is now on the market a lot of business opportunities, however, because of the fierce competition, face the opportunities are for, as a businessman, nature also need to be able to seize hidden opportunities, so that it can really help to the shop management. In short, as a businessman, we must be good at seizing business opportunities, more adept at mining business opportunities.

the sky, the sun shines like a raging fire in the northern part of the suburb of the city. Business will be better this day, drinks and beverages and ice cream has become the most sought after commodity. But now the competition is very fierce, the road on both sides of the house, meet the eye everywhere competing open, multi business, and its profit has been reduced to a minimum, a box of ice cream sold also earned 6 yuan of money, not to the consumption of electricity and time. read more

now, the food and beverage industry is very competitive, small businesses want to start a better business, the choice of a good project is very important to join. What flavor of braised chicken Roasted Duck Tang village? Excellent quality, the best choice for successful business!

Tang Hong Village braised chicken flavor to the consumers by Roasted Duck as the main body, supplemented by other characteristics of halogen wax products and authentic delicious vegetarian snacks. Through dozens of selected ingredients and herbal formula, coupled with the unique fragrance oil and add spice, fast cured meat flavor into pulp, fragrance overflowing, tempting the appetite, the baked food trees, golden color, crisp and tender, refreshing scent entrance, after eating and aroma, light bright lead a person to endless aftertastes. read more

man dressed as a beauty on the fool to fool the man on WeChat, deception was cheated more than 20 yuan. At present, the police have detained the man, according to the investigation of the suspect’s WeChat added more than and 800 friends, are his potential customers.

man pretending to cheat spoony male beauty ten, pure avatar cited 800 people approached about guns, claiming Beijing   graduated from Academy of Fine Arts, the social network on the picture is very pure and lovely she attracted many male friends admired, we only see beauty side, have their own money to please her when drawing model, results, behind the innocent girl is actually a poor businessman. read more

we all know, Gansu, Wuwei has always been known as the yellow sand, in the hearts of everyone, it was a city filled with yellow sand. Gansu province is located in Wuwei City, the national ecological pattern of Tibetan plateau ecological barrier and the center of the northern sand belt, drought, Shaduolin, fragile ecological environment, is one of the most serious areas of national desertification.

in recent years, Gansu, Wuwei, according to local conditions, desertification, sand two pronged approach, the desert ecological control and sand industry development has achieved remarkable results. read more

healthy clothing, always very attractive to consumers. As our living standards continue to improve, we gradually increase the awareness of health. How about the cat and the mouse? Not only has a high popularity, but also to join the selection is very advantageous. So, the business choose to join the Chinese cat and mouse children’s clothing project, m ready?

Hua, a vibrant and promising children’s clothing company, has a professional, dedicated, has a passion for success of the children’s clothing team. read more

September 18th, the reporter learned from the press conference held in Qinghai Grand Theater, the investment of 500 million yuan will be officially opened in Qinghai Grand Theatre on October 8th. Qinghai Grand Theater is located in the center of the Sea Lake District of Xining City, a total construction area of 36 thousand square meters, including can accommodate 1200 spectators in the theater, can accommodate 800 spectators in the music hall and can accommodate 300 spectators multifunctional hall. It can meet the needs of the large-scale dance drama, opera, drama, symphonic concert, drama and variety show, etc.. Qinghai Grand Theatre is one of the scale of Qinghai and the western region the largest and most complete facilities, the most perfect, the highest level of intelligent building top comprehensive theater, built and put into use in Qinghai Grand Theatre, Qinghai to fill the blank of unmarked cultural building. read more

In order to promote the effective service of the floating population family planning association and the floating population in the urban areas

in order to promote the city’s "floating population warm home" and the family planning work of the floating population of the family of effective service. July 25th to 26, the provincial Office of population and family planning management of the floating population, the provincial population and family planning technical guidance center in the city’s largest indoor market – Mo street market to carry out a two day "Kang Fu home" tour service flow of population and family planning. read more

2015 China (Qinghai) International Halal food products exhibition The Belt and Road "green food supplies exhibition will be held on May 15th to 18 at the Qinghai International Exhibition center.

A Museum: beautiful Qinghai Theme Pavilion "+ Belt and Road Initiative" exhibition hall

this year, according to the overall requirements of the province, we set up A, B two pavilions." In May 10th, the committee said the Exhibition Department of Qinghai provincial committee secretary Liu Wenwu Chinese the promotion of international trade, "at the Qinghai International Exhibition Center Hall A, set up a beautiful Qinghai Theme Pavilion," The Belt and Road ‘international display area, display area, display area, the provinces (city) in Qinghai province exhibition area, exhibition area, the domestic large enterprises the service center and a total of 640 booths, the international exhibition area set up 220 booths, the exhibition area (city) set up 300 booths." read more

In order to meet the needs of the tourist activities, improve the comprehensive tourism service quality, provide a civilized travel guide for the public service, in October 1st, the province of the first volunteer tour launch ceremony, at the center of the square, the first batch of 200 tourist volunteer service posts.

The most important business of

is to pay attention to a good faith, honesty is a quality businessman most valued, and see if you can play the key factors of shopping mall. At this point Yulin Chuanchuan Xiang put forward the following conditions: join

first, the rational identification of steadfast venture:

1. [Yulin] Chuanchuan Xiang brand identity, with brand awareness, brand image to maintain unity.

2. identity of the headquarters of the corporate culture, business models and management methods, pay the associated costs. read more

is now more and more high degree of children’s education, but after graduating from college to find a job has become a difficult problem, in response to such a common phenomenon, the relevant local government departments began to set up college entrepreneurship park! Jilin nine college business park and the ferry before the Innovation workshop was selected for the third batch of national demonstration base business incubator list, the national total of 34 found incubation bases.

it is understood that nine students Pioneering Park hosted by Changchun City nine district government contractors, nine District Social Council in support of College Students’ entrepreneurship, to solve the employment problems of college students, active in regional economic development, made outstanding contributions to the local military personnel, laid-off workers, migrant farmers employment to provide intelligence services, technology support and preferential policies and material security. read more

shop is a lot of entrepreneurs have to start a business Avenue, we look at how they are to build their own life career? How can we open a store of their own gold?

1. to open up channels for shops

network developed today, there are many entrepreneurs love through newspaper advertisements, housing intermediary, real estate transactions, the Internet and other information about the shops. However, many of the information on this site is too fragmented, incomplete, outdated information, it will waste a lot of time. So, looking for shops to open channels, multi pronged approach, to find more professional website. read more

since the operation of the cigarette business, naturally hope that cigarette sales are getting higher and higher, however, want to achieve such a goal, naturally need to grasp more business skills. So, how to manage a good cigarette sales? I think it is important to choose a good time to hoard more. Therefore, stealing cigarettes to operate to seize the "4".

The so-called "

4" is to seize the new year January a lunar New Year’s day, Spring Festival, labor day, National Day "51" Golden Week "eleven". Just in time, was conducive to the operation of promotion policy, we can realize the fast tight high-grade tobacco out of stock. The sale of high-grade cigarettes returned to the funds for the purchase of cigarettes and other goods into the back to provide a material basis and power source. read more

beauty of the heart of all people, and every woman like the United States, even a long general girl, will make up for their deficiencies by make-up, so women put a lot of money on cosmetics.

20% with the aid of the brand and non circulation brand well-known brands, the overall layout of cosmetics and make-up washing supplies about 50% of the area of daily necessities and paper and other maternal and child class accounted for 50% of the area, so our advantage is not obvious, the only advantage is that profit margins than super high point flexible mode of operation, marketing planning let the customer our advantage is still little.

position location: Katsuchi Nosuke decided the success or failure of war cloud soldiers illustrate the importance of location. Xing Xing also rely on the help of the location of the store decided to about 60% of turnover, as peers say the difference between the first step of the city of three, it can be seen that the location is very important to open shop.

read more

in Xi’an, a lot of people will enjoy the comfortable life of the subway, with the subway, people no longer have to worry about traffic jams, to bring great changes in people’s lives. The opening of the Xi’an metro operation for more than five years, the Xi’an people’s life string ties with us 2000 days. When the last train left the station, means that one day the operation ended.

"people thought that nighttime subway workers may take a rest, but is actually very busy", Xi’an metro vehicle maintenance workshop two monitor Zhou Hui said they should be responsible for the maintenance work completed more than 20 subway train tonight. read more

cool drink bar, has been very popular choice. The pressure of our life is increasing, and the demand for releasing pressure is also increasing. So, to choose South Korea cool drink? The best place to liberate stress.

cool drink South Korea’s aim is to provide more high-quality employment, entrepreneurial opportunity! Magic drink — can sing dance magic drink and food, cool drink is South Korea’s first dance cube build brand diet! Cool drink in Korean fashion, health, delicious fresh as the theme, is preferred this small project venture investors. read more