Appliances into electricity supplier 51 game focus on the promotion of the line does not lose heat O

51 golden week approaching, the major electricity supplier platform will focus on home appliances, set off promotional activities. In addition to issuing vouchers, full cut and other low-cost strategy, this year, the major electricity supplier will focus to fight, fight on logistics customer service. In addition to the electricity supplier, this year’s "51" line entity store is also actively promoting, and even more than some of the category of promotional merchandise online. However, there are still consumers, promotional activities, commodity prices still exist after the first rise and fall phenomenon. Compared to the previous promotional activities, in addition to commodity prices rose after the fall, the promotion category focused appliances, many consumers seem calm lot. read more

B2C website quick success strategy

B2C now built many sites, but more is to burn, B2C requires a very large investment to do, without a certain amount of money, simply can not do it, such as logistics, inventory, advertising, every project needs lots of funds, so to build a B2C website easily, barriers to entry very low, now ECShop, ExShop can help the base without technical webmaster quickly set up a B2C website, but how to operate a B2C website? This is not an easy thing, many B2C sites are due to momentary brain heat, so for the webmaster, finally settle a matter by leaving it unsettled, even from other companies that must have a fast growth strategy: read more

Feng Yingjian three optimization let my ad click rate increased from 0.5% to 3%

      if you are already a Google AdSense content publisher, if you want your site to get a higher income, it is necessary to learn more about the Google optimization recommendations. In the Google AdSense online support page also provides more content can refer to, here according to my own experience to optimize the personal website of Google advertising, give you some personal advice, I hope to help other webmaster.

      my personal website from the end of October 2004 Google AdSense support Chinese website began to apply for Google publishers, but in the early AD click rate is very low, usually only about 0.5%, in 1 years time, after three times of simple optimization, the current average advertising record 3%, click on the AdSense advertising commission income from the initial monthly $more than and 30 increase to the current more than $2000 (including later provided Google product promotion revenue). This effect is achieved, of course, because of the growing number of visits to the site, but the site is still playing a decisive role in the optimization of advertising. read more

Cross border electricity supplier into a hot consumer retail enterprises competing layout

and a local entity to enter the cross-border retail electricity supplier. In May 14th, the reporter was informed that Grandbuy its cross-border business 100 gold jewelry building, Haizhu City, 100 new new Panyu shop three stores store experience, today officially opened, the company is still in its online store launched "100 Hui · cross-border shopping business channel, since then, Grandbuy become private line and the line platform for cross-border electricity supplier in Guangzhou’s largest department stores. It is reported that this is just a couple of months, Guangzhou second local real estate department stores to enter the ranks of cross-border electricity supplier, previously, the modern department store opened in the first round of cross-border electricity supplier experience store. read more

How to improve enterprise productivity 15% cheats interpretation time enterprise mailbox

"love may not really be an endless struggle, just burn the ashes of time, become a fate of discrete." After the youth release, let every one to let people remember the end of youth have moved and true to yourself, but in a lot of people in the youth seem to flow to the same period……

pressure against the reality of the wild and intractable soul, once on the vision and confusion in the future as time goes numb, eager for love also gradually accustomed to hide in their inner corner…… One day, when you look back, found that the memory has been blurred, and then take what to commemorate, to miss, we will eventually lost youth. read more

Taobao push fake quick refund system can automatically identify the realization of the second retrea

Taobao push fake quick refund system can automatically identify the seconds back

news August 4th, 4 announced the launch of "fake quick refund services, in the future if consumers doubt in Taobao bought a fake and apply for a refund, the system has been assessed as" background suspected of selling fake goods ", the system will refund immediately, simplifies the negotiation process go way of safeguarding the rights.

according to reports, the fake fast refund behind, is Taobao commodity supervision system and consumer rights system to get through. For Taobao has been punished and under the framework of the suspected counterfeit goods in the future, if consumers apply for a refund, the system will automatically obtain identification information, make "refund" judgment, "seconds back". In the past, such orders through the application, upload documents, and other ways to negotiate with the seller, it may take about 7 days to receive a refund. read more

Analysis of the future nternet business emerging e-commerce in 2015 five trends

more accurate tracking advertising

cookie by computer to track user preferences and behavior mode are outdated, a growing number of e-commerce sites started by only ID mobile phone and tablet and other mobile devices, users behavior more accurately track and push more suitable for advertising, and monitor the advertising effect. The future will be more pro gaze tracking method of mobile phone software or App, with Cloud Applications popular "cloud tracking" will not be too surprised. read more

Click on the nternet advertising

when you look at other people’s Web site, see the ad on the site, you will point?

1: if I don’t know if it’s an ad, if you’re interested in the subject, will you order


98% people answer I will point

2: if I knew it was an ad, would you be interested if I were interested in the subject?

13% people will answer me!


85% replied, "as long as I know it’s an ad, no matter how attractive it is to me, I’m not going to


is so popular in the Internet today, it is not clear whether the advertising is not how many people? Of course and type your site, if you do a webmaster oriented class website, ad click rate is very low, I believe that everyone has experience. So, when the customer asked me to do what kind of traffic station in order to rely on advertising revenue, I chose a type, that is just online gynecological website read more

Electricity supplier war initially sentenced the three crimes Jingdong apology

after a lapse of half a month, electricity supplier wars tend to ease, but there are many problems of its own, or alerted the government level.

yesterday (September 5th) evening, CCTV "news broadcast" reports, the NDRC price supervision and Anti Monopoly Bureau official said the preliminary investigation, the Jingdong, mall, Gome online mall and its major suspected of price fraud in three aspects: one is the promotional price is two higher than the original price, incomplete performance three is the price promise, some electricity providers with their own unique commodity prices to participate in activities. In this regard, the NDRC has interviewed the relevant enterprises, related enterprises have begun to self correction activities. read more

Jingdong express open access to the outside world new financing to improve logistics construction

has just disclosed the news of $400 million after financing, the reporter learned exclusively yesterday, Jingdong mall brewing for a long time Jingdong express is also about to debut. In the future, its platform sellers and social sellers are likely to become Jingdong express customers. Previously, this new round of financing Jingdong mall will also be used to improve the logistics construction.

According to the Jingdong

mall insiders, brewing for a long time to open platform business to express Jingdong Jingdong mall. 5 months ago, Jingdong CEO mall Liu Qiangdong said "Jingdong express the fastest officially open" at the end of August, but since then the project and no specific information disclosed. The industry believes that Jingdong mall to get $400 million financing to help Jingdong express surfaced. Jingdong mall self logistics system after years of grinding, has a certain scale. According to reports, this year’s double 11 period, Jingdong mall ushered in the peak sales in 11, only in the past 4 days to resolve the "double" the formation of a large number of orders, and returned to the normal level of distribution yesterday. read more