we should all know jumei.com, probably shortly before everyone in the above also bought something, the United States has a very handsome CEO name is Chen Ou, we are certainly not unfamiliar, he is a lot of 80 young idol, his entrepreneurial story inspired a lot of people, if you don’t know much about his deeds so, today Xiaobian take you to see.

16 years, Chen Ou alone went to Singapore, Nanyang Technology University to study computer. At that time, Chen Europe and many students like playing games, but the only difference is that "I play the game is because of the rich, there is a bonus, I think this is a channel to earn money."

until another one to Standford the opportunity to study, his attitude is very tough "not to sever the relationship between father and son", and it is difficult to get Standford Offer also let Chen Ou some heart. "To go to school, in the short term, I will be very large economic losses, I count. But if you go to Standford school, will have a broader vision and better platform for more help to do their own company, and can become the youngest Standford MBA Chinese graduates, this is a very ‘life’ thing."

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market has a lot of cosmetics shops, the industry is very competitive, if investors do not operate well then will be eliminated by the market. How to learn how to manage the knowledge of cosmetics shop operators? If you are interested in this topic, please take a look at our proposal.

cosmetic grade should be how to locate?

first need to appeal and market share of the brand to enhance the visibility of the shop, such as Revlon L’OREAL Maybelline brand perfume and so on, these brands sold in the purchase price, the profit earned rebate. Profits from other second tier brands of cosmetics and other ancillary products. This is the common sense of cosmetics. read more

now, a lot of people joined the entrepreneurial force, but in the process of entrepreneurship there will be a lot more difficult to get the link, for example, the first step to find the store. Today, the whole network Xiaobian to tell you about the 10 shop location method.

entrepreneurship shop is preferred, but the shop in addition to selected items in this problem, can not consider the conditions or location. A selection method is very important, because from the opportune tend to ignore some important things. In the shop on the eve of the best comprehensive investigation on the site, understand the population density, popularity and so on. Let’s take a look at the shop and shop selection method, the last step must become read more

do wine agency business, choose high popularity brand will be more favorable. Luzhou Lao Jiao Royal Wine Cellar franchise headquarters to provide wealth good opportunity, so that franchisees can use brand products quickly to the road to riches, if you have confidence in the project, then quickly to contact us.

Although the

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Abstract: the next thirty years, the Internet impact on all walks of life will be more violent, e-commerce is only a harbinger of change.

titanium media note: cloud habitat conference held yesterday, Ma said: pure electricity supplier era will soon be over, the word e-commerce may soon be eliminated. Then, Ma Yun held last night before the annual general meeting of shareholders of Alibaba, issued an open letter to shareholders.

in the letter, Ma reiterated that Ali will be data as a new resource, computing as a new technology, leading the new retail, new manufacturing and new financial changes. Ali will build infrastructure for the growth of new entities. And that Ali is a solution to the social problems of the company, twenty years later, I hope to be able to serve the world’s 2 billion consumers, able to make up the company’s profit of 10 million to create an employment opportunity of one hundred million. read more

BI Chinese station on August 4th reported

, according to the Wall Street Journal reported that WAL-MART wants to acquire e-commerce site Jet.com, and is negotiating with the latter.

"Wall Street journal" quoted informed sources said that the details of the transaction has not yet been announced, but the purchase price could reach $3 billion".

Business Insider made contact with the Jet.com, but the latter declined to comment on the news.

for WAL-MART, the acquisition of Jet and enhance its overall strategy and objectives in the electricity supplier industry position in line. read more

can’t remember what time is from the Internet to a local article, let me from inadvertently turn out, this is an article on the B2C website operation experience, suitable for ready to engage in the B2C shop owners from.

1, the quality of the huge passenger flow (online store should provide comprehensive search engine optimization, to bring a lot of high quality online shop passenger flow)

2, scientific commodity display (online store should provide scientific and professional display of goods and shelves management, enhance customer desire for purchase) read more


"compliance department has recently decided to transfer all funds P2P cooperation to make some adjustments, has expired and expiring cooperation agreements are not renewed, no new sign." In December 17th, Alipay product director of the newspaper said.

suspended due to the compliance department of Alipay P2P, credit transfer intermediary lending business model "to redefine and explore, to prevent systemic risk. "The intermediary pattern of debt recently controversial, once the false trading project or suspected of illegal fund-raising, Alipay was reluctant to take such reputational risk." The source said, the current cooperation agreement with a broker based model of P2P company has expired without renewal. read more

in front of Admin5 read an article, more agree with the author’s point of view, the article said that health and wealth is the most willing to spend money on the internet.

stocks and other financial sites do not seem to be suitable for personal sites, the first personal webmaster professional enough, followed by the financial and financial sites to leave the space of individual owners do not seem to. To do a financial gathering station from Adsense to get a high price for personal Adsense more appropriate. read more

in order to meet the demand of cross-border electricity supplier, in April 15th, the Ministry of finance, the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Commerce and other 13 departments jointly issued the second batch of "cross-border e-commerce retail imports list", the maternal and child health care products, fresh and popular category were added into, attracted wide attention of the sea Amoy family. As the first domestic based on "social + mobile distribution platform for cross-border electricity supplier," said the adorable international store, strictly control the supplier qualification and supply, focus on user experience and supply chain services, to create cross-border electricity supplier industry healthy and orderly market environment. read more

news recently, e-commerce giant eBay eBay professional search engine B2B " (youboy.com) "; a hundred responses to a single call, B2B will have a Taobao search again.

as a C2C e-commerce giant eBay eBay, in the past few years in the Chinese market and the local C2C platform Taobao competition lost, in recent years the Chinese market has been sluggish. But as the electronic commerce consumer China, eBay naturally will not easily give up, how to find the chance to play again Chinese market, their own market and regain the previous dominance, that has been the headquarters of the United States is an important thing about ebay. read more

Taobao push fake quick refund system can automatically identify the seconds back

news August 4th, taobao.com 4 announced the launch of "fake quick refund services, in the future if consumers doubt in Taobao bought a fake and apply for a refund, the system has been assessed as" background suspected of selling fake goods ", the system will refund immediately, simplifies the negotiation process go way of safeguarding the rights.

according to reports, the fake fast refund behind, is Taobao commodity supervision system and consumer rights system to get through. For Taobao has been punished and under the framework of the suspected counterfeit goods in the future, if consumers apply for a refund, the system will automatically obtain identification information, make "refund" judgment, "seconds back". In the past, such orders through the application, upload documents, and other ways to negotiate with the seller, it may take about 7 days to receive a refund. read more

nearly two years after the baptism of e-commerce, consumer online shopping category is from clothes and shoes, mobile home appliances into a car or even a house. Recently, after launched the "66 Car Buying Festival", BITAUTO in Jingdong 618 shopping big lie in the open "BITAUTO panic buying lie, let the car business in June to become the highlight, also allow more consumers to enjoy a convenient and efficient online.

to participate in the activities of the models are very rich, covering the MPV, SUV, luxury cars, midsize cars, compact, imported parallel cars, used cars and other types, can fully meet the different needs of different users. In addition to the mainstream market selling models, as well as excellent performance, price concessions of parallel imported cars, exclusive direct car network customized for car etc.. Parallel import car with a Middle Eastern version of BMW X5, the Middle East, the Middle East version of BMW X6 version 2700, American Standard Version of Ford overbearing Mustang, the Europe version of the Land Rover Range Rover Sport S (diesel), a variety of classic cars, exclusive direct cars with DS5, DS5LS, qoros 3 five door version, Dongfeng well-off K07 etc.. read more

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said, would have been able to toss the Sina micro-blog, after the listing can be more frustrating. Less than a quarter, Sina launched a series of electricity supplier micro-blog, from the media, games, recruitment, expert certification and so on.

of course, most of the projects are not reliable, such as Penguin said before the game. But after a lot of people to communicate with the industry, but found that they are very optimistic about micro-blog electricity supplier, and even a lot of people have started to develop micro-blog electricity supplier. read more