for a bit of the size of the website, the website map a version of HTML may not list out all the links page, can take two measures. A method is the site map website only lists the main part of the link; the other is the site map into multiple files, the main site map site map link list to the secondary, secondary site map and list web links. A HTML site map page together, you can list the most page links

use the map to do long tail keywords

HTML map is for users to see, although the HTML map in the humble position, but must not ignore such details, if the site map classification blurred, the user can not find what they want to watch, may jump out. If the categories are too complex too much, will also affect the user experience. In general, the main plate, as well as some directory level is deep but the value of the page display to it. read more

competitors or other related brand was as navigation type search keywords when is a chance, if you search for other people’s brand name or the main keywords, our website in a row before the location, then you can get good traffic. In the traditional field of this is breaking the law and morality, but in the bidding advertising, you can use some keywords to bid, and for the natural search results, as long as you don’t take deception, then there is no problem. And many webmaster do, put others brand on its website name, or do a lot to others as the brand name of the external links and the anchor text, let your website to the top. For example, small game sites have a lot of people do with 7k7k anchor text for the chain, the purpose is to search the word of his people, the site has a good position. read more

I have been in touch with the station for nearly a year. I have met many experts and met a lot of people who can make a fortune. Today I will talk about my feelings,

yesterday in Lecture Room watched Wang Liqun speak two

I’ll talk a little about Professor Wang’s altar wine,

1 first, the body should do

station is very tired indeed I made 6 slightly successful one earned hundreds of dollars to K every day looking for something or write their own things slowly update on the computer next to the site cnzz every day, every day time is 5 to 8 hours, the evening sleep late read more

from the station has been more than a year, when the station was a objective: Zhengkou! When a year ago, I managed to do in the school library, the system is also the maintenance of the electronic reading room of the machine, to ensure the normal network. To tell you the truth, when I was in, I didn’t understand anything. I couldn’t even download a movie. I was in the mood to learn something.


enters, because he doesn’t understand anything, he is always looked down upon by others. And then go in, followed by a master behind, always subject to someone else’s gas. Laughed every day, but I’m more optimistic. Want to compare open, so every day or good. Time passes quickly, in the twinkling of an eye, the old network management wants to graduate, originally should say the successor’s person is mine, but because of my technology really not really. So, the old network management in our school, but also find a person to take over. The new man made a scene as soon as he came in, because he made a website and was able to visit the internet. That’s incredible. It’s very popular with us, so he takes all my thunder. I secretly decided that I would make a website, too, read more

now has become the main theme of entrepreneurship, the whole society at the same time, our country is in for some Small and micro businesses also give a lot of policy support and support, recently, Wuhan women’s Federation created a communication platform for women entrepreneurs.

reduce mutual deposit, lower interest rates, lower threshold, high quality service and preferential incentives

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is now in rural areas has become the main battlefield of the whole society, the business at the same time, there are also many very good business projects, business in the vast rural areas which have good businesses can choose?

new rural entrepreneurship opportunities

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a really good entrepreneur can not only get the success of the business so simple, but also need to have more personal qualities, so that can get a better career development. So what are the qualities of a good entrepreneur? And let Xiaobian for your analysis.

do their own

"Fortress Besieged" there is such a saying: "no matter what to do, to be a man." Do yourself, others will like you, and then will be willing to cooperate with you, so easy to do things. So, how to make others like you? In specific communication, we often settle on the leader’s own personality, such as self-confidence, perseverance, adventure, action, learning ability, good business leaders tend to sincerely appreciate others, honest, integrity, justice, kindness, tolerance. The United States in the cause of revolution "dormann Tang ~" a Book of 5 kinds of personality characteristics of Entrepreneurs: willing to take risks, can distinguish good business ideas, determination and confidence, courage ton output capacity, willing to work longer success. read more

to open a local specialty stores, we must first take a good name, can let the customer business is booming, the whole network for everyone finishing gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory, the native name Daquan, a look!

products shop when the shop name can best reflect the characteristics of the local specialty shop through customs or well-known characteristics of cultural connotation, this name is more intuitive, more consumers can deepen the impression, also got a sense of identity.

Yue friends read more

In order to urge the street town and district departments of leading cadres more honest and pragmatic, more close to the people for the people, the City District issued a "city district cadres style evaluation method", at present, and this exploration in the province is also a innovation.On the way to

this year, in addition to Baoziwan town of new rural construction tasks completed as planned Yan Village integration of urban and rural development objectives and the district government issued Tao Nan Zhu Nan, seven villages, three villages (I Zhen Jin Jia Wan, Tao Bei, waves) in the absence of undertake the task of building the case. In accordance with the general requirements of the goals of the new rural construction, and actively guide by the town government, village cadres leadership attaches great importance to actively cooperate with the broad participation of the masses, according to the actual village trying to raise funds, increase rural village renovation and infrastructure investment, promote the new rural construction project.
the main construction contents are: one is the Jin Jia Wan Village a total investment of 7 million 120 thousand yuan, completed 4.5 km village road hardening, greening 3 km, the new cultural plaza two 6000 square meters, built channels (the main canal of 600 meters, or 4.5 km), water pipe network transformation (Sheung Shui 5.6 kilometres of water 7 km) in a sewage treatment station, power line, 4.5 kilometers, the new cultural compound a 3000 square meters; two Tao Bei Cun is a total investment of 561 thousand yuan, the new village comprehensive service center of a two storey steel mixed structure of 260 square meters, the construction of rural landscape (six corner Pavilion) a building, the culture show a street, the installation of 14 solar street lights, etc. three is accelerating the construction of new countryside; Lang village a total investment of 620 thousand yuan, completed the installation of 90 solar street lamp, cultural square fence 1300 square meters, 700 meters water maintenance, planting trees 300 More than 690, closed circuit TV line maintenance, a new parking lot of 2670 square meters. The cumulative total investment of 8 million 301 thousand yuan. read more

The morning of September 9th, the city celebrates thirtieth teachers festival outstanding talent and outstanding teacher named in recognition of the General Assembly held in Qinghai conference center. City leaders Su Rong, Wang Haihong, Feng Yi, Zhang Qian, Zhang Ying attended the meeting and presented awards to the award-winning teacher, Wang Haihong presided over the meeting, Zhang Qian on behalf of the municipal government to the city’s teachers and educators expressed sympathy for the festival, and put forward the expectation. Recognition of the meeting, the municipal government named and commended a number of education personnel, among them, Wang Zhanshuang and other 8 people in Xining city was named "masters", Zhang Yujun and other 60 teachers were named as Xining academic leaders, Zhao Chungui and other 263 teachers in Xining city was named "teaching expert", Zhao Lei, 157 the teacher was named "rookie teaching in Xining city". At the same time, the City Board of education also named Bai Yunxia and other 318 teachers for the year 2013-2014 outstanding teacher in Xining honorary title, and be commended. Zhang Qian pointed out in his speech, in the future, the city party committees, the government should pay more attention and support education, in the financial, manpower and other aspects of tilt care; teachers should take the lead in practicing the socialist core values; all levels of education departments and schools should further promote the implementation of quality education; to improve the overall level of the quality of teachers. Wang Haihong presided over the meeting stressed: the teachers should bear the responsibility and mission of teachers; professional development education departments and schools should attach importance to teachers; the whole society should create a good atmosphere of respecting teachers. Another hearing, the city’s primary and secondary schools have begun to celebrate the thirtieth teachers’ Day is coming, such as Jia Xiaozhuang primary school organization all the teachers on the red carpet to accept students flowers; primary school children will Mafang water Xunzi flowers to all my dear teachers in primary school; ten shop will also be in the teachers’ day of outstanding rural teachers organization of teachers in recognition, fun games, cooking contest etc.. In addition, the same day, the East District of the area of 83 outstanding teachers, class teachers, educators in the collective recognition.   read more

features of tree pool, sinking stage, landscape wall, glass guardrail, ornamental stage, children’s slide, north of the city of Xining City Chaoyang small garden renovation is carried out in an orderly manner, as of now, the public Restroom, landscape room decoration, LED screen and the pavement is tense construction, is expected by the end of November.

it is understood that the Chaoyang small garden is located in Seongbuk Chaoyang Road, South Highway Lanxi expressway, west of the Beichuan river is finishing transformation scenic belt, the East is the north area of dense residential area residents. Chaoyang small garden covers an area of 5354.4 square meters. In order to enhance the Chaoyang small garden green landscape, to create the garden of adult deep meaning, beautiful and natural ecological service function supporting public leisure and fitness space and show the charm of the city north window, July 2013, Chaoyang small garden renovation project started. The purpose of this transformation is designed to provide the public with a quiet rest, watch play, children’s activities, the elderly fitness morning exercises and other space, and the use of their own sense of beauty to enhance the image of the city. Landscape design project according to different plots, landscape extending in different directions, the traditional lanterns of modern fashion design and transformation, the whole Beichuan River scenic belt combined with all kinds of sketch, square, green project, reflect garden art, cultural heritage, leisure livable features such as multi function service for people. (author: Fang Xu Yan Qingqing)
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open hot pot shop, you have two choices, you can set up an independent shop, you can join the shop. No matter what kind of form, will involve the location problem. So, how to open a hot pot shop right location? Here are a few elements from the principle to explain the problem for you.

1, hot pot shop location factors:

in the site, we must choose a convenient operation and development of the region, which is the premise of the site. In the site selection should take into account the level of economic development, cultural and educational impact, market competition, the location of the planning characteristics, the advantages of the hardware and software environment and other factors. read more

is now a lot of people want to let the deal, too hard at the same time, he is not professional, does not lead to customer trust, the deal will lose the natural desire. So, if you want to allow customers to achieve a real deal with you, first of all need to make customers feel more professional. Why do you say that? Let Xiaobian for you to analyze.

when the door to door salesman, the other party to introduce you feel you are an expert, he will be willing to listen to you after going, because you know what he needs to know what, without the need to spend time to do some meaningful advice. read more

entrepreneurship in the current society has been sought after by many people, as long as the business opportunities to choose the right, to get a successful career will become very easy thing. In this paper, the small and medium series will introduce a successful business case, to see whether the cause of everyone’s help.

starting from the university so far, after 80 guy with a hole in the 3D printing technology to break out of their own piece of heaven. In China open innovation and entrepreneurship competition Anhui division game on the occasion, Kong Shuai and his partners embarked on a journey through the game, the China innovation and entrepreneurship competition Anhui division game, lay a better foundation for future development. read more

how to run a milk tea shop? This may be a lot of entrepreneurs for the first time, it is necessary to consider a problem, with the increasing number of products now, people’s tastes are increasingly picky. How to run a milk tea shop?

1, site

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now more investment entrepreneurs in the choice of the project is concerned about the problem is no longer able to make money but how to develop prospects. The future Home Furnishing franchise industry shirupozhu! Now people pay more and more attention to the quality of life, which is the development of the home to join the infinite space!

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