now, buy a car, is a very common choice. In our lives, the car is also very easy to see the means of transport. Buy a car, of course, the car insurance! Guanghui auto insurance supermarket? For entrepreneurs, but also a very good choice for entrepreneurship. Join Guanghui auto insurance supermarket, successful business!


first" Guanghui insurance "insurance supermarket Internet plus car insurance goods, goods free of charge"! Cross-border integration of resources, Guanghui insurance auto insurance supermarket and many manufacturers, insurance companies new ways of cooperation, carry out the merchandise sales, merchandise purchase insurance services, "to send goods to buy car insurance, car insurance, truly send tourism companies, partners, customers win win win situation. The car industry gradually to the direction of maturity, and let the owners are concerned about the development of automotive related services industry. In particular, the auto insurance industry, much attention. The development of Guanghui insurance auto insurance supermarket brand headquarters followed the "Internet plus" economic model, Guanghui insurance auto insurance auto insurance service platform of supermarket is good? Professional scientific, certainly by the market. read more



四幸运的人选择将有机会一起旅行的十个目的地,包括伊比萨、坎昆和克罗地亚。他们将捕捉他们的经验,关系到当地的文化,正宗的食物和充满活力的夜生活六月至八月。即使他们不成功的在他们的应用中,八者会很好的安慰赢得250花在任何汤姆森或首选的节日。 read more

doing business is a learning, how to manage their own business projects is very important. And now one of the most popular words in all walks of life is integration, such as marketing integration, business integration, industry consolidation, seemingly unrelated to the industry through reasonable integration can play an unprecedented role. This, in the basic necessities of life, the highest probability of food and beverage. Xiao Bian believes that, whether it is mainly based on the leisure beauty spa SPA, or entertainment based KTV, playground, buffet form of dining everywhere. So there is a new topic — the dining and kitchen management of leisure hotel. read more

Round mountain view flower bed let different flowers menyuan! When blue meets the yellow, what kind of view will it be? Stand in the round table Menyuan mountain view, you will see the blue sky and white cloud and the Qilian mountains, Sichuan full of rape shining gold, into the sky. Here is the most beautiful flowers — Chinese Menyuan hundreds of rape flowers.

Menyuan hundreds of rape flowers is the world’s top ten beautiful flowers, is the national AAAA level scenic spots, planting area of 60 acres. The summer season, Menyuan hundreds of paved golden flowers to P.Tricuspidata, countless tourists with golden fantasy and shock of the soul. As in the best viewing rape flowers — Taiwan round mountain view, in order to give visitors the best viewing platform and enjoy flowers opportunity, Qinghai Huahai tourism development company to re create the round mountain view flower bed area. The scenic spot down the road laying corrosion resistant elastic wooden plank, and on the top of the mountain for tourists to watch rape luxury green size wooden platform, the scenery Sightseeing Leisure coffee corridor, thrilling strop Road, elegant flight gliding, antique style or modern style sightseeing train etc..

into the round mountain view flower bed area, visitors can take a sightseeing train across the sea, enjoy the scenery boundless rape; like walking, can walk in the mountains on the boardwalk, close to smell the fragrance of the reluctant gladdening the heart and refreshing the mind; so quickly left the scene, visitors can also sit on the wooden platform coffee or leisure and sightseeing corridor, let the impetuous heart to accept the baptism of natural beauty…… Into the circle mountain view flower bed area, visitors will also see people with 100 flowers in Menyuan to create a unique landscape – "love you ten thousand years earth art word. Only standing on the mountain flower round table, to see the world’s largest earth art word, let the most beautiful flowers to people’s blessing. read more

in the promotion of management activities, in cooperation with Taiwan, cross-strait youth entrepreneurship has began the trend of normalization. In recent years, the two sides have carried out a number of cooperation and exchange activities to promote entrepreneurship and promote mutual learning, opening up new channels for cross-strait economic development and human progress.

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the evil thief always let people steal the way is impossible to guard against all sorts of strange things. Recently, a thief who was caught stealing women’s clothing, which is reasonable, but the thief stole what?

the suspect off a woman wearing the clothing of theft, crime in addition to stealing cash, stealing women’s underwear. 2014 so far, off a crime has been more than 20. Yesterday, the reporter was informed that, on suspicion of theft has been a criminal detention by the police in Fangshan. read more

China’s "public entrepreneurship" has become a new trend, the new trend. Most of the early entrepreneurs are willing to choose to join in the form of their own entrepreneurial path. Investment can allow you to enjoy the high quality of treatment, for those who have no entrepreneurial experience this is undoubtedly the best way. But investment is really so simple? If you think so, that’s wrong. As a franchisee, the following essential knowledge you know?

careful selection of industry and brand read more

has always been a very cultural history. The existence of wine, has always been our life, the most indispensable delicious, but also for our lives to add a lot of color. How about Wuliangye alcohol liquor? Join the choice, the advantage is obvious!

Chinese Wuliangye, Wuliangye of the world a slogan, let Wuliangye wine into thousands of households. Wuliangye alcohol liquor is the Wuliangye group’s star brand, the liquor taste and delicate soft cotton by many customers. Whether it is the quality of Wuliangye alcohol liquor from the packaging or wine are much better than other brands, and by consumers love. read more

with the rapid development of the Internet, also let the business successfully into the thousands of households, but also promote the rapid development of economy, it is not only in the city, the rural electricity supplier in the rapid development, many rural people are relying on the electricity supplier changed his life, so what better business projects? Let’s take a look at it.

now major electricity supplier 3-6 line market look at fiercely as a tiger does? Just because the larger market space. 2013, Taobao, the national development of the county area online shopping report shows: in 2012 the county per capita online shopping 54 times, more than a second tier cities per capita online shopping 39 times. Accordingly, the county’s per capita amount of online shopping is also more than a second tier cities. Over the same period, McKinsey data show that: consumers through online shopping consumption per 100 yuan, an average of $39 belong to the new consumption, while in the area below the line of three or four, the new consumption is up to $57.

because walls rural market is the best advertising cards, so the giants have adopted the whitewashing way of publicity, but the effect is not good, because the "village music" "village music" is the largest paint company. And its starting mode and investment is worth learning from grassroots investors.

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double eleven is coming, consumers into the frenzy of the addition of shopping carts, businesses have begun to enter a state of readiness. Shenyang railway seize the opportunity, for the first time this year to join the logistics war. 4 reporter learned from the Shenyang Railway Bureau, in accordance with the unified arrangement of Chinese railway company, from November 11th to November 20th, the Bureau will launch a new measure to the electricity supplier Golden Week "service, to build high-speed rail express, fast freight trains, scattered cargo express" three "and other products, comprehensive services of logistics. read more

July 18, 2009, China’s wiki industry summit will be opened in Hangzhou. The wiki hosting this industry summit by DCCI Internet data center, Zhejiang University School of journalism, internet lab, iResearch Consulting Group, Chinese Museum Digital Museum Society, the Museum of Zhejiang Province Institute of Specialized Committee, the world’s largest Chinese encyclopedia website – Interactive Encyclopedia of contractors, the General Assembly will be the spirit of "sharing, cooperation and dedication" spirit of Wikipedia, focusing on the industry trends, technology and products and other aspects of in-depth discussion. read more

When Gao Xiaosong and his son

Oprah Winfrey column "Xiao said" is preferable to "switch" to Iqiyi, he immediately resolve said his studio will be in the next ten years "may be rooted in Iqiyi". Heard such a deep feeling of excellent advertising in addition to the "ha ha", can only sigh: money is good!

of course, Gao Xiaosong is not alone in the fight, accompanied him around is Ma Dong and Liu Chun. Three people carrying nearly thirty files homemade content items under the "push force Iqiyi studio strategy", in my opinion, similar to the online video industry OEM mode content production has been unstoppable. The video platform of Iqiyi is moving in the pace of video oligarchs stride without hesitation, leaving a "poor" in anger, I do not know what to do. read more

November 22nd, Jingdong business in Shanghai, held in GOU, YUE special theme of the commercial sharing. HP China District commercial computer channel sales General Manager Chen Jinghong Taikehubu, Jingdong deputy general manager of Jingdong, commercial marketing general manager Li Jing, director of Jingdong Taikehubu eastern region Si Xiang Feng and other leaders attended the event. At the meeting, the Jingdong commercial release of the hive big data systems, commercial mining through, enterprise Wyatt management, commercial scenario solutions and a series of commercial support services. Meanwhile, Jingdong commercial joint HP, released the latest commercial notebook information. Jingdong’s strategic business service system, marking the official opening of the commercial market electricity supplier change, and the future direction of the development of the commercial market. read more

eleven that night, Alipay’s Hangzhou office lights lit.


technology news November 11th morning news, Alibaba group said, as of today at 2:19 in the morning, Tmall eleven Alipay double turnover has reached 3 billion 370 million, more than double last year’s eleven Tmall records all day long.

Zhang Yong, President of Tmall

expects eleven annual sales this year is expected to exceed 10 billion. According to Tmall data, the first minute after 0 am today, more than 10 million independent users into Tmall. 10 minutes later, Alipay turnover of 250 million. 37 minutes later, the figure crossed the 1 billion line. At 1:10, the Alipay Tmall total turnover reached 2 billion yuan. Camel, GXG, JACK&JONES three stores in more than 10 million mark in less than 1 hours. read more

formula has no 500W after reading their own judgment, I think it is more than 500W. Electricity supplier should understand a formula, you may have seen a lot of times, and then a few days to forget, I think the most basic thing is the most worthy of thinking things, the road to jane.

turnover = visitor number x conversion x customer price%

I think

was originally a formula is very ordinary, but after I had so much to recall this formula feel very secret, and practice! Really good, share with you read more