10 29, the Provincial Standing Committee (enlarged) meeting to convey the spirit of learning the party in the sixth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, the province to implement the work arrangements. Provincial Party Secretary Wang Guosheng presided over the meeting and delivered a speech.

Wang Guosheng, Hao Peng, Wang Jianjun conveyed the general secretary Xi Jinping at the party’s the sixth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee of the important speech, on behalf of the Political Bureau of the work report, "on the new situation in the political life of the party" Chinese several criteria "Communist Party Supervision Regulations" draft explanation. read more

"Mom, where have you been, we’ve been looking all over the past two days and we haven’t found you anywhere?." The deaf kids saw old Wang Ying lost her mother, grabbed her hand, and cried together. After 4 days, by way of more than and 800 km, in March 25th, lost the deaf mute old man Wang Ying, in the city management assistance station (hereinafter referred to as rescue station) with the help of staff, and finally returned home safely.

couldn’t communicate, any family information is not old…… Rescue workers found the old man decided to go to the West Xinyuan village along the street looking for information. Meanwhile, the rescue station will be the old man’s photos and simple information sent to the four district three county rescue station, hoping to find effective clues. However, the staff still did not receive any clues about the elderly family. read more

in our daily life for the use of tap water, each place according to the source of water charges. These days, the "White Water Temple Waterworks in Zhengzhou city by temporarily replaced the Yellow River Dan river water" news, attracted the attention of the general public. Many people reflect: Baimiao water water to temporarily replaced water of the Yellow River, although only 5 days, but the the Yellow River water cost is much lower than in water, therefore, Zhengzhou tap water Klc Holdings Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "Zhengzhou tap water company") should refund part of the water. read more

we can not live without bedding, bedding profit is not high, join the prospect is good, so many friends have played the attention of the bedding store. So bedding join chain operation need to master what management method? How to be more conducive to bedding to join the chain in the market better development?

1. joined the chain store maintenance bedding Charm: the opening of new stores, suggest that investors were related to the planning of the store, to show in front of consumers is the most can catch their eye style, some new and different, and not all the stores as 10% unchanged. read more

The end of

, we prepared the money in the occasion of the Spring Festival, the thieves become more rampant, security work is not a place, there may be a visit. In particular, some rural stores, anti-theft equipment is not perfect, more likely to be stolen and caused economic losses. So, how to guard against theft at the village store night? Let Xiaobian to introduce several strategies.

Due to the limitation of the operating cost, the security conditions of the rural small shops in

are relatively backward, and the monitoring equipment can not be popularized. The retailer Wang Qinfeng shop recently stolen, she said she had been careful, even to put the cigarette into the bed, but impossible to guard against. read more

as everyone knows, the trend of delicacy is the source of wealth, and by the end of 2014, the popularity of desktop burning rice and vegetable roll assembly, selling king! Desktop grill is soaked in rice and vegetable roll pork sauce, wrapped in white meat and other high quality Steamed Rice stuffing into a cylinder, into the oven and bake until golden brown baked edible snack.

read more

people have this idea, a little salary, what time can I turn? There are a lot of people are confused, because want to have their own career, many people will ask me whether to work or do business, work for a lifetime so entrepreneurship it has risk. The following Xiaobian to share a similar story.

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in fact, the most important thing to note is that the child with the elderly, they are a family of special protection groups, what should be particularly careful, and they are not all can eat. Taking this into account, as you want to enter the food and beverage industry, you are not in the selection of the brand to join another choice criteria. What kind of food is the ages? Xiaobian sister Chongqing restaurant do you recommend

as everyone knows, chongqing cuisine, also called Chongqing cuisine, is widely spread in the Bayu area dishes, with distinctive flavor, primary and secondary order features, and with hemp, spicy, fresh, tender, hot key, change of use, hundreds of style dishes subway terminal, but used to eat Sichuan food. It will be not at all surprising, Chongqing sister restaurant, to the Northeast Home Dishes as the main characteristics of food and beverage, the subversion of the traditional style of chongqing cuisine, popular. read more

now many beauty cosmetics industry is the most usual tactic of marketing skills, is the implementation of membership card marketing, so to open shop Manicure investment managers, if you want to pass the membership card marketing to achieve the desired effect, but also to the following points on the Manicure store membership card sales skills:

Manicure store membership card, membership card design and marketing skills to the United States

women are emotional, many women for those beautiful, pleasant, beautiful things is no resistance, as long as we can make them feel comfortable, even more unreasonable things, they can do. In the design of membership cards, to try to make it beautiful, like Manicure style, beautiful to attract people. read more

China’s food safety situation map network screenshot

Voices Online News May 3rd (reporter Li Kunli) recently, a "throw out the window" website attracted the attention of netizens in Huasheng forum, the website included the clear sources and victims of more than 2 thousand harmful food records, according to types of provinces, food to query, was friends known as the "toxic food warning web site".

in June 17, 2011, Wu Heng published the "China Food Safety News Database", with China’s food safety issues continue to increase, the contents of the database are constantly updated. As of April 29th, the website information Kuli after 5 revisions, "toxic food warning website" become the focus of attention of netizens again. read more

          April 25th news, the well-known Internet professionals, Master Wang Cai Wensheng recently in Sina micro-blog said that Baidu was opening pinyin is very far sighted, creating a China website with Pinyin domain craze.

Cai Wensheng wrote in Sina micro-blog: Baidu (domain name from a hard to find), October 1999 was registered, when the domestic large domain most English or digital.

Cai Wensheng believes that Baidu enabled baidu.com Pinyin domain name is particularly visionary, but also verify that Baidu has always been the most understanding of Chinese, but also to create a Chinese website with Pinyin boom. read more

today has just opened Google search, suddenly changed. ICO, feel very suddenly, this is the Google since May last year, a sudden change of time since second ICO replacement.

This new

ICO is from Brazil. A university student majoring in computer André Resende design.


: Google

by the "PS learning network http://www.ps-xxw.cn


1: online mobile phone market analysis:

according to the China Internet Information Center cnnic statistics, as of July 2007, the total number of Internet users has reached 162 million. Just statistics, estimates will actually be more. Online shopping has been accepted by a large number of Internet users. A lot of demand for mobile phones under the network. With the rapid increase in the number of Internet users, users with a certain level of consumption will be relatively increased. In fact, the mobile site, will be displayed in the mobile phone store products online. There are relatively many consumer groups online. Especially the fashion of young people, their chances in the online purchase is relatively large. Online mobile phone market is relatively large. read more

brush has become an unspoken rules of the industry, the first condition is to do electricity supplier will brush single: the whole industry is caught in a prisoner’s dilemma, do not brush will be eliminated, the higher the cost of the brush.

single brush is the electricity supplier industry of "secret", and recently, with a flower companies listed on the new board of the application is approved, the public transfer instructions issued in March 1st will be "brush" the industry unspoken rule clearly exposed in front of the public, the public transfer instructions admit scalping. "And the publication of the relevant data and false income. read more

In the short-term fluctuations in the market value of Listed Companies in

, may be able to reflect some stress events, such as Apple’s market capitalization in recent weeks a net increase of $63 billion, the biggest single week shares rose record since five years, it is that there is a causal relationship and may permit the sale of iPhone 7.

however, this game does not constitute the basis for value judgments, the capital market will continue to rise and landing are tidal, normal, integral as a Sports League list, a competition for the market very little influence. read more

1 of the world’s largest trading platform bitcoin users hit MtGox off lost confidence in

, the world’s largest bitcoin trading platform Mt.Gox suddenly unable to visit on Tuesday, the site becomes a blank, the official account is deleted.

multiple source information display, Mt.Gox has gone bankrupt, about 750 thousand bitcoin cast to the wind, the value of $375 million. In a panic, Mt.Gox website hung out a letter to the user, said MtGox is due to media reports and market reaction "temporarily closed", the team is closely watching the developments. read more

shop treasure mom did not forget to make milk money Youdao Gu

Taobao is a year to open up, the specific time I have forgotten. I was in 2010 in the online Taobao store. At that time, the competition is not so fierce, the business is also very good. Although I am just a Taobao C shop, but every day there are about one hundred customers, the money is naturally higher than white-collar workers. In 2012, I have the yellow diamond shop. This time, I have to give up the yellow diamond shop, opened a Taobao virtual shop. read more