Amazon withdrawal promotional orders on the court to chase goods

– see the defendant evidence in court. Newspaper correspondent Liu Qiqi photo

customers sued each other for delivery of the goods and apologize to

news (reporter Zhang Jian) consumers Xia excellent website in the Amazon to buy 3 promotional watches, orders were canceled. Mr. Xia will Amason to court, ask for delivery has been ordered to watch and an apology. Yesterday morning, the case in Chaoyang Court hearing.

Xia v., in September 5, 2012, Amazon Co held promotional activities on its website, he received a discount code, with a preferential price to buy a EBOHR, seagull brand watches a total of 3. 3 days later, Mr. Xia received a notice of the mail, the site said that it can not be purchased for the purchase of the purchase, has canceled the order, and in the case of Mr. Xia without the original order information deleted. A few days later, Mr. Xia found on the website of Amazon Co, 3 of its orders are still on sale, but the price is much higher. read more

Network consultant the cost evaluation of the construction of commercial websites

recently, my friend started an enterprise website construction company, let me help to receive some customers. Therefore, the business owners often ask me: how much money to do a commercial website can not be cheap, to be honest, for such a problem, I really bad answer. Do a specific site to invest much money, in fact, the need for specific analysis of specific things.

website, people spend hundreds of thousands of people have cost thousands of!! some people spend hundreds of dollars now! Admin5 wrote, just to write a written form by the cost of website construction is also introduced, for the majority of enterprise website construction company as a public service pay. I do not, if any of the analysis is not satisfactory, we hope to give criticism, I must accept modestly. read more

Jiaozuo city network Henan network conference see

December 12th we set off at six in the morning to Zhengzhou to attend the first meeting of Henan network. To Zhengzhou after a simple breakfast began to decorate the hall.

found a problem: booth repeat. Layout found that someone has occupied our booth.

found the problem two: customers do not actively participate in, despite the booth duplication, but fortunately can the morning call can’t come today. These have their own web site customers do not have their own website when things will not focus on promotion. In the exhibition will not find the presence of many businesses or. read more

Taobao novice sellers should learn how to earn more than others

tight entrance has come to an end, in this process there may be a surprise, disappointment, there is bitterness, there are many things worth pondering, may see the topic very familiar in the exam, I can’t remember how to do, you will ask yourself why the flat carefully in mind if? Had to go look for now is not so embarrassed ah, but say what is the use? Not or not, who can not help you, I think the local college entrance examination attraction lies in its mysterious, it is fair (what other unspoken rule is not inside). To have a result, efforts can enter a good university, life may therefore change, how can the college entrance examination in senior high school entrance examination of good results, I think the most important is that the usual Taobao, as with the college entrance examination, you will make more effort than others, the novice sellers should do?. read more

Network marketing needs sustainable standardization

in the eyes of many entrepreneurs and marketing experts, network marketing is just a lot of marketing theory, it is more and more important marketing tool. People with this idea are doomed to be unable to keep up with and embrace the Internet age, they will be eliminated in the new round of competition.

in the past, the concept of marketing consulting, tools, methods in the era of the Internet need to be updated and not just another new marketing tools.

at this point, the traditional marketing consulting firm still seems to hold their own in the former "brilliant experience." still hold information asymmetry, still think that now consumers in the "passive" information, still believe that as long as on the CCTV or a media for the liberation of the whole Chinese…… read more

Share two hours to spend the day to earn a profit of thirty

believe that every one of the people living in the city will see this scene: people who live in the area, the corridor of small ads everywhere and domestic related. These cities, psoriasis repeated, people are very headache. Why is it so annoying things every time will be cleared as springing out of it, I think the main reason is because the residents need these advertising service.

there is a demand on the market, there is money on the market. So when the communication bridge between advertisers and customers is cut, the webmaster can help. read more

Jingdong to enter the market for college students 30 days without interest repayment

[Abstract] a large Jingdong campus ious business scenarios are college students to buy books.

Tencent technology Lei Jianping reported on January 15th

domestic market competition is fierce to enter the stage of college students, as the stage music, interest installments have announced a new round of financing on the occasion, the electricity supplier predators Jingdong officially reached the market. The financial Jingdong today announced the launch of the campus service.

financial Jingdong said, do not need to pay the campus ious in the credit line, can be completed within 30 days of purchase, repayment, do not charge interest, even if the choice of education and training and other large expenditures can choose 3 to 24 months installments, interbank interest rates much lower fees. read more

The new run comprehensive on-line, you run errands housekeeper!

extra ~ extra! In January 11, 2017, Chengdu Zero Information Technology Co. Ltd. sent great news, preparations for the long run has been through the beta version, is now fully on-line, officially open to all run errands delivery team


this exciting news, we have zero internal team full out, with the background of managers, businesses and staff, staged a [] who run demonstration activities in the area near the Yingbin avenue.

company division role

distribution waiting to grab a single read more

A common online shopping platform selling nearly 40% of users believe that the electricity supplier

Beijing, April (2) (IT channel Zhang Sinan) with the continuous expansion of the scale of the electricity supplier, fakes, prices and other issues are also emerging. Recently, the new channel IT joint digital 100 market research firm launched an investigation, more than 60% of respondents said they had bought fake. While Taobao, Tmall became the most popular online shopping fake e-commerce platform, reaching 76.9% and 16.1%. In addition, in the aspect of selling electricity supplier, nearly 40% of respondents believe that the business platform of lax supervision led to the proliferation of fakes. read more

618 the supplier by electricity supplier Yuezhan kidnapping war

Chen Shijun

Jingdong June 18th this birthday is not too peaceful. In the promotion of the anniversary, VANCL, Amazon, Gome, Yi Xun network, shop No. 1, and many other competitors have sent a "black gift", jointly released a variety of promotional activities to split consumers.

, the most obvious point is cheap clothing started vancl. Recently, we suddenly released a high-profile gauntlet, able to provoke a price war. In the afternoon of the classical banter, like to challenge Tmall, Jingdong, and many other platforms, similar to "meet in June 18th really rong". read more