has two portals closed community, forum for webmasters and forum marketing operators, is undoubtedly a blow. This is not meant that the Forum promotion stopped short, hit a big cross from the classic website promotion way in

forum and the promotion is still.

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forum post, with links, 72 hours post will not be deleted……" In many web site promotion, Forum promotion is one of the most effective way of promotion, however, from last year the NetEase closed community, then the search will be closing in the community, such as the old forum has seemed to have already become the time, then, the forum to promote the outcast, need to do read more

bottom navigation should put some of their own that column keywords necessary, such as contact us, disclaimer, copyright, do not set up, put the bottom navigation is a waste place, and there is no help for users and website optimization, try to think it is important to their need to repeat that, the content on the bottom navigation, search engine can tell what is the key, but also let the user can quickly return to the corresponding page to browse in the footer.

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will bring the bottom navigation, most have the bottom navigation is the webmaster to increase keyword density and prompts the user through the bottom navigation returns the corresponding column and setting, of course is not to say that the bottom navigation of website optimization, as long as the setting is correct, the effect is still there, so we should how do the optimization settings? read more

Abstract: in cutting is the existence of a real social pain point. Through the traditional two degree and three degree contacts, the efficiency of the problem is very low by way of brushing and treating guests. It is through this simple and crude way that a person is directly connected to the person who needs it.

to interview the young idol Ji thirteen is undoubtedly a great honor with trembling and smiling, even just a chat. Thirteen gentleman is very gentleman, gentle and gentle, sounds like an elite intellectual. read more

Hello! At noon today wrote a "web promotion program: wonderful program display case (a)" now take some time out to write second articles, write down the following site wide marketing plan! This is still in the telecom portal to analyze! Because for a long time in this position, it is quite familiar with at the same time, the site has a very good reputation, the reputation is very good! So it is very easy to marketing, some marketing programs here to talk about the next will continue to launch other programs. read more

in this world, each family is composed of different measures and characteristics of emotional and material conditions, have a certain amount of resources, but also have some difficulties. Each of us is born in this family, to participate in the use of these resources, of course, including the use of these resources to increase the value of resources to overcome suffering, and strive to grasp and create happiness. In order to make our life more happy.

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hardware store investment requires people to find a good store, ready to complete the product, as long as these two points to meet the rich profit is not a problem! What are the steps to open the hardware store? What experience can be worth reference?

A, market research, understand the local market

"know thyself, know yourself". As a newcomer to the hardware industry, we must first understand the local hardware market. With the area to be selected or near the hardware shops, stores and other places to visit". Mainly look at the following aspects: read more

many customers arrive at the shop to find a lot of buying products, but not the money, and then run a thing, then, credit has become the choice of many consumers. For the owner, credit management is not an easy thing, after all, the credit account once out, can come back is a mystery. So, how to deal with the customer’s credit needs?

shop is can hardly be avoided doing business credit sales, that is to say, do not want to do business on credit, the daily trading volume of all particle positions is not realistic. The general store has a considerable part of the regular customers, credit is most familiar. In the face of these credit demand, the first thing I’d do is grasp the customer’s credit degree. Consciously and around people, get the information they need, summed up a "blacklist", poor credit and economic situation worse without the ability to repay, and resolutely do not trust. read more

with the continuous development of society, our living standards are rising, but also to face a series of new problems in the new century. When it comes to avian flu, the first thought is isolation, and then wait for the arrival of death. But now the situation has been broken.

4 28, Hunan Children’s Hospital, came the good news, the country’s first case of human infection with H5N6 avian influenza critically ill children Xiao Er (a pseudonym) for the second consecutive deep sputum virus nucleic acid test negative, has lifted medical isolation. read more

Mid Autumn Festival approaching, the major business moves frequently, grab a variety of promotions to fight the market. For Chinese fast food entrepreneurs, how to do the Mid Autumn Festival Promotion? Chinese fast food store to do a good job in the Mid Autumn Festival Promotion, you can refer to the following aspects, learn from the application will help.

A, promotional advertising ahead

How do

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“PS3是第一个数字的设备,我们将把Blinkbox,使客户能够在电视上使用我们的服务,即时串流新电影大片–可在同一天,他们的DVD–释放以及越来越多的图书馆免费广告支持的游戏”公司公司首席执行官Michael Comish。


一如既往点击这里查看论坛和留言。 read more




涵盖17县5000年的历史,视频的特点三独特的地区。在5000的黎明之地,你会发现纽格兰奇的通道坟墓,建早在公元前3200年。 read more

"yindajihuang water diversion 750 million cubic meters, replacing dry 1 million 100 thousand acres, for the eastern city of group of 3 million people, industrial park, Barry gallery features of modern agriculture and animal husbandry and the arid provide drinking, production and ecological water, will protect the eastern region urbanization, agricultural modernization, industrialization and ecological civilization construction of water."

to the ecological province, zhilvhulv, soil and water conservation, beautify the home circle, as the source of life, production and ecology of water base since when has become the key to development. To accelerate the construction of water conservancy construction, yindajihuang project, which is not only the people of the province more than half a century of dreams, is one the country’s major ecological engineering. read more

this year, the North District of Xining City, continue to focus on comprehensive management of the Beichuan River Basin, the implementation of Chaoyang Bridge small garden construction project at the same time, plans a total investment of more than 1000 yuan, mainly to build a small hill and slope, unitary Beichuan Dongshan Avenue West, lake landscape, and the implementation of the second batch of public welfare forest "four" green building projects.

The second batch of

forest afforestation projects involving quadrilateral green area Baoziwan, twenty shop, Bridge Street, a total of 19 villages, more than 1000 households. From the city to the north section of the neighboring counties Danla expressway, Huang Ning expressway, West High Speed on both sides of State Road 109 and north along the Huangshui River, Beichuan River, River Road, and between the clip plots will achieve green, green with a total area of 2700 acres, coniferous and broadleaf trees and flowers to mixed collocation landscape effect. At the same time, the North District adhere to a high starting point, high standard, seize the favorable opportunity of spring planting, timely promoting forest afforestation work, signed the "four" green land agreements with farmers, planting project plan to spruce, juniper dominated seedlings were 38 thousand strains. (author: Wang Yang)
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The Ministry of health and Family Planning Commission recently issued the "basic medical and health institutions of Qinghai province common disease hospital standard and two-way referral indications", defined the basic medical and health institutions 50 common disease hospital standard and two-way referral indications, grading diagnosis and treatment to guide the work of the first primary diagnosis, two-way referral.

the Commission requires the community health service centers and township hospitals in our province according to the grading clinic referral procedures and requirements, guide patient referral, implementation of the "gatekeeper" responsibility, and actively from superior hospital to patients in improving the service ability, make full use of all kinds of project activities, improve health service skills.  
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Recently, Xining city public transport limited liability company, Ledu Shipping Group Motor Transport Company Limited, Weiyuan shipping group mutual automobile transport limited liability company, Qinghai ping an automobile transportation Co. Ltd. and Xining City Public Transportation Co., Ltd. Huangzhong branch of 5 transport enterprises, through the approval of the Ministry of transport, was officially listed as a natural gas vehicle theme the project, access to transportation energy saving special funds 4 million 980 thousand yuan.   read more

is the name card customers own money to India, then send to others, which is printed cards manufacturers, and then sold to consumers, if a product can bring these together, do not have to spend the money on their own raw materials, and customers for their own brands to do the advertising, this is very good, so the name card poker as a new idea of entrepreneurship.

the readme: 5 years ago, our company went bankrupt, I also became the idlers, playing poker has become my main pastime every day. One day to a friend’s home want to play poker, no home, friends to pay to buy, dig out the money did not dig out a little bit of a decade to get out of a business card, next to a person said, this card can be when playing poker? Another person said, this card if there are colors and points can not play? No cards, poker naturally did not play. read more

we can usually find a lot of shopping malls are linked together, forming a strong competitive situation. How to stand out in a group of women’s clothing store? This requires a certain skill. What are the skills of women’s shops? If it is not very clear.


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we often see some story, many people start empty-handed realize their entrepreneurial dreams. As a young people have dreams, you want to start empty-handed business? Start empty-handed entrepreneurs do what is good? Many people are in doubt, here we recommend a few good projects.

start empty-handed start doing what is good? Repair shop

is a kind of repair shop Shiyibuque, ordinary people disdain, actually have market space. Repair shop outlets can not, but to the whole project management, such as repair repair repair umbrella zipper, shoe mending socks etc.. More students movement, the larger the range of motion, it is inevitable to damage the shoes. Most of them are clumsy and clumsy, and will not mend themselves. These items are limited reserves, which is not missing any of the damage is often anxious to repair. The biggest characteristic of the repair shop is not because of the benefit of small, frequent purchase, so the most suitable for the disabled or elderly management. read more