small ornaments can let people living space are very different, it is worth considering in the business when the small business project, now in the jewelry market has a huge demand, especially for the characteristics of small accessories, can always be everyone’s favorite, attracted many consumers to buy. Venture to open a jewelry store, looking for a good brand to join, and then through their own operations, will bring good returns. So, venture jewelry shop to how to operate?

1, the name to striking, can attract the attention of the customer. The shop to make money, the name to striking, such as take brighten or memory forever name. Must take care of customers’ interest, now the eyes of young people out of the ordinary, if the name of the ordinary, it may be difficult to attract the attention of the customer. read more

everyone knows that the cigarette business needs to do a good job related to the display, however, countless operators do not know how to carry out the relevant display in the end. In a word, the cigarette retail terminal, as the link and bridge of direct consumption, is the key part of the information source and value chain. But the daily operation of the retail business on the terminal display lack of awareness of the initiative to protect the weak, the overall display when the face is good or bad. To solve this problem, we need to start from the breakdown of the terminal display, classification services. read more


entrepreneurs, many of which are chosen to join some well-known brands, but in the process of selecting the project may encounter many problems, then join the need to pay attention to what place? Often after joining, found that it enough to succeed, but he does not want to bound in the store every day.

headquarter loose management:

for bad business franchise headquarters should pay attention to, but also do not think that business is good to join headquarters to join, must be carefully judged. Some joined the headquarters of the bearing is not wide enough, there is no macro view, the franchise business division is not clearly defined, there is no strict management constraints, the same district, often there will be several stores, and stores to meet from franchise headquarters, also do not see the headquarter resorted to penalties for non-compliance with the franchise management this loose, not only will evolve into internecine situation, but also damaged the interests of franchisees, each other not profitable, but suffer.

headquarter financial is not perfect:

read more

early in the site design, many companies take a single stage of the process, called writing "HTML". Everyone jumped in and built the site. No one has the patience to do research or planning strategies. Fortunately, after a few years of painful lessons, more and more people realize that it is a very difficult task to design a website, and it needs a step by step information architecture development process.


phase of the study is to look at existing background materials, and start with the strategic group meeting, the goal is to get a better understanding of the objectives and business context, existing information architecture, content and key users. Then a series of studies were conducted to explore the information ecology. read more

Beijing time on August 19th morning news, according to foreign media reports, the California Santa Clara university law professor Eric · Goldman (Eric Goldman) on Wednesday published an article that Google should stop participating in the AdWords advertising auction.

generally, the auctioneer shall not participate in the auction of their products. However, Google has been involved in the AdWords ad auction, and will take the search keywords used to promote Google products. Goldman believes that Google’s participation in AdWrods advertising auction distorted the value of search advertising, the outside world is not clear in this process Google is to ensure fair competition. read more

      just started working in a network company. Every day to do is to maintain the site. To the customer site, to live do not often, fear is the maintenance of website human type ctrl+C ctrl+v daily plus more than and 20, the other time is online. Play games. Time goes by so day by day, a year later nothing.

      in 2005 when the Sohu Forum on the AD paste punishment is now slightly lower than the. Direct AD posted only the fate of the deleted, a part of the content, the following links with their own, but also delete. But the top posted on the right, see others posts. Immediately to keep up with their ads, looks like the signature of the ad paste. At that time, the forum was full of AD, and I was able to get from SOHU to 3000IP every day at this time. read more

news July 20th, to strengthen and improve the management of the Internet, the Ministry of industry and information technology to improve ICP/IP address / domain name registration information management system ICP record information accuracy, now the Ministry of industry and information technology to record website information telephone sample verification.

it is understood that the verification contents mainly include: name of organizer, or the main site for name, address, the main organizer or site for office telephone, subject or person in charge of mobile phone number, website domain name. Check the phone number is: 010-66411166, 66418012. read more

the object of this article is:

1, no person, what strength, especially not what economic strength, if you need money, rather than to the hope project, then according to my method to promote your station.

2, a new category of Web sites, with little impact and traffic.

3, the webmaster is willing to endure hardship, you can insist on, boring boring + no income.

4, the local classification information site does not use this approach.

text start:

personal classification website promotion, is the promotion of marketing level, do not consider technical reasons. In addition, due to my limited level, low ability to understand the first look. read more

face set off a wave of Internet banking, the bank is at top speed layout. In September 5th, the newspaper learned exclusively, ICBC recently notified: "initially integrated e-commerce platform to pay + financing in October 19th officially launched, will set the online shopping, investment, financing, consumer credit in one network.

, according to informed sources, the platform for both B2B and B2C, from the current information of internal communications, early may hit B2C, the merchant threshold is higher, and this with the bank business platform good financial business model is significantly different from the main B2B. read more

from 2006 to now, with the popularity of SNS, SNS marketing is no longer trendy fashion concept, a large number of stars, institutions, brands, businesses have opened their own SNS marketing trip.

this process is the birth of the classic case has been numerous. For example, the American television advertising Pepsi super customers in the 2010 ad plan, for the first time to give up U.S. "super bowl" (Super Bowl) football television advertising, to carry out publicity through social media. read more

The latest

fresh topic, May 14th, in Beijing, Shanghai, SF preferred Hangzhou near a subway station simultaneously launched lychee early adopters, inviting female consumers to taste the first year available, 24 hours of air directly to the south of the Five Ridges litchi, and last year’s war is the beginning of the end of May, which means that this year’s "litchi the war started in advance, fuse is the preferred sf.

industry view, although fresh electricity is a hot topic in recent years, but trapped in the cold chain logistics development lags behind other factors, the development speed is not so fast, is the main place of fresh stunt earned in desperately crying. In fact, fresh category is relatively large, both need into the refrigerator, through the cold chain delivery of fresh food, also includes storage area characteristics of fresh food. Fresh food is not stored on the higher speed requirements, but instead reduce freshness. The origin of the direct supply of litchi and not storage of fresh food, in addition to preservation, more need for speed, because of a means of rapid delivery of fresh is so fresh and speed is the key to the development of fresh electricity supplier. read more

electricity supplier companies in the registration service agreement, the general jurisdiction of the dispute will be agreed on the court, the lawsuit can only be located in the electricity supplier". Consumers in the online shopping platform for the first time, you must agree to the electricity supplier company in advance of the service agreement, to complete the registration. This may cause some barriers to online shopping consumer rights." Yesterday morning, the second court court deputy director Xu Ying introduced last year, the second court heard two cases of a lawsuit in the jurisdiction of the court controversial cases. read more

November 30th morning news, tour and the parent company Sohu announced today, has signed a final agreement in November 29, 2011, the tour will from the Sohu merger game information portal (the following is called "17173") business, the transaction price of $162 million 500 thousand in cash.

according to the terms of the transaction agreement, the tour will be $162 million 500 thousand in fixed cash consideration from Sohu’s acquisition of all assets related to the business of 17173. The transaction is expected to be completed in December 2011 after the completion of the specified conditions of the transaction agreement. Taking into account the transaction agreement, Sohu and swim to amend the current non compete agreement, Sohu agreed to five days from the date of delivery of the transaction agreement is not competing with the tour in the 17173 business areas. read more

1 to build a web site of type 85 billion? The Internet lottery industry in was stopped by  

domestic Internet lottery industry experienced a purge in recent years, the most severe. As of March 1st, the major domestic Internet sales of color sites have been suspended color business. The large-scale "sale" why? At present, but regulators did not There were many discussions. Public opinion, to speak publicly on the matter.

2014, the domestic Internet lottery market size reached 85 billion yuan, involving a number of listed companies. After the whole industry stop sale, the future of this huge industry how to develop doubt. read more

from last June, I made a "I and my website, adhere to is the truth" to now, my local portal finally broke through 100 thousand PV.

from the personal site to the local portal, along the way, I believe that there are a lot of people who have been in the writing of the content before, I still want to thank those who often help me, the so-called man to have the principle. This is my principle!

with my last published which dirty text up, PV8 million or so, independent visitors around 15 thousand, independent IP:1500 to now PV10 million, more than 20 thousand independent visitors, independent about. Meet a lot of problems to solve in the future, do not feel really hard, you want to do can do. In addition to adhere to a certain skill. read more

believe that when you look at the shopping site, will encounter a lot of online video or music, but the effect of how to put the video, then how to put it?

TV shopping, as we all know, once a hot moment, the phone can ring every day! TV shopping online shopping has the authority, intuitive, public advantages. As everyone knows the TV shopping products, Fang Nair underwear, magic quite, popular TV shopping products, propaganda films have good reason to convince the purchase of daily shipments is superior. At this time a lot of individual product sites, such as breast enhancement, weight loss, etc., are hanging on the website of the video, the video can better express the effect of the product, it seems that there is still a certain effect on the video. read more

today is the lunar new year, as they go, zouqingfangyou pay New Year’s call the footsteps approaching, with the season slowly once a year special purchases for the Spring Festival near the end.

The traditional

market has special purchases for the Spring Festival online, but with 80, 90 has gradually become the main force of the consumer, the major electricity supplier group invariably played a "special purchases for the Spring Festival Festival", the advertisement with every corner of the subway, bus, video website. However, unlike in the past, this year, and other Jingdong, including Ali electricity supplier giants have to try to force in the rural market. read more