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love Shanghai wide update when many site is down right and be K, which is down right or be part of a K webmaster can not accept the fact, because they think I have taken the establishment means are regular, never cheat any, why my site will be K? Let us look in an article I had seen in A5 in figure

webmaster tools to check the keywords diet pills, we found that the density of the keyword density in the page is five point six percent, meet the keyword density requirements, but we are in the next read more

, founder of the New Oriental also admitted that, after the New Oriental roller coaster shares landslide, and organizational assessment system and the transformation of the relevant issues. At that time, New Oriental landslide occurred, the stock slipped to a low of 18 U.S. dollars a share, revenue fell from 20% to 12%, profits fell by 8%.

, but since then, New Oriental changed the organizational assessment ideas, no longer simply through the KPI to assess performance, "New Oriental now the assessment mechanism, popular saying is" butt decided head". We no longer ask principals and administrators to generate revenue and profits, but instead to check that you are doing the right thing – if you do the right thing, income and profits are natural results." read more

A5 ( station network December 2nd news, on the evening of December 1st A5 domain name auction, total shoot node domain 20, of which four digital with 330 thousand of the highest yesterday results beat the price of the transaction, and respectively to 160 thousand and 65 thousand of the price of shoot node.

A5 auction submission information:

The following types of domain name registration

temporarily accept: 2-5 digital com, 1-4, 1-3 digital cn/net digital cc/, 2-4 com/net, 1-3 cc/, letter of alphabet letters CN, 1-4, com or single spell boutique Larry cn. Pack individually or in bulk, read more

restaurant franchise brands, how can we choose to fit their own projects? Many novice investors are a headache, if you want to learn more skills can choose a lot of learning skills, as soon as possible to find the right project, a look at it.

to analysis from a professional point of view, the choice of food franchise brand should be considered from the following three aspects:

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according to the provincial meteorological observatory forecast, August 17th to 19, the province will appear precipitation weather process, the early emergence of high temperature and hot weather is expected to end.

forecast, 17 days to 19 days, Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, the southern Golog Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture for the cloudy weather, the rest of the province for showers or thunderstorms, rainfall mainly concentrated in the night of 17 to 18 at night, Xining City Haidong City, Haibei Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Qilian have moderate rain, mutual aid County, Gangcha County, Menyuan Hui Autonomous County, Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County, Tu Autonomous County in heavy rain. Local weather will be accompanied by short-term heavy rainfall, lightning, hail and other severe convective weather. The 20 day, the day to night, in addition to the Haixi Mongolian Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in central and southern Prefecture of, there will be showers or thunderstorms in most areas of the province. 21, there will be showers or thunderstorms during the day to night, Haibei Haixi Prefecture and the northwestern part of the Tanggula Mountain area, including Qilian County, heavy rain, the rest of the province for the sunny or cloudy weather. read more

Around Qinghai and Gansu Province at the junction of the revitalization and peace project, the province will implement the six major tasks, to promote the Qinghai and Gansu, Sichuan, the junction of transportation construction and development. Reporter recently learned from the Provincial Department of transportation, with the "complete and planning area of Qinghai province and Gansu Sichuan at the junction of highway traffic development planning" in the 7 counties of the specific implementation of the follow-up gradually, traffic development in our province and Gansu Sichuan outline clear blueprint for the future.

– the flow of external transport channels in accordance with the building construction Silk Road Economic Belt, promoting the national highway construction, including through Xining Tongren – Chengdu, Delingha – Maqin Barkam Chengdu 2 provincial transportation channels, strengthen the area and the eastern city group, Hercynian cycle of Chengdu Plain Economic Zone, Economic Zone Transportation links etc..

– perfect trunk road network to upgrade and improve the level of technology in highway, provincial, county road bottleneck elimination. Including the dragon, banma to Dawu to banma such as highway construction, the main trunk highway construction scale of 1654 km.

– promote the construction of rural roads, including the implementation of the resettlement of township administrative villages, to the agricultural and pastoral areas of smooth highway engineering construction scale of 12480 km.

– drive passenger and freight transport station construction on the existing building for a long time, the old county passenger station facilities transformation, including the transformation of the passenger station 5, the construction of township level passenger station 44, car pass test (bus stop and waiting hall) 337.

will also strive to enhance the level of transport services and improve the management level of highway maintenance, fully open the green Gansu Sichuan traffic network.  
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entrepreneurial opportunities to get rich a lot, but the clothing industry has always been the first choice, it is profitable, the return of funds is also fast, many entrepreneurs are optimistic about. So what needs to be done to prepare the shop, we have to look at the following!

The primary problem of

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clothing industry has always been more entrepreneurs are more concerned about the direction of investment, but in the face of the current variety of clothing to join the project, the specific kind of clothing store to do better to make money? Now there is a market for lovers clothing, open a couple of clothing stores is a good choice to get rich.

lovers clothing franchise business skills one: shop marketing, everything must be around the "love" word.

some of the details can not be ignored, the shop light should be bright, goods display to be neat, floor windows regularly clean, damaged items should be repaired in time, these small details will give consumers a comfortable shopping environment. read more

said that education, I believe that many parents have a headache. The child’s good education has always been very important, good habits, is the best hope for parents. So, how about education? The brand of education, popular choice.

2005.155pp education fee how much money? Only a few million yuan jiamengfei can enter the ranks of rich. The modern man is inexhaustible desire for knowledge, 2005.155pp network since its inception has been to provide professional and comprehensive learning resources for students, and strive to make every franchisee can in which to find their own needs, so a launch, by the majority of customers praise and recognition. read more

in the retail market, someone’s business has done a very long history, and some people’s business in a short period of time to end in failure. If the business can do so long, it is natural to have some business skills. Jia Guizhen is so, by virtue of their own business management, doing business is fast.

My name is Jia Guizhen

, Shanxian County Province, Heze city Shandong a cigarette retailers, engaged in cigarette business has been sixteen years, and now only sell cigarettes per month 1000 yuan income, business is getting better and better, I talk about their own business management, and we share. read more


industry has always had a saying: beat Quanjude is not Ali, Tencent, but there may be a big Dong, grandma like " + Internet; " restaurant. This is a vote, the traditional companies have care-laden, afraid of being abandoned in the era, only to speed up the pace of what a O2O strategy.

about traditional companies to embrace the Internet this thing, although it looks so beautiful, but made countless heroes jingzheyao sheben also not only, fold fold market, minutes out of the pit that was not discuss with the. Today we see the transition on the road, what are the pit waiting for the traditional enterprise. read more

Abstract]2015 cross-border electricity supplier industry from blowout to boutique, centralized, the market structure is becoming stable.

text / Hao Xiaoliang Hao Xiaoliang public number: (haoxl1125)

the past year in 2015 the key to the development of cross-border electricity supplier industry. The entire market from the blowout to high-speed growth, and then to the boutique, centralized, the market structure is becoming stable. Tmall international, Jingdong, the global leader in the purchase, the latter is the world’s first NetEase camp koala purchase of NetEase resources advantage. Continued to force the giants, so many vertical cross-border electronic business platform, the fate of more whirling in 2016, cross-border electricity market is destined to be extraordinary. Through Tmall, Jingdong and NetEase koala sea in 2016 to buy the market strategy, combined with the performance of the three in the past year, we can have a clearer understanding of the next step in the development of cross-border electricity supplier. read more


this title may seem like a tongue, so please allow Peng Jinjie to do the first begins with the introduction to the title: we all walk in the world, not shopping, not free to enjoy a variety of services…… We choose to enjoy this product or service is called marketing. (PS: I am writing is limited, there may be errors in the local expression of


when you go shopping, when visiting Taobao, whether or not you are splendid commodity Akira dazzled, but suddenly be attracted by a commodity and move not open pace, especially girls believe that this experience will be more obvious, this time will not hesitate to buy this commodity. This time you have been marketing. read more

introduction: advertising, word of mouth will put into our brand memory, display and pricing businesses carefully set about our consumer decision-making, scene type trial tasting plus celebrity endorsement experts and even affect our taste preferences.

bought a six pack of avocado a day later than the appointed time of arrival, this is I don’t know many times at the same site to buy a fresh avocado, from the early 10 average a few dollars now to meet the eye everywhere a 6 dollars, even those around living abroad for many years the avocado diehard also think the price is really affordable. Of course, in recent years, thanks to the rapid development of imported food, including the import of fresh food. read more

After the establishment of

enterprise website, not just here, such as customers, if you just to enhance the corporate image, if you do not lack orders, if you too many orders, then please do not look at this article. After the establishment of enterprise website, we now need to be able to bring us a lot of benefits and convenience of e-commerce era. Take me to do business website and network marketing in recent years, a lot of big city trading company, sales company, has stopped in the era of human flesh business, began to take the convenience of e-commerce. Shanghai, Beijing, a number of trading companies directly use the network, the use of Alibaba, using a variety of B2B platform to sell their products, and customer networks, telephone, exchange. So that we can talk about a sum of business, but also to save us a lot of unnecessary energy and costs. Improved work efficiency. read more

one minute on the stage takes ten years. What to eat what to pull, want to write something precious, first belly to hold countless table delicacies from land and sea. So the writers are A single word of gold., usually in


copy should pay attention to world outlook.

you want to know the world, through the words to express. Readers are more likely to be your world view, they will be attracted to your point of view, rather than empty adjectives and rhetoric.

reading, can form their own world view, increase the knowledge to expand the circle of knowledge. Those who are forced to cattle, almost all the book madman. They cook shit drips will sleep in their reading, to prepare for A single word of gold. read more

It’s ill fated

fresh electricity supplier in this year, following the delicious after 77, and the company has been closed down. Or in Shanghai, this time is a table network. Although the name of the gas to a table network is far better than the delicious 77 big impact, but it’s down for the moment fresh electricity supplier industry morale is also a big blow.

in fact, other fresh electricity supplier is not better than the same day: once glory love fresh bee recently departed, layoffs storm constantly; life’s O2O project was suspended, convenience "was merged to have life; every orchard also turn off almost all of the lines under the store, focus on the online business; the young monarch dish into capital chain crisis was broke" prepare for bankruptcy liquidation". It is reported that the country’s more than 4 thousand fresh electricity supplier companies, only a profit of 1%, a flat of 4%, a loss of 88%, the remaining 7% is a huge loss. read more

What is

‘s original purpose whether we do stand, but the ultimate goal is to Wangzhuan site. This is not a vulgar, noble and noble problem, because it is necessary to spend a lot of energy and money to maintain a web site, there is no return, it is difficult to continue for a long time. For the GG alliance, Baidu Union, we do not need to consider too many things, but the two one is not a good application, but it is easy to be blocked by the union account risk. In order to earn more money, to maximize the website, we also need to add on the Ali Mama like alliance advertising, but these advertising alliance need is the sale of advertising, how can Everfount their advertising to sell, this is the most long standing issues need to be considered. Peak network sales experts believe. Alliance advertising can be sold depends on the following points: read more