just a few days ago to do a local portal station, ready to get along with friends, but friends do not understand this aspect of the promotion, to write this article, do a tutorial, followed by the promotion on the line. We heard on the Internet all day long to promote the site, said it was passed on to his God, some friends also worship the fact that, in fact, the promotion of the site is something of civilians, but the situation and moved to the network. Promotion, what is the promotion of the product is to promote their own publicity, so that more people know and accept your product, which is the promotion. Website promotion is your site to do propaganda, let more people know your site, or directly into your site users, is commonly known as the "advertising", but the advertising hit sounds high to rise, but the promotion method is simple, also know, but the real operation is not the matter the operation is good, is the so-called promotion master, although not as from God, but some technical content, it also needs a lot of experience and common experience. Not much nonsense, entered, website promotion is generally divided into 2 categories, online and offline promotion, which means in the online promotion and promotion in life. First online promotion. read more

Beijing area 116 group purchase website "cornered" scale disappeared. Reporters learned from the Group buy navigation site 800, starting from the beginning of this year, there has been a group to stop the operation of the site, the site has been unable to contact the customer service and the person in charge. As of the end of 8 this year, Beijing area, there are about 116 buy site disappeared, the current inventory is still in progress.

150 websites staged "kongchengji" read more

WWF WWF poster: to stop a man is to stop them all. Stop trading chain link, there is no sale no harm.


World AIDS Day Poster: life can save lives, condoms to help you avoid aids.


calls for blood donation posters: half of the screen with the red blood on behalf of life, half of the dead white on behalf of the dead. Another person’s life is in your hands.


the last 10 years of your life, how would you like to spend it?

fishing? Or infusion?

most Canadians in the last 10 years of their lives are associated with disease. read more

December 25th, China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) issued a notice announcing the CN domain 1 yuan experience activities will end in December 31, 2008, next year will be implemented by the market regulation of price policy. From 07 years in March, the implementation of the CN domain name registration experience of $1 has finally ended.

domain name service provider commented on this, CN domain name price has finally returned to a rational state. Because now CN domain name has become the largest national domain name, the effect of the activity has been reached, so now began to be priced by the registrar. However, the registered price of 1 yuan, the domain name registrar is losing money. 100 yuan price, we are profitable." Had to engage in this activity is solely for the purpose of fishing a first name? And now CNNIC have pity on the price to mention about 100 yuan, is to let the domain registration business have a profit of read more

private hospitals in addition to their own corporate website, often will build a number of promotional sites, the purpose is to improve the search engine through a large amount of information collected with SEO, improve the site’s natural rankings. Potential patients through the search engine to enter the site, they have the opportunity to accept the consultation as an outpatient. This has been introduced in my network marketing blog. But standing in the ordinary user’s point of view, what kind of private hospitals to set up the site in order to meet their needs, the same, what kind of site can meet the needs of users and to meet the search engine? read more

when you look at other people’s Web site, see the ad on the site, you will point?

1: if I don’t know if it’s an ad, if you’re interested in the subject, will you order


98% people answer I will point

2: if I knew it was an ad, would you be interested if I were interested in the subject?

13% people will answer me!


85% replied, "as long as I know it’s an ad, no matter how attractive it is to me, I’m not going to


is so popular in the Internet today, it is not clear whether the advertising is not how many people? Of course and type your site, if you do a webmaster oriented class website, ad click rate is very low, I believe that everyone has experience. So, when the customer asked me to do what kind of traffic station in order to rely on advertising revenue, I chose a type, that is just online gynecological website www.fuke123.com read more

after a lapse of half a month, electricity supplier wars tend to ease, but there are many problems of its own, or alerted the government level.

yesterday (September 5th) evening, CCTV "news broadcast" reports, the NDRC price supervision and Anti Monopoly Bureau official said the preliminary investigation, the Jingdong, suning.com mall, Gome online mall and its major suspected of price fraud in three aspects: one is the promotional price is two higher than the original price, incomplete performance three is the price promise, some electricity providers with their own unique commodity prices to participate in activities. In this regard, the NDRC has interviewed the relevant enterprises, related enterprises have begun to self correction activities. read more

The development of

e-commerce in the China into the stable period has been nearly 10 years, and now the big e-commerce market began to create barriers, Jingdong mall layout of logistics industry, where the customer is more in the vertical field of fine, Ali as their ancestor, market position is unshakable, Taobao mall is so many Taobao the seller put on a gorgeous coat brand. As the development of electronic commerce, the hot wind, when frequently awesome, a lot of the financial strength of the traditional industry to enter the e-commerce, to ride the wind and waves of electricity supplier in the Red Sea, Yifan pilot. read more