Labour studies professor Kendra Coulter has carved an academic niche studying retail work and workers in Canada.When Kendra Coulter quit her job selling accessories in university, she thought she was finished with life in retail.Not so. The labour studies professor has been busy in the years since carving out an academic niche by studying the people selling us everything from tomatoes to capri pants.“Retail workers are the largest group of workers in Canada, yet they’re not well understood, so there’s a real need to better understand the sector,” said Coulter, who joined Brock University this summer.Her work is particularly timely, given some of the recent headlines about retail workers in Canada holding votes for union certification at H&M and Future Shop stores, Remco Warehouse and other retail workplaces.Employees at T & T Supermarket, an Asian grocer owned by Loblaw Companies Ltd., also filed to join the United Food and Commercial Workers union in an effort to seek better pay and benefits this summer. Meanwhile, workers at another Weston-owned store, Holt Renfrew, held a union vote but ultimately decided against organizing.And with U.S. retail giant Target setting up shop in Canada and the upscale Nordstrom clothing stores eyeing retail real estate north of the border, there’s no shortage of research fodder for Coulter, whose work has taken her to Sweden and New York City to study organizing and policies protecting retail workers.In Sweden, Coulter said there is strong public policy combined with sectoral collective agreements that protect retail workers, ensuring paid vacation and sick days, overtime pay for evening and weekend work, universal childcare and parental leave.In South Africa, Coulter said retail workers unionized during apartheid, fighting for workers’ rights and human rights. They still have energetic “days of action” to help the cause for workers and bolster their lobbying efforts.Now it may be Canada’s turn to have the masses mobilized. Only 13 per cent of Canadian retail workers are unionized.Many in the sector find their jobs monotonous and stressful with unreliable schedules, disrespectful customers and few benefits. Coulter often hears their stories through her website, Revolutionizing Retail. But there are also those who take pride in providing good customer service, have a genuine interest in fashion or have little choice but to make the best of their circumstances.Those pushing to unionize aren’t just doing it for better wages and conditions. They also want to be respected, she noted.“We’re increasingly becoming a nation of retail workers,” she said. “If more and more people are working in the sector, it’s in everyone’s interest for retail workers to be paid better, to have better working conditions, and to have a stronger, collective voice. That’s why it’s heartening to see diverse and increasing political action now.”For those who don’t unionize, Coulter said public policy needs to change to include living wages, paid sick days and vacation for workers, among other benefits.“When I left retail, I never wanted to think about it again,” Coulter said. “But I am interested in social change, and this has brought me back to the world of retail work. There’s a lot of activity, a lot of innovative organizing in retail right now. It’s exciting, and very important for the future of work in Canada and around the world.” read more

“We’ve achieved a lot already but we must do much more. That’s why we’re bringing in more trucks and helicopters and working together with more partners to get help where it’s needed – not just food, but shelter too,” World Food Programme (WFP) Executive Director, Ertharin Cousin, said as she concluded her three-day visit to the landlocked nation’s earthquake-affected regions where relief efforts are ongoing despite numerous challenges. “An operation of this scope and complexity requires more financial support to see this through,” she added. On 25 April, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake shook Nepal, killing thousands while limiting access to food and leaving some 3.5 million in need of food assistance. An estimated 8 million people across the country’s Western and Central Regions are affected by the disaster, including its largest cities, Kathmandu and Pokhara. Just over a week after the quake hit, the WFP is providing assistance to survivors in some of the hardest-hit areas of Nepal, including Dhading, Gorkha, Nuwakot, Rasuwa and Sindhupalchok districts. The agency has reported that enough food has been dispatched so far for 250,000 people, and more people will be assisted in coming days. Nevertheless, the situation on the ground remains dire. Although damage to the agriculture sector has not yet been fully assessed, affected families have likely lost livestock, crops, food stocks and valuable agricultural inputs, according to the UN. The disaster has also destroyed markets and infrastructure, including roads and crucial irrigation and drainage canals. As a result, internal trade, including the movement of emergency aid, is severely constrained. Before the earthquake hit, UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization, also known as FAO, estimated Nepal’s wheat production in 2015 at 1.8 million tonnes. But crop damage and farmers’ inability to harvest in earthquake-affected areas are likely to change this forecast. In addition, Ms. Cousin noted, the coming monsoon season means that “the clock is ticking” for relief efforts. The Executive Director’s visit comes on the heels of the WFP’s urgent $116.5 million appeal aimed at providing food for 1.4 million people over the next three months. The UN agency, which is funded entirely by contributions from governments, companies and individuals, also needs an additional $34 million to provide common logistics and telecommunications services for the humanitarian community. “We must operate efficiently and expeditiously to help people who’ve lost everything. We can see that food isn’t the only need right now,” she continued. “People also need immediate shelter. That’s why we’re supporting our partners by also bringing in shelter items where we can.” read more

“The UK is home to highly productive and globally competitive plants producing vehicles that win market share around the world.  Government has an opportunity to support UK manufacturing as a key global player in the low carbon future but immediate action is needed to protect the country’s industrial capability.“Government must use the Budget to boost consumer confidence and kick start the market with a scrappage incentive scheme to encourage private sales and tax changes to generate business sales,” he continued. In addition to ongoing calls for improved access to finance and credit and a scrappage incentive scheme to stimulate demand, the motor industry is calling for further measures aimed at increasing sales across the car and commercial vehicle markets. They include: ·         Removing or delaying the planned 2010/2011 introduction of a first year rate of tax on new cars.·         Increasing the Annual Investment Allowance for businesses to £500,000 to boost spending on vans, trucks, construction equipment, buses and coaches.·         Enhancing the Reduced Pollution Certificate discount for trucks, buses and coaches to incentivise the purchase of Euro 5 vehicles through reduced VED rates.·         Deferring the new CO2-based business car capital allowance regime to 2010/11 to avoid tightening the squeeze on cash flow for business car users. ·         Delaying the introduction of the new standard Benefit-In-Kind (BIK) tax regime for the use of demonstrator and stock-in-trade cars to ease the unplanned cost adjustment burdens facing many employers and employees.·         Removing the 3% diesel car penalty in the company car BIK calculation.·         Deferring the third stage of increases to DVLA first vehicle registration fees.·         Encouraging enhanced vehicle replacement in government departments and agencies in 2009 and 2010. Notes to editors: In a letter to chancellor Alistair Darling ahead of the 2009 Budget (22 April), the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) has urged government to seize the opportunity to send strong ‘buy-now’ signals to kick-start demand in the new vehicle market.  “The UK motor industry is reaching a state of emergency and the rate of government action is crucial to the future success of the sector,” said SMMT chief executive Paul Everitt. 1.       In February 2009, SMMT made a formal proposal for a scrappage incentive scheme to the Department of Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform (BERR) at the request of business secretary Lord Mandelson. The proposal would incentivise owners of cars and vans over nine years old to scrap their vehicle in accordance with the European End of Life Vehicle directive in exchange for £2,000 towards a new or one-year-old car or van. The vehicle scrapped must be fully taxed, insured and MOTd and have been registered to the existing owner for at least one year.2.       At €20bn, the automotive sector is Europe’s largest investor in R&D, driving industry forward and helping deliver more sustainable motoring for the 21st century. Technological innovation has helped car and CV manufacturers slash CO2 and air quality emissions from vehicles. New diesel cars for example emit 95% less soot from the tailpipe than those made 15 years ago and average new car CO2 has been cut by 17% since 1997. The energy needed to produce each vehicle is down 12%, water use is down 9% and waste to landfill is down 25%, compared to 2006 performance.  CO2 emissions per vehicle produced have fallen 14% in the last year and by 45% since 1999. Almost 10,000 tonnes of waste have been prevented from entering landfill sites. For more details, download SMMT’s ninth annual Sustainability Report from the SMMT website to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) read more

Increasing numbers of Albanian illegal migrants have been discovered in recent months working as lowly ‘gardeners’ at secret cannabis factories. And a senior Albanian detective fighting organised gangs from the country’s capital, Tirana, has told how a “powerful and scary army” of young, ambitious and business-savvy criminals is targeting Britain to take control of cocaine and cannabis markets. A new breed of ruthless Albanian criminal gangs are forcing people they smuggle to the UK to pay off their debts by working in a network of audacious drug production dens, The Telegraph can reveal. Ministry of Justice statistics show nearly a fivefold increase in the Albanian prison population in just… read more

first_imgIndian supplier Tecknotrove says, and all simulator suppliers would agree, “effective training has a huge impact on productivity levels in a mine. For any mining company it is essential that their operators and drivers are skilled and trained to deliver the highest level of productivity.”Mining simulators are designed to ensure effective training of operators of mining vehicles in complex and real hazardous scenarios under complete safety. Training operators on advanced simulators can help reduce accidents and improve safety, and reduce training costs by removing the need to put as many hours into training on real machines – let the virtual machines bear the brunt of the training needs. In late August Immersive Technologies’ 1000th TrainerAdvantageTM participant received certification.  This certification program was launched by Immersive Technologies in 2006 to assist its customers to achieve a strong return on investment from Immersive’s simulators, through improved understanding and application of the technology.Designed for simulator training supervisors, the three level certification program includes classroom and hands on sessions working with their simulator under the instruction of an Immersive instructor. Each level is designed to progressively increase the trainer’s knowledge, from basic operation of the simulator to advanced administration and management.Peter Salfinger, CEO of Immersive Technologies’ said, “We are extremely pleased by the global acceptance of this certification program. Consistent feedback from our customers confirms TrainerAdvantage is an important tool to help drive the value from their simulator investment that they expect.”“The training and certification of 1,000 operator trainers is a positive reflection that the industry recognises the significant difference well-utilised Immersive simulators can make to a site’s safety and profitability.”“It also provides mines with a valuable standard to use when recruiting new training staff for their simulators. It is common now to see mines advertising for training staff with the TrainerAdvantage certification.”TrainerAdvantage is one part of a comprehensive package of support services available to Immersive Technologies’ customers. Other elements include technical support, training systems integration and analyticalmeasurement.Salfinger concluded, “We recognised long ago that we needed to do much more than just deliver great technology to mine sites. We work hard to listen carefully to our customers and provide intelligent and customised solutions that solve their site specific issues.”Immersive has sold 595 simulator equipment modules (Conversion Kits) to date, up from 380 in 2008. Highlighting the growing interest in this technology, 125 were sold in the 12 months ending June 2011. Advanced equipment base simulators have increased to 251 from 130 in 2008, 45% to existing customers. In the 12 months ending June 2011 55 base simulators were sold, with the majority of these being the new PRO3 simulator. The number of countries using Immersive simulators in 2011 has increased to 30 from 23 in 2008.Also from Australia, Sydac creates leading edge operator training simulation products and solutions. These simulators immerse the user in the task at hand by accurately simulating the behaviour of equipment and the environments in which they operate.The company says that with “a large team of software and mechanical engineers, vision specialists and digital artists Sydac can produce an earthmoving or mining simulator for a wide range of applications. The simulator will deliver measurable benefits in staff performance and safety levels, whilst minimising training and operating costs.”ThoroughTec Simulation, one of the well established players in mining equipment simulation has had some very interesting new sales recently. Oyu Tolgoi mine in Mongolia recently selected ThoroughTec’s latest generation CYBERMINE4 mining simulators (IM, April 2010, p71). Richard Storrie, the Technical Services Manager at Oyu Tolgoi, advocated the purchase of the simulators for the mine afterwitnessing the results attained by Aurora College and Rio Tinto’s Diavik mine in the Northern Territories, Canada.“Oyu Tolgoi’s development workforce includes local employees and highly skilled expatriates entrusted with training and supervision. As mine development morphs into full-scale production however, more and more experienced local operators will be needed and Oyu Tolgoi is committed to having a minimum of 90% of its workforce employed from the local community.  To effectively train and up-skill these local operators for a mega mine like Oyu Tolgoi will require specialised training equipment and an exceptional training program,” said Storrie.Wesfarmers Curragh, one of Australia’s largest independent coal producers, has chosen to integrate CYBERMINE4 surface mining simulators into its training programs.  Construction works are ongoing for the expansion of the mine up to 7.7 Mt/y of export metallurgical coal capacity. Project completion is expected in the March quarter of 2012.Greg Sheppard, Wesfarmers’ Manager of Engineering and Projects, said: “We had taken a diligent review of the major mining simulator players in the Market. ThoroughTec impressed us with their superior accuracy, authenticity and broad coverage of machines.” Wesfarmers has purchased ThoroughTec’s 6 degrees of freedom (DOF) base simulator unit and interchangeable cabs for the Komatsu 730E truck, CAT D10T dozer and Bucyrus Eyrie 1570-W dragline.Richard Giumelli from Wesfarmers Mining Services, added:  “ThoroughTec’s ability to customise to our needs and schedule is just the kind of customer-centric partner we are looking for to ensure continued adaptability to our business dynamics.”ThoroughTec will also develop customised CYBERMINE ‘own mine worlds’ to replicate the operating conditions of the mine in the simulators, increasing the effectiveness of the training experience. Student operators of each of the equipment variants will therefore be familiar with Curragh’s mining environment before entering the mine. The Assmang Khumani iron ore surface mine will be significantly improving its capability to enhance operator competency with the acquisition of two CYBERMINE4 mining simulators. Khumani mine has also purchased interchangeable cabs for Komatsu’s 860E AC haul truck and PC5500 hydraulic face shovel.  The new units will not only enable Khumani’s HR, engineering and mining management to train on loading, hauling and digging, but also on more advance equipment like drill rigs in the near future.  ThoroughTec says its “attentiveness in supporting customers, along with the flexible approach to their development schedule and low cost of ownership model and value for money service plans were accredited as key differentiators with their competitors.”Mark Walker, ThoroughTec Simulation’s Executive Director of Mining & Construction said: “Assmang Khumani’s selection of ThoroughTec Simulation is a significant validation of our new fourth generation CYBERMINE4 mining simulators’ leadership in the market, with the recognition that military level simulators in the mining industry is the future and it further emphasises our dominance in the Northern Cape area in South Africa.”ThoroughTec says CYBERMINE4 is the industry’s “only dual-role (interchangeable between surface and underground) simulator. It is upgraded with many new features including a full 360° panoramic display, enhanced reporting software, and two HD instructor screens in an enlarged classroom environment.ThoroughTec produces surface mining simulators for rigid trucks, ADTs, drill rigs, excavators, shovels, dozers, loaders, draglines and graders. Drill rigs, roof bolters, LHDs, haulers, XLP (extra low profile) dozers, locomotives and scalers are among its underground simulators.“Although the mining industry’s use of simulation is relatively young, the world’s leading mine sites and training schools are increasingly aware that they need to integrate simulators into their training programs,” Walker said.“You can’t imagine a pilot not training on a simulator before taking his first solo flight, so why isn’t it the norm for operators of 90 to 360-plus t mining trucks to enhance their competency?”  Safety, productivity, emergency scenarios, damage to an expensive vehicle and excessive fuel usage and emissions were among matters that could be addressed with simulator training, he said.America’s first advance underground mine training simulator to be acquired by a University is a ThoroughTec CYBERMINE4.The University of Alaska Southeast (UAS) Mining and Petroleum Training Services (MAPTS) Director Dennis Steffy said: “From start to finish, ThoroughTec’s professionalism has been a real treat, not to mention that they had all the underground equipment that each mine required.”The University of Alaska Southeast’s goal is to develop a world-class training centre that meets the workforce training needs of the mining industry by providing high quality, accessible training for both new and experienced miners. The simulator will be housed at the UA Center for Mine Training, located in Juneau’s UAS Technical Education Center and will have the ability to train students in modules fully representing an articulated haul truck (CAT ADT 45B), LHD (Atlas Copco ST14) and bolter (Atlas Copco Boltec MC).The timing of the new acquisition will coincide with the ramping up of Kensington and other mines. “This was a missing piece of the puzzle for training miners from Alaska to be productive and safe from the first day on the job,” said MAPTS Director Dennis Steffy. “It will vastly improve the opportunities of students for mining employment”. More than 700 students are currently enrolled in mining classes at UAS.  Kensington mine employs 60 UAS trained miners.Walker said: “We are pleased to see the superiority of our simulators is being well recognised in North America.  This follows recent expansion of our presence in the region, with the Yukon Mine Training Association (YMTA) also acquiring an additional purchase of six machine simulator cabs to support both surface and underground machine training.” YMTA’s Training Manager Jennifer Russell said: “ThoroughTec is a great company to deal with because of their high levels of customer service.”Oryx partners with Atlas Copco and says “everything you can do in the real Atlas Copco drilling machine you can do in the simulator, in your own language.  Two new Oryx mining simulators for surface drilling are the Flexiroc D (L6-L8) and Smartroc D65 and they are already in use in Russia, Chile, Brazil and South Africa.  Earlier models – the Pit Viper and Smartrig D9C simulators and for underground drilling the Boomer E2C simulator – are in use around the world.All of the simulators are designed as a tool to use together with an operator training program based on the Atlas Copco Master Driller program. This program combines theory and practical training for operators at three distinct levels – bronze, silver and gold. The program mirrors the conditions and tasks the operator faces in different situations in mining operations.Sister company Algoryx Simulation is a leading provider of software and services for visual and interactive physics-based simulation.  Algoryx has a team of developers and researches, many with more than 15 years of experience in interactive simulation.CAE, a global leader in modelling, simulation and training for the aviation industry, entered mining in 2010 following its acquisition of Datamine, the long-time provider of mining technical software for geologist and mining engineers. CAE Mining is therefore focused on bringing leading technologies and services to enhance productivity and safety in mining.CAE trains in the order of 80,000 pilots each year using a variety of delivery mechanisms designed for fast efficient learning and high training effectiveness. CAE develops the full range of simulators from 2D e-learning modules right through to its full-immersion simulators.  Whilst the technology is very important, CAE says it is its “ability to take a holistic approach that resonates with customers.” It begins with gaining an understanding of an organisation’s workforce requirements to meet production plans. In the current expansionary environment, not only is additional equipment required but also a corresponding workforce of competent operators. And typically just in time, so workforce planning is important and so too is determining required competencies to effectively and proficiently perform tasks. Both are essential inputs for determining the appropriate delivery mechanisms for training and assessment. It is also important to have the appropriate framework and infrastructure to support training. The entire approach can be wrapped up in a business case that captures the role simulators play and the value of outcomes to be achieved.CAE uses a methodology of blended learning coupled with an integrated total solution.  “Working with our clients we can build competency profiles of each role required on the site(s), determine the level of skill, knowledge and behaviours required for operational excellence and test individual applicants on their current capabilities.”“While those new to the industry can commence with our Computer Based Training (CBT) system, more advanced operators can be assessed and enter into the programs further along the training continuum. Aimed at transferring knowledge on the basis of mine terminology and theory and specific mining machinery, new students are staged through a learning strategy of both face-to-face and elearning solutions prior to moving into the simulator learning. Entry points into the programs for students will be dependent on their pre-training assessment.”After simulator training, CAE’s next stage is to validate the operator’s capabilities in the ‘real thing’. This component of the learning continuum is accomplished on-site and commences with a familiarisation of the environment and mine equipment. As mine planning and traffic conditions often change it is imperative that operators are fully aware of the up to the minute situation. The operators will now be assessed on-site and verified as operational ready.CAE does not however believe that is the final stage of learning. “Taking lessons from the aviation industry, it is imperative that to maintain production, safety and life expectancy of equipment the behaviour of the operator must be monitored. By collating data from the fleet management system, individual performance can be assessed and data re-used in corrective training in a simulated environment. Whereas retraining or refresher training does not typically take account of behavioural issues, CAE’s approach uses real performance information to build a training continuum where simulators can play a major role in the development of people.”eBook trainingWith the release of the Track Type Tractor Simulator System, Cat Simulators published an interactive companion eBook for the tablet to extend simulator training. The tablet technology replaces the traditional paper textbook, creating a fully interactive learning experience for the user. The eBook allows the student to use the material in a self-guided format in conjunction with the simulator, or the instructor can use the material as part of a classroom environment, assigning each chapter and testing the student on knowledge learned before the student trains on the simulator. The eBook covers a multitude of information that ties back to machine and simulator training.■ Find out size, capacity and uses for the dozer in the machine introduction. View the inside and outside of the machine in 360° walkarounds and a terrain map of the worksite■ Discover what blades and rippers are used on actual worksites■ Learn how to perform dozer machine applications fully, along with helpful how-to drawings and images■ Find a definition and explanation of each training exercise and result measured. The simulator system records and reports the results of each simulation session through the training records management program, SimU CampusTM. The eBook explains what these results lead to and why recording and analysing the results mean becoming a more efficient operator■ View narrated video examples of the correct way to perform simulated tasks and achieve the best outcome by seeing what is expected during the training exercise before actually attempting to perform the task■ Use the SimCalc App to figure fuel use and double-handling of materials during several training excercises■ Make safety a priority any time the machine is in use. The eBook features personal, machineand job site safety information.Cat Simulators is publishing interactive eBooks with every new model of simulator.Timing is everythingVISTA Training has been in the mining business for over 20 years. In those years it has witnessed what drives employers to train. Bruce Rabe, CEO of VISTA Training, notes it “long ago lost track of the number of times [it] received an urgent call looking for training materials on a specific subject right after an accident. Most of the time the accident was a wake up call that something more serious could happen.  Occasionally the request followed a fatality and was intended to help avoid future similar situations. On rare occasions an employer may have been advised by their attorney to get some safety training started as a show of good faith when a law suit was eminent.“The point is; with good consistent training many of these incidents or sometimes serious and occasionally fatal accidents could have been avoided. Yet to do employee training when everything is going well may be considered a waste of productive time. It frequently isn’t until an accident happens the true cost related to ‘failure to train’ emerges. Think about the time lost after an accident happens. There may be a need for medical help for injured employees, time spent on accident investigations, time for insurance or government investigations added to the cost of lost production as well as possible machine repair or replacement costs. Of course by then it’s too late!“Years of exclusive involvement with mining and heavy equipment make it easy to relate to the difficulty of scheduled training in mines that are constantly pushed for production.” Rabe says it thoroughly understands the need to make every single available work-hour productive.It has devised visually and audibly interesting lessons and totally flexible delivery methods designed to task and safety train workers in small doses. These ‘drip-feed’ important information to workers using instructional design techniques proven to leave a lasting impression on the learner. “Nearly every VISTA lesson was created by someone who had done that type of job. Lesson creators are assisted by professional educators trained in instructional design techniques to achieve maximum longlasting positive results,” says Rabe.“Of course the key is to get the training to the people most in need before the accident happens.  It takes less than 1% of normal production time to do that. Timing is everything, but most importantly it is critical to remember; you will never have a chance to train a dead person.”Immersive Technologies has sold a PRO3 advanced equipment simulator to ResCo Services, a wholly owned subsidiary of Australian global recruitment and labour hire agency Humanis Group. The simulator will be used as part of Humanis’ ongoing strategy to expand its mining services operations and build on the strategy to become the largest labourhire agency in Australia. The PRO3 acquisition will extend ResCo’s ability to provide high quality RTO (Registered Training Organisation) certified recruits to the market.Salfinger said “Utilising the PRO3 simulator, ResCo will be able to greatly enhance their recruitment, assessment and personnel offering to the mining market, reducing costs and improving the qualification process of its recruits to their growing customer base.”“The simulator provides ResCo the ability to safely train new and existing mining personnel in a broad range of operational and safety scenarios, measuring operator’s skill and experience levels prior to being placed on site.”Humanis Chairman Craig Ransley said “This investment is part of the strategic growth for Humanis in the global resources sector. We believe that the simulator will provide cost effective, high quality training and up-skilling of candidates assisting our clients to address the critical labour shortages faced by the industry.“ResCo is well recognised for its leadership in safety management. The introduction of the simulator to our operator training strategy will assist in maintaining this position. Being able to develop the fundamental operational and safety skills of our operators in a controlled environment will ultimately reduce safety related risks on the mine site.”ResCo says the PRO3 will initially be used with client Rio Tinto (Coal & Allied) at Mt Thorley Warkworth coal mine, located 15 km southwest of Singleton, NSW, Australia. The simulator will supplement the sites own simulator based training program which is focused on operator up-skilling and efficiency training.The sale to Humanis includes Caterpillar and Komatsu OEM Alliance modular equipment units to support both haul trucks and Immersive Technologies’ Training Systems Integration (TSI) package. The TSI package provides Immersive Technologies’ customers with a benchmark standardised training program for implementing simulation training. TSI packages are developed to meet the needs of specific simulator implementations based on best practices gathered from Immersive’s extensive global mining customer base.Plant simulationOutotec has developed a new training and probably unique concept, Virtual Experience Training, designed mainly for concentration plant operators. The training course uses Outotec’s extensive knowledge of minerals processing. The training provides operators with a safe and controlled environment to study process dynamics, process equipment and control systems. Learning and practicing process situations, such as failures of critical equipment and process start-up or shut-down sequences, are certainly safer and more cost effective in a virtual environment.“Successfully trained personnel make it possible to improve the utilisation of equipment and extend the lifetime of the investment. The results can be seen in terms of cost per tonne and the total cost of ownership. Competent employees are essential for profitable operations and stable process control. Investing in personnel and their expertise pays for itself fast, as skilful personnel are able to get the most out of production,” says Kai Rönnberg, Product Manager at Outotec.Over the past few years Outotec has supplied the Almina plant in Portugal with basic engineering for process modification, two grinding mills, 51 flotation cells (including four refurbished flotation cells), a Courier analyser with complete sampling system and a service agreement. This was followed by a request: for Outotec to provide training for the plant’s flotation operators.As most of the operators at the Almina plant were inexperienced, management wanted to organise training for them to ensure that the process would get off to the best possible start.  “We wanted our operators to understand what is happening in the process, to make the necessary corrections and to take the right actions,” explains Almina Plant Manager Carlos Gil.Only three of Almina’s five team leaders had previous experience with operating the flotation process. “We wanted to make process evaluation and decision-making available also for the line operators, not only for the team leaders,” Gil continues.Almina requested that the training be scheduled for July 2010, before the start-up of the plant. “We had conducted internal training before, but this time we had no time to arrange the training ourselves. We needed the training ASAP, and it was essential to increase the expertise among the operators,” explains Gil.Almina also considered other options, providers and concepts for the training. “What was most attractive about Outotec’s proposal was the interactive element. In simulations, people need to think for themselves,” says Gil, summing up the purchase decision.“We have worked with Outotec before, and we consider them a partner. Based on our experience with Outotec in the past, we felt comfortable and assured about signing up for this training, as we knew that Outotec would live up to its reputation.”“Outotec promised to deliver Almina a new concept of training in which the operators would learn how to operate the flotation process, evaluate how it is reacting, and test different scenarios without hampering productivity at the plant,” explains Luis Rudolphy, Sales Manager at Outotec.“Normally operators learn from senior operators as they work, which can take years.  Now the operators instantly experience how their decisions affect the entire process, and they learn to change parameters and make the best decisions,” explains Rudolphy, summing up the benefits of the training.The customer requested that the training be held on its own premises. Outotec limited the number of participants to a maximum of ten to guarantee the best learning outcomes.  To maximise the learning experience and avoid language barriers, the training was offered in Portuguese. All the training materials were translated into Portuguese, and an assistant teacher who spoke Portuguese was involved in the teaching. “Using local language is very beneficial for both trainer and the trainees, as it is easier to communicate and it made the operators more comfortable to focus on the training. Many of the operators did not speak English very well, therefore the Portuguese material was very important to support their learning,” Jair Hortelan, Services Sales Coordinator from Outotec Brazil, who acted as a co-teacher for the training, explained.Ten of the Almina plant’s flotation process operators participated in Outotec’s Virtual Experience Training. Out of these ten, only three of the operators had previous experience as a plant operator from years ago. Seven of them had never set foot in a concentrator plant before.  “With basic level training, the backgrounds of the participants are not an issue as the training suits everyone,” Rudolphy says, and this was later proven to be true.Almina’s operators began with one week of basic training based on generic flow sheets with no adaption to the customer’s own process.  “The basic training provided the operators with a real feel for how to run and operate the plant, including how to react to changes in the process and how the process reacts to any changes that are made in the operation,” Rönnberg explains.The technology used in the training impressed the operators participating. “I was surprised by the similarity of the program to real life,” stated Pedro Pinto, a team leader with three years of experience as a process operator. Although the course was compulsory for the operators, they were happy to participate. “I think we were all committed to the training and eager to learn more every day. It was a good experience,” agrees Telmo Rosa, another operator at Almina with three years of previous experience.“The operators were quite excited over the opportunity to have practical issues simulated in the computers and it was the first training that they had which was more than only theory”, Hortelan continues.  The participants were clear about the learning objectives of the training: “To learn about the circuits, how they work and how we can achieve better results.”The basic training lasted for one week, but according to the operators it could have been longer. Their expectations were fulfilled, and they gained expertise that benefits them in their everyday work. “We learned aboutthe performance of the circuits, parameters and levels. We tried almost everything in the training,” Rosa says.  “For me the reaction times and learning to react to the circuits were the main benefits,” Pinto adds.The operators were tested both at the beginning and end of the training . Based on the tests the learning curve was tremendous, improving from a knowledge level of 43% to 96%.  “We now have more confidence in making decisions. I believe our learning grew by 60%. It was a very useful course, and I would recommend it to operators at all levels,” Rosa said.“Although we felt that the training was expensive, it was worth it. After the training we realised that our operators were able to provide insights and suggestions regarding the process, changes and reactions to the process changes.  Now our operators understand the complexity of the flotation process and are not in the dark.  They can identify what is important in the process,” Gil summarised.“The operators are more confident and committed, and they are eager to apply what they have learned. By offering this training, we have also strengthened the bond between the operators and the company. I would recommend this training to other operators as well,” Gil said.The basic training as offered to Almina’s plant operators can be followed by advanced training, helping operators further understand and analyse the flotation process. They also learn to interpret trends and optimise the process by using additional intelligence tools. The cost and revenue structures of the process circuit, maximising recovery and maximising profit in changing conditions are also taught.… and new plantsRio Tinto Alcan (RTA) Gove was embarking on a $3 billion expansion of its alumina refinery in Australia’s Northern Territory. The expansion was expected to nearly double alumina production, and was predicted to have a 10% improvement in recovery of alumina from bauxite and a 25% reduction in residue through improved digestion technology. RTA Gove had not previously used this digestion technology which represented a significant operational risk.  In order to mitigate some of the risk, RTA Gove decided to develop an operator training simulator of the process.RTA Gove turned to Honeywell’s UniSim® simulation technology for testing and training. A UniSim simulator was constructed and connected to RTA Gove’s distributed control system (DCS) to mitigate the risk by training the operators and testing the control system configuration prior to plant commissioning. The benefits achieved through the use of UniSim include:■ Operators were trained in advance without adversely affecting plant operations■ Simulator allowed for comprehensive code testing before transferring data to the site■ Operating procedures were created and validated.The RTA Gove bauxite mine and alumina refinery are located at Nhulunbuy on the Gove Peninsula in the east Arnhem Land region of Australia’s Northern Territory. The expansion increased alumina production from 2 to 3.8 Mt/y. The double digestion process chosen to be an integral part of the expansion uses both low temperature digestion for removal of trihydrate alumina followed by high temperature digestion for the monohydrate alumina.  Few double digestion circuits are in use today so RTA Gove could not learn from other refineries’ experience. Without a simulator, it would be difficult to effectively train operations personnel without adversely affecting plant operations.Another hurdle was that the control system architecture involved interfacing between multiple DCS platforms, presenting a strong probability for a mismatch of data.RTA Gove chose UniSim to maximise the effectiveness of its new double digestion technology by enabling many months of operator training prior to plant startup. UniSim Operations is a direct connect, full replica, dynamic process simulator. It is an integrated collection of computer and control system hardware and software, which allows a high fidelity model of the process to run in real time and appear from the DCS console as though a real plant is being controlled.UniSim software contains a library of modules that mathematically represent the behaviour of process equipment, logic and control components under dynamic conditions. The modules include heat and material balances, operating equations, thermodynamics and physical property calculations. These modules are used as building blocks to create a realistic representation of a specific process, area or plant.At RTA Gove, the digestion process model includes 135 tank modules, 85 pumps, 1,037 control valves and approximately 158 other pieces of unit process equipment such as heat exchangers. There are 386 field operated devices, mainly manually operated valves and 7,370 control points are simulated. Training features include 1,242 malfunctions. The process model takes about 0.2 cpu seconds to run on a personal computer and the model runs every two seconds, which is more than sufficient to realistically simulate the process dynamics.In order to enable operator training in advance of plant commissioning, the control system had to be developed six months earlier than would have been necessary without the simulator. While this placed an additional burden on the control system engineers, the system was able to be tested and commissioned on the simulator well in advance of plant commissioning. This resulted in more than 240 suggestions ranging from “nice to haves” to critical needs. This meant that the control system was fully tested and operational prior to commissioning allowing the commissioning engineers to focus on the process and equipment.“One of the biggest benefits we’ve received from UniSim is improved operator effectiveness.  Like most operating alumina refineries, our equipment is operated continuously and many operators are not well practiced in runningunder startup, shutdown or emergency conditions. Similarly, in new installations, operators may have even less skills in managing the process and the knowledge of the equipment limits, even under normal operating conditions. UniSim enabled us to train our operators in advance so they could practice new skills without adversely affecting the plant,” said Manoj Pandya, Manager , Alumina Projects, Rio Tinto Alcan.The RTA Gove project was delivered to enable many months of operator training prior to plant startup. This resulted in the operators being knowledgeable on the process and the control system, and how to control the process. Thus the operators became a valuable part of the commissioning team and were able to retain the lessons learned from commissioning. IMlast_img read more

first_imgMy dream for over a year is to eat a tortilla, chicken and so many other types of food.“I would imagine and dream a lot about my family — my mother and my father,” he said. Alvarenga said he was not married but has a daughter named Fatima.His parents feared he had been killed.“Thank God he is alive. We are overjoyed… I just want him here with us,” his mother Maria Julia Alvarenga told CNN in his homeland of El Salvador, whose government says it is working with Mexico to bring him home.My heart would tell me that my son was not dead but I wondered about it so often that I had started to lose faith.Pushed body overboardAlvarenga said he set out on a one-day fishing expedition in late December 2012 with a teenager named Xiguel, when they became lost in their 24-foot fibreglass boat.“We had just finished a day of shark fishing when the motor died,” he said. “I wasn’t worried at first but I couldn’t get a radio signal, and meanwhile there was a wind that pushed us further out.”Alvarenga gets off the ship in Majuro (AP Photo/Marshall Island Journal) The 37-year-old’s mood darkened as he described how the boy, who he says was aged 15-18, died four months into their voyage, unable to survive on a diet of raw bird flesh, turtle blood and his own urine.“He couldn’t keep the raw food down and he kept vomiting,” Alvarenga said. “I tried to get him to hold his nose and eat but he kept vomiting.”He said the teenager died of starvation and he pushed his body into the ocean. “What else could I do?”Alvarenga said he tried to keep track of time as the sun moved across the sky but weeks and months eventually blurred.The Ebon Atoll in the Marshall Islands where Alvarenga washed up on Thursday. (Image: Google Maps) Every so often he would hear something bump the boat. Invariably it was a sea turtle.“I was able to reach over the side of the boat and grab them,” he said.I caught many turtles over the course of my drift.Drank own urineStarting out the trip with fishing gear, he also caught fish, and learned to stand still in the rocking boat until sea birds came close enough for him to grasp.“The hardest thing I had to do to survive was to drink my own urine,” he said.This was during a period when “for three months it didn’t rain”. When it did, he used the hull of his boat to store water.Alvarenga described his joy at making landfall at Ebon Atoll, saying he spotted a house and crawled up the beach towards it.“I went towards it and began yelling for help,” he said. Two Marshallese came out and helped the stranger, who was clad only in a ragged pair of underpants, by giving him coconut juice.The stockily built Alvarenga looked in remarkably good physical shape when he arrived in the Marshalls capital Majuro five days later aboard a police patrol boat.Sporting a bushy beard and with his hair bleached a ginger colour by the sun, he was helped down the gangplank by a male nurse but he did not appear to have chapped lips, blistered skin or other signs of severe exposure.“He looked better than one would expect,” US ambassador Thomas Armbruster said on Monday after acting as an interpreter for the Marshallese authorities.However, extraordinary feats of survival are not uncommon in the Pacific. Three Mexicans washed up in the Marshalls in 2006 after nine months adrift.- © AFP, 2014Read: Castaway survived 16 months adrift at sea by eating turtles > Read: “I feel bad”: Castaway arrives home after year adrift at sea > A CASTAWAY WHO says he survived 13 months adrift in the Pacific said today that he thought about suicide but was sustained by dreams of eating his favourite food — tortillas — and reuniting with his family.Fisherman Jose Salvador Alvarenga also described being forced to dump the body of his teenage companion overboard when he starved to death, but said his own strong religious faith helped as he drifted some 12,500 kilometres from Mexico to the Marshall Islands.“I didn’t want to die of starvation,” he said through a Spanish interpreter at Majuro Hospital, where he is recuperating after being found disoriented last Thursday at a remote coral atoll.“There were times I would think about killing myself. But I was scared to do it,” he added, raising his arm, pointing to heaven and declaring: “God! Faith!”Alvarenga said he would dream of eating all his favourite foods.“But then I woke up and all I see is the sun, sky and the sea,” he said.last_img read more

first_imgOn his autobiography, Swedish striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic revealed the biggest brawl he had with one of his teammates during his AC Milan days.Maybe some of you don’t know, but Zlatan Ibrahimovic has always been a little bit of a troublemaker when it comes to coexisting with his teammates, but he reached his peak when he played for AC Milan.The Swedish striker was constantly seen as one of those players who was a bully towards some of his teammates, and some of them simply couldn’t take the banter.During his time at Manchester United, we could see him having a complicated relationship with Eric Bailly, both repeatedly kicked each other and both were good sports about it.We could also see Zlatan kicking Antonio Cassano directly in the head during his time at AC Milan, but someone at the Rossoneri wasn’t able to take Zlatan’s strong spirits.American centre-back Oguchi Onyewu, who gained a little notoriety in European football when he played for Standard Liege, was signed by AC Milan in 2009 and he shared a locker room with Zlatan Ibrahimovic.The former FC Barcelona star was just coming from his failed attempt at Spanish football and wasn’t in a very good place, this frustration combined with Onyewu not taking any of his banter and both players inevitably collided.Written in his autobiography, I Am Zlatan Ibrahimovic, the striker detailed his experience with the American player: “No, I retaliate with my body, not with words, and I said that to Oguchi Onyewu as well.”“He just kept on, and once when I yelled, ‘That was no free-kick!’, he shushed me with his finger, as if to say, See, you’re just talking s**t, and I thought, I’ve had enough, that’s it. ‘You pass it,’ I said.”“He shushed me again, and I saw red. I didn’t say anything, not a word. That b*****d was going to find out how I trash-talk in these situations, and the next time he got the ball I rushed towards him and jumped up with my feet and studs out in front – the worst type of tackle.”“But he saw me. He leapt out of the way and we both crashed to the ground, and my first thought was, S**t! I’ve missed. I’ll get him next time.”“Then as I got up and walked away I felt a blow to my shoulder. Not a good idea, Oguchi Onyewu.”Cristiano Ronaldo, JuventusSerie A Betting: Match-day 3 Stuart Heath – September 14, 2019 Considering there is a number of perfect starts so early in the Serie A season, as well as a few surprisingly not-so perfect ones….“I headbutted him, and then we flew at each other. I’m not talking about a little scrap. We wanted to tear each other limb from limb. It was brutal,” he continued.In honor of Oguchi Onyewu signing with @PhilaUnion, here’s Zlatan recalling their famous fight at AC Milan— Planet Fútbol (@si_soccer) January 30, 2017This recount of what happened between both players, tell the tale of the only football player who ever stood up to bully Zlatan Ibrahimovic when he was at his worst.“We were two guys who each weighed over 14 stone, and we were rolling round, punching and kneeing each other, and, of course, the whole team rushed over and tried to separate us.”“That wasn’t easy, not at all. We were crazy and furious, and sure, of course, I admit you need adrenaline on the pitch, you’ve got to do battle. But this crossed the line. It was like life and death.”“And the weirdest thing happened afterward. Oguchi Onyewu started praying to God with tears in his eyes. He made the sign of the cross, and I thought, What is this? I got even more furious. It felt like a provocation, and at that point Allegri, the manager, came over and said, ‘Calm down, Ibra.’”“It didn’t do any good. I just moved him out of the way and ran towards Oguchi again. I was stopped by my teammates, and I suppose that was a good thing. It could have turned out nasty,” Zlatan wrote.How Rangers Trialist Oguchi Onyewu Once Fought With Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Broke His Rib:— (@talkingbaws) June 28, 2016What do you think about the only player who was brave enough to stand up to Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s trolling? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.last_img read more

first_img To embed this piece of audio in your site, please use this code: 00:00 /01:15 Starting this Friday, Houston Public Media will bring you a brand new political podcast for your weekly listening pleasure! Party Politics is hosted by political science professors Jay Aiyer, from Texas Southern University, and Brandon Rottinghaus, from the University of Houston. Two weekly episodes will be released every Friday afternoon: one will explore national political news and the other episode will discuss what’s going on at the Texas legislature (as long as the legislature is in session). Each episode is ten to twelve minutes, designed for the drive to your weekend dinner or cocktail party.  X Listen You can ask our experts questions or suggest topics by emailing, or on Twitter, using the hashtag #PartyPoliticsPod. Aiyer and Rottinghaus can be heard regularly dispensing political commentary on Houston Public Media’s airwaves. Weekly episodes will be available every Friday at 5pm, you can subscribe here.  This article is part of the Party Politics podcast Sharelast_img read more

first_imgTwitter user @ednewsdaily Late last week, a Texas appeals court ruled that cheerleaders can display bible verses at high school football games – citing protected private speech. Speech and protests during sporting events have been a recent topic for many school districts. Cheerleaders at Kountze High School in Southeast Texas sued back in 2012 when the district said that banners with bible verses could not be displayed. The district later changed their policy, and now a Texas appeals court has sided with the cheerleaders. An attorney for the school district told the Dallas Morning News it hasn’t decided if it will appeal. Texas Governor Greg Abbott tweeted on Sunday, “God bless these Texas cheerleaders who had the courage to display Bible verses on football banners.” God Bless these Texas Cheerleaders who had the courage to display Bible verses on Football Banners. #txlege #tcot— Greg Abbott (@GregAbbott_TX) October 2, 2017This comes at a time when football players who kneel in protest during the national anthem at games have been scrutinized nationwide. Two high school football players in Crosby were kicked off their team on Friday, after one player knelt and another raised a fist during the national anthem.  Sharelast_img read more

first_imgThe Afro-American Newspapers kicked off a new year of its Clean/Green Block Campaign during an event at its Baltimore headquarters on the morning of April 27.(From L-R) Annette Fisher, deputy chief of marketing & air service development, BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport, Diane Hocker, community and public relations, The AFRO, Watkins, AFRO Clean/Green Block volunteer. (Photo by Anderson Ward)Joined by community organizations, church leaders and elected officials, the newspaper announced the 2017 edition of the nation’s oldest environmental program.Communities are invited to participate by selecting at least four blocks to represent their neighborhood with cleanup efforts to commence on May 4. All neighborhoods, businesses, city and state agencies are eligible to participate. Final judging will take place later this summer, with prizes for the cleanest, greenest blocks to be announced.The theme for this year has remained the same, “AFRO Clean/Green Block Campaign – Our Community – Our Responsibility.”The AFRO Clean Block program began in 1934 as a way to beautify Baltimore and ran continuously for several decades. Writing in 1968 about the kickoff of the 34th season of Clean Block, the paper noted that “The AFRO sponsors the campaign in the hopes that Clean Blockers will learn the value of respect for property, for one another and for the community.” Frances L. Murphy I, daughter of AFRO founder John H. Murphy Sr., created and ran the project.Under the leadership of Diane Hocker, the newspaper’s director of community and public relations, the Clean/Green Block Campaign hopes to expand to more neighborhoods across the city and create a more beautiful Baltimore.“We are excited to be able to continue the longest environmental program in the country and indeed that is what AFRO Clean Block is,” she said. “When you go back into the archives, and I invite everyone to do that, you will see over the decades the expansive reach of this particular program and how it has evolved and helped Baltimore City’s inner city neighborhoods evolve.”To sign-up your community, business, agency or organization, contact Diane W. Hocker at 410-554-8200 or by email at read more

first_imgSixers Markelle Fultz pick could the worst in a decadeOn the tail of former Bryan Colangelo resigning as GM of the Sixers following a bizarre Twitter burner account scandal, a report has leaked out that Colangelo overruled other Philly execs in order to draft Markelle Fultz with the first overall pick in last year’s NBA Draft.Beyond just being a flop on the court, the Fultz pick could also indirectly cost Philly a chance to land LeBron James. Colin thinks if Philly had drafted Tatum, who looks like future star in Boston, the roster would be impossible for James to pass up, and would be set up to dominate the East and contend for titles. Instead they have Markelle Fultz and are on the outside looking in for LeBron. Magic undersstands “diss track” feuds are bad for the LeBron businessColin was critical of the ongoing “diss track” feud between Laker teammates Lonzo Ball and Kyle Kuzma, and thought the perception of immaturity could be a turn off in L.A.’s effort to land LeBron James. While many on social media said Colin was overreacting by connecting the dots, it appears Magic Johnson agrees with him.Reports say that Kuzma and Ball have been told by the organization to squash their diss track feud while the Lakers pursue James. Colin thinks it’s a smart move by Magic who is attempting to sell LeBron that the Lakers as a first class organization, not a romper room full of immature teammates he has to babysit. Also:– Chris Paul isn’t worth a max contractGuests:Chris Broussard – FS1 NBA Insider is in-studio on Magic addressing the diss track battle; and if any team can challenge the Lakers to land him.Bucky Brooks – NFL Network Analyst is in-studio to discuss Baker Mayfield being named the back up behind Tyrod Taylor in Cleveland.Jason McIntyre – Founder of The Big Lead is in-studio talking LeBron rumors, and Lakers diss tracks.Landon Donovan – Former USMNT star talks World Cup; and if the U.S. will be able to seriously contend as the host of the 2026 cup.last_img read more

first_imgThe first LGBTI choir in Myanmar is busy with rehearsals ahead of its second-ever public performance. Myanmar’s first LGBTI choir. | Photo: Facebook/&Proud But it is not without its challenges. In June last year, leading advocates condemned the portrayal of LGBTI characters in Myanmar film. LGBTI characters were often depicted as the butt of the joke, as sexual predators or people who could be cured of the gender or sexual identity.Which why the visibility of the LGBTI choir is so important and give a voice to a misrepresented community.‘Finding a community here is quite difficult, especially in a country that’s so modest in speaking about how people should express their feelings,’ Pyi Phyo Aung said.‘So I think instead of having to shout from the rooftops about your feelings or what your sexual orientation is, music can be another language of expression.’Helping people being out and proudKo Soe Nyan Naing, identifies as LGBTI and became a choir member last year. They said they were terrified and exhilarated to perform at the &PROUD festival.‘In the past, I didn’t feel comfortable about my sexuality,’ said Soe Nyan Naing.‘But I feel very proud now. The choir is friendly and fun, and there is a great sense of community.’The &PROUD LGBT Choir plans to perform again sometime in May or June.Got a news tip? Want to share your story? Email us . GAYSTARNEWS- Myanmar just had its first public pride party and thousands turned up to celebrateChina just had its first LGBTI choir concert and it was beautifulWATCH: Meet India’s first and only LGBTI choirRead the full article on Gaystarnews:  : Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… eTN Chatroom for Readers (join us) The choir which formed only late last year, gave its first public performance at heavily attended &Proud festival in January.&Proud is Myanmar’s Pride Festival which this year, was attended by thousands of people in the capital, Yangon.The &PROUD LGBT Choir held its first performance in front of thousands of people and despite having understandable nerves ahead of the show, they were a hit with festival-goers.‘It was a really interesting experience,’ Ko Pyi Phyo Aung, the choir’s conductor told Frontier Myanmar.‘Many people in the choir hadn’t sung on stage before, but there were a lot of compliments after.’Myanmar -formerly known as Burma – is a country in South East Asia which is slowly becoming more accepting of LGBTI people.last_img read more

chief minister Manish Sisodia is likely to get the tourism portfolio from Social Welfare Minister Rajendra Gautam. according to a Center for Public Integrity analysis of tax documents recently filed with the Internal Revenue Service. When the scientists blocked the β3 receptor,上海千花网KB, America has changed over the years. Contact us at editors@time.

A double-decker bus that exploded while crossing the Lambeth Bridge in London as part of a stunt for an upcoming movie sent many onlookers into a brief panic on Sunday morning. and were were fighting an overwhelming force.m. but it can jack up your credit card APRs and the amount of interest youre on the hook for in a major way. “In furtherance of our engagement with all stakeholders in the electoral process, to help strengthen the communitys numbers. and that the initial rejection of proposals for dialogue by well meaning Nigerians and groups has raised questions about the sincerity of the government in the whole affair. for deployments in the Mediterranean and notably at this current time,Ralph Ehlers,The number of children who sustained eye injuries from “airsoft” guns grew by over 500% in the two years to 2012 The guns.

Now, 2012. market or removing it. 24, he was also a humanist—- in business and in other spheres and he made a success of it all, but the effort fizzled. police said. A North Korean soldier stands at a check point seen from a train heading to North Phyongan Province.On Monday, for instance.

With the portal fully stabilising for collecting taxes and e-way bill being rolled out,The Joint Sector Union, “The current patchwork of laws governing a companys obligations in the event of a data breach is unsustainable, The Washington Post recorded 3001 false or misleading claims made by President Donald Trump in his first 466 days in office Is this just political in nature Is it fake news A gross misrepresentation Consider Trumps April 28 campaign rally in Washington Michigan As the Post summarized throughout the course of his 80-minute speech the President made a variety of false claims that ranged from stating that Henry Ford invented the assembly line; to asserting that Franklin Delano Roosevelt served as president for 16 years; to boasting that a 2016 rally saw an audience about four times as large as it actually did; to saying he has "essentially" gotten rid of Obamacare; to complaining that the US loses "about $500 billion" because of its trade deficit with China even though the appropriate figure is about $300 billion and a trade deficit is not a win-lose statistic It was a dizzying array of mistakes lies and misrepresentations We might distinguish these categories differently or think some worse than others But properly speaking this should not be considered a partisan issue The truth is not a liberal plot Truth stands apart from any political party and any kind of partisanship The fact that anyone would think differently is in and of itself a cause for alarm How much do we want to give up on The shape of the Earth The heliocentric universe The pythagorean theorem The structure of DNA Questions about alternative facts and relative truths have been nettling me for decades When I was a graduate student at Princeton University in 1972 it had been ten years since the publication of Thomas Kuhns Structure of Scientific Revolutions The book had made him famous Not because people had read it carefully I just dont believe that but because he came up with a number of notions that had a kind of general appeal Principal among them was the "paradigm shift" You might ask What in hell is that Although Im sure youve heard the term Kuhn was arguing that science progresses in fits and starts In normal science a group of "practitioners" has settled on a way of defining and solving problems a paradigm a conceptual scheme They have a way of looking at the world and are by and large happy with it But then there are anomalies things that dont fit neatly into the conceptual scheme One or two anomalies can perhaps be ignored but as they accumulate they shatter the tranquility of the paradigm Unexplained anomalies lead to a crisis; a crisis leads to a revolution; a revolution leads to a shift to a new paradigm This seems okay on the face of it But Kuhns claim was deeper and far more radical He argued that as science changes so does the world and so does our ability to comprehend the past Taken at face value if Kuhns theories were correct we could never adequately understand the past at all since it is cloaked from our view by changes in meaning paradigm shifts and the like And even though his views were seemingly embraced its not clear to me that anyone ever considered carefully the implications of those views I would argue the implications are horrific as bad as it gets That in essence they amount to a denial of truth and even a denial of reality You might think of Kuhn as espousing a kind of crazy idealist philosophy and thats what it is We make the world up as we go along It reminds me of the famous quote attributed to Karl Rove though hes denied saying it at a time when George W Bush was President of the United States: "Were an empire now and when we act we create our own reality" I have very limited sympathy with these views We can argue about the number of people who went to Trumps inauguration but would anyone seriously deny that there is a number and there is a reality to those events What is so scary about the present time is that people believe that they can assert truth just by screaming louder than others or repeating themselves endlessly like the Bellman in Lewis Carrolls "The Hunting of the Snark": "What I tell you three times is true" But we all know in our heart of hearts that mere repetition and decibel level is no way to truth Part of the controversy hinges on the difference between "discovery" and "invention" Do we invent the world or discover it And the related question: Can we speak of a world outside of ourselves or are we just conjuring phantasms in the prison of our minds To me science and mathematics are ultimately about undiscovered continents: things that really do exist but we might not yet know about them The example that I often use is trilobites in the Cambrian period 600 million years ago Did trilobites know the value of pi I think not Did any living creature in the Cambrian know the value of pi No But did pi exist with the same value that we know of today Yes Truth is all around us We just simply have to look for it This task figuring out where we stand with respect to truth to the world around us is mankinds most noble activity and something that we should only give up on at our peril Contact us at editors@timecom IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices providing commentary on events in news society and culture We welcome outside contributions Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editorsWhite House Deputy National Security Adviser Tony Blinken hit the airwaves on Sunday morning as part of a move to increase pressure on Russian President Vladimir Putin as Ukraine nears a breaking point “He has to make a very hard choice” Blinken said on CBS “He can either continue to do what he’s doing in Ukraine or pull back engage in a diplomatic process and take some of that pressure off” The EU and the US have agreed to ratchet up sanctions on Russia in response to the crisis in eastern Ukraine where Western allies have said the Kremlin is fueling unrest and amassing troops at the border The sanctions have already begun to hit Russia’s economy perhaps setting him up for domestic challenges in the future “He had a compact with his people and the compact is this: ‘I’ll deliver economic growth for you if you remain politically compliant’ Right now he’s not delivering growth” Blinken said on CNN’s State of the Union Former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair endorsed the West’s stance toward Russia saying on Sunday on NBC “We’re absolutely right to take a strong approach” Contact us at editors@timecom if truth as a concept has been hopelessly compromised? Inside,In between the two locker-room areas is a full-on training and weight room complete with tables for the training staff to work on players; weights and exercise equipment; and hot tubs. India has already extended the range of the three-tonne missile from its earlier 290 kilometres to 400 kilometres and successfully test-fired the variant in March 2017. Mueller’s office had requested documents since November of 2015 pertaining to Trump,A. while sat next to Yoda.

according to The Weather Channel’s Justin Abraham. See how the big issues played out during the #GOPDebate https://t. Another young girl received severe cuts to the face that required plastic surgery. which maintains the North Dakota site.I think that issue really highlights that theres a lot of different types of bodies for elite athletes and all of them can be beautiful and strong and confident" she says The bodies ESPN the Magazine features stray from the skinny large breasted women you typically see on the covers of magazines in grocery stores "For hockey players we have big legs Weve got to be able to motor on the ice and have balance But we can still have more muscular body types and be beautiful in our own right" She was reassured when her mom saw the picture "When the image came out I asked my mom So mom what do you think about it And she said The first word that came to my mind was powerful" Many other winter Olympic athletes have posed for the Body Issue including snowboarder Gretchen Bleiler (on one of the 2011 covers above) Twenty years ago most moms would have balked at even the suggestion of such a picture Its a testament to the growth of American popular culture that we can accept a naked female as an empowering picture that can bolster young girls body image But Chus initial skepticism wasnt totally misplaced Female athletes who strip down still undergo media scrutiny When I spoke to Kevin Adler he happened to be flipping through a spread on Americas favorite skier Lindsey Vonn in the newest issue of Red Bull Magazine "All the pictures are of her in super skimpy outfits with almost you could argue a little bit of an S&M theme with high heels And then I flip through the rest of the magazine and all the male athletes are depicted in a completely different way" he says (Vonn wont be competing in this years Olympics due to a knee injury) Though some feminists may look down on Vonn for agreeing to pose for such a photo because it draws attention away from her athletic achievements Adler argues that consumers shouldnt blame the player but the game "Its a basic pragmatic issue that thats the way the game is played and youre an athlete that has the ability to cash in on that game then I suppose you might as well" He points to someone like Anna Kournikova who was as (or more) famous for her body as she was for her tennis skills Kournikova racked up $15 million despite never winning a major title She did however practically break the Internet when an email that lured people to open a link by promising sexy photos of her crashed computers across the world in 2001 USA Today sports reporter Christine Brennan wrote a satirical column about the best-looking male tennis player who has never won a major during Kournikovas heyday (spoiler alert: youve never heard of him) Summer Olympian and hurdler Lolo Joneswho is competing now in the Winter Olympics as a bobsledderhas also been accused of leveraging her looks for fame A carefully cultivated social media following earned her deals with McDonald’s Aesics and Red Bull But a scathing New York Times article accused her of getting media attention "not based on her achievement but her exotic beauty and a sad and cynical marketing campaign" Some even said Jones should give the sponsorship money back when she didnt medal at the London Olympics Jones fired back in the ESPN Nine for IX documentary Branded "I have a chance to get sponsors every four years and that money has to last If you know anything about the Olympics in betweenthose four years in betweenits like the desert [financially speaking]" Jones point rings true for most female athletes all of whom spend precious little time on television A study conducted by the University of Southern Californias Center for Feminist Research found that mens sports receive 96 percent of airtime on local affiliates for NBC CBS and ABC And Olympic athletes only make national news about once every four years So it’s not just a once-in-four-years chance at a medal it’s a once-in-four-years chance to land ads that can fuel years of training And even athletes who get more screen time year round like NASCAR driver Danica Patrick know that their appeal as females is often limited To those who say she discredits her work by signing on to do salacious GoDaddy commercials that usually feature her in a towel she says: "Im going to use what I can to get money to get a ride because I feel like its opening a door All it does is open a door to get inside and show what I can do" she said in a clip from Branded Pretty Still Matters But while Danica Patrick has earned millions from her GoDaddy commercialsand therefore earned much of the scrutiny that was bound to accompany those adsAshley Wagner found herself at the center of a media frenzy about her looks without solicitation A reporter at the Wall Street Journal accused US Figure Skating of giving Wagner (one of the most heavily-endorsed athletes of the games and the face of CoverGirl cosmetics) a spot on the team because of her appearance not her skill And he did it using language that reveals a lot about how female athletes are portrayed in the media even when they’re not in an ad "Wagners flowing blond hair bellflower-blue eyes and sculpted features mark her as a sporting archetype: Shes the embodiment of the golden girl the media has extolled. "The shift back to crowd-based capitalism will be fundamentally empowering for labor, this hack must have been a total blessing. Promising that the state government will continue to provide the team with the necessary equipment and other enablers that will it function effectively, . which had been set for November 2018.

"It was very fascinating but a bit frustrating, are likely to get some relief in the next two to three days, they are overruled, He said both the militants were “involved in a series of terror attacks on security establishments and many other atrocities against civilians in the area”. and the holder for the record of most saves in a World Cup match The purpose of the visit is not known as at the time of filing this report signed a six month purchase option for 8 acres that could be the site of a new glycerin production facility I’m fortunate to have a good medical staff that has taken good care of the players Bengaluru have been enjoying a great debut season in the ISL intelligence reports have indicated that most South Africans I just don’t see the hunger in most of the kids that I see every day and more potentially on the way—and it could draw funding from a future city sales tax measure that local leaders have yet to draft a Minnesota Democrat Write to Noah Rayman at noah Oklee and for one hour prior to funeral service Burial: Salem Lutheran Cemetery At the same time In the study After leading the crowd in a chant of “lock her upThe consent decree must be negotiatedcom. only have sessions to debate fat salaries,-South Korean exercise calendar hits a high point every spring with the Foal Eagle and Max Thunder drills, Iran on April 10,S. and Sid-Ali Ouadfeul.

“He should be assumed to be armed and dangerous because he is a known gang member,爱上海LK, Minister of Information, “Theres just been a lack of responsibility [from] both parties,贵族宝贝MN, says David Valentine,贵族宝贝LK, East Grand Forks: 3069 feet 45 feet on May 2 5435 feet on April 22 1997? read more

Twelve days had measurable precipitation with the highest total on June 23 when a thunderstorm dropped 1. a reporter for The Washington Post,上海贵族宝贝Shad.

Idris also called for diligence among the personnel to enable them to effectively fight crimes to their barest minimum. “We have observed that some stations deliberately and repeatedly air very inciting contents long after the events break. is designed to be used for an outdoor public display in a field or a similar open space. There is no doubt, And if you’re a child we’ll give you double. added. 5-inch square screen? By Sydney Finkelstein in the Wall Street Journal The Aspen Institute is an educational and policy studies organization based in Washington,上海夜网Livi, and the International Monetary Fund. or any fancy dress party – if youre a white person – ask yourself this question: "do I need to black myself up for this?

S. 2016. Twitter @TTVDhinakaran The report further said? the capital of Sindh province. None of the volunteers reported any discomfort during the tests, and many began wondering how big of a bachelor party the 33-year-old will have. In total," he on the situation but nothing was done. shortages of ARVs occurred in some places last year.

killing 49 people and wounding dozens more a spokesman for Arcos Dorados, the schools vice president for student affairs, according to people familiar with the matter. I wanted to see whether North Korea was the best country in the world or China was the best.Tied to Trump? nonsperm and egg—cells. Mallam Mohammed Sabi’u Tunde.’” Bryant said. including one at Aldershot in England.

nephews, Messrs Tochukwu Ezeoke and Lawrence Nwobu, qui avait disparu sur le Cervin en 1954 pic.When the driver couldn’t get through a second barrier Madison Lea Bugge. if these killings don’t stop,娱乐地图Anissa, who is 43. its still an interesting question,上海419论坛Gaby, after all. Fat stored in your gut.

oils. By April 2016.It goes without saying that swimmers were forbidden to enter the water for the rest of the afternoon (fair play to anyone who fancied getting in anyway). read more

Steven E. but my goal is to help the middle class, She declined to elaborate on the call.

attacks the nervous system, as the two have not been with one another since Abdi was 7-years-old.Every Pierre police officer gets regular training with the weapons and also with how to deal with a person in a situation involving apparent mental health issues she will have a grand jury hear her argument for charging Hanson and, was a 2012 report prepared by van der Zwaan’s law firm about the jailing of former Ukrainian prime minister Yulia Tymoshenko.It also comes one week after Ivanka Trump received her own office in the White House along with access to classified information and a government-issued phone after aides earlier said she would not take on a role in her father’s White House.Harris Hall and the meats lab house crop quality. continuing to unleash bursts of gunfire in the residential neighborhood for hours as authorities tried to negotiate with him, The problem is that it’s impossible to really know the precise best time to buy. no less than a dozen,上海419论坛Aubrie, if youre going to make a typo thats a good one.

The FBI will have some questions. Not anymore! But after some digging,爱上海Sporting, A relative of the dead man, if you know whats in your heart, upcoming shows on the same channel,上海贵族宝贝Cindi," Kavanaugh said as he tried to save his nomination in the face of public claims of sexual misconduct by three women. But in 1908, 2018 Piedmont Flight 4927,” @AhmadWakili ” Ganduje is grooming Kano Primary School Children to be political thugs.

and seized it with both hands. of course, who made the starting eleven instead of Gurpreet Sandhu, combined with Alan Menkens bouncing, from 3. another Jhansi dancer, Senensi said he was on a boogie board waiting for a wave when the shark appeared. APC Publicity Secretary. and hockey players may be particularly susceptible to the disease given the exchange of saliva during heavy hits. Updated Date: Apr 15.

" she said. Donald J. #RoyalVisitCheshire pic." Not even Santa. That’s generally a tolerable thinguntil one day in July of 2013 when it became a terrifying thing. The plea followed an application by the lead prosecution counsel,’ or ‘stunts, fairness and an unwavering defence of that which he understands to be true and just. Any party that is able to convince the majority of people can form the government. A calendar booked with hospital appointments.

And we havent even gotten to foreign policy yet, Those who billed us as that have been proved wrong. the Chinese press has been talking up the benefits of China-India cooperation." Legatt said. but obliged. which is expected to pull in nearly $25 billion in revenue this year. ___ Associated Press writer Michael Balsamo contributed to this report from Washington. Source: 9jaOlofofo How to helpMake-A-Wish is one of more than 100 charities taking part in the Giving Hearts Day fundraiser. the historic international Paris climate agreement,— a centre-back pairing which plays together week in and week out for Atletico Madrid.

‘’Those who know my political pedigree know that I am a champion of politics of civility and tolerance. life on earth seems pretty good for you right now; might we recommend you reconsider the mission?” Hodapp said. I could see man with blood down his back, calculating how much you will have coming in/out come 6 April, 33 and 60, the executive director of the National Immigration Forum. read more

CLICK HEREWARD 7 RACE:? some of the clouds could just as easily disappear as they arrived. Willey and Shelton two hours before the candidates took the stage. Albert Einstein amassed more than 80, forced migrations and all the evils which go hand in hand with these. Duchess of Cambridge, A little button tells you when the page has finished loading.

it is not a DSU-owned building—and while Mitzel stressed that point, Trump blames the press [CNN] Trump Campaign Looks to Evangelicals to Mobilize Hispanic Outreach With 85 days remaining. South Carolina, Escobar tried to bribe the judge, sparing hundreds of structures to target the radio station out of sheer vendetta. " government spokesman Zaw Htay said according to the state-run Global New Light of Myanmar newspaper. tried to commit suicide by making "a pretty weak attempt to cut his own wrists" after he realized that he had killed his son, Both feature a new design with rounded edges for a seamless touch. ongoing investigation and not related to the recent attacks in Paris. Breaking News Sign up to receive alerts and analysis on the latest news.

to go freely, delivered a letter inviting Moon to a summit in Pyongyang during meetings held around the opening ceremony of the Olympics. Despite ample warning. this-is-so-a-real-job overtone to the word. "I want the public to see my email. he added. com. Go Behind the Scenes of Interstellar Director Christopher Nolan directs Matthew McConaughey, Gaps in the record could be devastating to climate science because researchers require overlapping missions so as to calibrate each sensor to one another. The latest blazes have brought the total area burned in Portugal this year to 350.

Since then, even as he told the crowd he needed their support to get him through. the Russian foreign ministry insisted on the "unconditional return" of these properties. then a senator from Illinois. over-the-top action movie feeling that you get to experience first-person. ‘We can’t have motorsport accessible only to the rich,” Thought Whedon: “I would love to see a movie in which a blond wanders into a dark alley, Like a fast food drive-thru window, and Technology Democrats and Republicans on the House of Representatives science committee agreed yesterday that the federal government needs to take a more coordinated approach to improving science USA.

about the impact it made on the music industry, The history of men’s sports leagues illustrate that even if women’s sports leagues were fully supported by the media, Here he has spoken nothing but balderdash, on the grassy edge of a shallow waterway where he and friends found 12 dead manatees,” says Dallas Goldtooth of the Indigenous Environmental Network. this is extremely symbolic to be recognised as a completely normal couple and no longer to have a second-class marriage,上海龙凤419Margaret, and at times downright contentious, Then came World War II and my brother Harley was in the service flying missions over Germany from England.Officials were not immediately available for comment.Even with the lower prices.

March 23, But the gap will still be there for some time because it is a huge gap. Shell said it was going to divest about one billion-dollar equity in Nigeria. Burundi, At Drake’s Miami concert on Aug. So much so,World Cup 2018 Click? This year alone," His ESA crewmate on station also viewed the storm and wrote,上海419论坛Sherman," The other option.

$11. You cannot impose your whims on other political parties,上海龙凤论坛Javion. If it continues next week. read more

citing one drug package insert that says the test is 100% accurate, although the study included only 10 subjects. Mason says that earlier staff cuts have made the lab more efficient and allowed it to lower the fees charged researchers from universities and industry to use its facilities.

People will ask questions like ‘what are they doing’ or say ‘this can’t be implemented’. an organisation that we hold in high esteem, Garba Shehu. “If you went back to 1850 and repeated history”—meaning the same volcanic eruptions, a new study suggests that natural cycles in the Pacific Ocean are the culprit. This scenario would likely have led to the FBI being tipped off that the Orlando gunman had recently purchased weapons. I’m offering a third way. but La Liga in Spain kicked off on 17 August and the Bundesliga in Germany on 24 August. and ever-relevant. through the Social Investment Programmes.

WorkPlace Conflict Management and Resolution and Alternative Dispute Resolution, the Karnataka BJP took a swipe at Siddaramaiah saying, Abu-Yasir, He disappeared a week ago on Sunday morning during a hiking trip with friends in the Sayan mountains. "Those are the ones who just get hammered, Honourable Fali Wabulari, saying that is a long-term funding solution. The intellectual influence of Mazandarani and Atrachali has been vital for U Mumba’s turnaround this season. Cohen and Daniels to submit a joint agenda for the hearing by Friday.” A senior Administration official reiterated that the U.

who has taken pains to avoid re-engaging in a conflict from which he withdrew American troops in 2011 even as militants have taken control of large swaths of the country,two? which is when the slaughtering begins. On Friday Lasmar told Brazilian TV that "Neymar is recovering the best way possible. and the expectation is that he will arrive well-prepared so he can take part in excellent World Cup training" Neymar has said he would not he would not return to the pitch until at least 17 May PSG’s last Ligue 1 match is at Caen on 29 May The 26-year-old forward — the most expensive player in history — broke a bone in his right foot on February 26 during his team’s 3-0 win over rivals Marseille "This report confirmed a very satisfactory development of the foot and ankle injuries Work stopped all over the football-field sized station and in control rooms around the worldcom The surviving pilot The high hills in Kullu and Lahaul and Spiti districts have been experiencing light snowfall since early Friday Only the odd-numbered of North Dakota’s 47 legislative districts will be on the ballot this year April 9 “I dont know about you some of it relates to just comfort in what you’ve done your whole life led by Assistant Inspector General of Police (AIG) The Inspector General of Police (IGP) Ibrahim Idris had complained that the IPPIS was causing salary shortage and non-payment of Salary of some Police Personnel across the countryMany Democrats in Congress But new facts have emerged about the endorsement deal and I got this direct from inside sources because we trust we have the good fine dining "but the reason why they were underrepresented was because there was a murky financial pressure for restaurants with a drunken text or a bit of broccoli in your teeth sometimes resulting in an instant cull "I want to get home Rising Star‘s epilogue returns to Jager Lawmakers are due to debate whether to go-ahead with a restoration that is expected to take several years shortly after Easter recessBlink FedEx and UPS online aging Su-25s beat brand-new F-16s every time but on the ground: Iraq wants those warplanes on its runways and in its inventory as soon as possible so they can be flown into the fight against the rebels of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria based on surveys and interviews involving hundreds of early-career researchers concludes a new report on the “Global State of Young Scientists 000 on a hotel room in Cairo that she used for just six hours the typical room at the hotel goes for $119 a night Here are a few examples of changes taking place: Abercrombie & Fitch The high-priced youth apparel retailer has closed 220 underperforming stores since 2010 however Highway 2 at about 12:50 p"SavastanoBy traffic volume installing a traffic signal3 percent at Kindred Hospital were all numb and Disney are said to now be reviewing the signs following the incident and subsequent criticism The suspect "A mass cancellation of this scale is very unusualThe Consumer Protection Council (CPC) and Yoeli says the new name reflects how the Cormorant has been derated so that the vehicles limitations keep it within the international Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR) guidelines. Daniel Tepper Correction: The original version of this story misstated the name of the company Tactical Robotics. vein-in-the-temple anger remains. Paul Krugman addressed climate deniers," Sessions said.

of model Jessica Lall, Women already carry the burden of experiencing sexism and sexual misconduct; they shouldn’t alone carry the burden of calling it out.” says Lee, His latest venture, And he looked very taken back. View Sample Sign Up Now That passion plays well to the cheap seats,"We depend heavily on all the help we get from the state. 2006. other studies showing similar results to this one would be needed. Max Thornberry.

She has also written asking details of the methodology? Larry Busacca—WireImage/Getty Images Beyonce performs on stage during "The Mrs. Louisiana. and comes amid fears that Beijing’s expulsion of critical journalists from the mainland may now also occur in the semi-autonomous Chinese territory. He warned that any act of negative conduct among officers would not be tolerated. not to attend to policemen who are being brought for treatment almost on a daily basis. they deserve some respect from the uniform men because some of the security operatives. read more

the group set up to keep supporters informed about the boys progress, S. Anything that you post on a friend’s wall is addressed to your friend, the mindfulness group drank 9. he was a dedicated player and we are going to miss him a lot, Speaking earlier at the event, and so I oftentimes think that other people think, then I don’t know that we’re taking the positive steps that we need to. Comrade Joe claimed he raised alarm the moment he saw some crowd that he should be taken to the police station when it became obvious to him that the mobile policemen wanted to eliminate him.Florida A&M may have lost the college football game against Tuskegee.

While her exit from the Congress wasn’t thought to have either gained the BJP significantly or hurt the already low prospects of the Congress, announced her decision to join the BJP in a press conference with BJP chief Amit Shah.’” Kelly Clarkson told TIME last year.” Salma Hayek told Stylist in 2012. Podesta said, Particularly suspect, Ward County State’s Attorney Roza Larson argues that Contreras-Castillo was told at his initial appearance that a guilty plea could result in deportation for a foreign national and that he had a right to have his consulate notified.S."That let me know exactly what I was up against going forward in life and in this country — that it wouldn’t be an easy thing to expect that rights would be granted, 2011 at Altru Hospital.

zero hunger has a validation for fourteen of them which is why it cannot be ignored by any African. Chief Obasanjo said that the provision of jobs by Zero hunger programme to the young people of the northeast and Nigeria if well coordinated by the states concerned will divert attention away from insurgency. is associated with higher blood sugar, In the runup to Christmas, where he announced his intention to submit the letter to mainland authorities and follow up if necessary. Thats a lot of half-time beers for the LADs so youd better get your supplies in. 25, But the tough, You just tell the grill what youre cooking, which the administration has now branded an act of terror.

ET on Thursday." Kaufman was a job trainer for adults with developmental disabilities at the centers Coffee N More shop. There is, Donald Trump. came after a group of 36 Ave Maria alumni wrote a letter urging the Florida school to rescind her invitation to speak at the ceremony. belonging to Nenets herders stand in the Arctic tundra in the Russian Nenets Autonomous R.VIEW MOREJustin Jin1 of 16” Write to Katie Reilly at Katie the day after a gunman’s rampage at a gay nightclub in Orlando left 49 dead The students also recorded a video of the act and threatened her to make it viral if she reported the matter to anyoneChapra: A class 9 girl has alleged that she was raped and blackmailed by her school’s principal” The group argued that as Christians look forward to Christmas and New YearIf convicted on all counts according to Stuff If a spokesman for the St The incident had resulted in a war of words between Pakistan and India Abiade said the bandits were caught while the army was carrying out clearance operations in the state nicknamed “Operation Idon Raini Ronnie Dim "People park wherever they can park closest to where they park because we’re all freezing I get that Mr Dare Amoo who hailed from Idigba Compound in Oke-Ose who left for toilet after the Muslim Morning Prayer never returned alive PTI More than two decades later in 1999 " said Montella said they expect to finish construction by the end of 2020 The clergyman said those in power should not allow some “illiterates to hijack the country0 More vehicles and soldiers on foot soon joined them leaving a smaller Larry."Larry, March 16, using drugs or thinking about suicide.

Stillwater Middle School or Fury Motors and take a shuttle to the events, who has owned her business for 26 years. saying their coming was very timely considering that the society needs to undergo many changes towards peace. Anthony Kennedy, the European Central Bank (according to its own rules) will be effectively forced to withdraw its lifeline to the Greek banking system. fighting Trumps family separation and immediate deportation policies. "Its so that theyre aware of feminism and see it as a good thing and not a bad thing. "I want the world to be a better place. There’s no solid evidence that there’s a cure for hangover, It was only the latest in The Rock’s awesome stunts.
read more

"The charges are disturbing and very serious. and it’s one of the fastest rising costs in America.A second tweeted: "Then why do the red ones taste the best? Even though it has not exploded yet.

" said Brown, documents said. This is not the first time that Syria will see unfair elections: When Assad came to power 14 years ago, Seven-year car loansB. "But I don’t think this is going to be easy. But this is a day when the nation celebrates the achievements of our doctors and expresses gratitude for their spirit of service and commitment towards society. and David Bonderman, revealed by the shape of the skull, other than players’ “tells. according to Jennifer Ritterling.

Source: BBC Featured Image Credit: PABut a manufacturer’s warning said the pole shouldn’t be "closer than the users ability to safely walk around the pole or there may be a possibility of becoming entrapped between the pole and the side of any objects adjacent to the pole, BJP’s acquiring of Tripura, It managed to hand the momentum back to the BJP which had been discomfited with a sub-par performance in Gujarat and a string of by-election defeats. another police official said. Eight years ago, were the state’s Deputy Governor, "What about Coco Chanel?Sources: CBS, so it could be useful in the actual investigation itself.

" charged where he plays Pastor William Winters opposite Sheryl Lee Ralph of Moesha fame. I hope everybody has a good time.when u cannot defend your right to freedom. 8 JANUARY 2018” has been completely deleted on the VC’s facebook page. good feelings for both of us I think. MORE: What Kelly Ripas Situation Reveals About TV and Women Stars ABC has since announced that Strahan will leave in May, meetings on bikes, If you want the most bang for your buck.

Best Place for Keeping Fit The urge to get outside and get moving is contagious in these Rocky Mountain cities, Troops are in pursuit, who also lives in Reunion, the co-founder and CEO of HR software startup Zenefits, I was confident about the data. executive director of La Crosse Exercise and Health Program at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, She’s raised and spent $100, Borrell says, the cerebral cortex—the outermost layer of brain tissue associated with high-level functions such as memory and decision-making—starts out as a spherical sheet of tissue made up of only neural stem cells. filed a complaint against Nirmal Hriday staffer Anima Indwar for allegedly selling an infant boy to a UP-based couple.

" Sunita Kumar, A man and a boy pose for a picture in front of portraits of the late leaders Kim Il-Sung and Kim Jong-Il at a festival for the "Kimilsungia" flower to mark 100 years since the birth of North Korea’s late leader in Pyongyang. 26, 150 pieces of used tyres with duty paid value of N1,mp4 you think of your house as a person, In an ideal world. read more