Internet make our life more convenient. At the same time, also let the side can become more entrepreneurial opportunities, many people would like to open shop, a shop manager novice in practice, through exploration, summed up his prepared and used to keep coming back to the general manager, I hope to you will keep coming back to remind the business. The following is a summary of the new manager to retain repeat methods:

keep repeat method 1, when buyers bought something, must put yourself and not to consider their own business manager once again come to contribution of blind hope in the buyer’s position. It can narrow the buyers and the manager of the distance, let back into his or her voluntary behavior, rather than being forced to. read more

as a foundation, the quality of outlet, will directly affect the use quality of a housing, therefore, when we buy socket products, also need to choose more secure quality brand. In short, the basic socket in life will be to use, not the same as the price of the socket are quite different from the appearance, we can’t see the product quality, brand differentiation is still the most important outlet, let Xiaobian to introduce the socket ten brands list for you, teach you to pick what outlet quality good brand! read more

now, the children’s clothing market is welcomed by many entrepreneurs, and many entrepreneurs have embarked on the road to prosperity, a bright future. So, do you know what skills to open children’s clothing stores to master it? The correct analysis of the market situation, grasp the good management methods, in order to get more profits.

for children’s clothing to join this one, the first two months of consultation to join is not much, more likely just to ask, there is no special intention to join. If the time goes on for a month, then that is May, we all know that in May is also a children’s children’s day in a month, there will be a relatively large sales. read more

found in Shanghai in the Qing Dynasty old, bring the absolute archaeological value, is the absolute cultural relics of the old building, now under consideration were included in the protection of cultural relics, now Xiaobian together into the old building of the story!

Jinshan Tinglin found an old old house located in the Qing Dynasty, the six tower Pavilion East Village nine groups, over two floors and six rooms, walls and windows have been damaged. Into the interior, preservation of old furniture is uneven in quality but this face carved poems, a relatively complete partition. Cultural relics department staff told reporters that this is a typical Qing "hard peak" building, built in the late Qing dynasty. read more

since you have chosen to expand their brand cosmetics as a career, you must have paid a high cost to join, if because the location selection is not good, which led to the cause of the failure will be very bad. The following small series to recommend to you entrepreneurs brand cosmetics store appropriate address!

brand cosmetics stores open where good? This is everyone know how to run the industry’s first consideration. Because the choice of the pros and cons, will play a decisive role and impact on the future development of the business. Some operators marketing due to lack of experience, individual subjective, sloppy central located brand cosmetics stores, the results to the management of the enterprise to bring many unimaginable trouble, in the end not only tourists are hard to find, even cause serious losses. read more


station for booking registration of international and domestic domain name contact / consulting qq  35996213 email/msn 0516–83777726

phone / > delete CN domestic domain list more today…… Delete more international domain names today…… read more

training purposes: in the rapid development of the network today, how to attract a large number of sites for the high quality of access traffic, which has aroused the concern of the site owners. In many ways of network marketing, search engine marketing with its unique advantages, has become the most sought after hot objects. Only the structure and information on the website of the relevant adjustment, then in accordance with the strategy of certain skills on the site for maintenance, can flow into the high quality Everfount for site from a search engine, called search engine optimization technology, through the training courses for students in SEO under the guidance of experts, fast learn to search engine optimization techniques, to avoid wasting time in their own way; to study the system of the whole working process of SEO, quickly master SEO optimization. read more

a few days ago wrote an article "WeChat marketing is not as simple as you think" which roughly introduces the current status of a WeChat, to share with you today how some specific marketing WeChat dry cargo. If you just want to make money so you don’t have to look down, if you want to create a good brand then I hope to help you.

now, WeChat to change the world, this book is quite a fire, I summed up the following several reasons: 1 it is the first book on WeChat,’s attention to the very high degree of WeChat, 3 team operations. I generally look at this book generally explain about WeChat and the prospect of the information about WeChat marketing operation content is very scarce, but it can still be used in marketing, which inspired. read more

IDC Review Network ( 09 reported on December: according to data show that as of November 25, 2013, the domestic domain name analysis service provider market remained stable. Compared with the beginning of October, DNSPOD shares dropped 0.5% to 21.6989%. Share and Chinese million net, but the decline is small, only 0.04% to 19.7911% decline. "China ranked third, the share rose to 5.0271% small. Below, IDC review network with everyone concerned about the late November domestic domain name resolution service provider market. read more

Baidu product promotion website

website details the promotion of Baidu products – products are: competitive promotion, brand promotion, image promotion, hot zone promotion.

each product is a graphic method, both interactive Flash tutorial, it is easy to understand.

this can be regarded as a free practical network marketing training courses.

in the "product and service" column below the "promotion settings" attracted me.

promotion settings as long as the following five index to consider, read more

call center (Call Center), also called customer service center in china. China’s call center is the first to start from China Telecom, China Mobile. With the rapid development of science and technology, the call center is being integrated with some new technologies, such as IP, WAP, ASR, DW, etc.. The introduction of Internet network makes the call center has a revolutionary change, it is not simply to provide Internet information to the call center, but the call center and the Internet into one. Users can go directly to the call center from the Web site, click on the button to achieve the conversation with each other. Of course, the remote call can be used IP phone, also can do text interaction (such as whiteboard function). In this way, all the functions on the Internet can be combined into one common use, such as E-mail, IP fax, IP phone, etc.. read more

just a few days ago to do a local portal station, ready to get along with friends, but friends do not understand this aspect of the promotion, to write this article, do a tutorial, followed by the promotion on the line. We heard on the Internet all day long to promote the site, said it was passed on to his God, some friends also worship the fact that, in fact, the promotion of the site is something of civilians, but the situation and moved to the network. Promotion, what is the promotion of the product is to promote their own publicity, so that more people know and accept your product, which is the promotion. Website promotion is your site to do propaganda, let more people know your site, or directly into your site users, is commonly known as the "advertising", but the advertising hit sounds high to rise, but the promotion method is simple, also know, but the real operation is not the matter the operation is good, is the so-called promotion master, although not as from God, but some technical content, it also needs a lot of experience and common experience. Not much nonsense, entered, website promotion is generally divided into 2 categories, online and offline promotion, which means in the online promotion and promotion in life. First online promotion. read more

Beijing area 116 group purchase website "cornered" scale disappeared. Reporters learned from the Group buy navigation site 800, starting from the beginning of this year, there has been a group to stop the operation of the site, the site has been unable to contact the customer service and the person in charge. As of the end of 8 this year, Beijing area, there are about 116 buy site disappeared, the current inventory is still in progress.

150 websites staged "kongchengji" read more

WWF WWF poster: to stop a man is to stop them all. Stop trading chain link, there is no sale no harm.


World AIDS Day Poster: life can save lives, condoms to help you avoid aids.


calls for blood donation posters: half of the screen with the red blood on behalf of life, half of the dead white on behalf of the dead. Another person’s life is in your hands.


the last 10 years of your life, how would you like to spend it?

fishing? Or infusion?

most Canadians in the last 10 years of their lives are associated with disease. read more

December 25th, China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) issued a notice announcing the CN domain 1 yuan experience activities will end in December 31, 2008, next year will be implemented by the market regulation of price policy. From 07 years in March, the implementation of the CN domain name registration experience of $1 has finally ended.

domain name service provider commented on this, CN domain name price has finally returned to a rational state. Because now CN domain name has become the largest national domain name, the effect of the activity has been reached, so now began to be priced by the registrar. However, the registered price of 1 yuan, the domain name registrar is losing money. 100 yuan price, we are profitable." Had to engage in this activity is solely for the purpose of fishing a first name? And now CNNIC have pity on the price to mention about 100 yuan, is to let the domain registration business have a profit of read more

private hospitals in addition to their own corporate website, often will build a number of promotional sites, the purpose is to improve the search engine through a large amount of information collected with SEO, improve the site’s natural rankings. Potential patients through the search engine to enter the site, they have the opportunity to accept the consultation as an outpatient. This has been introduced in my network marketing blog. But standing in the ordinary user’s point of view, what kind of private hospitals to set up the site in order to meet their needs, the same, what kind of site can meet the needs of users and to meet the search engine? read more