domain Zhou Caifu story often staged a good idea for rice farmers bring good, recently have good ideas with their own grassroots minon and describe a "sell creative money" story in the domain name domain name on the market this week, also focus and investors through the trading platform, enterprise terminal domain name acquisition of domain name, the domain name at home and abroad the type of features below to see these rich domain


this week domestic concern is Qihoo 360 low-key enabled digital domain name, the domain name jumps to the Qihoo 360’s official website, domain name and Qihoo 360’s official website domain name is very similar to, the industry for the Qihoo 360’s acquisition of domain a guess, the acquisition of the domain name domain name is to maintain brand image or otherwise Qihoo 360’s new plan? read more

A5 ( station network October 30th news, in 20 this month, the State Copyright Bureau issued the "notice" on the standard SkyDrive service copyright order, SkyDrive pointed out that service providers should take effective measures to stop the illegal users upload and share unauthorized works.

it is understood that SkyDrive in the whole process without having to pay any copyright licensing fees to increase its user base, and spread a lot of infringing works. The genuine video site because of paying huge copyright procurement costs and put a heavy cost pressure, coupled with the update far less than the speed of these piracy sites, the user’s loss is serious, the genuine video market is facing a hitherto unknown challenge, forming a vicious spiral of bad money drives out good money. read more

eleven that night, Alipay’s Hangzhou office lights lit.


technology news November 11th morning news, Alibaba group said, as of today at 2:19 in the morning, Tmall eleven Alipay double turnover has reached 3 billion 370 million, more than double last year’s eleven Tmall records all day long.

Zhang Yong, President of Tmall

expects eleven annual sales this year is expected to exceed 10 billion. According to Tmall data, the first minute after 0 am today, more than 10 million independent users into Tmall. 10 minutes later, Alipay turnover of 250 million. 37 minutes later, the figure crossed the 1 billion line. At 1:10, the Alipay Tmall total turnover reached 2 billion yuan. Camel, GXG, JACK&JONES three stores in more than 10 million mark in less than 1 hours. read more

a, why do you want to master the framework strategy?

if you do not understand the framework strategy, your life is full of gray, and will live very passive, more and more tired, mainly in the following areas:

1, no self

in this society, the vast majority of people are not efficient work, life is very passive, like a machine in the same operation, the fate of the invisible forces pushed forward.

now, you look at yourself, you are not the purpose of case, open the computer or mobile phone, blind browsing process, follow hyperlinks will continue to point down, look down, imperceptibly a few hours later, see dizziness was found, a day time is wasted in the past, so day after day…. read more

if you surf the web more than just browsing the web (and most people do), then you will have the opportunity to experience a variety of authentication codes. In order to prove that the human use of the computer, you must enter the string of very vague characters, and even the emergence of sound, mathematical problems, pictures and other forms of verification code. Based on the Turing test verification code (Turing) as early as 10 years ago, and are still in use and is widely used.

Constance a study shows that: people are often difficult to identify the verification code, 1/5 of users will encounter the verification code will choose to close the page. read more

domestic bitcoin trading platform was a Russian hacker, and open sales data on a forum website. A security web site editor managed to get the data, by comparing the leak in 2011, the password library and search the mailbox, you can determine the identity of these members. Through the sampling analysis, black workers accounted for the majority of. The legendary Chinese aunt, Wenzhou businessmen accounted for only a small part.

in a hacking forum, a man claiming to be from a Russian hacker organization member, claimed successful invasion China a very large bitcoin trading platform, and download the database, the database will want to sell. read more

In the short-term fluctuations in the market value of Listed Companies in

, may be able to reflect some stress events, such as Apple’s market capitalization in recent weeks a net increase of $63 billion, the biggest single week shares rose record since five years, it is that there is a causal relationship and may permit the sale of iPhone 7.

however, this game does not constitute the basis for value judgments, the capital market will continue to rise and landing are tidal, normal, integral as a Sports League list, a competition for the market very little influence. read more

Lei Feng network July 2nd hearing, Oculus VR for the domain name, has passed UDRP (Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy, unified Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy) formally filed a complaint. domain name was registered by a developer named Ivan in June 2012, when it was Oculus 2 months before the start of the VR Smirnov congregation raised in the Kickstarter. started as a forum for the exchange of virtual reality hardware game developers, virtual reality fans, amateurs and professionals to provide a platform to discuss VR. read more

1 of the world’s largest trading platform bitcoin users hit MtGox off lost confidence in

, the world’s largest bitcoin trading platform Mt.Gox suddenly unable to visit on Tuesday, the site becomes a blank, the official account is deleted.

multiple source information display, Mt.Gox has gone bankrupt, about 750 thousand bitcoin cast to the wind, the value of $375 million. In a panic, Mt.Gox website hung out a letter to the user, said MtGox is due to media reports and market reaction "temporarily closed", the team is closely watching the developments. read more

A5 station network January 21st news: today about 15:20 in the afternoon, a large number of users Sina and Baidu and other well-known Web sites A5 webmasters have received many webmaster feedback their website does not open, owned by A5, including, and many other sites also appeared unable to access the situation. According to the results of Ping, including Sina, Baidu, micro-blog and many other A5 webmasters use the COM domain name station appeared to be resolved to the DNSPod official micro-blog said that at present the root of all the domestic top-level domain of the exception, has been linked to the relevant agencies to deal with. (Yang Yang) read more

1 consumption in the sun: Online 315, Chinese consumers "cheated" report  

last night, CCTV 315 evening broadcast, including auto 4S shop "ailment overhaul", telephone fraud, free WiFi steal user information related to the rights and interests of consumers one by one exposure. At the same time at the party, "Penguin" cool exclusive release "online 315· national survey, for the majority of Internet users Chinese, sampling and analysis of fake and fraud through more direct way, finally completed the" 315: Chinese online netizen "cheated" report ". read more

text / Zhang Juanlin Feng Lei

if you are lost in the storm, grand starting point, then you really went out. I’ve learned information display, Baidu is the starting point from Amnesty editing, and the author paid poaching starting point, attempts to construct their own network literature website. This is not just a copy of the grand literature posterior, is copied a lot of literature — in the posterior station Baidu directly upstream of the flow was digested.

battle for the starting point read more

November 30th morning news, tour and the parent company Sohu announced today, has signed a final agreement in November 29, 2011, the tour will from the Sohu merger game information portal (the following is called "17173") business, the transaction price of $162 million 500 thousand in cash.

according to the terms of the transaction agreement, the tour will be $162 million 500 thousand in fixed cash consideration from Sohu’s acquisition of all assets related to the business of 17173. The transaction is expected to be completed in December 2011 after the completion of the specified conditions of the transaction agreement. Taking into account the transaction agreement, Sohu and swim to amend the current non compete agreement, Sohu agreed to five days from the date of delivery of the transaction agreement is not competing with the tour in the 17173 business areas. read more

1 to build a web site of type 85 billion? The Internet lottery industry in was stopped by  

domestic Internet lottery industry experienced a purge in recent years, the most severe. As of March 1st, the major domestic Internet sales of color sites have been suspended color business. The large-scale "sale" why? At present, but regulators did not There were many discussions. Public opinion, to speak publicly on the matter.

2014, the domestic Internet lottery market size reached 85 billion yuan, involving a number of listed companies. After the whole industry stop sale, the future of this huge industry how to develop doubt. read more

"Silk Road" website screenshot.

Ross ·


Silk Road

"Silk Road"

is currently known as the world’s largest black market trading network. This site to imitate the Amazon and eBay model, with buyers and sellers mutual evaluation mechanism, user forums and dispute resolution mechanism. In addition to the illegal drugs, as well as the sale of fake passports, fake license and other documents, and provide illegal services, such as incitement, fraud and hackers. read more

2016 comes slowly in autumn, but it’s cold. In October, I passed the Zhongguancun street, feeling this is the last time this year may also be a long time last time on this road.

this is the sixth year, in the past Chinese Internet barbaric growth of the past few years, how many people like me, to witness the changing times, our cognition again subversion, but just because in the mountains. However, this time I finally did not do the project, talk about investment, just as a bystander, so it seems that this place suddenly lost heat. read more

Yuan Yong today in the search for Tang Jun when fabrication of academic credentials ", accidentally found in Google China launched a real-time interactive information search function, the scrolling display the latest search results, these results mostly from Twitter, Sina, and other well-known site tianya.

from the figure you can see the current Google search results, divided into three parts: the first part is the latest information of search results, and then the position information is real-time search results, the right side of a scroll bar to scroll the display, the user can also click pause, stop the search results. read more


"compliance department has recently decided to transfer all funds P2P cooperation to make some adjustments, has expired and expiring cooperation agreements are not renewed, no new sign." In December 17th, Alipay product director of the newspaper said.

suspended due to the compliance department of Alipay P2P, credit transfer intermediary lending business model "to redefine and explore, to prevent systemic risk. "The intermediary pattern of debt recently controversial, once the false trading project or suspected of illegal fund-raising, Alipay was reluctant to take such reputational risk." The source said, the current cooperation agreement with a broker based model of P2P company has expired without renewal. read more

Microsoft has been upgrading its version of the product, and keep updating speed, let the customer enjoy the latest version of Microsoft products in the shortest time, the Microsoft said, server virtualization will be the future development trend.

Microsoft virtualization technology is being updated, and to business users, in the enterprise environment, to the enterprise customers to introduce more flexible virtualization technology services products.

according to market research, 28% of companies are planning to implement server virtualization in the next 6 months, and the company plans to deploy server virtualization next year by 42%. Server virtualization has been able to continue to occupy the center of the market stage, the most attractive is that it has a broad impact on the IT and the technology industry. read more

science and technology to create wealth, wealth to promote scientific and technological progress, which is an undeniable fact. Facebook CEO VS Microsoft Corp CEO: wealth or technology contest? With the Facebook IPO shares worth $11 billion 800 million, 27 year old Mark · Zuckerberg, as one of the richest people in the world will further consolidate the status of.

Facebook provides the value of the shares at $28 to $35, a total of about $33 billion 740 million, Facebook founder and CEO Mark · according to a regulatory filing; the upper Zuckerberg stake in this range, will reach $17 billion 600 million, also said he is richer than the Microsoft Corp CEO and President Ballmer yesterday, according to Bloomberg billionaires list of Microsoft CEO Ballmer reported a net worth of $1 billion 540 million. read more