Admin5 webmaster network on November 14th, 2011 Guangxi Internet Conference on the afternoon of November 12th held in Nanning, Guangxi province has got a number of online media and support some Internet companies, more than 300 employees in Guangxi Province outstanding Internet enterprise representatives and some individual owners to participate in the meeting. The webmaster invited some senior figures in the Internet industry is the advanced Internet brand, Internet products and services, micro-blog era and the Internet business topics such as the keynote speeches and roundtable discussions, jointly organized by the general assembly by the Admin5 webmaster and Internet entrepreneurs club, phpwind Nanning April Guangxi Yingtuo network with the network technology, the general assembly also supported by the Sohu micro-blog network name. read more

today, the Internet has brought countless convenience to our life, let the whole world changed, which came into being in the continuous development of network marketing, although at this stage, the network marketing has achieved great success, but some understanding and misunderstanding on the exercises are constantly reminding us network marketing, not everyone can go. Especially for businesses, although considerable power of network marketing, but the improper operation will bring negative effect enough for their brand value, so the network marketing for what are the errors? read more

      in recent years, the rapid development of a personal website, the station is also the student webmaster is beyond count, there are many online, so the mixed reviews, we will look at the middle school students can not be AdSense for today.

      causes of middle school students but webmaster to the following: 1 the development of network and society, it’s needless to mention, mention has become the new generation of philosophy teacher; 2 middle school students in the station is not involved in worship, for several IT elite such as Zhang Zhaoyang, Ding Lei, introduced in the class deep, very easy to let a person feel very easy to make money online. 3 high school students are born with curiosity, as well as a rebellious heart and a good self-confidence, and even have a good understanding of anything. Worship of the hero of the 4 individual stationmaster station, even write some strong online "new site on IP exceeded 1000. The more deep site confidence of middle school students. 5, family misfortune and other things, but this is very few, most are addicted to the game, chat etc.. read more

free service is a unique local characteristics of China’s Internet market. From instant messaging to online games and then to C2C, all through the free strategy to defeat the opponent, thereby accumulating popularity and the number of users, and finally achieve the purpose of profit.

China’s Internet free strategy to cultivate the consumption habits of Chinese Internet users, in fact, also blocked the development of China’s internet. Just think, if Taobao does not open the free strategy pioneer, although the strategy may not be able to overcome China’s eBay, but the timing of the listing of Alibaba and is likely to advance. read more sold for $200 thousand, domain name for $1 million 250 thousand; D.cn200 million and Porn (main adult porn).Com is to create a high price of $9 million 500 thousand, the most classic is Google million acquisition of G..Cn. Open the domain name related websites can see such news reports, often broke the news of the success of the domain name transaction. Domain name trading market is extremely hot, the service provider has brought a rare opportunity for development, but also on the domain name trading platform put forward higher requirements. read more

1 apple conference summary: iPhone 6, iPhone Plus 6 and late Apple 

September 10th morning, apple held a press conference at the Flint Art Center, released the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, Apple Watch and mobile payment tools Apple Pay. In this paper, I black horse will summarize the main content of this conference.

iPhone 6

and numerous times before the spy exposure, Apple released the 4.7 inches screen iPhone 6, which has a metal material to build the body, compared to previous generations of iPhone, the new iPhone 6 in the design of a return to the original, with a curved design part of the fuselage frame, similar to the first generation iPhone. Like 5S, iPhone 6 will still have three colors: gold, silver and black. read more

[Abstract] sea Amoy usually requires the support of the dual currency bank card payment, in addition to consider when the exchange rate between different currencies.

Tencent Technology Sun Han reported on November 25th

The end of

has always been the peak season of commodity promotion, just after China double eleven, ushered in the black Friday.

"black Friday" is the first day of the day after Thanksgiving (November 28th this year), as the start of the Christmas stockpile action, many businesses in the United States, Canada and other places will increase the discount. read more

on the Internet is like battlefield competition, you do not take the initiative to come out. On the Internet site promotion is a variety of ideological collisions wiped the contention of a hundred schools of thought, a new spark. In the learning process, as computer knowledge rippling learning website, I benefited from. Here are some of my feelings and my

a website promotion, a moment can not stop

promotion site is a challenging job. New sites on the Internet have sprung up and developed rapidly. To break through the layers of siege to our web site to the Internet users in the process, adhere to and continue to learn is the first need. Adhere to the main point is to adhere to the content update, learning is a learning method. Continue to improve the search engine algorithm, the quality of Internet users is growing up, how can we find a living in the cracks? So it is very important to learn and adhere to. read more

A5 ( station network October 30th news, in 20 this month, the State Copyright Bureau issued the "notice" on the standard SkyDrive service copyright order, SkyDrive pointed out that service providers should take effective measures to stop the illegal users upload and share unauthorized works.

it is understood that SkyDrive in the whole process without having to pay any copyright licensing fees to increase its user base, and spread a lot of infringing works. The genuine video site because of paying huge copyright procurement costs and put a heavy cost pressure, coupled with the update far less than the speed of these piracy sites, the user’s loss is serious, the genuine video market is facing a hitherto unknown challenge, forming a vicious spiral of bad money drives out good money. read more

classified information website has a lot of, like, Kijiji Ganji, also like 163, QQ portals have classified information area, so does that mean that new entrants have no future? Of course not!

the first choice of city size should be moderate, to avoid the edge. Like Beijing, Shanghai this large city website promotion more trouble, but this kind of website might already exist, so we don’t need to contend with. The city of choice should be a city of medium size or a larger scale of county and district. Such a moderate size of the city, there is a certain amount of users, but not particularly large, easy to promote. read more

days ago, women’s fashion and fashion consumer platform largest businesses, held meeting in Guangzhou, and announced at the scene, after several months of preparation and "3.21" to promote the success of trial operation, the best product quality businesses set channel "mushroom yield" officially launched operation. station to become an independent channel, will provide cost-effective, and quality assurance to ensure the quality of consumer shopping experience. This is also the beginning of this year, to promote the 2016 quality improvement program is an important part of. read more

news May 18th, released the 2016 fiscal first quarter unaudited financial results, according to the results, first quarter revenue 12 billion 170 million yuan, 8 billion 610 million yuan last year, an increase of 41%; net profit of 475 million yuan, 368 million yuan last year, an increase of 29%.

Q1 performance points:

1, total net revenues of 12 billion 170 million yuan ($1 billion 890 million), last year was 8 billion 610 million yuan, an increase of 41%; mainly due to the number of active users increased by 52% to 19 million 700 thousand, and the total number of orders increased by 53% to 58 million 700 thousand; read more

seems to have become a target for all night, the electricity supplier. There are electricity supplier entrepreneurs jumped out of regret in the wrong line, investors have to stand out to complain that this is a passing fancy trick, of course, the media follow-up and investigation. For a person, the greatest danger is not a serious illness, but dare not face. The same is true of an industry.

whether it is "electric bubble theory" or "electric winter", although the words sharp, but reflect has existed for a long time, it has long been wrapped a series of problems in this industry: B2C does not make money, why can be VC crazy sought after? What is wrong entrepreneurs or investors wrong? This wave as the representative of the electricity supplier to the customer, in the pursuit of speed and passion, whether lost? And more importantly, in group purchase, which may become a new electricity supplier in the field of "troublemakers" read more

in the eyes of many entrepreneurs and marketing experts, network marketing is just a lot of marketing theory, it is more and more important marketing tool. People with this idea are doomed to be unable to keep up with and embrace the Internet age, they will be eliminated in the new round of competition.

in the past, the concept of marketing consulting, tools, methods in the era of the Internet need to be updated and not just another new marketing tools.

at this point, the traditional marketing consulting firm still seems to hold their own in the former "brilliant experience." still hold information asymmetry, still think that now consumers in the "passive" information, still believe that as long as on the CCTV or a media for the liberation of the whole Chinese…… read more

, although this year the real estate market downturn, but with the real estate industry China whipsaw mature, as an important part of the real estate industry chain Home Furnishing building materials industry, the scale of the market will continue to expand. In the second tier cities in China, home building materials retail market has a huge space for development, which also attracted a large number of foreign home building materials retail enterprises in the rapid expansion of the domestic market. From the international trend of development, home building materials is also the retail industry has great potential for growth in the industry. This is a very high rate of return of the market. read more