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webmaster must also have this idea, see a lot of website home page and no love Shanghai people to maintain and release the chain, but still ranked in the home page, this website is usually the old station, the accumulation of love Shanghai trust, the author make an example, such as an Internet company from the start you with the boss and see, now the company to do more and more, but also attracted a lot of people have the ability, but their position and salary are not high, is very simple, because you have been in the fight with the boss over the years, this is all you deserve. Baidu too, for those old station will still give special care, this is new for less than the. read more

The author thinks that

daily log is the key reflection one day to work effectively, such as the chain excel released statistics, the right of the site is down right down what is the event? What operations are detailed in the current log, data statistics such as daily website included quantity statistics, the number of chain statistics etc. have to do there.

first, Shanghai Longfeng optimization implementation plan

Shanghai dragon team workers don’t single-handed, will make you a lot more efficient, why do you think so? We look at the opposite case, the author is currently writing a person fighting in the first line, the optimization of the article, the chain and so on are their own shoulders, I deeply appreciate the single-handed is really sometimes very confused, such as the process of writing is to change the link, and the correlation is also good, write the work had to be interrupted, sometimes the website ranking dropped, can find a question with nothing, sometimes really feel very helpless, if it is a team operation, such as a small team of three people, a copy, a data analysis, a chain construction, the problem can not only explore each other, more important is to improve the site. The efficiency is the key to make up. read more











noble baby bot










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Sogou  web  spider

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Basic data:

(statistical data from August 19, 2012 21 purple data website ~2012 in August 21st 13.)

website by 19:20 began to statistics

27 read more

, a set of long tail keywords


1. in Shanghai as an example

"computer" is the word love Shanghai index every day is probably around 9000, if you are doing computer sale website, the word optimization requires much effort? Can bring you income and can be? Probably not, because the customer search "computer", and no subjective intention.

and other sites can be through a variety of answers, statistical tools to mining, to expand to determine the long tail keywords region, occupation, gender, season and so on, these not introduced. Of course, can also use love Shanghai index. read more

shop business by cutting out the superfluous

shop operates ninth strokes: a vast quantity of

shop operates seventh strokes: hands-on

was the first to know their goods to be confident, to ask the customer or ask what answer fluently, but also picked up the goods look again that answer, many customers are not good patience.

store more things, customers choose more room, then your transaction rate will also rise, reasonable classification is also very important.

shop operates eighth strokes: with read more


| Yang Ying Wang Qing freelance Hu Yun | drawing Li Tingting

good design has attractive power. You’ll find that even those designs that look good can make people pay more. But the really good design is a unique perspective and wisdom, constantly correcting all kinds of loopholes in life, to provide aesthetic feeling for life, of course, can help companies shape brands. Designer Mickey ·, in the 1990 issue of the software design manifesto, said, "designers are loved because they know what people want."." read more

today is GG update PR day, online check, really updated, but there has been a little abnormal situation,


is suddenly high and low, just built 2 months or so, for this although some puzzled, but also more satisfied, PR rose, we have power station,


query PR for the first time:

second query PR value diagram:

third PR diagram:

finally share my experience:

in December 2008 to apply for a domain name: (special means of home), the next program to collect special products, published articles. read more

recently wrote some articles about optimization, and I feel like I’ve become a SEO expert. In fact, I am simple, that is, a rookie. Not afraid of jokes, do not stand a IP over a thousand, but this does not affect me continue to write my article, as long as someone is looking at, then I wrote it is still a little meaningful.

some people, technical level is very high, but sometimes he Lenz is not understood, how to lose myself to some simply do not understand the technology in the rookie rankings, which is a blog program to defeat him, it felt very strange. Then I thought about the problem. I found the root cause of the situation. read more

in the current era of a national entrepreneurship, choose to embark on the road of entrepreneurship has become the practice of many people. However, entrepreneurship is easy, but not many successful entrepreneurs. At present, with the continuous development of underwear brand, market of underwear store has become many entrepreneurs entrepreneurial choice, so for the underwear store, how to achieve successful business to make money, and then more successful entrepreneurs share to shop it.

The importance of read more

as long as it is an entity operating shops, will naturally involve the purchase of the problem. However, now the market has a variety of fraud, if not pay attention, you will be cheated, we also need to be able to grasp the nature of the anti fraud knowledge more. So, how to open the shop to purchase anti cheat?

glasses shop, whether it is to join the brand shop or start their own businesses, the purchase is very important, the purchase depends on the quality of your shop can attract customers, the purchase price of the decision you can earn money. And the purchase of optical shops do not want to buy clothes and other industries so transparent, so it really needs to be carefully studied. read more

ravioli to join the project, you can see the island along the day how chaos. First try to understand the basic information of the day to join it chaos island! What day Island conditions have joined Shun chaos? How to join?

Island Shun joining conditions: chaos

1, must agree with the corporate culture, make sure the day Qindao brand and business management mode of wonton.

2, franchisee must be healthy, love the food industry, can get family support.

3, must have dedication, perseverance, the island Shun wonton as your career to do. read more

In order to further implement the measures of fire safety work, the East Branch of Bayi Road police station fire area combined with the actual work, take comprehensive prevention, focus "principle, further standardize and strengthen the area of key units hidden investigation work

measures for the further implementation of the fire safety work, the East Branch of Bayi Road police station fire area combined with the actual work, take comprehensive prevention, focus "principle, further standardize and strengthen the area of key units hidden investigation work. Since November, the total of more than 100 departments within the jurisdiction of the industry, places of public security and fire protection management work carried out 3 centralized inventory remediation actions on the 24 hidden safety problems raised rectification unit. In November 10th, in the area of Cao Jia Zhai Cun Cao Yi Lu No. 65 successfully banned 1 illegal use of flammable and explosive gases (liquefied petroleum gas) production of lighter assembly workshop, promptly eliminate hidden dangers in the area. read more

May 9th, the city held a joint meeting of the city’s employment, municipal committee, vice mayor Yan Shujiang attended the meeting and the focus of this year’s employment tasks, key objectives to make instructions. The reporter learned from the meeting, this year the city will continue to give high priority to employment in, implement a more proactive employment policy, promote college graduates, entrepreneurs, rural labor employment, employment difficulties, and that should previous graduates overall employment rate reached more than 87%.I will complete the read more

Enjoy the scenery, watching the show, feeling full of culture in the countryside; to send goods to linger in the delicacy, nostalgia, archery, martial arts and other traditional sports. July 27th, is a rare good weather, when the reporter arrived at the North District Baoziwan village Zhen Tao Bei Xiang Qu ecological park, a booth Cold Noodles with Sesame Sauce arranged in turn, the villagers are in preparation for the delicacy — villagers or processing Cold Noodles with Sesame Sauce, accessories, or for diners Sheng face.

the event organized by the district science and Technology City Sports and Tourism Bureau, Xining Township interest agricultural science and technology limited company to undertake, to promote the integration of culture and tourism development, beautiful countryside and North show the simple folk, mining traditional delicacy, enrich the summer leisure life, show the unique charm of the north area of rural tourism. In the wonderful performances, in a basin Cold Noodles with Sesame Sauce bottomed out after the beauty of the countryside against the background of delicacy Culture Tourism Festival nears its end.Baoziwan town of read more

Adhere to the rule of law, adhere to the ecological environment, the development of human culture, adhere to the fine service, emancipating the mind, continuous reform, hard work, build a well-off society. Three to do research, learn from experience. Solicit public opinion, continue to strengthen the preliminary study, with the idea of opening up a good plan. Four to screening projects to strengthen the development of support. Around the city’s economic and social development, screening and do some favorable current and long-term development projects, "13th Five-Year" to strengthen the project development. The meeting stressed that innovative financial investment is an important task to deepen the reform of the financial system. To reform idea to guide capital investment, enlarge the amount of funds, to realize the close linkage of financial capital and social capital, financial capital; to reform concept to improve the use of financial resources, strengthen the system construction, blocking the abuse of power and other corruption loopholes; with strong concept of performance management reform, the establishment of social third party evaluation mechanism, promote capital efficient and safe use. All regions and departments should pay close attention to the formulation and improvement of various types of financial investment and use of various industries, and continuously improve the efficiency of the use of fiscal funds. The meeting noted that elevator safety and people’s work and life are closely related. All regions and departments must attach great importance to clear responsibility, strengthen supervision, to ensure that each elevator are safe operation. First, to implement the responsibility. To strengthen the use of elevator management unit is the first person responsible for the safety of the elevator operation awareness, so that the source of safety responsibility can be traced back. Two to strengthen supervision. Quality supervision departments should be standardized, institutionalized as a starting point, according to the law to strengthen the elevator construction, installation, use, maintenance of the whole process management, and constantly improve the quality of the elevator safety. Three to strengthen the special rectification. Safety supervision, real estate and other departments should perform their duties, strengthen routine supervision, strengthen special rectification, eliminate security risks. The meeting stressed that at present, the majority of the people have the traffic management as an important standard to evaluate the level of government management, governance capacity. All localities and departments to solve the traffic problems as an important project to improve people’s livelihood, the combination of distance, construction and management simultaneously, tackling the problem, with a powerful, powerful and effective action, timely response to the concerns of the people good, continuously improve the ability and level of city traffic management. In September 10th, mayor Wang Yubo chaired the municipal government thirty-sixth executive meeting, considered the "Xining" 13th Five-Year "planning work plan", "Xining City, reform the way of financial investment to promote industrial restructuring and upgrading plan", "Xining city science and technology project investment mechanism reform plan", "Xining City Elevator safety management approach", "Xining city public transport development plan (2014-2020)" and other issues. The meeting pointed out that the "13th Five-Year" is to build a well-off society in full sprint five years in our city, is a comprehensive deepening of reform to achieve decisive results for five years. All localities and departments to develop a highly responsible attitude to Xining, to do the work of the 13th Five-Year "plan. First, we must do a good job learning, strengthen the ideological guidance. Study of new ideas and new requirements of the general secretary Xi Jinping series of important speeches and a series of central governance, study and implement the provincial government for Green Governance new ideas and new deployment to provincial strategic task as a guide, the scientific evaluation of new shape; read more

is your elevator safe? January 10th, the Xining Municipal Bureau of quality and technical supervision on the use of elevators in Xining to carry out a comprehensive inspection of the security risks early detection, early treatment, to ensure public safety.

reporter yesterday from the Xining municipal quality and Technical Supervision Bureau, in a month’s time, law enforcement officers will be in Xining City, hospitals, schools, hotels, hotels, shopping malls, railway stations, parks, residential areas and other public places to use the safety status of elevator operation to conduct a comprehensive inspection to ensure the safe operation of the elevator, residents around the. (author: Wei Jinyu)
read more

now many college students in our country are beginning to go to the grassroots level, college-graduate village official is actually a very typical representative, recently, in Jiangsu of Donghai County province to promote the college-graduate village official who advocated entrepreneurial activity.

"we can now base for normal operation, to expand the scale of planting, the introduction of more varieties of demonstration, we need more financial support, raise the public network to help."   Donghai County college-graduate village official flower planting demonstration base "flower" Hao Dabao said happily. read more

with the improvement of people’s living standard, now many people are beginning to pay attention to health, Wang Laoqi steamed as healthy and nutritious delicacy, welcomed by the people, many entrepreneurs are asking Wang Laoqi steamed advantages are Wang seven evaluation chowhound steamed excellent taste, the value of entrepreneur investment.

steamed meat is relatively soft, fresh, soft, enters the stomach more easily digested, a lot of cellulose accelerated metabolism of human body. Wang Laoqi steamed in less greasy and less fat at the same time, without the loss of nutrients, modern people to keep slim, healthy and fashionable. People who love beauty and sub health have points praise. read more