in determining a good investment projects, we must be prepared to do a good job of entrepreneurship. How to raise venture capital? Enough money to let you invest in the process of more confidence. So, with the small series together to see how to raise funds!

discount loan, a borrower in urgent need of funds, the due bill to the bank for discount and financing loans.

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daily news (reporter Wei Yu) is controversial in electricity price war and fighting 360 Baidu search industry competition event background, Vice Minister of the Ministry of industry is still in a way without naming the ice yesterday, in 2012 Chinese Internet Conference specifically criticized Internet companies malicious speculation and vicious competition, and encouraged enterprises compliance business rules and business ethics.

from 3Q a couple of years ago (360VS Tencent) war to the present small 3 (millet VS360) slobber war, the electricity supplier price farce (360VS Baidu) and 3B disputes, the Internet industry always once again focused attention, provoking the user’s nerves, has led to a public challenge to enterprise speculation and unfair competition the. read more

one day, an old classmate asked me what I was doing. He scratched his head very ignorant then asked: what is the content marketing? I was puzzled, really bad answer, so brazen such an example for him:

sometimes you will see a very hot video in the circle of friends, about a rural university graduates to find a job in Shanghai. The helpless, the whole process is very bitter, ran a lot of companies. Because they are not familiar with the road, each time he uses Baidu maps for navigation, check car information, view the nearby accommodation, etc.. After a lot of hard work, finally found a job, then call home, cried with a bedridden mother said it all. My mom is very distressed, he asked, not in there life, know the way? He said, don’t worry mom, I use Baidu map, easy to find, your peace of mind at home to recuperate. read more

3 months ago, the Alibaba original CEO Wei Zhe because of "fraud" incident resign; 2 days ago broke from the Alibaba Alipay group "solo" news; plus has been the poor performance of the stock price…… May 14th, held in Hongkong, Alibaba B2B (1688.HK) annual general meeting, the atmosphere is not as easy as before.

but, in the face of adversity, to survive, to turn a bad thing into a good thing, has been the best Alibaba. Whether it is in the "SARS" period, or in the face of the financial crisis of the waves, the Alibaba are well done great Shift of the universe. If you say, "SARS" and the financial crisis is from the external force majeure, this time the crisis is from the inside out, this time, you can do? Alibaba! read more

51 golden week approaching, the major electricity supplier platform will focus on home appliances, set off promotional activities. In addition to issuing vouchers, full cut and other low-cost strategy, this year, the major electricity supplier will focus to fight, fight on logistics customer service. In addition to the electricity supplier, this year’s "51" line entity store is also actively promoting, and even more than some of the category of promotional merchandise online. However, there are still consumers, promotional activities, commodity prices still exist after the first rise and fall phenomenon. Compared to the previous promotional activities, in addition to commodity prices rose after the fall, the promotion category focused appliances, many consumers seem calm lot. read more