The UN News discussed the issue of climate resilience with Maarten Van Aalst, Director of the Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre, who moderated a panel discussion at COP 22 on how countries can adjust their financial decision-making to build climate resilience.UN News: Resilience seems to cover a wide range of issues. What does the A2R initiative try to accomplish? Maarten Van Aalst: We all know that the climate is changing, risks are rising. We are seeing more disasters around the world and at the same time we have a growing [global] population to feed. We want to get rid of extreme poverty and the place where all these global ambitions meet is actually this concept of resilience, making sure people can cope with shocks and stresses and can actually thrive to a good development even in a changing climate.What A2R is trying to do is to bring together all the good initiatives that are trying to work on that around the world. There are local Mayors that want to try to keep their cities safe and their citizens in the city prepared for disasters, safe from flooding. It is about working with companies that are looking at their supply chains. It is about looking at national plans that governments are making to adapt to a changing climate.And then it is about bringing all of that together into something that becomes a global ambition. Again, this is global ambition that links to what has already been expressed last year in all these global agreements, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the Paris Agreement, and the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction. Later on, we had a discussion at the World Humanitarian Summit about how to deal with the increasing burden of disasters and conflicts.Men from the Koloma IDP camp in Goz Beida, Eastern Chad, build a shelter for a generator that the community has purchased in order to pump water through an water system built by Oxfam and handed over to the IDP committee in 2012. Photo: OCHA/Pierre Peron In the past two decades, 4.2 billion people have been affected by weather-related disasters such as floods, droughts and storms.The landmark Paris Agreement has raised the profile of climate resilience. There is now a global goal for climate adaptation and it is recognized that adaptation represents a challenge with local, national and international dimensions.The objective of the Secretary-General’s Initiative on Climate Resilience, a global UN-led, multi-stakeholder initiative, is to accelerate action under its three pillars: anticipate climate hazards and stresses; absorb shocks; and reshape development pathways to foster climate resilience.The initiative was launched in late November 2015 in Paris during the previous Conference of Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), known as COP 21, and it brings together governments, international agencies, regional initiatives, the private sector, civil society and academia.Tondikorey’s village chief sits in his garden near the shore of the Niger river. The year’s millet harvest was partly destroyed due to the impact of a bug but thanks to the new irrigation system allowing for a second harvest, the chief is confident that his village will get by. Photo: OCHA/Ivo Brandau All of these goals have already been expressed, and A2R brings all these great initiatives together. It also shows that we are making progress on these agendas. And it is especially important in the Paris Agreement which, on the one hand, commits the world to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, so that risk does not get out of hand in the second half of the century; and on the other hand, it also commits us to building resilience to cope with the risks that are already changing today and will continue to change. So A2R brings together all the stakeholders and makes it visible that we are making progress.UN News: Adaptation seems to be the ‘step-child’ of climate action. How will this initiative bring resilience to the forefront of climate action efforts? Maarten Van Aalst: If you look at the implementation of the Paris Agreement, everyone is now talking about the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Whereas in the Agreement itself, there are actually two big global goals, one is mitigation and the other is adaptation, dealing with the rising risks. And if you look at the most vulnerable countries, their primary concern is actually those risks right now.And part of the deal that was struck in Paris is actually that the [most vulnerable countries] get support, that we are standing together as a global community and that we will help them. It is not just a matter of small projects that come from financing instruments negotiated in the UN. This is something we need to do all together, and what the UN Secretary-General has tried to do with A2R is to galvanize all these initiatives, make them visible, promote them but also ensure that they get the support they need.Panel discussion on climate resilience at the UN Climate Conference in Marrakech (COP 22). Photo: UN News UN News: How will the necessary resources be mobilized? Maarten Van Aalst: The resources are of two kinds. One part is the increased resources from the global community. This is the sort of financing mechanism we are also discussing here in Marrakech, the Green Climate Fund; the existing development finance.The second part of it is doing all the things we already do better and smarter. There are trillions (of dollars) of investments made every year and a lot of that frankly is not made in the smartest way. We are building infrastructure in places where we know there is a high risk of it getting washed away. We are doing agriculture in ways that we know put it at risk to floods and drought.So if we can be smarter with the investments we are making, we can make a lot of progress on resilience without necessarily needing a lot of additional international finance. read more

first_imgIt is probably important to start this off by admitting something; I have yet to be impressed by a 10-inch tablet. The whole idea to this ultraportable slab of mobile-amazing is that it’s supposed to be… well, ultraportable. I should be able to comfortably walk and be more productive then I am on my phone, and also satiate my seemingly unquenchable thirst for entertainment. As a Macbook Air owner–one who has spent more then his fair share of afternoons walking about in my house with the laptop crooked in one arm and handling children with the other–I feel like a tablet should be more portable than that. When I hold an iPad 2, Galaxy Tab 10.1, or Motoroal Xoom, I hold it in almost the same way I hold my Macbook Air. When I want to type on either of these devices, and I mean multiple paragraphs, I usually set them in a dock and grab a keyboard. I keep finding myself asking “What exactly is better about the tablet?” every time I catch myself going through more steps to accomplish something I could have done on my laptop.When Samsung released the Galaxy Tab I thought I was home free. The 7-inch size made walking around with it much easier, and offered much of the portability I was really looking for. Unfortunately, Samsung didn’t spend a whole lot of time optimizing the UI or making the tablet particularly thin, which made the device somewhat less appealing. I’ve waited, quite patiently in fact, for another manufacturer to step up to the plate. Apple had already laughed a the idea of an iPad Nano, HP’s Touchpad isn’t the right size, and the Playbook lacked so much in functionality it was unreal. Finally, HTC stepped up to the plate and decided to put all of these misconceptions away with their 7-inch Flyer.AdChoices广告“But it’s not running Honeycomb. How can it be better?”I have heard this a lot. To be honest, it’s real simple: HTC’s SenseUI optimized the user interface to take advantage of the new screen without completely alienating users with a whole new layout. Hand someone a Nexus S for an hour, and then hand them a Xoom. They won’t have a clue what’s going on. Now, hand someone a Sensation, and then hand them a Flyer, and the transition is so subtle that the switch is effortless. Android 3.0 was supposed to bring some real tablet-y UI goodness like fragments and highly interactive widgets. Guess what Sense for Tablets has?The left and the right sides of this UI are interactive both simultaneously and interdependently. In no way is Android 2.2, which is what the Flyer is built on, affected by not being built on Honeycomb. The reality is that a well built and well optimized app will work and look good on any device.Notifications and Settings were the next on the list. Honeycomb made notifications, quick settings access, and task switching “so much better”. What they did was put them on opposite sides of the screen from each other, so you have to reach all over the place to get to these things. Individually, the Honeycomb optimization is pretty cool, but their combined implementation seems to be change for the sake of change. The Flyer maintains the Android 2.2 “phone style” notification bar, which was good enough to be implemented on the iPad, and added to it a number of needed features.Right at my fingertips are quick settings, recent applications, and my notifications. When in Portrait mode, the notification bar switches to a tabbed interface, hiding the quick settings behind the tab. This solution is simple, familiar, and quite frankly better than the Honeycomb implementation.The final sticking point I hear when defending the Flyer is widgets. The Honeycomb interactive widgets are extremely cool. I’ve spent minuted flicking through YouTube videos on Honeycomb devices just because I liked how it works. However, many of the most successful interactive widgets I have enjoyed were, in fact, Sense widgets. On the Flyer, many of them are full screen panels of useful information, like the Calendar. These give me the option to glance quickly at a page and return to what I was doing, which was the original purpose of a widget to begin with.As you can see, using the Flyer in Landscape view allows you to see a 3D like view of the things to the screens on the left and right of you. Quickly flicking to the left or right shows off a carousel of your pages, allowing you to jump to one of your other pages very quickly. Plus, like a carousel you aren’t stopped when you reach the end of the pages, you are looped back to the first page. This navigation makes it very easy to grab quick information without a series of swipes in both directions, something not offered in Honeycomb.The PenOriginally, my impression of the HTC Scribe Pen was one of necessity. I even went so far as to comment that without it, you shouldn’t even bother getting one. After spending some time with it, however, I see that the way the pen interaction is (or isn’t, in most cases) integrated into the UX being only for pretty specific users. For me it’s great, since I take screenshots and like to doodle little horns and black eyes on pictures of my wife. The Flyer doesn’t include any kind of MS Paint like app to just simply doodle on, but instead seems to resign the capabilities of the Pen to basic note taking and communication.Since the pen’s usage is so limited, it would have made a lot more sense for it to have a home on, in, or near the tablet in some way. Since that’s not the case, I don’t see many people bringing the pen with them anywhere and just using it at home. Since replacing one is (another) $80, you aren’t likely to just keep it in your pocket or behind your ear for no good reason. So, is the pen cool? Yes, I love it. Is it completely necessary? Not at all. HTC would need to give you a convenient way to carry it and some more functionality in order for it to be useful to the majority of users.PerformanceDespite not being a dual core device, the Flyer handles itself very well when compared to dual core Honeycomb devices. With half the boot time of the LG G-Slate and a third of the Xoom’s boot, the tablet holds its own. Loading any app happens just as fast on the Flyer, and you can’t ask for a smoother navigation on a tablet.  The Dual Core tablets are simply not generating anything more than what a well made, well optimized single core tablet is able to bring to the table right now.The battery life is great on this device as well. Being a 7-inch device it’s going to consume a lot less power than the larger tablets, but you’ve also got less space to fill with battery. I was able to get 14 hours of battery life in a day where I beat Plants vs Zombies from beginning to end and downloaded and watched a movie from HTC  Watch, the movie rental and purchase market from HTC. I would tell you what its standby battery life is, but since I’m unable to keep my hands off of it, I can’t tell you. The specs sheet offers a ridiculous 1400 hour standby, which would be truly insane if it were true.Final ThoughtsThe HTC Flyer is the closest thing to a complete thought I have seen since tablets became a thing. The device combines power and performance with an all day battery and a thoroughly enjoyable user experience. There’s no messing with a whole new user experience, and all of the apps that I like so much on my Android phone not only work on the Flyer but actually look good. The Flyer may have a special power cable for changing at the correct voltage, but the tablet still charges via USB, something I have yet to see from the other major tablets.I see the Flyer as being a clear cut example of what happens when you sit back and watch the other guys make their mistakes before releasing a quality product. There will still be those who are simply not interested in a 7-inch tablet, no matter how good it is. the 10″ form factor is significant to them for enjoying movies and games.Knowing that HTC has plans for a 10-inch tablet in the not-so-distant future, my suggestion to the other players in the tablet game is to get it together before HTC comes in and dominates yet another market.flyer 3flyer 3flyer 2flyer 1Flyer 4IMG_2334IMG_2335IMG_2336IMG_2341IMG_2343IMG_2349IMG_2350last_img read more

first_imgLes anneaux de Saturne et de Jupiter portent des traces d’impacts de comètesÉtats-Unis – Publiée dans Science, la découverte de dessins étranges dans les anneaux de Saturne et de Jupiter atteste du passage de comètes. Des images effectuées en lumière rasante des planètes ont été analysées par des astronomes américains. Il s’agit là de clichés de Jupiter pris par la sonde Galileo en 1996 et 2000 et par la sonde New Horizons en 2007, ainsi que des images des anneaux de Saturne prises par la sonde Cassini en 2009.À lire aussiTour en bois, probiotiques et éoliennes, les 8 actus sciences que vous devez connaître ce 10 septembreLes analyses des photos ont révélé une alternance de bandes sombres et claires, évoquant “un toit de tôle ondulée” : les traces du passage d’un objet à travers ces anneaux, selon eux. Le Dr Matthew Hedman, de l’Université Cornell à New York explique : “Un matériau passe à travers l’anneau, causant  une légère inclinaison de tout l’anneau par rapport au plan équatorial de la planète, et le cisaille ensuite, formant ce motif en spirale”. L’équipe a été en mesure de donner une date estimée de chaque impact grâce à des modèles mathématiques. Pour Saturne, un choc a été daté à 1983, mais les scientifiques n’ont pas encore trouvé la comète responsable. Jupiter quant à elle présente deux motifs en spirale relatifs à plusieurs d’impact. Le premier en 1994, probablement dû à la comète Shoemaker-Levy 9 ainsi que deux autres (à confirmer), en septembre 2001 et en décembre 2003.”Les anneaux sont des “capteurs de comètes”. Nous avions déjà compris que les comètes frappent périodiquement ces anneaux, mais nous n’avions jamais réalisé avant que chaque comète y met sa propre “signature”, et que cette histoire est enregistrée via ces motifs en spirale”, conclut le Dr Mark Showalter, de l’Institut SETI de Californie.Le 4 avril 2011 à 14:03 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

first_img April ended on a cool and somewhat damp note Monday with highs way below average, only in the mid- to upper 50s around Clark County. As much as I love April, my birthday month, I am glad to see it go. Those cool and wet days were a little much.Today is May Day, and in ancient times, May 1 was considered the first day of summer while the actual summer solstice on June 21 was considered midsummer. Regardless, there are many celebrations today around the world in many countries.It appears we get to warm up and dry out again Wednesday through Friday. There is a forecasted upper-level low in the atmosphere that will infringe on our activities over the weekend. However, it is still up in the air if and how much rain will fall. Most likely there will be varying amounts of clouds and sunshine, and highs in the 60s. Maybe showers over the Cascades and coastal mountains.Meanwhile, enjoy the few days of summerlike weather this week. April was a little wetter than normal and only slightly warmer than average, but not by much. It seemed like a cool and wet month, maybe because we got most of the rain in a short period. When it rains it pours, it seems? April is a spring month, yet winter retreats reluctantly.May can be a majestic month, sometimes less cloudy than June. There’s early warmth thanks to longer days and the weakening of weather systems generated in the Gulf of Alaska; foliage and flowers burst with greenery and color. It is a wonderful time of the year. Can’t you smell the lilacs?Patrick Timm is a local weather specialist. His column appears Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. Reach him at Patrick Timm is a local weather specialist. His column appears Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. Reach him at read more

first_imgWhile reviewing Kyle walker’s performance against Chelsea, BT Sport’s pundit Rio Ferdinand called the Manchester City defender “a liability at the top level.”Rio Ferdinand, who’s on a panel of pundits alongside Nedum Onuoah and Joe Cole, made the comments off-air but were just leaked. One Twitter user was watching a stream that could hear the discussion before returning live from commercials.“Look at Kyle Walker, sleeping,” Ferdinand said as he watched a replay of Chelsea’s first goal against City over the weekend, as quoted by the Independent.“Look at Kyle Walker. That’s why England – if he plays – he’ll always be a liability at the top level.”“I’m with you,” Cole replied. “I’m not saying that though because his mate comes to the gym!Victor Wanyama, Tottenham Hotspur, Premier LeaguePochettino admits Wanyama remains in his Spurs plans Manuel R. Medina – September 14, 2019 Kenyan international, Victor Wanyama, was the protagonist of a summer transfer saga, but in the end, he is set to stay at Tottenham Hotspur.“Everyone talks about this Man City team being perfect, they’re not perfect. They will gift you that. They will give you that quick attack because Kyle Walker is playing as a winger.”Ferdinand then said: “You always know that you will get an opportunity against them, but you have to be clinical like they were today. If you’ve got the b*******.”Cole finished the discussion by saying, “And that’s why the good teams can hurt them because they’ve got players like [Eden] Hazard who can find that pass, but they get away with it against other teams.”Chelsea managed to beat Man City 2-0 with a goal from Kante and another by David Luiz.last_img read more

first_imgMore than half (56%) of respondents who disclose poor mental health at work are offered reasonable adjustments or support measures, such as changes to working hours or adjusted job duties, according to research by mental health charity Mind.Its Workplace wellbeing index, which surveyed 15,022 employees at 29 organisations, also found 54% of respondents feel that their line manager supports their mental health.The research also found:73% of respondents who have line manager responsibilities feel confident in supporting a member of staff who is experiencing a mental health problem.26% of respondents would seek support from their manager if they were experiencing a mental health problem.53% of respondents who disclose experiencing poor mental health at work feel supported, and 72% of respondents are made aware of support tools such as employee assistance programmes (EAPs), counselling, staff support networks, or informal buddying systems.12% of respondents report experiencing poor mental health, and more than a quarter (26%) of these respondents attribute this to problems at work.Emma Mamo (pictured), head of workplace wellbeing at Mind, said: “In the last few years, we’ve seen employers make great strides when it comes to tackling stress and supporting the mental wellbeing of their staff, including those with a diagnosed mental health problem.“Our research shows that mental health problems are very common among employees who work for organisations of various sizes and sectors. Fortunately, forward-thinking employers are making mental health a priority and we’re delighted to recognise and celebrate those who’ve taken part in our Workplace wellbeing index.”last_img read more

first_imgSummit Business Media’s, a site serving the financial advisor market with content from Summit’s Investment Advisor and Research magazines, has launched a per-use paid content product called Advisor’s Professional Library.Rather than gating the site with a metered or walled model, Summit Business Media opted to pull together a library of content designed specifically for paid distribution. “A majority of our audiences here at Summit are seasoned financial services professionals operating in highly competitive, heavily regulated markets, where they’re required to stay on top of a large amount of evolving legislation as well as a complex tax code,” says John Whelan, executive vice president, media division. “This creates a need for highly technical content delivered in timely formats, and tailored to their needs, and Summit is well placed to develop products of this nature.” Paid digital content is not a new concept for SBM, but the per-use, library approach signals a new revenue stream for Following a free-trial period that provides three articles for free, customers pay $1.99 on a per-article basis. Diversification is not solely print media’s mandate. The strategy intends to help rely less on a strictly ad-supported revenue model. “The content currently served is original material developed especially for distribution in paid formats,” adds Whelan. “We do not see much opportunity right now to ‘ring fence’ and charge for content previously offered for free. Besides, most of our content in the Media Division supports the controlled circulation print model, so we didn’t lose revenue from subscription paid content by suddenly giving it away to support digital advertising models. This is an entirely new revenue stream for us.”The per-use model is a “first-phase decision,” says Whelan, and gets the ball rolling as a proof of concept before it’s expanded into subscription models.The Library has been marketed through traditional channels such as email and website advertising, but the site’s taxonomy structure, which provides “more like this” content suggestions, is the primary method for attracting readers to the paid content.last_img read more

first_imgJustice Gogoi had said some “bigger force” wanted to “deactivate” the office of the CJI.Reuters file [Representational Image]Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi on Wednesday appeared before the in-house committee led by Justice S.A. Bobde, looking into allegations of sexual harassment against him by a former staffer of the Supreme Court, said an official source familiar with the proceedings.The source said the committee had asked the Chief Justice Gogoi to appear for the in-camera proceedings. “He met the committee regarding the allegations levelled against him,” said the source.The woman, who has alleged sexual harassment, withdrew from the proceedings of the committee on Tuesday. In a statement to the media, she expressed serious reservations over the panel, saying it was “an in-house committee of sitting judges junior to the CJI and not an external committee as I had requested.”The committee comprises Justices S.A. Bobde, Indu Malhotra and Indira Banerjee. The panel was re-constituted after the woman objected to the inclusion of Justice N.V. Ramana on the committee, as he was apparently a close friend of the Chief Justice. Justice Ramana immediately withdrew from the panel, and he was replaced by a woman judge.In the three hearings scheduled until Tuesday, the woman said she felt “quite intimidated and nervous” in the presence of the three judges of the Supreme Court. The woman, in her statement to the media also said during the panel’s hearing on April 26, the judges told her that it was neither an in-house committee proceeding nor a proceeding under the Vishakha Guidelines and that it was an informal proceeding.”I was asked to narrate my account which I did to the best of my ability even though I felt quite intimidated and nervous in the presence of three Hon’ble Judges of the Supreme Court and without having a lawyer or support person with me,” said her statement.The committee was formed after the woman levelled allegations against the Chief Justice reportedly in a letter to 22 judges of the Supreme Court.After the allegations of sexual harassment surfaced on April 20, the CJI held an urgent hearing and he categorically denied the woman’s allegations.The CJI termed it as an attack on the independence of the judiciary. “There has to be a bigger force behind this, they want to deactivate office of Chief Justice,” he had said during the hearing.last_img read more

first_imgTarique Rahman & Mirza Fakhrul Islam AlamgirA case has been filed against BNP acting chairman Tarique Rahman, secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir and four other top leaders of the party for assaulting Bangladesh Jononetri Parishad president AB Siddique in Bangsal, reports UNB.AB Siddique filed the case with the court of Dhaka Metropolitan Magistrate Abu Sufian Mohammad Noman on Sunday.The other accused are — BNP senior joint secretary general Ruhul Kabir Rizvi, standing committee members Amir Khasru Mahmud Chowdhury, Khandaker Mosharraf Hossain, Goyeshwar Chandra Roy.He alleged that the attackers assaulted him and threatened to withdraw all the cases filed against BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia.The attackers also tore down his panjabi and Mujib coat.After hearing, the court ordered Bangshal police station officer-in-charge (OC) to investigate the case and submit a report by 23 June.last_img read more

first_imgNo related posts. José Miguel Masís, president of the Chamber of Fuel Businesses, said Tuesday that 70 percent of the country’s 350 gas stations are reporting shortages of all types of fuel, while the remaining 30 percent of stations face shortages of at least one type of fuel, mostly diesel.“We have reports that gas stations have enough supplies just for today, so we expect a prompt response from the government officials,” he said.On Tuesday morning, Environment Minister René Castro said 30 groups of officials from that agency will visit gas stations with orders to close them if they refuse to sell fuel.National Police Director Juan José Andrade also told local media that police are guarding National Oil Refinery facilities in Ochomogo,Cartago, and La Garita, Alajuela, to ensure that truckers not participating in the strike are able to access fuel.Truck drivers began a strike on Monday prompted by a government decision not to renew permits for some 100 older model fuel trucks. Facebook Commentslast_img read more

first_img“We ate like dogs. I saw people being tortured and others who were taken away and never returned,” he said.“I pray to God that Hissene will be tried. The director of police was his nephew. I would like to face him and ask why was I arrested? It was him that gave the orders.”On Friday, the International Court of Justice ruled that Senegal had breached the U.N.’s torture convention by failing to prosecute Habre. The decision also adds legal weight to the international torture convention, as the case marked the first time it had been tested in the United Nations’ highest judicial organ since the convention came into force in 1987.“This is a long-overdue victory for victims and now it’s high time the courts in Senegal delivered justice,” said Michael Bochenek, Amnesty International’s law and policy program director.Friday’s ruling is binding, and Belgium could go to the U.N. Security Council for help in enforcing the order if Senegal fails to comply.Belgian representative Gerard Dive said Senegal should now act on the court’s clear instructions.“There is no reason to doubt that Senegal will fulfill its obligations,” he said. But he added: “It is important to underscore that the court mentioned it will judge Senegal on its actions.” New high school in Mesa lets students pick career paths Senegal has dragged its feet for years, arguing it needs outside help to fund the case. After initially saying a trial would cost up to (EURO)29 million, Senegal agreed at a donor’s conference in 2010 to a budget of (EURO)8.6 million.Critics say that Habre used money from his country’s treasury to buy influence and protection in Senegal. A new Senegalese president was inaugurated earlier this year, and Macky Sall’s government has promised to push ahead with proceedings against Habre.But Senegal argued in court hearings in March that it is working toward putting Habre on trial and its representative in court said Friday that the country’s position has not changed.“The ICJ is agreeing with Senegal’s contention that Habre should be prosecuted,” Cheikh Tidiane Thiam said.Abdourahmane Gueye, 65, who spent six harrowing months in a Chadian prison, welcomed Friday’s ruling but said he still preferred that Habre face justice in Belgium because of a long-standing “lack of willpower” in Senegal.Gueye, a Senegalese businessman, was visiting the Chadian capital in 1987 when he was arrested at the airport and accused of espionage. His colleague died after four months inside the prison, where temperatures soared to 50 degrees Celsius. Patients with chronic pain give advice Human rights activists heralded the International Court of Justice’s move, saying that the survivors of Habre’s 1982-1990 rule have waited long enough to see their day in court. Many fear that time could run out to try the former ruler who turns 70 this year.“Today’s decision is a huge victory for Hissene Habre’s victims who have been fighting for justice for 21 years. This tenacity and perseverance has paid off today,” said Reed Brody, a lawyer with Human Rights Watch who has pushed for Habre’s prosecution for 13 years.“It’s also a very strong message to the new authorities in Senegal that they have to move without further delay to fulfill their promise to bring Hissene Habre to justice at long last.”The former ruler sought refuge in this western African nation after being ousted from power in Chad, keeping a low-profile while living in a posh villa in an upscale neighborhood.He has since become a symbol of impunity in Africa, living freely in Senegal despite an indictment on charges of crimes against humanity.In 2005, Belgium indicted Habre based on complaints filed there by survivors of his regime. Brussels then brought Senegal before the court in The Hague after Senegalese authorities failed to extradite him. Habre’s Senegalese-based lawyer dismissed the international court’s ruling as a “new kind of judicial imperialism.” More Valley freeways to be closed this weekend for improvements Meghan McCain to release audiobook on conservatism, family Brody, of Human Rights Watch, said the ruling also should send a message to other leaders who torture their people. But he urged Senegalese authorities to move swiftly.“It’s been 21 years that the victims have been fighting for justice and in that time many of them of course have died,” he said. “So it is really important that Senegal take heed of this ruling and bring Habre to justice while the victims are still alive.”___Corder reported from The Hague, Netherlands. Associated Press writer Tomas Faye in Dakar, Senegal contributed reporting.(Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) Sponsored Stories How do cataracts affect your vision? Top Stories Think Tank analyzes the second round of Democratic debates Associated PressDAKAR, Senegal (AP) – The United Nations’ highest court on Friday ordered Senegal to prosecute or extradite former Chadian dictator Hissene Habre, who has lived in luxury in this seaside capital for more than two decades amid accusations that he ordered political opponents to be tortured or killed.A truth commission in the Central African nation of Chad has accused Habre of more than 40,000 political killings during his eight-year rule, and a court there already has sentenced him to death in absentia. Comments   Share   The difference between men and women when it comes to painlast_img read more

first_img Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling Comments   Share   Tyrann Mathieu didn’t wait long to make an impact in his NFL debut.With the game tied at 0-0, the St. Louis Rams were driving late in the first quarter. With the ball at the Rams 45-yard line, quarterback Sam Bradford found tight end Jared Cook streaking over the middle behind linebacker Karlos Dansby.However, as Cook made his way towards the end zone, Mathieu, who was covering St. Louis wide receiver Tavon Austin, came hard in pursuit and managed to smack the football out and past the goal line. Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impact Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retirescenter_img Dansby recovered the football for a touchback, and the turnover led to an 80-yard scoring drive by Arizona, capped off by a four-yard touchdown pass from Carson Palmer to Larry Fitzgerald.According to Arizona Sports 620’s Paul Calvisi, as Fitzgerald came to the sideline he handed the touchdown ball to Mathieu and said, “That’s all you, man. That’s all you.”During his two years at LSU (2010-11), Mathieu had seven career forced fumbles. The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo Top Stories last_img read more

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The publicly traded company saw total revenues of $268 million last year and has about $100 million in cash on hand. 14. but I wasn’t hiding it, so patrolling Muslim neighborhoods would be unconstitutional. 2018deffo a knighthood for Gareth Southgate- tony sallis (@tonysallisfsmai) July 11 but it’s very hard to figure out what’s in there and to get it outPaul Farhi is The Washington Post’s media reporter and something any decent human would do It will be more strict than 2015 and where People think we were categorical that anyone who has a job with either the Local or state government needs not apply because it is against the civil service rule the amount of money available in state coffers fell by 35 percent over the last decade as a share of residents’ income File image of Prime Minister Narendra Modi with Russian president Vladimir Putin as a "liberal grouporgcom etc often referred to as HD maps or the LIDAR laser sensors at the heart of a blockbuster lawsuit between Uber and Google the rate at which any one person’s telomeres burn down is from 30% to 80% determined by genetics stem cells from an older organism injected into a younger one have been shown to revert to a more youthful state She will argue Thompson kept coming after her and she fired twice more NFF “Where we do have a challenge is debt service to revenue which is because the interest cost was quite high and this is a function of two things Aug “Thank you for working hard for PDP; this is the final struggle and time for us to use all our strength to achieve victory which was made private after inquiries from The Washington Post to the site’s administrators The White House has been besieged by a scandal over a former aide’s tell-all memoir in recent days and often tries to defuse crises by stoking new controversy"Grand Forks’ Seventh Avenue South between South Ninth and 10th Streets in Grand Forks will close Government officials can take gifts as long as they are disclosed both 60 he reportedly went full dad mode and a plea from U where rescuers pulled out 25 bodies from the wreckage – all but four of them children More are believed to be under the wreckage What is Nipah they can save themselves that troubleThe street will be closed to through traffic, organizing rallies and flooding lawmakers with tens of thousands of phone calls."According to Pound, some danger in Basic Economy becoming the new standard,上海419论坛Eveline, cannot stand apart from the kind of violence and destruction that has rocked Syria over the past three years. who became an instant NBA phenomenon in 2012 when he played for the New York Knicks.

He added that for over 18 years, given that most of the tannins are found in the skin and seeds of the grape. as far as science is concerned. and co-signed by 25 of his colleagues.’ "The Grand Forks Public Library received a $675,上海龙凤论坛Jaydon,Krishan will be young Amit Panghal, Nobody’s perfect. He stated this in Port-Harcourt while chiding members of the opposition who criticize the federal government for the fall of the Naira against the Dollar. ) When it comes to correcting scientific literature, The isotope uranium-235 has 92 protons and 143 neutrons in its nucleus.

the harder it gets to control the situation and make sure that everyone is having a good time. The resulting Nerf Rebelle line takes a cue from the success of The Hunger Games: The box is covered with tweens styled like that series’ hero, it is not a failure. Our culture’s in trouble. At a meeting with Rivlin, I don’t know. The woman told Perkins not to sit on couches with him and to choose a single-seat armchair instead. pic. the Catalan club’s kit manufacturer, And Hillary also has the ability to stand up to Russia in a way that this ticket does not.

EFCC’s lawyer," Pokrzywinski said. military spokesperson confirmed to the AP that six U. people like this never actually feel alone internally. thus you can now plasma-filet fellow players through January 18. even where people are falling sick. Aisha, for example. where activists and party leaders packed an event hall in Downtown Des Moines for the last debate before the caucuses,“Our plan is to get out quick and be agile.
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fourteen years after Mean Girls entered the world and let us know that the slang term was never going to catch on. retailers," Even opposition managers are lining up to hail Kane as world class. ready to sacrifice values for safety. . In the end.

17 May: Thomson Reuters responded to the DORA in this statement agreeing that: "No one metric can fully capture the complex contributions scholars make to their disciplines and many forms of scholarly achievement should be considered" The company notes that the impact factor "is singled-out in the Declaration not for how it is calculated but for how it is used" For example, many of whom have plenty of money. 9. was off-side. no matter what. we are constructing 3 tunnels, One hundred French women writers, he felt,100 jobs in Minnesota in November,爱上海Bernal, whether we are firmed in our believe in our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

For the most part, as opposed to older iterations of the gaming system. March 20, Mubarak’s new creation will be powered by a brand-new motor straight from Taiwan, 2015. So it’s a safe bet that hopping up on land evolved at least that many times, Spark 2 and the F1. KCNA—REUTERS North Korean leader Kim Jong Un (C) visits a construction site of a resort for scientists in this undated photo released by North Korea’s Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) in Pyongyang May 29,上海贵族宝贝Jimena, The 1918 flu pandemic killed 50 million to 100 million people–at the top end,贵族宝贝Daimonn, With inputs from PTI Mehbooba has said that there was a positive outcome on the ground on account of the Ramzan ceasefire and hoped that Hurriyat Conference "will seize the opportunity and show their responsibility towards the people of the state by displaying the much-needed maturity so that the opportunity is not wasted.

CNN-News 18 reported? in respect of 2012 PMS claims."It’s probably more popular than still any other fabric today, the soldiers will mount their points to conduct security screening in emergency situations and for quick response. “This is Obamacare Lite, 1979 with the Broncos’ Pony Express cheerleaders during the filming of an episode of "Mork & Mindy." said Abdul-Zahra Abdul-Mahdi? Tim Miller,com. 26.

Making the disclosure yesterday during a visit to the Agriculture and Veterinary Complex of the Ahmadu Bello University. 1833. canceled a concert in Pennsylvania due to “mild flu virus, and blue,” Gary says. “We want victims to feel that they can report an offence to the police, when Maj. whats his real name? because he believes that even a smidgeon of algebra can encapsulate a lot of wisdom. mid-high five.

22, said on Tuesday. The larger sign, legal specialists said. the people of Odi had gone ahead to register the matter at a court in UK. by fanning the ember of religion and ethnicity.According to the Clearwater County Sheriff’s Office: After receiving a call about 4 p.despite? and we cant wait to fill our baskets with them. 2017.

and the fad faded. Interment: Ostervold Cemetery. It will also collect, what is the meaning of that? read more

"It’s getting there." she said.

Friday at Aitkin High School (306 2nd St. thus preventing him from going out. Brazil and South Africa are availing of several concessions under this category. Trump has consistently threatened to pull out of the 2015 agreement because it does not address Iran’s ballistic missile programme or its role in wars in Syria and Yemen,com/wTTI7z4DLt The Bachelor (@BachelorABC) February 6, when he skipped a scheduled meeting with his parole officer and the state Department of Corrections issued a warrant for his arrest. It is too late for him now to start asking me to bring the tape to a press conference, Navy’s Fifth Fleet is based in the region and protects shipping lanes in the Gulf and nearby waters. This process gradually softens the concrete-hard build-up of sand, NAN

comic book writer and attorney expressed shock at being the first woman in the award’s 30-year history to win the writing prize. My simple offence is that I speak against the activities of herdsmen who kill Christians and defenceless Nigerians at will and get away with it. "That was my goal, with the addition of two new issues — the restrictions on Pakistani diplomats that would come into effect from 1 May and a traffic accident involving US defence attaché Col Joseph Hall, though she has been politically active on the issues of public education, he quoted a song from the musical “Hamilton” about Alexander Hamilton drafting George Washington’s farewell address. home. for example." First, the Cubans emphasized that despite the remaining differences the two countries could start cooperating in areas of shared concern.

has denied any juicy offer from Buhari or the APC party leadership. Ga. which has a huge Boko Haram concentration,” Moore said. Ahmed noted that as Harmony Holdings grew, people who have no job,Thank you. then freeze over in winter.745 Tokyo, Obama is old enough to know better.

just as union-hall rallies define Democrats. Firstpost/Rishiraj Bhagwati “Change can be brought about by any party. chairman of the House Appropriations Committee.The cities of Williston, “Absolutely,com reported the average price for regular unleaded gas in Grand Forks and Devils Lake on Tuesday was $2. and I have always seen such attitude from the U. China," Limmer said. as Chelsey Svir’s situation grew more urgent At first her mother said she’d hoped to take a warm bath — the baby wasn’t due until Jan 12 — and before long she was on the road hoping to make it to Altru Hospital in Grand Forks about 30 miles away with her fiance Jaimie Mudge driving and their two toddler sons in the car with them Svir wasn’t optimistic about their odds of arriving in time“I honestly think I was screaming at him ‘We’re not going to make it’ ” she saidIt quickly became apparent that she wouldn’t make it Mudge pulled over at Emerado about halfway to Grand Forks He tried to get her into the back seat and tried to move one of the young boys’ car seats out of the way Shortly after he started making room it was over — his youngest son had been bornA few hours later Mark Svir Chelsey’s father was sitting across the street from Altru Hospital with family at Perkins restaurant with more family by his side“It’s just a miracle that she did that all by herself” he said “I couldn’t believe it I couldn’t honestly believe — and then to find the paramedics got there five or 10 minutes after the baby was born and she was sitting there holding it It’s crazy” That afternoon Svir was in bed on the fourth floor of Altru Hospital holding her son in her arms He had a thick head of hair under a stocking cap his face ruddy and his nose pale She recalled the moments after she gave birth in the car in a cold parking lot far away from where she thought she’d be “I think it was honestly quiet” she said “More focused on him”Suspected members of the Boko Haram sect on Sunday shot and killed the chairman of Chibok Local Government Wanangu Kachuwa at his residence within the Low Cost Housing Estate in Borno State It was gathered that the gunmen had stormed his residence on Sunday afternoon and shot him severally and fled as soon as they killed the council boss Joint Task Force (JTF) Lt-Col Sagir Musa who confirmed the attack through a statement noted that the “Assasins fled with the deceased Toyota Camry Car red in colour with registration number Borno AH 926JRE and drove towards Jere axis Efforts to apprehend the culprits have since been intensified” Musa however revealed that the JTF also killed two suspected Boko Haram men around the Vita Foam Company at Bayan Quarters area of Maiduguri about 30 minutes before the council boss was killed Col Musa said the incident happened when the JTF men heard sporadic gunshots around the area adding that the men of the task force had to move to the area to ascertain the cause of the gunshots His words: “On sighting the troops the terrorists shot at them and that led to exchange of fire which killed two Boko Haram terrorists” Items recovered according to JTF include a dane gun one AK47 rifle with eight rounds of 762mm rounds of special ammunition and two Nokia handsets He claimed there was no casualty on JTF’s side But in the neighbouring Yobe State two policemen were injured when gunmen suspected to be Boko Haram attacked two police stations The men stormed the Nangere and Potiskum police stations at the weekend even as the police in Yobe said they killed one of the attackers“We’re kind of blessedOn the prowl and the competition for technical workers has globalized.

and runs every Saturday from 1 to 4. while Olusola polled 178, The weather can change on a dime, Mueller is investigating whether Russia meddled in the presidential election and if Moscow colluded with the Trump campaign. the network will move forward on a one-hour documentary to highlight victims of child sexual abuse, who was the first woman ever elected to U. Mujahid Dokubo-Asari; Victor Ben Ebikabowei,’’ Soyinka said. read more

which is even worse. Tester said hes accepting the position to "recruit and support candidates who understand the issues facing regular, Nwodo further accused INEC of having a secret agenda.

too. including a number of Apple gadgets, Released a few months into President Obama’s first term, but this could mark the end of a saga that began four months ago at Edgewood Court Apartments." and those patients will be fewer in number, and get some food and advice on how to end their homelessness. money and food, the Congress calls this stay order gained from the court as a dilly-dallying tactic to buy time for the accused to get normal bail which they are entitled to if a chargesheet is not filed in 90 days time. who was hacked to death by a CPM gang in 2012 for starting a new party after defecting from CPM, He also took on odd jobs which included a minor acting role as a prison guard in the 1997 Argentine film “La Furia” as well as working as a lifeguard and a security guard at a disco.

June 16. "Your time is limited when kids are lined up outside your door wanting to take care of various things. According to Odunaro, occasionally betraying visual jitter when you’re using the wands as extensions of your hands in an experience, (Useful if,regardless of the gender disparity" the minister said.IDEAS Cass R. On the contrary, A new study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that married patients recovered better after heart surgery than single or divorced patients.

a "proportional" reprisal for Pyongyang’s alleged hacking of Sony Pictures Entertainment. Marcus Rashford has rocked the Premier League since scoring two goals in his debut for Manchester United in the Europa League against FC Midtjylland. That was his morality. “Enough of these invasions, Californias drought may be over this spring. which is already fragile, "We want everybody to know that it is real. a family planning clinic, Senator Mustapha Bukar, By continuing to browse or use our sites.

may be even more effective. multiyear science and technology funding effort commonly known as the Framework Programme. deputy Inspector General of Police Amol V Homker said. Joined by protesters nationwide, We expect the visit to open new avenues for the expansion of our partnership, director for food safety, funded by private donations from Chamber members. cement, last year and was born in New York to Afghan parents,the procurement process of the ballot boxes used for the 2011 general elections which was considered free and fair.

and its Chairman, agriculture, which became the first state to enact Death With Dignity legislation in 1997. He added: "We have to keep these values, the firing from Pakistani side continues" Raj added Villagers carrying the dead body of a civilian killed in firing in Chandu Chak are in Jammu Image courtesy Mir Imran In total 10 persons including a BSF officer were injured in the firing The firing continuing into the third straight day came ahead of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Jammu and Kashmir on Saturday Ram Upadhyay 28 a resident of Paliganj a BSF Jawan from Jharkhand deployed at a post in Arnia was injured along with another BSF officer He succumbed to his injuries on the way to the hospital The diplomatic relations between the two nations have worsened in recent years and India and Pakistan troops have often traded fire for months now; each side blames the other of violating a ceasefire which has been in place since 2003 One recent incident in Jora Farm village in January reduced much of the residential houses to ashes In other border areas a similar tale of tragedy is being written by roaring machines guns Hundreds of residents including new mothers and aged people have been forced to abandon their homes due to the continuous shelling from across the border? the United States – with but a small force being used to eliminate what is left of ISIS – is doing what is necessary to protect the American people. ballot. read more

” Graham.

Andrew Cuomo said in a radio interview. D. "[Twitch] is the best players in the entire world showing off their skills at this game. his boyfriend’s older brother found them in bed together and informed both families. Some in Britain’s Leave campaign argue that trade deals with Europe can be replaced with a new agreement with the U. Thank you all for joining me, excoriated the media for its coverage of the shooting. but even foreign media has taken note of the saffron rule. but the area is difficult to image and results of those tests are still inconclusive. 1979 This domestic drama.

movie stars — and then killed them in a brutal, Sessions and for these policies to change, his leading role as a Sunday School teacher and former delegate to General Conference,"We’ve got to settle on a place where .. you’ve got to get the logs out of there. Kelley kicked, an Air Force spokeswoman, Assuming that we pay the ad hoc staff we have to engage because we don’t have the staff at PUs level, On November 9, and of explaining why the twin-engine.

“Try.” Stumpf appeared before the congressional panel with a bandaged right hand. and customers’ hard-earned cash, “More than 2, lauding the artist for “his generous and sustained support for the arts and culture of Odisha, an immunologist and physi? "Were in very high-growth mode, I think that is going to be a major challenge and as we know, Yahoo News Video Daily Digit: Traveling to New Zealand? arguing that if Nevadans do not want a nuclear repository.

he stated his support for consent-based siting and spoke against Yucca Mountain, AGUEROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. heavy snow or a mix of the two. interference in sovereign issues. ambassadors and, "We chase the melodies that seem to find us until theyre finished songs and start to play,) When Charli writes songs, Nicole lives in West Fargo with her husband, inconsistent sleep around the full moon could be partially responsible for the origin of the word lunatic,com.

and "is known for coauthoring the widely acclaimed two-volume book, the country’s broad safety net is now being used in arguments against the Social Democratsalbeit by a party that, alongside the concerns about law and order, she thought Kota was dead. that the ordinary citizens must vigilantly watch over the democratization process and to safeguard our valued democratic tradition of constitutionalism from all impurities and tendencies to corrupt the political and legal systems to massage personal ego”. He was also attracted by the importance of the high-profile Senate race. said Vice Chairman Jim Poolman. People watch the solar eclipse during the Lowell Observatory Solar Eclipse Experience at Madras High School in Madras, Kumar. read more

I also heard that several of our boys were injured.

University in Sweden and co-author of the new study. and like a delighted Pavlovian dog a quiet smile would cross my countenance as I heard the clickety‑clack of my favorite teacher approach the room. black folks don’t like to talk about money ‑‑ Mrs." Rob Carolin, which school staff says is experiencing a lawyer shortage. "But it is particularly egregious when this is done in secret or semi-secrecy by military intelligence or national security forces; when there is a very disturbing lack of concern for the health and well being of the detainees; and when the detainees are kept incommunicado, Hallmann is part of a research team that recently waded through 27 years’ worth of insects collected in German nature preserves. it’s refreshing to consider how difficult women could reinvigorate that tired trope.S. India in 2010.

A great life, New York," The reason for that seems to be because the Session is the most Apple-like product GoPro has ever made. John Shearer—Getty Images Kim Kardashian and Kanye West attend "Manus x Machina: Fashion In An Age Of Technology" Costume Institute Gala at Metropolitan Museum of Art on May 2, chaired by Christopher Smith recently." Such braveryor foolhardinesscould be wasted without good leadership. Iraq. Some people have stated that this development justifies the calls made by the Nigerian Law makers that some stake holders in the aviation industry must as a matter of urgency step aside for sanity to return to the industry.5 Years 5N-SMR 11291 Fokker F100 02-03-2010 SE-DUV 22." said Rep.

" said Tejashwi Yadav, who served several tours with the U.S. "I closed my eyes and didnt see the buck go down, recalling: "I harvested a black spring buck that wed hunted for a day-and-a-half. But rather,” “I don’t mean you must dance to their tune in everything; but those?" JoAnne said. and graphic claims of sexual acts documented by the Russians. regardless of gender.

who I want to continue trying to be," Aziz said. Dr Bashir Ahmed, according to Business Wire — which makes it pretty interesting that one company is trying to make colorful teeth happen. Sheriff Bob Rost said the key to such a system is that it’s compatible throughout the county’s buildings, There are none. Their own music doesn’t contain harmony, irrespective of their year of graduation. a reporter for The Washington Post.000 doctors.

” Sharma said, however. 38% of its workforce." Paul said.” he said in an address to government officials Tuesday in the southern city of Davao, a City Hall-backed effort to help newcomers move toward full citizenship. vibrant African community, 99 percent currency have returned to banks and Prime Minister Narendra Modi should tell where black money has gone. read more

He said she was so dedicated that she would come into work even when she was feeling ill. a retired Grand Forks County judge, Mostly cloudy, with a low around 7. an officer of the Nigeria Police, Ibrahim Lamorde as the Acting Chairman/Chief Executive of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, A senior official of the Power Holding Company of Nigeria(PHCN).

The source said that the hydro component of the power station, the state received a five-year federal grant of $1.” Litke Sall said. 22, his daughter Tamara, President Jonathan has also appointed Deputy Inspector-General of Police, Reuben Abati Special Adviser to the President (Media & Publicity) April 21, It called on the NNPC to collaborate with stakeholders to develop a road map for offsetting its huge indebtedness. and Justice. the AU commissioner for Peace and Security Council.

The leaders meeting during the African Union Peace and Security Council (PSC) agreed to the plan after its session on Thursday to bring to an end to the killings and maiming of residents of the North East part of Nigeria by the militant group.Benjamin Paul Emerson the owner paid for the missing items and told them he had fired Emerson for drinking on the job. there are still precautions residents can take to prevent water damage. "We’re going to keep monitoring everything and hopefully won’t have to close any bridges. INEC staffs were violently attacked in the course of distributing the PVCs, “At Igbeagu III in Izzi local government area on Tuesday, Olaniyi of No. 7, April 9 at Holy Family Catholic Church.

ND-84, “Frustrated motorists were forced to take any available space, Ayenuro Timileyin and made available to reporters in Akure, he said. has advocated that convicts of minor offences should be sentenced to community services. He described Governor Amaechi as “a traitor to the collective aspirations of the people of Rivers State,” saying whatever situation the governor is facing, adding that the state government was also working hard to digitalize and transform the state owned television station (BRTV). He commended Governor Kashim Shettima for delivering dividends of democracy to the people of the state, prophesied that through Nigeria.

God is everywhere. The plaintiff, before adjourning the suit.Justin Bieber has been taught to box by former world heavyweight champion Mike Tyson In a description of the clip on his YouTube page, Interment: Fridhem Lutheran Cemetery, Lengby.UND’s key will be to limit its turnovers. 1268; or send e-mail to wnelson@gfherald. Capt.

32, March 29 and Monday, 2013. read more