the reason why we pay so much attention to the name of the shop is the hope that the store can take a good name, so that the store’s business has become better, earn more profits. In fact, if you want a clothing shop business is booming, is also very important to take a good name. Of course, if you take a "lucky" name, this is a secret. So, what are the name of the clothing store trick trick?

clothing shop name is a clothing store represent, a good clothing shop to attract consumers to buy clothing, clothing store to impress visitors, next to continue to patronize, and improve traffic clothing store, bring wealth to the clothing store. So how to open clothing store, clothing store to get a "good name lucky"? Here we talk about this issue in detail. read more

even if the same store, different times, the store will be different management. In today’s retail business is difficult to do, there are some reasons are affected by the environment, there are some reasons related to the store’s own business philosophy. As a retail shop owner, in order to store business is good, some business principles can not be ignored.

, a law-abiding business, pay taxes. As a retailer, law-abiding, pay taxes "is his duty, the most basic principle is the management of the store. If you leave the premise of law-abiding business, pay taxes ", our stores like traveling at sea sailing, deviated from the correct channel it, sooner or later ran aground capsized. So, our hard work and operating profit is built on the sand of the building, not by a "fleeting, beaten by wind and waves". As a retailer, is a legal obligation we pay taxes; tax credit, is most retailers should possess and adhere to legal and moral consciousness. read more

2014 is a golden year full of business opportunities and wealth. With the rising number of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial difficulty is also increasing, so for ordinary people and what we do is venture up?

swiftly proved Wang’s worry is unnecessary. Less than 10 minutes, the four pots of watermelon were bought. There is a young man with 50 yuan to buy all of a sudden, one of the two pots. 2012 new projects, he said, a pot of their own to enjoy, another pot would like to write a few words on the melon as a gift to a girlfriend, she will certainly like. Holding 110 yuan notes, Wang could not believe it was true. The stall owner said: how many pots do you have, 10 dollars a pot I packed it! In this way, the 100 pots of watermelon earned a net profit of $more than 1 thousand, the top Wang a month salary.

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no matter what kind of people, is always easy to miss something, although some small things, but it is easy to have an impact on their lives. For example, a button on a high-end suit is missing a piece of how to do? Move the desk on the lack of circular screw and where to find? A new decoration tiles broken piece who can fill? I believe that life for these unhappy gesture of "chicken ribs" everyone met.

lives in the door of the old Guo after being laid off, aimed at these small trouble people, identify the market entry point, "Shiyibuque" in the previous year, opened a "missing whateffect shop, the business bigger and bigger, there are six stores. read more

after the material life level has been greatly satisfied, people pay more attention to the spiritual level of consumption, so the tourism industry in the current market is very popular. As the capital of Xinjiang Urumqi city tourism industry base, Urumqi County, relying on the unique tourism resources, to create "two world", to create "four national level" as the goal, to the construction of international tourism in Nanshan District, tourism development and improve the livelihood of the people at the same time, let the farmers get rich on the fast lane. read more

5 28, the province’s comprehensive management of social work conference held in Qinghai Hotel victory, the city won the province’s comprehensive management of social management objectives in 2012 to assess the "outstanding areas" honorary title, ranked first. Since 2010, the city continued to maintain the province’s leading level, to achieve the comprehensive management of social management work three consecutive goals.

in recent years, the municipal government attaches great importance to social management and peace building work, firmly establish the "best management is service, the best service is fine" concept, adhere to the people first, outstanding grassroots foundation, comprehensively promote the innovation of social management, to achieve a breakthrough point, peace building development, people’s work people have a sense of security goals. In practice, the city actively explore, innovation and development, focusing on the following five tasks. read more

Reporters from the Ministry of human resources and social security department was informed that our province in the province will be carried out within the scope of the employment of college graduates leave school special activities of skilled jobs, the employment and training will not leave the employment of college graduates in employment skills training, to guide the employment of college graduates to adapt to the market demand of human resources.It is reported that this special

, I did not fully rely on the employment of college graduates special employment training to carry out the project, the community sector at all levels of government procurement in accordance with the bidding procedures, the organization meets the conditions of the various types of occupation training schools (Institutions), the employment of entrepreneurship and training will not leave the employment of college graduates to carry out employment skills training, pre job training and entrepreneurship training, to master employment or entrepreneurial skills and practical ability, training of qualified rate to reach more than 90%, the rate of employment skills training and strive to achieve more than 90%.During the read more

Xining intermediate people’s court took the lead in the establishment of the "problem bank" working mechanism in the courts of the province, to ensure that the work of the trial norms, orderly and fair, just.

since 2007, the Xining City Intermediate People’s court in the court system, NPC deputies and CPPCC members, letters and visits and case investigation, discipline inspection and supervision in the process to collect the more than and 400 trial, the court reform, involving business team construction, management and other aspects of the judicial suggestions and opinions, the spirit of "strengthening mediation, in accordance with the law to maintain carefully, strictly back commuted" principle, formulated the "Xining City Intermediate People’s court commuted the case remanded on standardizing the work of a number of opinions", from the criminal, civil and administrative trial, sentenced to three to standard specification. read more

In the "six · a" International Children’s Day is approaching, the morning of May 28th, vice secretary of provincial Party committee, party secretary Wang Jianjun, deputy secretary of Municipal Committee, mayor Wang Yubo, provincial Party committee secretary Shen Hongxing, city leaders Zou Jiansheng, Li Jinqing, Wang Hong, Zhang Yonghai, Zhang Qian and Guan Industry Commission Director Bao Fuyuan to Xining Yucai School, and young children spend on behalf of "red scarf meet China Dream Theme Day activities, and for the city’s children send greetings. read more

"Mom’s home phone why not call?" Xining Telecom fixed line are not accessible!" "Datong County Telecom landline failure, has been saying ‘busy’."…… Yesterday, 9 to 11:40 or so, the province’s telecommunications landline paralyzed, unable to communicate, causing many complaints. From across the province through WeChat, micro-blog readers have told the reporter to reflect the telecom landline failure, has been unable to connect, and did not advance through newspapers and other media to inform the user, bring inconvenience to the public life on weekends.

"hit my phone how can not get through." Yesterday morning, Mr. Wang told reporters that micro-blog private letter, 9 pm the same day, his family had fixed telecommunications "failure", thought it was their own phone problems, give parents call can not get through. To the newspaper hotline landline call and found the same situation. Call the customer service phone after the phone, was told that the communication failure, is being repaired. "If it is maintenance, why not advance through newspapers and other media to inform the user?" Mr. Wang said it could not understand.

and Mr. Wang have the same experience as well as the reader zhang. "The plane was out of order, and I was scared to death." It turned out that the reader Zhang and his parents are working in Xining, only 70 year old grandfather alone in the chase home alone, weekdays, Xiao Zhang every day to call grandpa asked about the situation. But yesterday around 9 o’clock, Zhang, as usual, but also to call the grandfather can not get through. Continue to call for more than an hour, the phone is always the same: "you dial the user busy." This time, Xiao Zhang can be panicked, worried about grandpa a person what the accident quickly contact the neighbors, did not think the phone is still ringing two prompts: "the subscriber you dialed is busy." read more

Home Furnishing in our life, always cannot do without for screen selection. How about the original giant screen? The quality of the screen, consumers trusted brand. For business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join the original giant screen project, an open their own giant screen original stores, the shop is made!

Juyuan screens is the quality of the majority of consumers recognized brand screen, belonging to the best brands in the industry, the screen brand is also market by the majority of consumers welcome. The giant screen original brand covers many series of products, ordinary Jiezhuang window series, hotel, hotel, office building doors and windows, that for all the needs of the vast number of consumers who will be perfectly satisfied, is worth the vast number of consumers trust. read more

a lot of people want to start, but taking into account the business risk on the back, or the work of peaceful life, but entrepreneurship is the only way to financial freedom! Some people say that the business risk, I think, a lifetime’s work have the risk, you will be fired at any time! And if you fail, you can go back and get a job!"

business and not necessarily high-tech, entrepreneurship may not need to risk investment. Entrepreneurship requires a strong will, a keen sense of smell, the implementation of the place, and scientific management. read more

        Admin5 webmaster network on November 14th, 2011 Guangxi Internet Conference on the afternoon of November 12th held in Nanning, Guangxi province has got a number of online media and support some Internet companies, more than 300 employees in Guangxi Province outstanding Internet enterprise representatives and some individual owners to participate in the meeting. The webmaster invited some senior figures in the Internet industry is the advanced Internet brand, Internet products and services, micro-blog era and the Internet business topics such as the keynote speeches and roundtable discussions, jointly organized by the general assembly by the Admin5 webmaster and Internet entrepreneurs club, phpwind Nanning April Guangxi Yingtuo network with the network technology, the general assembly also supported by the Sohu micro-blog network name. read more

today, the Internet has brought countless convenience to our life, let the whole world changed, which came into being in the continuous development of network marketing, although at this stage, the network marketing has achieved great success, but some understanding and misunderstanding on the exercises are constantly reminding us network marketing, not everyone can go. Especially for businesses, although considerable power of network marketing, but the improper operation will bring negative effect enough for their brand value, so the network marketing for what are the errors? read more

      in recent years, the rapid development of a personal website, the station is also the student webmaster is beyond count, there are many online, so the mixed reviews, we will look at the middle school students can not be AdSense for today.

      causes of middle school students but webmaster to the following: 1 the development of network and society, it’s needless to mention, mention has become the new generation of philosophy teacher; 2 middle school students in the station is not involved in worship, for several IT elite such as Zhang Zhaoyang, Ding Lei, introduced in the class deep, very easy to let a person feel very easy to make money online. 3 high school students are born with curiosity, as well as a rebellious heart and a good self-confidence, and even have a good understanding of anything. Worship of the hero of the 4 individual stationmaster station, even write some strong online "new site on IP exceeded 1000. The more deep site confidence of middle school students. 5, family misfortune and other things, but this is very few, most are addicted to the game, chat etc.. read more

free service is a unique local characteristics of China’s Internet market. From instant messaging to online games and then to C2C, all through the free strategy to defeat the opponent, thereby accumulating popularity and the number of users, and finally achieve the purpose of profit.

China’s Internet free strategy to cultivate the consumption habits of Chinese Internet users, in fact, also blocked the development of China’s internet. Just think, if Taobao does not open the free strategy pioneer, although the strategy may not be able to overcome China’s eBay, but the timing of the listing of Alibaba and is likely to advance. read more sold for $200 thousand, domain name for $1 million 250 thousand; D.cn200 million and Porn (main adult porn).Com is to create a high price of $9 million 500 thousand, the most classic is Google million acquisition of G..Cn. Open the domain name related websites can see such news reports, often broke the news of the success of the domain name transaction. Domain name trading market is extremely hot, the service provider has brought a rare opportunity for development, but also on the domain name trading platform put forward higher requirements. read more

1 apple conference summary: iPhone 6, iPhone Plus 6 and late Apple 

September 10th morning, apple held a press conference at the Flint Art Center, released the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, Apple Watch and mobile payment tools Apple Pay. In this paper, I black horse will summarize the main content of this conference.

iPhone 6

and numerous times before the spy exposure, Apple released the 4.7 inches screen iPhone 6, which has a metal material to build the body, compared to previous generations of iPhone, the new iPhone 6 in the design of a return to the original, with a curved design part of the fuselage frame, similar to the first generation iPhone. Like 5S, iPhone 6 will still have three colors: gold, silver and black. read more