for some time, the website is built, then a new station you first thought to do could make your website is to be included in search engines, to let visitors through the search engine to find their own website, get some traffic. In fact, this is not a very difficult thing. If the method is right, the general 2-4 days can be included in the Google. However, improper methods, ten days and a half months, or even one or two months are not listed.

  general method, we first thought may be landing the major search engines, one by one to submit their website search engine URL. This approach is out of date, and now is the most passive, the most effective way. GoogleGuy has also said that the importance of submitting URL to Google is decreasing, and the attractiveness of this submission is getting smaller and smaller for Google. For this part of the data submitted Google update very slow. If you only use this method may not be listed on the Google two months. read more

can’t remember what time is from the Internet to a local article, let me from inadvertently turn out, this is an article on the B2C website operation experience, suitable for ready to engage in the B2C shop owners from.

1, the quality of the huge passenger flow (online store should provide comprehensive search engine optimization, to bring a lot of high quality online shop passenger flow)

2, scientific commodity display (online store should provide scientific and professional display of goods and shelves management, enhance customer desire for purchase) read more


] November 4th news billion state power network, the day before, the trade rumors online snack brand three squirrels because scalping and other reasons were removed from the double 11 venue. Three squirrels official announcement today, to clarify.


announcement that, due to a single brush and three squirrels were withdrawn from the rumors of double 11 entirely groundless statement, and lists three reasons why the three squirrels can not brush.

three squirrels said that in the Tmall channel monthly sales of nearly billion stores, such a large sales can not be single, can not enhance the opportunity to display through the brush. And three squirrels believe that their own explosion of a lot of products, are in the absolute advantage of traffic, simply do not need to brush. read more

the object of this article is:

1, no person, what strength, especially not what economic strength, if you need money, rather than to the hope project, then according to my method to promote your station.

2, a new category of Web sites, with little impact and traffic.

3, the webmaster is willing to endure hardship, you can insist on, boring boring + no income.

4, the local classification information site does not use this approach.

text start:

personal classification website promotion, is the promotion of marketing level, do not consider technical reasons. In addition, due to my limited level, low ability to understand the first look. read more

Abstract]2015 cross-border electricity supplier industry from blowout to boutique, centralized, the market structure is becoming stable.

text / Hao Xiaoliang Hao Xiaoliang public number: (haoxl1125)

the past year in 2015 the key to the development of cross-border electricity supplier industry. The entire market from the blowout to high-speed growth, and then to the boutique, centralized, the market structure is becoming stable. Tmall international, Jingdong, the global leader in the purchase, the latter is the world’s first NetEase camp koala purchase of NetEase resources advantage. Continued to force the giants, so many vertical cross-border electronic business platform, the fate of more whirling in 2016, cross-border electricity market is destined to be extraordinary. Through Tmall, Jingdong and NetEase koala sea in 2016 to buy the market strategy, combined with the performance of the three in the past year, we can have a clearer understanding of the next step in the development of cross-border electricity supplier. read more

in the past 618 business wars, the major electricity supplier mustering the strength change from the simple price for a comprehensive public relations war, war service, even slobber war, the product is still wine CEO Zhang Huijun believes that this year’s price war is thunder, little rain, the price war has no substantial price so much. From the vertical wine electricity supplier field of view, Zhang Huijun said, wine electricity supplier price war is not playing too much pressure, customer groups are not the same, the price war will allow the industry to the deterioration of the environment, and even no way out. read more

[Abstract] sea Amoy usually requires the support of the dual currency bank card payment, in addition to consider when the exchange rate between different currencies.

Tencent Technology Sun Han reported on November 25th

The end of

has always been the peak season of commodity promotion, just after China double eleven, ushered in the black Friday.

"black Friday" is the first day of the day after Thanksgiving (November 28th this year), as the start of the Christmas stockpile action, many businesses in the United States, Canada and other places will increase the discount. read more

face set off a wave of Internet banking, the bank is at top speed layout. In September 5th, the newspaper learned exclusively, ICBC recently notified: "initially integrated e-commerce platform to pay + financing in October 19th officially launched, will set the online shopping, investment, financing, consumer credit in one network.

, according to informed sources, the platform for both B2B and B2C, from the current information of internal communications, early may hit B2C, the merchant threshold is higher, and this with the bank business platform good financial business model is significantly different from the main B2B. read more

we have the relevant staff to investigate." In October 22nd, the "First Financial Daily reporters call the Hangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau under the city confirmed that the Zhejiang Cci Capital Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the" legendary legend investment ") funding problems were reported about the Public Security Bureau said is in the process of filing.

yesterday evening Hangzhou City Economic Investigation Brigade informed, received more public report said Zhejiang legend investment suspected of illegal deposits from the public, the police preliminary investigation found the situation basically true. Currently, the city police have been filed, and 2 major criminal suspects to take coercive measures for criminal detention, the case is still under investigation. read more

today, fast cut subsidies, from 13 yuan each reduce subsidies to 10 yuan, before subsidies two passengers a day, at the same time, Didi also issued a message across with fine-tuning: North, on deep, Hangzhou remains unchanged for other city minus 12~20 minus the starting price of $~20 per day, two single type, nouveau riche fast burn mode tends to weaken in intensity, we don’t want to end the dispute came into? I see is the big two for new outfit, reforming route, starting from the burning of the steering line against the naked outwit. read more

November 15th, had the opportunity to listen to the speech of minister Long Yongtu on China’s regional economic development. Through his economic and policy development forecast, we can see some of the future development of local websites.

, the core idea of Long Yongtu’s economic forecast

1, China’s economic development, there are two basic forces, one is industrialization, one is urbanization.

2, China’s future economic indicators will be the level of urbanization. Europe and the United States currently more than 90% of the level of urbanization, if China’s urbanization level can not reach 80%, even if the total economy is still not able to truly become an economic superpower. China will use 30-40 years to raise the level of urbanization from the current 46% to more than 82%. read more

March 31st news at noon on 12 o’clock in the afternoon, cool 6 network’s cool theater countdown, the official line, but still can not watch the video on. Cool 6 network said that users can wait to watch.

According to the official

page, "Cool 6 Theatre" will cover film and television drama, animation, variety, documentaries and other copyright video content, through the integration of the mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan, Japan and South Korea, Europe and the United States provide video content providers, online video on demand service. read more

, according to Xinhua news agency, Jinhua city of Zhejiang Province, the relevant sources, the country’s largest shopping rebate site, Zhejiang billion Agel Ecommerce Ltd and belongs to the "million shopping" site because of suspected crime MLM organization and leadership, the relevant departments in June 12th was closed by the police investigation, the responsible person of the enterprise control. From February 15th this year, the site about 6 million yuan a day loss, by the year May 25th has been a loss of more than $600 million. read more

2010, with the rise of smart phones and 3G networks, mobile Internet began to sprout. After 5 years of development, the mobile Internet changed, the application field of each vertical blossom everywhere, after a lot of competition and development, appeared in WeChat, QQ, Alipay, Sina and micro-blog as the representative of the super APP male as the world, other areas of APP hard to catch a taxi situation.

we say that in the first two years of the mobile Internet, no matter how bad you do products, there will be users, because in addition to your family, there is no other available. In the full development of the mobile Internet today, access to a user may have to spend 10 minutes of effort, but the user may be a little uncomfortable minutes to uninstall your application. When a APP develops to a certain stage, it is especially important to improve retention, because the cost of money or resources will be lower during this period. read more

call center (Call Center), also called customer service center in china. China’s call center is the first to start from China Telecom, China Mobile. With the rapid development of science and technology, the call center is being integrated with some new technologies, such as IP, WAP, ASR, DW, etc.. The introduction of Internet network makes the call center has a revolutionary change, it is not simply to provide Internet information to the call center, but the call center and the Internet into one. Users can go directly to the call center from the Web site, click on the button to achieve the conversation with each other. Of course, the remote call can be used IP phone, also can do text interaction (such as whiteboard function). In this way, all the functions on the Internet can be combined into one common use, such as E-mail, IP fax, IP phone, etc.. read more

on the Internet is like battlefield competition, you do not take the initiative to come out. On the Internet site promotion is a variety of ideological collisions wiped the contention of a hundred schools of thought, a new spark. In the learning process, as computer knowledge rippling learning website, I benefited from. Here are some of my feelings and my

a website promotion, a moment can not stop

promotion site is a challenging job. New sites on the Internet have sprung up and developed rapidly. To break through the layers of siege to our web site to the Internet users in the process, adhere to and continue to learn is the first need. Adhere to the main point is to adhere to the content update, learning is a learning method. Continue to improve the search engine algorithm, the quality of Internet users is growing up, how can we find a living in the cracks? So it is very important to learn and adhere to. read more

one day, an old classmate asked me what I was doing. He scratched his head very ignorant then asked: what is the content marketing? I was puzzled, really bad answer, so brazen such an example for him:

sometimes you will see a very hot video in the circle of friends, about a rural university graduates to find a job in Shanghai. The helpless, the whole process is very bitter, ran a lot of companies. Because they are not familiar with the road, each time he uses Baidu maps for navigation, check car information, view the nearby accommodation, etc.. After a lot of hard work, finally found a job, then call home, cried with a bedridden mother said it all. My mom is very distressed, he asked, not in there life, know the way? He said, don’t worry mom, I use Baidu map, easy to find, your peace of mind at home to recuperate. read more

just a few days ago to do a local portal station, ready to get along with friends, but friends do not understand this aspect of the promotion, to write this article, do a tutorial, followed by the promotion on the line. We heard on the Internet all day long to promote the site, said it was passed on to his God, some friends also worship the fact that, in fact, the promotion of the site is something of civilians, but the situation and moved to the network. Promotion, what is the promotion of the product is to promote their own publicity, so that more people know and accept your product, which is the promotion. Website promotion is your site to do propaganda, let more people know your site, or directly into your site users, is commonly known as the "advertising", but the advertising hit sounds high to rise, but the promotion method is simple, also know, but the real operation is not the matter the operation is good, is the so-called promotion master, although not as from God, but some technical content, it also needs a lot of experience and common experience. Not much nonsense, entered, website promotion is generally divided into 2 categories, online and offline promotion, which means in the online promotion and promotion in life. First online promotion. read more

Beijing area 116 group purchase website "cornered" scale disappeared. Reporters learned from the Group buy navigation site 800, starting from the beginning of this year, there has been a group to stop the operation of the site, the site has been unable to contact the customer service and the person in charge. As of the end of 8 this year, Beijing area, there are about 116 buy site disappeared, the current inventory is still in progress.

150 websites staged "kongchengji" read more

April 7th afternoon news, China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) released today, "China’s Internet users in the application of video Research Report". The report shows that as of the end of 2009, the size of China’s online video users reached 240 million, of which nearly 40 million of users only to watch the video on the Internet, the network has become an exclusive video user.

below is the main content of the report:

nearly 70% users to watch TV to reduce the time of nearly 40 million users only watch videos online read more