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Mixed men’s netball reaching highs

first_imgLast week’s results were pleasing as many Papua New Guinean  men showed up to take part in the mixed male and female division games.  Although it is a newly introduced competition, it has attracted a lot of attention from some of the sports men and women in the city.Some sporting stars such as PNG Men’s touch captain Eugene Eka, the current PNG Pepes coach Una Rokoura and a host of PNG men’s basketballers and regular netballers are also part of fantastic competition.However, tomorrow night the Rita Flynn courts in Port Moresby will heat up again as teams advance into playing their round 4 games.Round 4 will kick off  with Mona in the Premier Mixed Division  taking on Mari Pasifika, BB Kings will play Kamuna and Api will take on Vepunama.In the Social A division, NSL will play Ripa Rala, Matrix will take on PNGFP while BSP (2) will challenge Lasi and BSP (1) will go up against Veupunama (2).And in the Social B division PNG Construction will go head to head with Aura Netters, Graffitti will go on a showdown with PNG Hardware’s, Lasi will vie against CPL and Int’L SOS will play APVG.last_img read more

Is Coconut Water Actually Good For You?

first_imgCoconut water is literally everywhere, from the smoothie bowls on your Instagram feed to the aisles of the grocery store. It’s almost as ubiquitous as water. But does it deserve to be?“It’s trendy,” says Lauren Richer, R.D. “There’s the idea that coconuts are god’s given gift to the Earth, everything from the meat to the water to the oil.”People swear by coconut water as a workout recovery drink, but there’s also some evidence showing that coconut water helps lower blood sugar and cholesterol, and that it might even play a role in dental health.Moment of truth: Is coconut water good for you?Coconut water nutritionFirst off, here’s the nutritional breakdown for one cup of unsweetened coconut water:Calories: 44Fat: 0 gProtein: 0.5 gCarbohydrate: 10.4 gSugar: 9.6 gSome points in coconut water’s favor: It has some important nutrients like potassium(404 mg per cup, almost as much as what you’ll find in a banana), vitamin C (24 mg, around 30 percent of your recommended daily value), and magnesium (15 mg, roughly 5 percent of your daily recommended intake).The downside: that sugar content. Even though this is unsweetened water, and these are natural sugars, 9.6 grams is over a third of your daily maximum amount of sugar. Yikes.The calories are also somewhat problematic, according to Richer. Sure, 44 calories seems pretty small. But Richer says if you’re going to drink it in place of water (which has, you know, zero calories), you should minimize your caloric intake throughout the day to compensate.That’s especially important given that coconut water is often sold in packages bigger than a one-cup serving. For example, a 330 ml carton of Vita Coco is billed as a serving, but is greater than a cup—and contains 59 calories and 15 grams of sugar. Once you’re sipping, it might be hard to stop and save that portion for another day.Coconut water benefitsCoconut water has been billed as a workout recovery drink (like nature’s Gatorade) since it’s high in electrolytes—minerals we sweat out during exercise that include sodium, chloride, and potassium.But Richer says for the average person, water is still a better choice to drink post-sweat session than coconut water—unless you’re an Olympic athlete who’s literally sweating buckets for several hours a day. (Although if you’re stuck between a sports drink or coconut water, Richer says go for the latter.)For post-workout fuel, she recommends a glass of water and a potassium-rich banana instead.What to look for on the labelSay you want to treat yourself or are actually training for the Olympics (in which case—go you!). Richer advises reading the ingredients to determine where exactly the calories and sugar are coming from.You should make sure you’re consuming 100 percent coconut water—so everything is coming from the coconut itself. Some brands are sweetened with coconut palm sugar or high-fructose corn syrup—both of which can affect your blood sugar levels, says Richer.So…is coconut water good for you?If you eat a balanced diet, chances are there’s some wiggle room for coconut water in moderation. But again, Richer says that you should be careful about going overboard.Sourcelast_img read more

2000yearold Fast Food bar discovered in Pompeii

first_imgDue to its tragic demise, the ancient Roman city of Pompeii was left in a remarkable state of preservation, and to this day it serves as one of the most significant archaeological sites in the world. From people immortalized in volcanic ash, to frescoes that would never have survived for so long if there wasn’t for their magma sarcophagus, Pompeii has provided scientists with unprecedented insight into the daily life of this historic civilization.The recent unearthing of a “thermopolium” counter decorated with frescoes is already being hailed as a game-changer in the quest of re-enacting the cuisine and diet of ancient Romans who perished under the wrath of Vesuvius in 79 AD.Thermopolium, dolias (jars) detail, of archaeological remains of the street Via Stabiana at Ruins of Pompeii. The city was an ancient Roman city destroyed by the volcano Vesuvius. Pompeii, Campania, Italy.Thermopolia were at the epicenter of Roman street life, by providing pre-prepared meals for a low price. The word itself literally means “a place where (something) hot is sold.”The counter of one such thermopolium was discovered in March 2019 in the sector designated Regio V, located to the north of the Pompeii archaeological site in an area not yet opened to the public. The news of the discovery first came via Instagram, where it was shared by Massimo Ossana, the superintendent of the site.A thermopolium was a place where it was possible to purchase ready-to-eat food during the times of ancient RomeAccording to the Guardian, there were around 150 thermopolia fast food joints in the city of Pompeii, which served as a lifeline for the poor who often couldn’t afford to own a kitchen.Some 2,000 years ago, the daily menu included easy-to-make specialties like coarse bread with salty fish, baked cheese, lentils, and spicy wine.The counter is decorated with a fresco featuring earthenware jars, known as dolia, used to store foodstuffs such as dried meat. The fact that this thermopolium is adorned with a fresco implies that it was most probably owned by a well-off person, as such decorations were considered a luxury.Roman kitchen of a thermopolium in Via Consolare at Ruins of Pompeii, Campania, ItalyRoman upper classes usually avoided and often scorned such places, considering them unworthy of their pedigree.Nevertheless, fast food restaurants like this one were all the rage in Pompeii, as well as other huge trading centers of the Old World. They were the vibrant social meeting places, and much like taverns, they were often the spots where business deals were closed.The discovery of the thermopolium counter comes in a series of recent excavations in the Pompeii archaeological park.Dolias (sunk into the counter) and fresco detail of archaeological remains of thermopolium of Vetutius Placidus, at Ruins of Pompeii, ItalyIn December 2018, well-preserved remnants of a horse with saddle were found in the park area, as well as another magnificent fresco that was unearthed in February 2019, in the remains of a villa. The fresco features Narcissus, the mythological hunter who became infatuated with his own reflection in a pool of water.Along with the fresco, human remains of two women and three children, all huddled together during the moments before their death.The discovery of this group of skeletons reminded us once again of the proportions of the tragedy that was the eruption of Vesuvius, which killed more than 2,000 people and left an ancient city forever frozen in time.Read another story from us: Perfectly Preserved Roman Fresco of Narcissus Discovered in PompeiiApart from Pompeii, the neighboring townships of Herculaneum, Stabiae, Oplontis, and Boscoreale also suffered greatly from the eruption which constitutes one of the worst known natural disasters of the ancient world.last_img read more