, had been very erratic in that quarter, with too many right-wing failures, which Carla took the chance to grasp this act, with out giving up his serve as soon as. However all of the sobriety of the Spanish sport vanished from right here. Kvitova was proper along with his lengthy and devastating pictures, and Suarez couldn’t hold the ball in play as at first. A 3-Zero lead helped Petra take over and match the match.Within the third set Carla’s service didn’t work and may solely win one level with every of them. The Spanish was on the mercy of the Czech, who ended up successful at pleasure, and taking revenge on that 6-Zero that Suárez endorsed in his victory within the quarters of 2015 (3-6, 6-0 and 6-3). Kvitova will face in eighths in opposition to Latvian Jelena Ostapenko, Roland Garros champion in 2017, who received the Czech Barbora Strycova, 6-1 and 6-2. Considerably later Garbiñe Muguruza, eleventh favourite, is measured in opposition to Australian Ajla Tomljanovic for a spot within the eighths.last_img read more

Mario Kart 8 review Nintendo turns kart racing on its head

first_imgI hate racing games. In the purest kind of “it’s not you, it’s me” way, I have always hated racing games. I’m not very good at them, which makes sense since I’m not a very good driver in real life either. When I was young, it took convincing from my friends for me to even try Mario Kart. These were guys that owned every racing game in existence, and climbed into every plastic bucket seat or faux jet ski available when we would go to the arcade.Then, when I finally decided to pick up a controller and give Mario Kart 64 a try, I finally understood what it meant to enjoy a racing game. As a result, I dedicated that summer to crushing each of my friends in their favorite races. I’ve been fortunate enough to spend the last two weeks playing Mario Kart 8, and it is the first game in the series to restore that incredible sensation that MK64 gave so many of us.AdChoices广告Nintendo’s masterful hype machine for Mario Kart 8 — which started with a hands-on demo at select Best Buy locations last year and included in-depth videos explaining the new gameplay features — has finally drawn to a close. Now the Wii U’s Mario Kart is here, and Nintendo has taken a classic game and turned it into an entirely new experience featuring almost all of the things you loved from the old experience. It’s the racing game that everyone can play, and the truly dedicated can master.With 32 race tracks across eight circuits waiting to be raced on by ATVs, cars, karts, and motorcycles piloted by all of your favorite Nintendo characters, Mario Kart 8 would have been enough with just this. Fortunately for us, there’s also some crazy customization possibilities with a huge selection of wheels and kites, as well as a verbose ghost racing platform, a greatly improved online racing system, and a new highlights editing tool that makes bragging about your conquests unbelievably easy.Mario Kart 8 is playable across all of the controllers that can be used with the Wii U, and depending on how you want to play, it’s a good thing there are so many options available. If you’re a fan of the WiiMote racing from the previous version of the game, you can enable either tilt controls or D-pad racing. If you want to use the Wii U gamepad, you have access to the same tile controls or you can use the joysticks to get your race on. You can even play entirely on the gamepad if you choose, making the entire game playable without the television in typical Wii U fashion. Of course, if you’re all about serious business with your racing, the pro controller is your preferred weapon.Of the three input methods, the gamepad is begrudgingly my favorite, because unfortunately it’s the only way to get a map of the track you are racing on. Having the map on the gamepad makes everything feel almost like playing on the 3DS, which is great for players who are already conditioned to that behavior but probably not the best experience for people used to having the map embedded on the screen they are racing on, especially since you can only play with one gamepad on the Wii U.Another curiously absent feature on the gamepad is the ability to only see your race when playing local multiplayer instead of having a 6.2-inch display try and show split screen. It’s as though Nintendo thought three other people were going to sit over my shoulder to play on that screen, or that it would somehow be unfair if everyone looking at the TV could see your moves but you couldn’t see theirs. Overall, it’s a small thing, but feels like it could be improved in the future.Every race is bright, beautiful, and features a soundtrack that really gets your blood pumping. From the classic races that have been re-imagined for this game to the new Nitro tracks, Nintendo worked hard to make sure every race was incredibly fun. The first time you find yourself racing to beat the massive fist of a Bowser made of lava, or nailing the perfect slide around one of the Rainbow Road corners, the sheer depth of each track will leave a huge smile on your face.There are distinct advantages to learning the secrets of each track, just like there are distinct advantages to picking a vehicle that best suits your racing style. You have to remember that there are parts on every track where crashing into your fellow racers is a good thing, and parts where you can be quickly sent from first place to the middle of the pack if you’re not careful. It’s all a delicate balancing act, making the game all the more compelling.The ability to select which kart you drive, which wheels you want on that vehicle, and which kite you want to carry you from one part of the track to the other is a wonderful gift to those who want to tweak to perfection, and a curse to those who aren’t paying attention. There isn’t one combination that will make you the best at everything, and unlike the previous versions of Mario Kart you’ll find that motorcycles aren’t the be all end all to racing against serious players online. The specs on each item tell you how to build something that suits your needs, but there are also environmental concerns that end up making or breaking a race for you. Taking slick tires into a race that is almost entirely sand or ice, for example, will leave you wondering what is happening to your carefully picked kart. It’s all about balance in Mario Kart 8, which is going to make online gameplay significantly more interesting.There are occasional spots, usually associated with the crazy anti-grav parts of the track, where camera angles end up causing problems. Nintendo explained in their breakdown of the game that the original camera layout flipped you upside down and all over the place, but it was replaced with this new system and part of that makes you unable to see what is happening right in front of your kart. They are infrequent events, and you can avoid them with muscle memory, but incredibly frustrating all the same.Local multiplayer allows you to get crazy with settings, including mirror levels and restrictions on what karts and items are allowed. It means you don’t get freaky mirror levels in the regular circuits, but they are no less maddening when playing with other people. You also have access to Time Trial racing, which allows you to record your best track race and save it as a ghost to race against later.Nintendo has even made it possible to upload your ghost to the Mario Kart server so your friends can race your recorded ghost whenever they want. You can record and upload as many ghosts as you want, making it fun to race in difficult vehicles to see which one you are the best in. The ability to race against other ghosts is a nice touch that adds a ton of replay value, especially once the hardcore Mario Kart fans start uploading their ghosts.The one radically different experience in Mario Kart 8 that will undoubtedly cause mixed emotions is the new format for Battle Mode. Gone are the custom arena-style maps, replaced entirely by the same race tracks you find in the rest of the game. You can ride around in whatever direction you choose, and even just find a good place to camp if that’s your thing, so you can pop the balloons tied to the back of everyone’s karts. If you are playing multiplayer and you lose all of your balloons first, you can still ride around as a ghost and take out everyone else, effectively creating a scenario where you could lose all of your balloons first but still be in first place by having the most enemy balloons popped. None of these maps are necessarily optimized for this experience, which when compared to the old arena levels is kind of a shame, but it doesn’t make the experience any less of a fun distraction from racing.Ultimately, Mario Kart 8 is everything we hoped it would be. Every race is an incredible orchestra of violent combat at high speeds with cartoon characters in silly vehicles. It’s impossible for anyone to look at that with anything but a smile on their face, but it’s also a charming piece of nostalgia with a fresh coat of paint and a handful of new challenges. This game belongs in every Wii U owner’s collection, and is more than enough justification to buy the console if you haven’t already.last_img read more