second, the chain spider. Webmaster friends will go to the forum, blog, classification of information, ask some high weight website to stay outside the chain, the purpose is to follow the spiders can leave the chain to grab their information website. However, I would like to remind the hair of the chain should pay attention to, such as a forum to try to return to his new post, multiple theme stickers.


fourth, love Shanghai snapshot complaints center. Love is love Shanghai Shanghai snapshot complaints Center for website search snapshot artificial processing means, such as the website snapshot backward, website snapshot error, website snapshot, snapshot problem can be solved by the complaint. read more

chain construction is an important factor in the success of the website, the website quality, search ranking how much depends on the chain performance, of course, for the construction of the chain of the importance of the author, there is no need to argue, as we all know, but when you really operate the chain, often have a a sea feeling, do not know where to start, Beckham is a novice website, but in the construction of the chain on the summary of the three step strategy, share out hope that we do not spray. read more

!Search engine optimization

second stages: at this time we must continue to make your site rankings, many websites this will naturally compete in the Internet world, is a basic rule of law of the jungle, the site is like riding, if not for the competition, so there is no way to make the website ranking optimization. This stage of the competition, the website will have the following characteristics of

! ! !

is a snapshot update speed is very fast, the next day you can snapshot update, content quality and the quality of the chain, and even be able to do the snapshot can update; two is the stage of the website ranking fluctuate widely, this stage is the stage of the construction site outside the chain to the site, the weight change speed very quickly this, naturally cause rankings change very quickly; three is the stage of the content page ranking will also appear very likely to float, today’s long tail content page ranking, and tomorrow is not, at this time as Shanghai Longfeng workers don’t panic, the key thing to do is to increase the content of high quality and high quality the chain of read more

1) with commercial words (the money keywords) as the chain anchor text is too high proportion may be one of the main reasons being punished. Not affected by similar sites tend to website brand name (not the name of the commodity, is the name of your website) as anchor text links to the largest proportion. For example, the reeds贵族宝贝 website, with reeds as the anchor text link is very few, but to d>

Shanghai dragon

May 22nd (U.S. time, China time is the number 23) Matt Cutts announced on his blog, Penguin 2 has been on the line. All kinds of text search are affected, and the algorithm updates are on the line, the different characters affected by the proportion of 2.3% of the English search query is affected. This is the fourth time Penguin update algorithm is not updated, data refresh (algorithm unchanged, but the data link, according to the new algorithm, so re calculated) noble baby internally called Penguin2.0. Actually, second times (May 24, 2012) and third (October 5, 2012) is probably the data refresh. read more

on the Internet, every day from early morning to late the guardian of the computer every day, domain, site, all the time in the care of the site’s ranking. First we analysis the reason and the site is down right where the blog website optimization. Why the site is down right, everything happens for a reason, the author below and share because the site is down right and solutions, we hope to have some help.

some owners in order to meet the needs of customers, at all costs to buy black chain, collecting the others, not to stop the spam forum every day, constantly keep trash chain, even in their own website to chain. These cheating methods may make their own peace of mind for himself, but for users of these are chain, how meaningless things people will love this, the search engine is more unfavorable, cheating optimization is no significance to the search engine spiders, the database is very strong collection, things will only account for its database, so it is cheating to optimize your garbage, not K it is impossible to. read more

loves Shanghai as long as an update, the webmaster mood swings, a few happy tears, some websites have small changes, the webmaster can go on tenterhooks, rush all the Webmaster Help forum. My website how, what work do not in place, why slipped, why the chain off, why the website included and fewer etc.. Chinese 8U small wateryuer with titanium reactor (www.weihaifanyingfu贵族宝贝) web site do stand experience analysis of website of small changes to the webmaster to cheer, as long as your site not illegal operation, small waves do not panic. read more

but it’s amazing that when he came to China, he became a liar, and that also saw the chaos in China’s internet.

is more popular in foreign countries, the specific content is through the Internet to their own wisdom, knowledge, ability, experience into actual income people.

originally two Chuang, is not the person that plays theory, the thing of theory also can’t write, come directly to a few of my several typical case say:

also recently gradually noticed that sh419 gradually is not the feelings of our users, search for "Wangzhuan project", the top is actually the promotion of fraud, sh419 has to make money, listed on. read more

platform and process for many investment chiefs, both PE and VC are willing to go, to start a new life, they would rather give up the aura of a large platform welfare and also seeks freedom.


why does blogging flow faster?

runs away from big names

two, making money with blogs, no pressure,

why does it happen that everyone will feel that way?

in its resignation letter, we can see that the reason for his resignation is "the pursuit of life value."".

blog reference and application address is: skyfa/chfhome/a/invitation/reg read more


from a novice into Wangzhuan online to make money this way, if you can find a way of learning, make money online, may be to a higher realm of making money online breakthrough. Although energy-saving now even if most of the primary stage of making money online, but also bear the loneliness Cougerenao, talk about their own thought in his spare time at home Wangzhuan experience.

in contributions!

time is very fast, but I have access to the Internet for 2 years. To sum up, a penny did not earn. When you decide to switch careers to something new. I met Taobao. Just started watching people a day hundreds of thousands of income into the webmaster’s pocket, look at yourself sometimes be hard hearted boss because of various interfaces deprive me of my salary, my heart really was not the taste. read more

new station, the most important thing is to adhere to the update, rather than a set of luxury incomparable CMS. Any set of CMS can be built into excellent websites. Choose CMS just for your own site simplification. It’s essential for you to update what you have to do every day, even if you smoke a little, publish an article or modify an article. Nowadays, the movie station is still more popular, I have done before the thunder download station, and now use a more fool movie program. Although there are automatic collection, but every day or to collect the contents of the reorganization, re release, Baidu to my station when cold, hot, mainly the weight of the site is too low. PR=0 station, how can Baidu look at it? But you updated every day, the film’s general situation, the film actor, and the name of the film after finishing, Baidu will still like it. Your station changes every day. It always causes the spider to pay attention to it. You can also revise the things you collect. These are commonplace things. read more


web site to face many barriers, program selection, website design, page layout and so on are the establishment process in the face of the barrier, and virtual host selection is the number of station barrier to face first, the quality of the relationship between the virtual host website operation success, how to select the virtual host station, across virtual host this barrier? Here’s what to say:

: the first host access speed, open the speed of the site is very important for the user experience, if the site is too slow, the opening speed is too long, then, whether it is for the search engine’s index or the visitor’s influence is very large, visitors do not have the patience to wait for a long time to open a web site, so we must consider the problem of selecting a host speed, and for the purchase of foreign host webmaster, site speed is more important, the United States HostEase virtual host in access speed is very good, and was named "China’s fastest American host, and buy discount code through its host, HostEase, can also get 20% discount. read more

in the life of the bank is not limited to the four state-owned banks, local banks have frequently appeared in our lives, the majority of the people are commonly used. In particular, the regional banks, which occupy an important position in the regional market, are almost unanimous choice of local people! This time, Hong Kong listed less than 7 months, the Bank of Zhengzhou to return to A shares, specifically what is going on?

last December 23rd, the Hongkong stock exchange IPO to raise funds of HK $5 billion, in March this year, plans to issue 5 billion yuan of green financial bonds, in July 18th, the Bank of Zhengzhou has announced that it will return to A shares, plans to issue 600 million shares. Behind the capital market moves frequently, the Bank of Zhengzhou really bad money". read more

today, all kinds of catering projects have won the favor of consumers, Shen Xiaofu noodle taste very authentic, delicious taste, let people lead a person to endless aftertastes entrepreneurs choose to invest in Shen Xiaofu, vermicelli, join the market unpopular, as a popular delicacy, Shen Xiaofu were excellent reputation, choosing investment Shen Xiaofu noodle franchisee without worrying about the problem of publicity.

with Shen Xiaofu noodle headquarters strength, currently Shen Xiaofu rice has great room for development, after years of efforts, to meet consumer tastes orientation throughout the country, and in the majority of the city, it is difficult to eat authentic vermicelli, as can be popularized in the country, Shen Xiaofu were to join the market the huge potential of this market, early seize opportunity will belong to you. read more

recently, for the recent destruction of all kinds of questions for the health outcomes, municipal law enforcement bureau carried out research and arrangements.

through the efforts of the previous stage, the city’s urban environmental sanitation problems rebound situation has been initially controlled. But because of the appearance and environmental sanitation repeatability and responsibility is not in place to implement the linkage mechanism, weaken and other reasons, the recent flow in individual regions, vendors Jeeves, dead garbage and spitting, urinating all kinds of problems such as anew, serious impact on health outcomes. In view of this situation, the city’s urban management departments will continue to carry forward the "news" to the community spirit, reflect the city appearance and environmental sanitation problems quickly identify and carry out rectification, the directly responsible person involved in accordance with the provisions of strict treatment; in accordance with the standards of the National Health city carried out thorough and meticulous investigation, combined with the construction of "national health city this month" activities "two", the organization to carry out comprehensive improvement of environmental sanitation, to coordinate the relevant responsible units timely removal of all kinds of garbage problem angle, and strengthen the service to prevent a rebound; strict implementation of city management system of job responsibility, in accordance with the requirements of grid management, the implementation of the first responsibility of city management responsibility responsibility to play a fundamental role in offices and front-line inspectors personnel, to ensure the city clean and tidy and orderly; the effective implementation of environmental sanitation cleaning staff floating wage system, law enforcement personnel 100 Sub assessment system, such as the role of restraint and incentive, the establishment of a mechanism for the masses to report complaints related to the assessment of the situation and the responsibility of the people to strengthen the daily supervision of the field, enhance the initiative to ensure the effectiveness of the assessment. read more

makes every kind of the catering market hot Hot pot Hot pot in the food and beverage industry brands dominate the martial arts, especially the Korean Hot pot which is a Hot pot to join the project, but also very popular with consumers, more impress investors.

Dong Obama Korean Han Feng Han Hot pot flavor, taste authentic in from South Korea native China + local diet recipes, taste of the product be made one of more than and 30 Chinese herbs, core sauce stew, nourishing health, beauty, health and. 2-3 minutes out of meals, increase over Taiwan, the package, improve sales attendant is the chef, transparent operation, cost saving, good assured and interesting. 1 pot 3 pot, taste good, fashionable, very impressive dining profit pattern is novel, a pot of two to eat, eat the stew, rinse to eat, how to eat delicious. read more

catering industry market development has attracted more and more attention of investment businesses. Now there are a lot of people also joined the way through the catering embarked on the road of wealth, in the face of the enormous wealth of temptation, there are a lot of people think of a characteristic snack food stores. So how to choose a good snack to join the project? Look at the characteristics of food and beverage outlets in Tianjin merchants proposed the following recommendations:

features a snack food stores venture favored some brands of some high-end brands, influence, more than 8 years, is to do catering (born to note here is that many companies are only such brand characteristics of Tianjin that is catering to join cautious) company to market publicity enough the following, in support of the main protection for ordinary investors can accept, the product has also been recognized by the vast number of consumers. read more

serious environmental pollution and non renewable natural resources, so that the new energy vehicles in the market is very popular, many people become the same choice! Recently, Chongqing, a car prices received the national development and Reform Commission approved the acquisition of new energy vehicle production license, it is understood that this is the country’s eighth new energy vehicle license. Last night, the car prices, well-off joint-stock company announced that the company received the national development and Reform Commission approval, the company agreed to a wholly owned subsidiary of Chongqing gold Xin Kang energy automobile Limited company with an annual output of 50 thousand units of pure electric vehicles in the construction project approval construction. read more

in China food consumption market, you can not be ignored is the porridge, porridge just as it is, it seems tasteless but long-term edible can reap big benefits. Porridge has a history of thousands of years, all over the country have the habit of eating porridge, porridge market can be seen strong, is an indispensable food in people’s lives. Small congee Xian food house lead the catering market, to achieve "a bowl of porridge can revitalize a market, a bowl of porridge can also help a business" myth, it is an unshakable fact. read more


store saw a long queue of a team of the tea shop, your heart can not help but wonder why the small tea shops will be able to set off such a big consumption binge, want to see the data you will open your mouth. Survey data show that China’s tea market consumer groups of more than 500 million, annual consumption at an explosive rate of 36% a year, with milk tea, milk tea tea industry as the representative of the cover has become the value of China’s great investment project. For the majority of young consumers, white sugar boiling water flat and uninteresting carbonated drinks beverages, tea, beverage taste and superior nutritional health, tea has become the favorite drink of young consumer groups. read more

custom wine, in our lives, has been a very high-profile choice. How Luzhou Lao Jiao custom wine? In the market, not only has a high popularity, but also the primary choice of entrepreneurship. Luzhou Lao Jiao custom wine to join the project, the best choice for business with a small capital venture.

now in such a competitive society, want to have a space for one person must choose to join the investment. Join the investment choice Luzhou Lao Jiao custom wine is definitely your best choice to join the investment. Delicious is worth you to join, let you easily make a lot of money to invest Luzhou Lao Jiao. read more