to understand the search engine segmentation technology can not do not understand the search engine index, because the index database is a prerequisite for word segmentation! Index actually is after the selected page classification information database: when we love Shanghai to search for information, search engine is not present in the sea. Now looking. But the search engine had all kinds of information classification and archiving, each classification information has a separate database, index database and the independent database is what we say, when we go to Shanghai love a word search, index database is automatically out of love for Shanghai belongs to the word, from the the corresponding index database information presented to the user, this is also the reason that the search engine can quickly from a large amount of information in the library information transfer the corresponding search engines know! The principle of index database, so it is not difficult to understand the following should be segmentation technology: read more

‘s 85 after business

brand promotion use these moves, in July activities set down 500-1000 yuan,

small and medium-sized enterprises e-commerce practices 1 – website promotion methods

Four /

The practice of e-commerce in small and medium sized enterprises

80% of the users in the habit of looking for the information they need through the search engine. Logging in to as many search engines as possible makes it easier for the site to be found by people in need.

A, registered search engine

in the major domestic and foreign search engine login.

1 skills: select keywords

choose the wrong key will allow you to cast to the wind. On the contrary, if you choose the right keywords, you can make the site traffic soared.The following are a few

if you think it is a waste of time ranking first in the "tour" of this phrase, and users get a large number of pages are often very easy to give up, not a single keyword targeted traffic, many users are aware of 2-3 phrases best combination, such as: Australia, Australia combination agent, agent of Australian Tourism

> is the reason: YAHOO

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as the saying goes: "those who succeed, not to stick at trifles." However, in my opinion, in doing this, this saying does not apply, the webmaster to success, but must pay attention to subsection, pay attention to details, only in this way can we lay a solid foundation for the future success of the website. As we have to admire some successful website, in the details of specific treatment are very carefully and in place, but also in its success before, has been in many aspects are done, "Rome was not built in a day", whenever successful sites in their success before must adhere to spent considerable the mind, and as a webmaster we also need to make their success to pay attention to details, start small, insist on doing the little things. read more

when China’s investment environment is getting better and better, many foreign students and overseas Chinese have chosen to return to business. The rise of returnees is not only China the result of economic development, but also Chinese roots caused by feelings of bones.

"home and everything". In the traditional concept of Chinese people, the family is always the most important part of the heart. For entrepreneurs who have been abroad to get back to the family, returned to the country to start a business, it means that either the family moved back home, or separated from their families. This dilemma is often very difficult to let the returnees tangled, then the family’s understanding and support becomes very important. read more

baby industry development prospects are good, if you want to do a good job in the investment business needs to pay attention to business skills, many novice on some important management issues are not clear. Xiao Bian share some experience for reference, hoping to help you successfully operate.

A, business baby industry to make a profit to pay attention to: open the baby store store charm, entrepreneurs will do some planning for the store, to show the most attractive style. After the opening of the baby store, can not be taken lightly on this side, we must always ensure that the novelty of the baby store stores and special, in order to make your brand stores will never catch the sight of customers. read more

by the summer Olympic Games, all the people involved in the discussion, to stimulate a lot of people’s sports passion, and now the investment in sports equipment store? Businesses are concerned about this information. How to open a sports equipment store? The problem is not very clear to the merchant to look at it.

Compared to read more

entrepreneurial process is not easy. Only pay is likely to have a return, when the business is ready to do a good job, only ready to do a good job in order to have a better follow-up development, preparation and process are long. As the saying goes, modaobuwukanchaigong, have a good preparation, even more important than the process.

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small adorn article shop cost of investment is not large, open shop is also relatively easy to master some basic knowledge, you can make your small jewelry store more dynamic. Join small adorn article shop to grasp what knowledge? Perhaps you are also thinking about this problem, would like to join the small jewelry store, then start from here!

The first step:
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traditional Malatang not what special, is nothing more than a simple soup with hot string, consumers have lost consumer interest in the traditional Malatang form, but Xiaobian to recommend the hero boiled bone soup do not like spicy. The main characteristics of the hero’s boiling soup soup spicy hot soup in the bone soup and the proportion of nourishing spices. The hero of the traditional way of cooking Malatang after a thorough study on its essence, to its dregs, bold reform in the formula group material, using a carefully selected ten flavor removal residue by high-tech means to extract and remove fishy to bitter, brewed the bottom material more rich aroma of pure, beautiful soup. After eating mouthful liuxiang. read more

although the current economic conditions make people do not have to worry about dinner, however, many people are still very keen on snacks. After all, there are snacks to alleviate the mood, release the pressure, thus to become the indispensable part of our daily consumption, with the rapid development of the industry, many brands jumped up and constantly refresh the market share.

in the face of all kinds of snacks brand, want to start cooperation, the Yueyueyishi investors can not help but feel embarrassed, what brand is good? In fact, I would like to know this problem is very simple, might as well come with me to look at the list of freshly baked snacks ten brands, with the real data to do the most correct choice. read more

Chinese catering market is much different from the large data should be said without an accurate concept, anyway, is that other countries can not match the natural, the benefits of big brands, which include a lot of projects. Today we are going to introduce is the Shu – fish Hot pot. Shu – fish Hot pot has a unique taste, developed their own sauces, bring to a different taste experience for consumers.

Shu – fish Hot pot made of new technology, allow consumers to eat the most unique flavor, but also not only Hot pot, all kinds of snacks, delicious, in the market to win the consumer summary unanimous praise and support. Is currently the most powerful brand, at the same time, attracting the attention of many investors, trustworthy good brand. read more

recently, the Provincial Audit Office of Qinghai Xining environmental comprehensive utilization of the world bank loan project audit.

the project is the largest foreign investment projects in the world bank funds, with a total investment of 1 billion 504 million yuan. After the completion of the project, Xining will be a new level of sewage collection system, the initial rainwater collection and treatment system, the improvement of reclaimed water reuse system and environmental protection and other important ditches. According to the provincial audit department responsible person, this year the audit focus on infrastructure projects in the process of "five links", the construction units of internal control system of bidding and contract signing link, link, construction site visa links, the use of project funds, the project benefit link. read more

north of the city of Xining City Traffic Police Brigade Road Traffic Safety Management and accident prevention work as the focus of the current work, and recently being carried out the special rectification work organically, to achieve a clear division of responsibility to the people, it is not natural, refinement measures.

They took

to prevent traffic accidents as the key traffic management work, continue to maintain strict control of high-pressure situation, with a high sense of political responsibility and responsible for the safety of people’s lives and property attitude, typical accident analysis meeting regularly, summarize the rules and reasons of area traffic accidents, to carry out targeted prevention of traffic accidents work, to minimize traffic accidents, to minimize casualties. And conscientiously sum up the prevention of hidden dangers of good experience, good practice, timely detection and rectification of the problems and weaknesses in the accident prevention work, and strive to reduce the area of traffic accidents to a minimum. read more

In July 11th this year is twenty-second of the world population day, the United Nations Population Fund of "7 billion people in the world" campaign theme, the national population and Family Planning Commission will Chinese area campaign theme of "facing the 7 billion people in the world"

is the twenty-second year in July 11th, the population of the world, the United Nations Population Fund of "7 billion people in the world" campaign theme, the national population and Family Planning Commission will Chinese area campaign theme of "facing the 7 billion people in the world". With the focus on the challenges of the world population reached 7 billion this global epoch-making event brings opportunities to demonstrate the achievements in the development of population China, introduced China complete population work, promote the comprehensive development of the overall idea and tasks, set up Chinese population and family planning work in the international image. read more

today, the twelfth round of the lake will be launched from the sea lake new area. For the first time through the provincial capital cities in the three provinces, the difficulty of the game, the prize money, the operation of the market has a major breakthrough…… These factors make this lake race more attention. CCTV for the first time the spot of lake stage race live, shorten the opening ceremony performances focus on physical elements, the opening day of the highway 4 toll stations all vehicles toll free…… These innovations are reflected in the Xining municipal government attaches great importance to the lake race. read more