Talk about the implementation of some elements of Amoy brand

Talk about the implementation of some elements of

Amoy brand! First to have their own independent domain name; there should be systematic promotion strategy; we must have the courage to explore; to have a heart of perseverance. Separate specific statement.

first, we must have their own independent domain name

own guest spend tens of dollars to register an independent domain name, I think this is every guest can afford the investment, may be a lot of guest feel no need, then you are wrong! Because we are every day in a variety of platforms to promote products, are used in different advertising code, even if you have to many others may not know you through advertising code! And your domain name is completely different! We can be unified to promote our domain, and then through the domain name to promote different products. read more

The domain name was registered by the judge protection in the right people

Beijing second intermediate people’s court recently concluded Beijing easyvoice era network technology Co. Ltd. v. Beck · respectively; & McKenzie, French law firm Kidd computer network domain name dispute case, the court verdict dismissed the plaintiff to the Time Inc on the confirmation of domain names involved for all of its property claim.

The case involves

for computer network domain name registration, erzhongyuan verdict, to protect the interests of the prior rights.

It is reported that read more

Positive list once again upgraded platform cross-border electricity supplier usher in the new deal b

in order to meet the demand of cross-border electricity supplier, in April 15th, the Ministry of finance, the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Commerce and other 13 departments jointly issued the second batch of "cross-border e-commerce retail imports list", the maternal and child health care products, fresh and popular category were added into, attracted wide attention of the sea Amoy family. As the first domestic based on "social + mobile distribution platform for cross-border electricity supplier," said the adorable international store, strictly control the supplier qualification and supply, focus on user experience and supply chain services, to create cross-border electricity supplier industry healthy and orderly market environment. read more push mushroom channel integration selection of quality products

days ago, women’s fashion and fashion consumer platform largest businesses, held meeting in Guangzhou, and announced at the scene, after several months of preparation and "3.21" to promote the success of trial operation, the best product quality businesses set channel "mushroom yield" officially launched operation. station to become an independent channel, will provide cost-effective, and quality assurance to ensure the quality of consumer shopping experience. This is also the beginning of this year, to promote the 2016 quality improvement program is an important part of. read more

EBay eBay B2B domestic search engine a hundred responses to a single call

news recently, e-commerce giant eBay eBay professional search engine B2B " ( "; a hundred responses to a single call, B2B will have a Taobao search again.

as a C2C e-commerce giant eBay eBay, in the past few years in the Chinese market and the local C2C platform Taobao competition lost, in recent years the Chinese market has been sluggish. But as the electronic commerce consumer China, eBay naturally will not easily give up, how to find the chance to play again Chinese market, their own market and regain the previous dominance, that has been the headquarters of the United States is an important thing about ebay. read more

How to increase the purchase of the site users to buy impulse

The annual

business platform are doing this or that planning, as is the use of a variety of special day to increase trading volume, many of their efforts are often in order to enhance the user’s impulse to buy, because for most users, in the beginning of the goods on the shopping site is not cold, and there is no demand for the purchase, but in the end did not buy often these users have reached a higher than expected trading volume of many orders, the reason is that these shopping sites will enhance the user’s impulse to buy to the extreme. So what specific aspects can we enhance the user’s buying impulse? read more Q1 net profit of 475 million yuan, an increase of 29%

news May 18th, released the 2016 fiscal first quarter unaudited financial results, according to the results, first quarter revenue 12 billion 170 million yuan, 8 billion 610 million yuan last year, an increase of 41%; net profit of 475 million yuan, 368 million yuan last year, an increase of 29%.

Q1 performance points:

1, total net revenues of 12 billion 170 million yuan ($1 billion 890 million), last year was 8 billion 610 million yuan, an increase of 41%; mainly due to the number of active users increased by 52% to 19 million 700 thousand, and the total number of orders increased by 53% to 58 million 700 thousand; read more

Taobao sellers sell fake profits for two years 340 thousand

Beijing November 6 Hangzhou Xinhua (reporter Zhao Xiaoyan Zhang Tianqi intern correspondent SIFA) Zhejiang Hangzhou West Lake court recently hearing together through the Taobao sales of counterfeit brand printer cartridge case. Zengmou began to open in April 2012 in Taobao, the main sales of printer cartridges, ribbons, etc. the powder storehouse. These products are also famous brand, there are HP, Panasonic, etc., two years had a profit of 34 yuan.

has a printer cartridge was originally sold at a company clerk, later he resigned and became a small business, related to online sales of printer cartridges and other products. Originally, once sold products are genuine, but because the profit is not high, once played a crooked idea. read more

Private hospitals need what kind of website the hospital network marketing.

private hospitals in addition to their own corporate website, often will build a number of promotional sites, the purpose is to improve the search engine through a large amount of information collected with SEO, improve the site’s natural rankings. Potential patients through the search engine to enter the site, they have the opportunity to accept the consultation as an outpatient. This has been introduced in my network marketing blog. But standing in the ordinary user’s point of view, what kind of private hospitals to set up the site in order to meet their needs, the same, what kind of site can meet the needs of users and to meet the search engine? read more

On the basis of micro-blog marketing

now micro-blog has become the most popular network marketing platform, the major companies have also entered the field of micro-blog marketing, micro-blog marketing is the basis of fans. There is such a statement for micro-blog fans: the number of fans more than one hundred, the equivalent of a magazine; more than one thousand, equivalent to more than ten thousand bulletin boards; is a magazine; more than one hundred thousand, it is a newspaper; more than one million is a national newspaper; it is over tens of millions of television. The power of the fans is strong. How to quickly accumulate popularity and fans are a lot of webmaster tangled things. In fact, attracting fans also have some skills and methods, as long as the appropriate application can achieve good results. read more