9 9 July to September 14th, 2016 "Ching of cup" fourth colorful sky international traditional archery Invitational Dalton Cultural Festival will be held in Jianzha County, Huangnan Tibetan Autonomous prefecture. More than a thousand athletes from 129 teams at home and abroad will launch the competition in the five groups. At present, the preparatory work is being carried out in an orderly manner. This is the reporter from the August 23rd news conference news.

this event sponsored by the China Archery Association, the Qinghai Provincial Sports Bureau, the Huangnan people’s government and other contractors. Since 2006, in Jianzha Province, the country has held three international and national traditional archery tournament, "colorful sky" events have been included in the national three international traditional archery tournament, the rules also rose to international traditional archery competition rules. read more

eleven golden holiday has passed nearly a month, presumably a lot of businesses are still immersed in the joy of the holiday bowl filled with joy, and even in the planning of the Spring Festival is a good time to come. Undoubtedly, the Spring Festival is the most profitable time for the vast number of businesses. Now open a barbecue shop will be a good choice, how to profit during the Spring Festival barbecue shop, maximize the site is very important.

barbecue franchise

barbecue franchise stores are different from the general store, although pay attention to the large traffic, people more business is good, but do not choose the location of this business in the golden section of the site. Barbecue chain stores open in where? People in the business district no barbecue on demand basically, if you put barbecue chain stores opened here, although a large passenger flow, but in your shop are few, read more

although many people choose to embark on the road of entrepreneurship, however, different entrepreneurial opportunities, the face of the market is different, can bring the profit will naturally be different. So, what to do in 2016 to make money fast? Xiao Bian for you to answer: high psychological counseling, it is worth investing!

in our competition and pressure as a symbol of the society, who can say that he did not even a loss and confusion for a long time, the situation is not serious consequences is to improve China’s annual death toll was Dutch act 25-28 million is huge. read more

follow the small series of reports all the way through the friends are aware of the problem of Jiangsu, the most attention than Nanjing and Suzhou. However, the latest data show that the two city house prices all in the city of Jiangsu’s most powerful or even no brothers". Specifically how the same thing, we look at the details of the report.

China Index Research Institute released the May 2016 hundred city price index showed a slightly unexpected data – Jiangsu into the statistics of the 17 cities, the biggest increase in housing prices is not Nanjing, but Wuxi. read more

now people want to change their business through the current situation, let his fate a subversion, shop is that many people preferred way of business, but to his own shop in the fierce competition in the market long-term, not only to have a good product, but also have good management methods, so as to make you store in the popular consumption situation of talent shows itself, easily earn millions of dollars. So, for inexperienced entrepreneurs, how to operate in order to earn a lot of money? Do the following seven points, so you can easily earn non-stop. read more

now if you go to the market to buy chicken consumption, household words usually choose chicken, chicken taste better after all, higher nutritional value, but the market of the chicken has been in short supply in the state, so if the breeding chickens, can earn a rich life. Here Xiaobian to introduce a relying on the rich examples of breeding chickens make billions of years!

2007 in August, the news from Chengdu’s stores returned to Li Jiapeng felt unprecedented crisis. Zhang, the company’s sales manager: a lot of shops are difficult to maintain operations, basically out of the market. Reporter: lose money? Company sales manager Zhang flag: losing money. Reporter: open every day are lost? Zhang Qi, sales manager. Li Jiapeng: support for two months basically no, No. 2 months, Li Jiapeng opened in Chengdu in the cold fresh chicken chain, but another one of the collapse of a 35. At the same time, Chengdu City, the other more than and 300 cold fresh chicken store, also spared recession. read more

on the business market, the youth has become the main force in the market, but now the business is so complex, if the state is not able to provide relevant policy support for the development of young entrepreneurs will naturally very unfavorable. To this end, Yantai youth entrepreneurship support efforts to increase the protection of young entrepreneurs to obtain the success of the cause.

Yantai to increase efforts to support young entrepreneurs, providing entrepreneurial start-up funds and one to one tutor guidance, the formation of a business to encourage entrepreneurship to support a good situation. read more

October 13th news, according to U.S. technology blog techcrunch reported, after raising $20 million in exactly 12 months ago yesterday, the medical service community website Care.com disclosed in a document submitted to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, the new Internet Co recently once again raised $25 million. So far, Care.com total capital rose to $58 million 500 thousand.

Care.com round of financing investors include 3 Vc firm, New Enterprise Associates, Matrix Partners and Trinity Ventures. It is worth noting that the well-known business networking site founder, angel investor Reid · Hoffman (Reid Hoffman) in Care.com company in 2007 launched the first round of financing. read more

Beijing on May 14th news: according to foreign media reports, a report released on Wednesday pointed out, Facebook, Myspace and YouTube and other social networking sites become a terrorist group, hatred, organization and implementation of propaganda and recruiting places.

Simon Wiesenthal Center released the report. The report notes that over the past year, the network of "problematic" social networking sites increased by 1/4.

said the report was based on observations of ten thousand web sites, including web sites, social networking sites, portals, blogs, chat rooms, videos and hate games. These sites involved in terrorism, hate music, ethnic violence, anti Semitism and anti gay etc.. read more

T8 10: K-Beauty (Korean Japanese, Korean beauty) popular beauty brand Memebox today completed the C $66 million round of financing.

Memebox was founded in 2014, at the beginning of the creation is to improve the beauty box based trial. In the international brand continues to grow, the United States and the United States after the increasingly high consumption of cosmetics, Memebox decisively began to transition, the main direct consumer oriented electricity supplier model.

‘s main product sales in the world, the company’s sales in China grew by 1200% year on year, an increase of $490% in the United states. read more

December 12th we set off at six in the morning to Zhengzhou to attend the first meeting of Henan network. To Zhengzhou after a simple breakfast began to decorate the hall.

found a problem: booth repeat. Layout found that someone has occupied our booth.

found the problem two: customers do not actively participate in, despite the booth duplication, but fortunately can the morning call can’t come today. These have their own web site customers do not have their own website when things will not focus on promotion. In the exhibition will not find the presence of many businesses or. read more

report the progress of earthquake relief, to provide information service for the people of disaster areas, xinhuanet.com, people.com.cn and cctv.com has launched the website "earthquake relief, and collective use special domain as independent state identification.

it is understood that the Chinese Internet Information Center (CNNIC) yesterday launched the initiative, called for the CN to be in the hands of the domain name registration and relief related domain name donated for disaster relief site, easy to remember. Among them, donated by Liaocheng Jindun Electronic Engineering Co. Ltd. "wenchuan.cn domain name has been officially transferred to the CCTV International (CCTV) name, and launched the" Chinese Wenchuan earthquake relief network "website. At present, the official website of the CCTV domain name cctv.com, cctv.cn are jumping to China Wenchuan earthquake relief network website. read more