Beijing on May 14th news: according to foreign media reports, a report released on Wednesday pointed out, Facebook, Myspace and YouTube and other social networking sites become a terrorist group, hatred, organization and implementation of propaganda and recruiting places.

Simon Wiesenthal Center released the report. The report notes that over the past year, the network of "problematic" social networking sites increased by 1/4.

said the report was based on observations of ten thousand web sites, including web sites, social networking sites, portals, blogs, chat rooms, videos and hate games. These sites involved in terrorism, hate music, ethnic violence, anti Semitism and anti gay etc.. read more

T8 10: K-Beauty (Korean Japanese, Korean beauty) popular beauty brand Memebox today completed the C $66 million round of financing.

Memebox was founded in 2014, at the beginning of the creation is to improve the beauty box based trial. In the international brand continues to grow, the United States and the United States after the increasingly high consumption of cosmetics, Memebox decisively began to transition, the main direct consumer oriented electricity supplier model.

‘s main product sales in the world, the company’s sales in China grew by 1200% year on year, an increase of $490% in the United states. read more

December 12th we set off at six in the morning to Zhengzhou to attend the first meeting of Henan network. To Zhengzhou after a simple breakfast began to decorate the hall.

found a problem: booth repeat. Layout found that someone has occupied our booth.

found the problem two: customers do not actively participate in, despite the booth duplication, but fortunately can the morning call can’t come today. These have their own web site customers do not have their own website when things will not focus on promotion. In the exhibition will not find the presence of many businesses or. read more

report the progress of earthquake relief, to provide information service for the people of disaster areas,, and has launched the website "earthquake relief, and collective use special domain as independent state identification.

it is understood that the Chinese Internet Information Center (CNNIC) yesterday launched the initiative, called for the CN to be in the hands of the domain name registration and relief related domain name donated for disaster relief site, easy to remember. Among them, donated by Liaocheng Jindun Electronic Engineering Co. Ltd. " domain name has been officially transferred to the CCTV International (CCTV) name, and launched the" Chinese Wenchuan earthquake relief network "website. At present, the official website of the CCTV domain name, are jumping to China Wenchuan earthquake relief network website. read more