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love Shanghai that has been difficult to link, we can change a way to answer again. For example, an article related to your site to find the subject to answer, we can answer with "love Shanghai" China to "search" is a similar statement, and publicity for their site. At the same time more for their site search weight will also help.

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library is love Shanghai debate have weight this problem has been discussed for a long time, I > read more

no matter what, now people generally believe that the line on the website a few days is unlikely to have much traffic to earn much money, I really don’t know what happened to their website, is now doing traffic also rely on search engines?? on a web site search can live for many Chinese, most webmaster by Baidu, Baidu now cattle, itself is not easy to be included, K K once more be nothing difficult, and what are not, everything from zero to start, do so interesting?? we have to do is not to search the site to survive, like money, now what to do? Not to make money? If you say no, I admire you, you are too noble. read more

now many people do web site on a habitual pattern: find a set of templates + change the picture + next collector + collection point article.

all right. Now start SEO or ask for help. Look at the optimization. To tell you the truth, in these people’s hearts, it’s too easy to make a website. Such a collection of garbage stations, they also as a baby like, called him thrown, he also felt that his life, the day IP more than 100 wife than happy to marry.

such as: women use this station template, N more people are also using ah, template function is fixed, give you an ordinary paper mill, you can not create bills. One thing I admit, I chose the right direction and made a good job of SEO. It’s good to do it, even if it’s a template, the website can achieve a good profit. But after all, it is very rare, and it is not very profitable. It is getting more and more difficult. read more

, when analyzing data, there are always some data anomalies that can’t be found for the right reasons, and perhaps they can be looked at from a different angle. Why the data has large fluctuations, our brains still cannot find a good reason, these is what exactly is not abnormal, there are some common or abnormal, these abnormalities are not as we usually say, or should go to other categories, may wish to call them "to explain the abnormal".

recently read the book "thinking fast and slow", the author Kahneman’s view seems to give us some answers. Kahneman is a master of psychology and decision making. He tells us how to avoid misunderstandings in brain thinking and to make more rational cognition and decision making. Here are two points related to the above "unexplained anomaly" mentioned in the book: read more

every year has some ten strong IDC rank, 50 ranks and so on. I think the ranking is good. But when the rankings are turned into trades, they are no longer real. No longer cute. Baidu search. All kinds of ten strong IDC, 50 strong pull can be said master Tao, Hezekiah also rational. The IDC rankings released by the various media websites are not the same at all. In fact. On the other hand. We can analyze it. Media websites can be said to be IDC amateurs. Not investigated. Why is it so easy to get on the charts?. read more

I think, in front of a lot of people in Admin5, I am a novice at best, one inexperienced, two no technology, three no connections. How do I say, I contact the computer is relatively early, 00 years began to play online CS, and then play the middle reaches, and then play legend, this play to play for 05 years.

05 years, a Sichuan friend used to know his literary propaganda forum to me, fall acerbity literary forum, but now is Sichuan a site acquisition, then my friend now do not know what to. That’s when I began to really touch the Internet, contact forums, and some other management and maintenance. 06 years, opened another literary forum in a bamboo fall solo astringent, and let me help him do administrator, because I was in the fall when the accumulation of astringent done a large amount of resources, as well as some other members of the alliance network literature. read more

fine jewelry can make us look more beautiful, but also can dress up the artifact of our life today, people’s living conditions better, so for some individual small jewelry demand has also increased a lot, to open a jewelry store, has become a lot of entrepreneurs choose. In fact, open a jewelry store, want to make money, it is not easy. Today to introduce you, how to open a jewelry shop business to make money.

first, jewelry shop decoration image

find a good shop, a good brand, the next thing is the most troublesome thing in today’s "decorated" industry increasingly competitive era, product homogenization, homogenization of management, publicity and distribution homogenization, homogenization, how to occupy a space for one person in the decoration sector competition, no doubt. That is the difference between the image of the store only choice in many homogeneous, and the effect of saving renovation expenditures are beautiful, and scientific management, is the service for you. read more

dessert industry is now in the continuous development and growth, if you want to invest in the dessert industry, the need to set up shop before the detailed understanding of the brand, then open dessert stores, you need to understand what? Xiao Bian for us to do a detailed introduction.

food items must be more investment opportunities, and now more and more consumers like dessert, professional brand is a lot of open dessert stores need to pay attention to what? But how to choose their own brand? The first is to choose the way to shop, who want to venture to choose to open the store, the operating rate of investors can be a little higher read more

taxi software a fire, and now people will travel on the first choice of a taxi software on the phone, and now the official taxi software introduced, in the end what is it? Xiaobian now for you to analyze.

8 18, Beijing unified taxi taxi platform called the introduction of a taxi software taxi taxi, all of the vehicles from the regular taxi, there are already 15 thousand to join the. According to reports, passengers can use software integration, and can be consumed in more than 20 thousand businesses. Passengers can choose Alipay, WeChat and other online payment and cash. Currently the software has been on the top two mobile phone platform. read more

Home Furnishing crafts is an important embellishment to create the perfect Home Furnishing, you can add color to the home decoration, many consumers pay attention to the choice of furniture crafts, many investors see this, decided to invest Home Furnishing crafts stores, so for the operator, how to choose a suitable shop address? The following Xiaobian to share the home craft store location method.

read more

speaking of fish, many consumers are tempted to mind the feelings of excitement, because this kind of delicacy project is very popular. Now this project is brand terminal charcoal grilled fish merchants. Headquarters launched products in line with market tastes, so that the public are very popular, high investment sentiment, good business prospects, it is worth paying attention to.

‘s unique taste, secret recipe can not be copied, will bring you to enjoy the unique delicacy! Pier with its solid quality charcoal, continuation of the traditional diet culture connotation, and dietary requirements greatly satisfy the modern people. The charcoal dock, eat a hundred tire lead a person to endless aftertastes and the appearance of bright color, shiny, can be described as "color, aroma and taste" taste, let people drool with envy! Won the trust and praise of the vast number of consumers. read more

successful venture is a reasonable choice for the advantages of the project. For entrepreneurs, choose to open their own doors and windows store, we need to pay attention to what the problem? Let’s take a look at it!

novice open doors and windows store these you know?

when we open a door and window shop, store operators need reasonable business planning, adequate preparation and careful operation, in the process of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurs will bear all kinds of pressure, we can only withstand these pressures, in order to truly grow up. So, after knowing this, investors open doors and windows franchise record should improve a lot. Store should be better service content, to obtain a normal reasonable profit. Then, from the normal profit, take out a part of the investment to the whole business, so as to provide customers with more perfect service and better products. read more

is there a market for a West Point store? What kind of West Point shop is better? Puff shop? Want to know these things to come with Xiaobian to learn about it!

(puff), puff is a Western dessert originating from Italy. A light hole cream wrapper wrapped butter, chocolate and ice cream. The legend of puff was born in sixteenth Century, the French queen Catherine · de Medici invented ·. To eat the hot cold, crisp outside and smooth, excellent taste. In the production of Hamid Haddon puff, first water, butter, flour and egg bread, and butter, chocolate or ice cream by injection into the bread. In Hanmihadun puff, you can sprinkle a layer of sugar, but also can put dry nuts, chocolate sauce, coconut etc.. That puff stores how much money? The following wine to introduce. read more

51 labor day. However, when we celebrate a small holiday, in our province, there are a lot of workers must stick to the post.
every holiday, when they are busy. The tour guide occupation, in others it can be a day sightseeing tour, but the hard work that only you know.
"all the rest to come out to play, we are out of play when people began to work. Especially in May, will be more and more busy." Yu Yaling said. Legends of
Qinghai Lake, what a beautiful place, need to pay attention to what the local local customs and practices, as well as some previous knowledge, on the way to Yu Yaling one by one and visitors to share. "We come out to travel is to relax the mood during the tour guide will directly affect the impression of the guests on the destination. So I will never bring their emotions to work, I will use my enthusiasm and quality services to infect them, take them to visit the great beauty of Qinghai, but also a good mood." Yu Yaling said.
Duan Zhilong: 8 read more

in order to strengthen the train west railway station surrounding road traffic management, road traffic environment to create a safe, orderly and smooth, from the beginning of the July, Xining city traffic police brigade to train west railway station at night taxis, shuttle passengers, vehicles Zhandao other Luantingluanfang, road congestion caused by the phenomenon, in conjunction with the transportation department to carry out special treatment work.

to ensure that the governance work has been effective, the brigade held a special meeting, made a detailed scheme, clear job responsibilities and division of labor, in order to determine the unit for the unit to integrate the existing police set up night duty, patrol group, led by the daily brigade on duty is responsible for the entire area of the night road traffic management, specially sent to the leadership at the West Railway Station train supervision work will be on duty four squadron service for reasonable arrangement, a group responsible for traffic management work during the day, another group is responsible for every night 6:30 to 10:30 traffic order management, counseling, and severely punish vehicle Luantingluanfang, violation marks violations markings, traffic chaos whistle. At the same time, the requirements of the police, combined with the six into the propaganda work, to the majority of traffic participants to explain traffic laws and regulations, to promote their conscious maintenance of good traffic order. read more

August 24th, the City Commission for Discipline Inspection held an enlarged meeting of the Standing Committee, thematic study of the Communist Party of China Inspection Regulations (hereinafter referred to as the "Regulations"). Municipal Committee, Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection Secretary Cao Jiansong presided over the study, and to study and publicize the implementation of the regulations to deploy.

delicious dessert is that people can not refuse the temptation, good taste, and nutritional value is very high, now dessert in everyone’s life is very common, especially the people’s economic level increases, the demand for dessert, are on the rise. Start a dessert shop, has become the choice of entrepreneurs, but want to make money, or to choose a good dessert brand. So, how to choose a dessert shop to join the brand.

dessert to join the headquarters of its fast product innovation ability to ensure that the front line with the fashion, to ensure that the franchisee in the ever-changing field of the project is always a step closer to creating a sustainable growth of profitability. Join dessert to provide a high success rate, to join the business is different from pure entrepreneurial, it has a mature business model can follow. Survey data show that the success rate is much higher than other business models. read more

everyone has their own set of rules to do business, and this criterion is effective, the reality is the best test criteria. For 90 girls Chen Xiaomin, their business approach is undoubtedly very effective, it is worth insisting on their own. So, after the 90 girls is how to run their own shops, what kind of business rules?

customer: "boss, this’ golden leaf ‘Zha rose 5 wool, close to 10 yuan?"

Chen Xiaomin: "Sir, this is a national unified market price. Otherwise, you will receive 11 yuan, and then give you a $1 lighter." read more