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2 do stand optimization, make the long tail keywords writing key. The station optimization is one of the important work we edit, but this step is often the most time-consuming, so novice editor when just touch yourself this work, can do the anchor text construction or long tail keywords focus, give yourself a little reminder, know what to do with that word, increase the work efficiency.

Shanghai Longfeng editor is not like we imagined, timing quantitative writing, to the end of the kind of money, the industry also needs the understanding and thinking of everyone, is also an editor, it is possible to do fast, you can slowly down. Now went to the graduation season, I believe there will be a number of new blood to their team. Here to share for the point of view of the industry, the hope can give you some guidance. read more


site navigation links is the search engine spiders.

since the first site to now there should be 1 and a half years, the code is not very understand, only a little bit of Shanghai Longfeng knowledge, from the beginning until now only do is Taobao customers, remember the first station is Taobao API passenger station, then do not know what is the website weight, only know that every day with the chain, the content is automatically generated, resulting in my love Shanghai station was 4w+ included, is still ranked second in the home page, the inside pages basically no, so to do the first half of the API station is very confused. So I began to close the API station, and many owners as the owners of the house in A5, Shanghai dragon Learning Forum Shanghai Longfeng rest, after a period of study, I began to change ideas, use blog Taobao guest. After a period of time, a small blog a little improvement, and also some income, but because the site space is not stable, resulting in my website is often right down, so that the ranking is not stable, the flow is not too stable, but in this period, often check statistics, really see "flow effect the long tail keywords" brought to the site and conversion rate, and optimize it all stems from the content on the website page, so today and you share is how to improve the content of the page weight, thereby increasing site traffic. read more

ask for details, ask you to when clients

"order three" customer

you may not believe it, do a website optimization, and not go to the mall to buy things, why goods more than three. Don’t think so, in Shanghai dragon industry really have such a situation, some users want to talk about a few companies who look for the highest price, and then make the final selection. Shanghai Longfeng for this user is crazy, because they always again and again three.

has been working for 2 years, can’t say I’ve been in this industry master, but in some areas or some of their own views, but the key is 2 years, I know a lot of friends, small, dumb, bright, you are my friend rare in life. "Site optimization" from the beginning of the new vocabulary to now known to all, our industry has also ushered in the development of their spring, their estimates, every day we received hundreds of calls, QQ chat more is not clear, there is a wide variety of customers have. Do site optimization friends all know, Shanghai Longfeng this work in addition to challenge themselves, a part of the communication with customers is our work. Well done, can rise to make their own performance, do not, say hard, want to quit the hearts of all, as to why, you must understand. The time passed 2 years, has seen a number of customers to have summed up the look, feel there are four types of customers we must take over the other four kind of don’t do it, even thankless. read more


e-books, e-books or periodical subscription industry, this article not only with their promotion Keywords high correlation and itself has very strong readability. Write false original article through excerpts, comments etc..


to download their related documents, the best is a compressed file, because the search engine can be included in word, PPT, PDF, txt and other types of documents, and can not directly copy the PDF document can also download, search engines such as PDF document image processing, can also use the tool to convert this PDF document into text. read more

online promotion operations, a lot of time will encounter transformation problems. For example, today spent 1000 yuan, traffic is very large, but that is, consulting or inquiry are particularly small. When this happens, would be particularly anxious, why money is spent, the flow has come, but there is no transformation.

in this case, we generally rule out whether or not there is an error in the page, or if it doesn’t work, we have to analyze whether it’s landing page and doing target user analysis. But this time is relatively late, in contact with this project, the target user analysis is required to do in advance and advantage extraction. read more

webmaster, how will you get a long-term life support for your life? This is a problem that everyone will encounter, and it can not be avoided, so you ever thought about it,


webmaster, the website alliance how to rely on Google, the first video, Ali mother, in addition to these many alliances can trust, if there is no alliance, you have to think about how to make money on the

website of life?

most of the owners are relying on alliance income to maintain their own lives, some people regard him as a career, no other sources of income, but this is a Baidu? Now, how many sites are faced with dangerous area K off to the gallbladder, fitness network ( is to toss toss about Baidu now, do not know how to do it is depressing, if the site really K, want to do what the past, now is still very confused. Some webmaster new station, Baidu for a long time not included, is also very helpless…… read more

Abstract: once considered the Amazon challenger’s U.S. electricity supplier website Zulily, will be Liberty Interactive acquisition, the price of $2 billion 400 million. The price is below the Zulily valuation, and the company’s market capitalisation has reached $9 billion.

bought a $2 billion 400 million to the acquired company founder will bring huge returns, but sometimes this founder also upset if the company is aiming for $24 billion.

, according to Re/Code reports, once considered the Amazon challenger’s U.S. electricity supplier website Zulily, will be Liberty Interactive (QVC Company QVC’s parent company) acquisition, the price of $2 billion 400 million. The price is below the Zulily valuation, and the company’s market capitalisation has reached $9 billion. read more

The interaction of

in Beijing some time ago experience day, listen to the Sina Product Manager Li Chiming "more efficient information", lamented Sina for media and the dissemination of information on the deep, caught many subtle mind to single users point. He believes that micro-blog has been able to develop rapidly and become an Internet information dissemination platform can not be ignored, the key advantage is efficiency. Therefore, Sina, micro-blog’s design is also taken as the center to carry out and promote. read more

people always have a demand for food, the pursuit of delicious things are more, therefore, the food and beverage industry is always a market. That is not to say that the restaurant can make money? Not, only a good restaurant can make money. How to manage a good restaurant? Entrepreneurs do these eight points can be.

A, must have a unique flavor, I have no person.

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there are a lot of people will have a snack bar open idea, but now opened a snack shop location is very important, because there are a lot of people are in the snack bar open, the competition in this industry is still there, you need to pay attention to talent shows itself, location.

The local read more

when entrepreneurship becomes a road to success for many friends, will you lose your way. The way we work today is undergoing profound changes that affect each and every one of us. This is a time of self – employment – everyone wants to be a boss. But whether this trend will bring some negative aspects of

entrepreneurship means giving up on some things, such as health care, safe working environment etc.. But there is one thing we need to retain, that is, the mentor’s guidance, broadly speaking, is the guidance".

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is now on the market a lot of business opportunities, however, because of the fierce competition, face the opportunities are for, as a businessman, nature also need to be able to seize hidden opportunities, so that it can really help to the shop management. In short, as a businessman, we must be good at seizing business opportunities, more adept at mining business opportunities.

the sky, the sun shines like a raging fire in the northern part of the suburb of the city. Business will be better this day, drinks and beverages and ice cream has become the most sought after commodity. But now the competition is very fierce, the road on both sides of the house, meet the eye everywhere competing open, multi business, and its profit has been reduced to a minimum, a box of ice cream sold also earned 6 yuan of money, not to the consumption of electricity and time. read more

now, the food and beverage industry is very competitive, small businesses want to start a better business, the choice of a good project is very important to join. What flavor of braised chicken Roasted Duck Tang village? Excellent quality, the best choice for successful business!

Tang Hong Village braised chicken flavor to the consumers by Roasted Duck as the main body, supplemented by other characteristics of halogen wax products and authentic delicious vegetarian snacks. Through dozens of selected ingredients and herbal formula, coupled with the unique fragrance oil and add spice, fast cured meat flavor into pulp, fragrance overflowing, tempting the appetite, the baked food trees, golden color, crisp and tender, refreshing scent entrance, after eating and aroma, light bright lead a person to endless aftertastes. read more

man dressed as a beauty on the fool to fool the man on WeChat, deception was cheated more than 20 yuan. At present, the police have detained the man, according to the investigation of the suspect’s WeChat added more than and 800 friends, are his potential customers.

man pretending to cheat spoony male beauty ten, pure avatar cited 800 people approached about guns, claiming Beijing   graduated from Academy of Fine Arts, the social network on the picture is very pure and lovely she attracted many male friends admired, we only see beauty side, have their own money to please her when drawing model, results, behind the innocent girl is actually a poor businessman. read more

we all know, Gansu, Wuwei has always been known as the yellow sand, in the hearts of everyone, it was a city filled with yellow sand. Gansu province is located in Wuwei City, the national ecological pattern of Tibetan plateau ecological barrier and the center of the northern sand belt, drought, Shaduolin, fragile ecological environment, is one of the most serious areas of national desertification.

in recent years, Gansu, Wuwei, according to local conditions, desertification, sand two pronged approach, the desert ecological control and sand industry development has achieved remarkable results. read more

healthy clothing, always very attractive to consumers. As our living standards continue to improve, we gradually increase the awareness of health. How about the cat and the mouse? Not only has a high popularity, but also to join the selection is very advantageous. So, the business choose to join the Chinese cat and mouse children’s clothing project, m ready?

Hua, a vibrant and promising children’s clothing company, has a professional, dedicated, has a passion for success of the children’s clothing team. read more

September 18th, the reporter learned from the press conference held in Qinghai Grand Theater, the investment of 500 million yuan will be officially opened in Qinghai Grand Theatre on October 8th. Qinghai Grand Theater is located in the center of the Sea Lake District of Xining City, a total construction area of 36 thousand square meters, including can accommodate 1200 spectators in the theater, can accommodate 800 spectators in the music hall and can accommodate 300 spectators multifunctional hall. It can meet the needs of the large-scale dance drama, opera, drama, symphonic concert, drama and variety show, etc.. Qinghai Grand Theatre is one of the scale of Qinghai and the western region the largest and most complete facilities, the most perfect, the highest level of intelligent building top comprehensive theater, built and put into use in Qinghai Grand Theatre, Qinghai to fill the blank of unmarked cultural building. read more

In order to promote the effective service of the floating population family planning association and the floating population in the urban areas

in order to promote the city’s "floating population warm home" and the family planning work of the floating population of the family of effective service. July 25th to 26, the provincial Office of population and family planning management of the floating population, the provincial population and family planning technical guidance center in the city’s largest indoor market – Mo street market to carry out a two day "Kang Fu home" tour service flow of population and family planning. read more