, from three angles, Shanghai Park recruitment network Because !

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Wangzhuan, learning a lot of tutorials, read many articles, understand principles, but also did not earn much money, why is this? Think now is very simple, just learning, see others are telling the day to earn hundreds of thousands, compared with their own projects and the study did not need to do, because it was in the hands of the project is the most simple, exhausted every day can earn ten or twenty yuan, so often do not mention the commission can give up. The lack of persistence! It is easy to make some new friends misunderstanding, think Wangzhuan not unrealistic, not reliable, in fact, the problem in themselves. read more

after the birth of the baby is not at work, at home to start a full-time wife, contact Taobao accidentally, just love Taobao to buy things, soon after, the full-time wife role makes me feel boring, want to go out to work, and worried about the baby if you can work at home. And also so think, why not open a shop? After the change from an online shopping Master become a seller, so Taobao and tangled together, from the shop to now, almost half a year, finally rose 3 diamond, although is not what, but compared to tens of thousands of shop soon died on a lot better than the store, or to celebrate. Just send a post experience to encourage yourself, but also share and share my experience of half a year! If you feel useful, please remember to take read more

to write before I can tell you that there is a future web designer. Why? Because of this industry and the rapid development of the Internet. Whenever you in the newspaper, the portal site to write very Niubi pull down station Moumou tens of millions of dollars in venture capital, the majority of enterprises is undoubtedly the Internet business. And the rise of the Internet, a strong impetus to the development of web design this occupation, when you see the hottest position in the talent website, ranked first is likely to be the web designer. Web design in the past few years the development of very fast, portals emerge one by one, hundreds of vertical sites thousands of Bengchu, each enterprise has established its own corporate website, directly led to the demand for web designers increased greatly, with the other " excited " is that any website revision It is very frequent. Therefore, web designers. Your work is never done. The whole future than the plane design interior design should be large, reflected in the preliminary treatment, the city I first introduced it, I know the average wage in Shenzhen between 3000-4000. Bad, just graduated in 1800-2500. Special cattle more than 10000 also have it, you can always listen to the door who, who listed company financing, most of us in the Internet industry enterprises. Shows that the industry is now very hot and high-speed development. Anyone who reduces the identity of web designers and detractors of web design must be ignorant. read more

the last time and we share the "share" local portal operation experience and mode of profit today Fanfan going to tell you about how I was through a combination of online and offline profits.

in recent years, more and more vertical website webmaster’s favor, like local portal is hot too, but for the grass-roots webmaster, due to popularity, resources, funds are limited, to achieve profitability is still a bit difficult, I believe many web sites have high popularity but it has been unable to profit, a website has been unable to profit is difficult in this era of survival in down, let your own website how to quickly profit? Is every webmaster want to break the biggest difficulty, want in the local portal net profit is not a few friends. Then, as a local gateway network, what profit model, read more

"people are iron rice is steel, do not eat a meal hungry, simply catering as we live, to ensure the safety of the tongue is a priority among priorities. In order to realize the transparency of food consumption in Anhui Province, Mount Huangshan scenic area, the food and Drug Administration launched the "bright bright kitchen stove" and " integrity menu " construction, up to now, the Mount Huangshan scenic area all catering service units have been completed " Ming Liang kitchen stove ". read more

now has a lot of affiliate sites, each of the items described on the web site can be said to be able to make money, but we can not and do not have enough money to an attempt. So, in the choice of entrepreneurial projects, how to determine whether the project can make money? Money requires wisdom and vision! There is an old saying in China: women are afraid to marry the wrong man! In the money wealth on the road, think there are two very important points: choice and effort! Which is more important? The answer is that all two are important! Just one after the first! First, we must work hard in the choice! read more

days off, people’s consumption demand is exuberant, leisure food is popular, demand is huge, the development of leisure food industry in China is very popular, there have been many successful leisure food stores. So how did they manage to run a snack food franchise? Which is a good place to join in the snack food? It’s very important for all the casual food franchisees,


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since it is a convenience store, if you want to get the recognition of consumers, naturally need to be able to provide consumers with a real convenience. This naturally requires the convenience store business address of the site, only the name of the shop address, the real convenience store business can be more prosperous. So, where is the convenience store open?

at this stage of the investment market, the convenience store is a relatively hot choice, now the convenience store market, consumer demand is relatively large, because a store convenience store can be said to be a collection of comparative income supermarkets and fast-food restaurants welcome features; it can provide more common snacks and meals, and very convenient. read more

high quality women’s choice, let you change the goddess. How Zi Hui dress? First class quality, with the opportunity to join the project selection. For business with a small capital entrepreneurs, is a very good choice. Open their own clothing stores Zi Hui, easy to shop, easy to make!

for us, will not want to hear others in their own man is a woman, because men are female man woman that this is a focus on their own image of the beauty of women can not accept, every girl is off into a goddess, but when the problems and are willing to the problem of self transformation. We often say that the first thing you want to change a person’s temperament is to change from the beginning of the dress, and not everyone is suitable for wearing a style. Each of us can handle different style, so a piece of clothing will be in their own body show different temperament, Zi Hui women, to buy clothes will be professional collocation stylist to help you a good collocation. read more

because the investment is not too much, the small business is the first choice for many entrepreneurs. Small business can be a big career? The answer is yes, the next entrepreneurial story network   to share three small entrepreneurial story, let us look at the success of those small entrepreneurs.

500 yuan started, now about 200 thousand monthly sales revenue.

2002 will join the network, began to shop online. Liang Bo work saved 500 yuan, all used to go to Kunming jade market Amoy goods. At the time of the purchase of four or five pieces of dozens of   pieces of small goods, but no money to buy a camera, the beam wave came to the original company, looking for friends secretly help, down with the scanner, save to disk, because Liang Bo doesn’t have a computer,   only went to Internet cafes, so he finished the first venture early preparatory. Before long, Liang Bo completed the first order, the other party through a dollar auction to 200 yuan price of the transaction,   this profit will be more than 100 yuan. After doing business for more than half a year, the money to buy a good digital camera. In 2003 of April, finally have their own computer,   do not run the Internet cafe every day. read more

The original bmiur card to disable

– May 31, 2016Urban and rural residents health insurance card to disable

– June 30, 2016

reporter from the Xining Municipal Social Insurance Administration Bureau was informed that from November 15th onwards, Xining city launched a comprehensive social security card issued, more than 6 Medicare insured institutions to make social security card, other health care workers, urban residents and the new rural cooperative medical insurance insured social security cards were issued. read more

School enrollment plan (people) the actual enrollment (person) in Xining in 700800, the 448504 Middle School of Kunlun Huangchuan middle school two 336392 Xining eleven 700750 Xining 336392 Xining twenty-two 21 560672 tiger Taiwan middle school

Qaidam Road Branch

392280 of the total 392224 Huangchuan middle school, a village school in Xining nine 336224 504448

Q: a small rise in early 2014 enrollment which school enrollment plan has been adjusted? Why?

A: junior high school enrollment plan is based on the year of primary school graduates education statistics, junior middle school, school size, school supplies, the allocation of teachers and teaching instruments and equipment support level scientifically formulated. But with the construction of Xining new city, old city transformation and the accelerated pace of urbanization, and to Xining to do business, entrepreneurship, and migrant workers settled floating population rapid growth, great changes have taken place in the school-age population distribution and residential density, resulting in twenty-two in Xining, seven middle school, in the back, Kawa Ni, 21, twenty-five, the number of students the school serves a range greater than the total number of diagnostic statistics, Huangchuan middle school, a student village branch, Xining nine, tiger Taiwan branch school in the service area is lower than the number of diagnostic statistics, in order to ensure the implementation of junior high school-age boy nearest school, so the school enrollment plan made the following adjustments.

Two: a small rise in early 2014, how to divide the area?

A: 2014 primary school junior high school zoning according to the total enrollment of students, students living distribution, school size, traffic conditions, school scale and enrollment plan and other factors, in line with relatively nearby, respect for history, maintaining a stable and moderate adjustment principle, reasonable delineation of urban junior high school enrollment school district. In line with the conditions of enrollment policy of primary school graduates, relatively nearby Guardian assigned to entrust the school district where the property; have Xining city residence, the residence and domicile address inconsistent (including demolition due), graduates of non household headed and guardian, household moved to effectively limit non-compliance of the primary school graduates, relative to the nearest swap assigned to city school degree of discontent; in line with the policy of non residence in the city primary school graduates, to ensure that the public junior high schools in the city school under the premise of swap assigned to degree of discontent schools; nine year and twelve year school of primary school graduates directly assigned to the middle school; suburban primary school graduates based on the service radius overall, counterparts assigned to the adjacent primary school and is now close to the middle school.

three Q: why this year on the part of their counterparts in the helicopter school students swap allocation?

A: since primary school and junior middle school do; read more

August 19, 2010, the Xining Municipal Health Bureau health authority party branch in the six floor conference room of the chuangxianzhengyou Party of the Council, all Party members attended the meeting. At the meeting, each party control "constitution" and "five lead" chuangxianzhengyou standard, combined with their actual work, knowledge, mental state and work style from the aspects of the thought did deep analysis. Through analysis, identify the problems and the reasons for the problem. One common problem: one is the study of political theory lacks the initiative, the reason for thinking and inadequate attention; two is to work the mental state is not full, there is drag, lazy, thinking, not in strict accordance with the standards of Party members strict with himself in thought; the three is the combination of theory and practice and innovation the reasons for the lack of ability, learning is insufficient and lack of thinking. To solve the problem, each party took measures to improve themselves, and said to be actively involved in chuangxianzhengyou activities, set a good example for the masses in learning, work, serving the masses, law-abiding and promoting etc.. After self analysis, the leadership of the people’s personal analysis of the Council, that each party made careful preparation, accurate analysis, feasible solutions, and requires each party should take practical actions into chuangxianzhengyou activities, and actively carry out the "old and new", "good with the help of a poor one through mentoring, than the school, time, help, super, first-class performance, common striving for outstanding party members. At the same time, it was also on the supervision of the Party branch chuangxianzhengyou target are discussed, for members of the opinions and suggestions. read more

for many people, work now is not only a way of life, to open his own business when the boss is also a very good money and the way of life, but now there are many just graduated from the University at the beginning of young people in the community is also keen on this road.

2015 in April 21st, the Lama Temple in Beijing in a small alleyway of a 16 square meter facade, Beijing Institute of Technology senior, 22 year old Liaoning girl Jin Meijiao and Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication senior, 23 year old Li Jianfeng Xinjiang guy guarding their pioneering work, a Fried rice noodles shop. Two and a half tables, a small kitchen, the two young people to open their own gold rush. read more

In order to achieve Seongbuk "landscape livable city" goal, relying on the unique advantages of the ecological resources and the historical and cultural resources, this year will be the north area of Menyuan Road area transform as the primary task of urban construction. In April 16th, with the North District Menyuan road held area renovation project land demolition work mobilization meeting, marking the Menyuan Road area improvements.

the Menyuan Road area development and transformation range of Mao to North Temple Road (Planning Road), South Gate Road extension (Planning Road), Bridge Street, West Lake Road East, mainly in the village collective land bridge and Mao Sheng Si Cun. The transformation involves two villages and small village of Mao Sheng Si Cun resettlement and bridges along the Avenue on the west side of the enterprises and institutions building and residential building expropriation, demolition is expected to amount to 1 million 80 thousand square meters, demolition funds of about 1 billion 300 million yuan. Bridge, Mao Sheng Si Village resettlement land is located in Sea Lake Road East, Menyuan Road extension to the north of the area, covers an area of about 220 acres.  
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bean products nutritious delicious, has been more popular in the market, because the demand is very large, resulting in the industry’s brand is very much. Below, let small secret soy milk powder ten brands list, which allows you to China bean milk market brand have more understanding, can choose to own more favorite brands.

soy milk powder ten brands list NO.1, Vivian: national trademark protection, won the Chinese brand, top 500 Chinese enterprises in the world, setting one of the units China milk industry standard, Weiwei food and beverage Limited by Share Ltd. read more