The chain structure in Architecture the architecture of the information to Shanghai dragon.

information architecture to the spider crawling information architecture (Information Architecture), referred to as IA, the information architecture is a factor and module must pay attention to in many systems. It is small to the site, to the system, either directly or indirectly related to information architecture. System information architecture including the label, navigation, search etc..

No dead corner to solve the bottleneck of women’s venture capital Wuhan women’s Federation founded p

now has become the main theme of entrepreneurship, the whole society at the same time, our country is in for some Small and micro businesses also give a lot of policy support and support, recently, Wuhan women’s Federation created a communication platform for women entrepreneurs. reduce mutual deposit, lower interest rates, lower threshold, high quality

Native name Daquan

to open a local specialty stores, we must first take a good name, can let the customer business is booming, the whole network for everyone finishing gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory, the native name Daquan, a look! products shop when the shop name can best reflect the characteristics of the local specialty shop through