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for the love of Shanghai engine love continually find new things in the various types of website, if your website just copy others can do it, I believe that love Shanghai for users has no appeal. Because see all the same things. Especially a new station ready to start, the original content is essential. Original content is most likely to make the website visitors to become loyal customers. Some students will take the false way to accomplish this indicator. However, we have not found that love did not change before Shanghai does have a lot of pseudo original station row on the home page, but after the pseudo original content after it will not come back, because it is irrelevant, but in order to complete the purpose of pseudo original webmaster. Therefore, here to remind you, readability in the pseudo original should pay attention to the content, this will increase the user experience in order to retain customers’ footsteps". read more

pay special attention to, do the breadcrumb navigation. There is no navigation, when the user enters the channel page of the article page back to the home page. I come into contact with a web site that day investment into thick, then could not find the home page.


site in the construction of the chain is able to weight channel page article pages on the home page. Especially I do Nanjing studio 贵族宝贝7floor.cn this kind of station, the first time a website does not have no weight outside the chain, the need to establish a good on their website links. When your site weight up, it can be imported to the home page weight is more important to improve the rate of web page, included. Increase the weight of the website, you can send the chain to improve keyword rankings. read more

super IP can self-made potential and flow, can be quickly realized to creation, brand personification, is the best path to create personal super IP.

13, Boeing

but why focus is to persist, or more directly said what his stick? Everyone knows the importance of persistence, know the importance of vocabulary, but how to find support themselves and their way? This is the entrepreneurial chiefs don’t tell you.

5, 360, and Zhou Hongyi

6, Ford

many people have 35 friends, nothing is going to have fun. But what about the partner? Holly’s founding partner was a friend built up at the University, but Wang Yang said three golden words in a tearful wedding. Don’t talk to your good friend partnership business, so business partnership need what kind of people? How to find these people? How to play everyone’s expertise? How to enhance team cohesion? This is business chiefs don’t tell you. read more

recently, "give me ten seconds to give you the whole of Beijing" as the slogan of the Beijing search site, get a lot of money free of Beijing cultural and creative fund support, according to informed sources, the amount of more than 10 million.

has invested $12 million in the early Facebook; Blair Jim Breyer recalled: "when I think back to the first week of April 2005 in California, Wood said the first time with Mark for dinner, I will laugh. I ordered a glass of Pinot Noir Wine, he asked Sprite. I asked him why he didn’t want a drink like me, and he said he was only 1 months old, 21 years old." read more

1. remember the user’s target

users often visit a site with their purpose, and each link, each click, conforms to their experience and guides them toward their goals.

when transmitting your page, you should let the key navigation links be loaded first – in case the user wants to move to other areas of the site. Imitating common user graphical interfaces often increases usability.

2. remember the purpose of the web site

website design should reflect the needs of the business or customers, effectively spread the main information and promote the brand. However, the goal of the site is best achieved by respecting the user’s habits, so the site structure must meet the needs of the user and quickly guide the user to its target, avoiding any company and regional jargon. read more

We all know that

, now the site navigation station is not good, big and small navigation station is innumerable, since the publication of the 114LA program after his navigation is mostly the same, disaster caused by flooding water, is the main navigation station is not high technical requirements, and get a free program, to find a good navigation station, you can do get out of A. But as we all know, navigation station is easy to build and difficult to popularize. The reason for this is nothing more than the following: read more

Hebei talent network began operations in December 10th until now is fourth days, as a technical novice webmaster from me, experienced a lot, probably many seniors will experience this stage. The choice of enterprise recruitment free, how long can Yanzhao talent network go? I don’t answer this question, but it is clear that we will not give up

!The establishment of the

website at the beginning of the recruitment target is all free, because from our local, there are several real recruitment network recruitment market, the market is not standardized, and for us the novice webmaster, do not charge more strenuous. The program is nothing to us, we focus on website promotion. The morning to see the "Souyi" with an example to tell you "method to improve website traffic is very enlightening. His advantage is because the author accumulated a lot of resources in the early days, including the flow of very good station, so with a station, of course, no problem, and we are different, we have nothing. In accordance with the plan, Wang predecessors in the forum hair website promotion 100 methods, we also tried, to stick to post, was sealed. To the forum to post, the same was sealed. Maybe our approach isn’t right, but is it the wrong platform for a free service for the enterprise? Why is that? read more

perhaps many webmaster in the beginning of the station, the most headache problem is the virtual host (space) choice, below I will tell you about my three years of learning course, and I hope to help you. This article starts with (May)

I remember I just contacted the site is in the 07 year, was just out of school, the economy is not well-off, so even a classmate and flat-share a house, when I was working in a Guarantee Corporation, two of my classmates are in the university read e-commerce professional knowledge, the main the course is the site, so every day after work to pick up their courses and see nothing. Natural and also have a certain understanding of the website construction. read more

environment has been greatly damaged, in the life of the serious phenomenon of casual felling of the trees. In order to effectively manage these phenomena, how to build a green mining ABA? To ensure the local ecological environment. Following the footsteps of small series, to understand the specific strategy of aba!

one is how to build a green ABA mining. As the ecological economy in Northwest Sichuan barrier, according to the State Commission, the state government of mining development and ecological harmonious development, for the realization of "ecological mining, green mining, green mountains and rivers, leaving" ABA only doing "subtraction" in mining right approval, not to do "addition" in accordance with the law according to the procedure of phasing out big damage, environmental pollution serious ecological mining rights, up to now, the total number of prospecting in Aba Prefecture from 163 in 2010 to reduce the 118 to 2015, the total number of mining rights from 78 in 2010 to reduce the 45 to 2015. read more

in the fierce competition in the retail market to survive, the streets and shops everywhere, business increasingly difficult to do. If it is not out of their own store, shop rent pressure relatively smaller; if it is rented storefront, expensive rent, water, electricity and other expenses, it is more difficult to survive. I will pay attention to every place around the shop, shop location is a good business is relatively good, popularity is flourishing, store atmosphere is also very active; and to store the location is not good, the lack of customers, the day Monroe Finch, scanty, the owner is also very slow business in the blues. read more

weight loss is often referred to as the topic of the weight loss method, online check out there are countless tutorials, but these tutorials really suitable for your mother? I would like to find a private weight loss museum to help you. How about a weight loss? Do you have a future? Many franchisees want to know.

investigated the causes of obesity are related to diet.

read more

today’s food and beverage industry, a wide range of brands, the degree of competition can be imagined. A successful restaurant how to open up? Can continue to open new stores? Especially small entrepreneurs who want to start a restaurant, the current environment, to consider what the problem? From a product to Huang Zi Sanxiao pot, Xue Guowei in the catering industry for more than ten years, he referred to the location, the location, management, cost control and business model of small entrepreneurial state, and gives a detailed and specific answer.

> read more

I am a whole network of staff, I know that everyone wants to get rich, but don’t know where to start, but do not know how to find good projects, we all gather food, clothing, beauty network, education, and other major investment projects Home Furnishing type for your reference, I will update the hottest project every day, these projects are ranked by Baidu and Google ranking data flow.
2011 the most awesome money project variety stores Pork Chop
read more

easy to do the boss, to earn millions, half a year back, so many investment projects, so many investors echocardiography. A lot of people will choose one of the investment projects, it is directed at the lucrative return. As everyone knows, once the choice to join the cause, do not want to make big money!

franchisees are most concerned about, of course, return on investment. In joining the site, almost all businesses, put the high investment returns in a prominent position, is said to have joined the headquarters in promotional materials on the investment recovery period of three months, which is really exciting. As a senior advisor to Chen Hongyuan in Taiwan in the ten years of the franchise business Yingchi consulting believes that "the high investment returns is questionable". read more

Xining (National) economic and Technological Development Zone since the start of construction, all the way along the wind and rain song, exploration, positioning, forward, a solid pace, witnessed the miracle of the history of entrepreneurship in Xining……

August 16th, an ordinary day, but in Xining (National) four Park Economic and Technological Development Zone, regardless of the world’s leading cutting-edge enterprises, has just started Small and micro businesses, the roar of the machine, in order, everything is so smooth and orderly. read more

in recent years, the Provincial Federation of industry and Commerce in the "Green Fair" as a platform, give full play to the advantages of network organization, implementation of the project, the introduction of investment, to achieve a win-win "as the goal, Zhuchaoyinfeng, boost the healthy development of private investment in our province. Over the past five years, actively cooperate with government departments to carry out investment work, a total of 90 contracted projects, the contract amount of $21 billion 421 million, the project compliance rate of 100%, the rate of funds in place to reach 57.47%. read more

we should all know jumei.com, probably shortly before everyone in the above also bought something, the United States has a very handsome CEO name is Chen Ou, we are certainly not unfamiliar, he is a lot of 80 young idol, his entrepreneurial story inspired a lot of people, if you don’t know much about his deeds so, today Xiaobian take you to see.

16 years, Chen Ou alone went to Singapore, Nanyang Technology University to study computer. At that time, Chen Europe and many students like playing games, but the only difference is that "I play the game is because of the rich, there is a bonus, I think this is a channel to earn money."

until another one to Standford the opportunity to study, his attitude is very tough "not to sever the relationship between father and son", and it is difficult to get Standford Offer also let Chen Ou some heart. "To go to school, in the short term, I will be very large economic losses, I count. But if you go to Standford school, will have a broader vision and better platform for more help to do their own company, and can become the youngest Standford MBA Chinese graduates, this is a very ‘life’ thing."

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