in Qingdao in recent years, the apparel industry has been thriving stage of rapid development, for entrepreneurs, now is a good time to join, but not for entrepreneurs, want good business will be fully prepared. The whole network Xiaobian for you a detailed analysis of three skills about the garment industry is willing to do. A few years ago

now throughout the garment industry has become saturated, Qingdao is also true for entrepreneurs want in the clothing industry business good will prepare you.   only by "feeling" like money in gambling, so inevitably "the leading position for 35 years"; and "feeling + accurate recommendation read more

entrepreneurial heroes exchange is an opportunity for entrepreneurial talent can not be missed, a good platform to help entrepreneurs better realize the entrepreneurial dream. Now, "entrepreneurial heroes meeting" Peking University station total runoff has been kicked off.

4 6, by CCTV financial channel, Peking University Alumni Association, CO sponsored by the Peking University entrepreneurship training camp hosted the "entrepreneurial heroes meeting" audition station of Peking University Finals held in Yingjie Exchange Center of Peking university. Peking University Communist Youth League Secretary Chen Yongli, CCTV financial channel "entrepreneurial heroes meeting" producer, director Yan Qiong attended the event. read more

in recent years, with the rapid development of the catering industry, the ice cream market has also ushered in its own development opportunities, constantly have new products but also the brand was born, continuous innovation, investment space is more and more big, so, how to run an ice cream franchise? Xiaobian think ice cream franchisee to ensure the good flavor of ice cream features, you have to choose, and more, and understand some business skills, the franchisee can develop ice cream in the ice cream industry better, easily achieve profitability. read more

with the female consumer capabilities continue to improve, with women as the main consumer groups in the beauty industry in recent years is in a period of rapid development, can be said that beauty stores is the accepted money project, but there are still many people run very smoothly, the following website Xiaobian to introduce you to an example, hope that the experience tips to help you.

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many of my friends have had a stall experience, but some earn a lot, there are a lot of money but not lose money, in fact, there are many reasons for this inside, some because of lots not, either because there is no skills, some are not persevere. Today, and we say baidenan skills, to put my children’s toys as an example.

In fact, there are a lot of
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· webmaster version of "sad Pacific" "sad webmaster" first audio visual

According to

Richie Ren, "sad the Pacific Ocean" with the song, lyrics by Murata Senko, by [network] – Dalian District webmaster webmaster Kung Fu exactly led cover version of "Pacific Ocean" – "sad sad stationmaster" heavy episode, this song is dedicated to video works has been committed to the construction and development of the Internet, the development of Chinese Chinese sad webmaster, wish all the webmaster income a lot of happiness! read more

Abstract: Jiang Lei directly holds 35.35% stake in science and technology, is the largest shareholder of the company, and the investment through the indirect control of science and technology 9.02% of the shares, the total control of 44.37% of the shares of the company. Jiang Lei served as chairman and general manager of the company.

August 24th evening news, the domestic military vertical portal online predator formally submitted to the new board "public transfer instructions", the first disclosure of the financial and operating conditions of the site. In the "public transfer instructions", the network announced three market makers, according to market maker Tiexue shares price estimates, the market value of about 370 million. read more


domain Zhou Caifu story often staged a good idea for rice farmers bring good, recently have good ideas with their own grassroots minon and describe a "sell creative money" story in the domain name domain name on the market this week, also focus and investors through the trading platform, enterprise terminal domain name acquisition of domain name, the domain name at home and abroad the type of features below to see these rich domain


this week domestic concern is Qihoo 360 low-key enabled digital domain name, the domain name jumps to the Qihoo 360’s official website, domain name and Qihoo 360’s official website domain name is very similar to, the industry for the Qihoo 360’s acquisition of domain a guess, the acquisition of the domain name domain name is to maintain brand image or otherwise Qihoo 360’s new plan? read more

more accurate tracking advertising

cookie by computer to track user preferences and behavior mode are outdated, a growing number of e-commerce sites started by only ID mobile phone and tablet and other mobile devices, users behavior more accurately track and push more suitable for advertising, and monitor the advertising effect. The future will be more pro gaze tracking method of mobile phone software or App, with Cloud Applications popular "cloud tracking" will not be too surprised. read more

Hunan college students to sell Li Yinhe domain name of one million


sale "www. Li.Com", 1 million yuan! The day before the opening of the Shanghai International Exhibition Center of the fourth session of the international China adult health and Reproductive Health Exhibition (referred to as "Shanghai adult Exhibition"), a university student from Hunan station in People are hurrying to and fro. aisle, hands holding this piece of paper, quietly selling Li Yinhe Chinese domain, a time attracted onlookers. read more

NetEase science and technology news May 24th news, CCTV weekly quality report today reported that there are consumers in the mall to buy refurbished Jingdong.

reported that Ms. Wu bought a value of more than 3 thousand yuan of apple 5C mobile phone on the Jingdong, with more than a month later, the phone crashes frequently, until it can not boot. Ms. Wu hopes to return the Jingdong, but the Jingdong service responded that, at present there is no way to return, can only provide a replacement service. read more