if it is to enter a new industry, everything is in a strange state, many people have no experience, it will inevitably take some detours. As for the network of this virtual platform, detours is a way to go, so if you come to the network of entrepreneurship, how should we avoid detours?

1, choose a good website construction enterprise.

The use of

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aimed at "eating and sleeping", open up the last mile, in recent years, entrepreneurs invariably aimed at the community O2O, bustling, really raging like a storm, burned a fire "". However, some things are easier said than done hard, seeing the Geluyinghao burn a lot of money, is still not a hit effective profit model. Why? The author believes that the O2O community is definitely not a flashy APP to it, it is the test of the real power line. Who can take the lead in the "fire" burned it, who will be the first to succeed. read more

Abstract: there is a profit model of B2B companies only 20 million to $50 million in revenue to survive, the company’s daily expenses will not be too high, customer loyalty is also quite good. Those overvalued B2C startups, "unearned" users may seem huge, but basically no retreat. If the bubble burst, B2B companies can continue to develop.

[Tino] / Chen Qianmin / translation editor of Silicon Valley will "bubble" foresight, ready before rupture. But this time, the bubble is only in the B2C field. For the vast majority of B2B startups, they usually plan how to make money before starting a business, that is clear profit model. However, the main social elements of the "unicorn", they need to obtain high-speed user growth, on the other hand has been plagued by high burn rate. Of course, ultimately they have a choice of being acquired, so you can sleep without any anxiety seems to be the. read more

this year’s Spring Festival can really let Xiaobian surprise several times, because my favorite actor, Stephen’s masterpiece "Mermaid" once again set a new high China commercial movie!!!!

ended the morning of February 16th, the famous director Jing Wong in micro-blog "congratulations to director Stephen Chow Mermaid broke the two billion!" this is not only the "Refresh" catch demon created the 24 day record of 2 billion, will be 3 billion, 4 billion, accident to 5 billion box office mark. This is a conspicuous eye-catching number so that I can not help but sigh: Yeh "Mermaid" is a marketing handbook read more