adjust measures to local conditions, this is a lot of store operators have to grasp the point of multi operation, which is also a lot of concern by the owner. However, if you want to play a good role in these two, it is necessary to carry out diversified operations on the basis of local conditions. A few days ago, I went to play in Rushan, a taste of a series of local mountains and the perfect integration of sea food. The same seafood feast, the coastal areas seem to be the same, how to make the most important features. Rushan villagers near the mountain and the sea based on local advantages, will make Hanshan delicacy in the sea and the sea of delicious mountain, welcomed by the majority of tourists. This is not only a local adaptation of local conditions, but also conform to the nature of the Chinese way of survival. read more

now, choose to join the children’s clothing market is really hot, is the real business opportunities. How small children? Has been a very strong joining the project. For business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join the United States children worry entrepreneurial projects, trustworthy!

The United States children in the new

concept of creating a personalized children’s clothing collocation, the trend of the world, children wear these clothes, the body exudes all the age or some of the lovely, or the breath of innocence. Here’s some product advantages, besides in the market has great development space in our country, the children’s clothing brand is far from reaching saturation, while the United States children trying to do a dark horse, leading the children’s clothing industry. read more

house in life is a big problem related to the livelihood of the people, especially the business needs of friends, a lot of commercial housing to be sold out in the market! Recently, the Zhejiang Provincial Bureau of Statistics announced in 2016 the Zhejiang real estate market statistics, from the annual trend, Zhejiang real estate development and investment growth gradually picked up, commercial housing sales area and sales continue to maintain rapid growth, but the growth rate of highs, the operation of the market towards rational. However, in the first half of 2017, stable market expectations and housing prices still need to work, especially in Hangzhou, such as market hot spots of concern. read more

Henan as a central city, in the process of economic development, actively follow the trend of the times, and constantly carry out the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, and achieved remarkable results. This time, the rapid development of Henan, the first half has achieved a profit of 41 billion 70 million yuan, and the following on the specific understanding of small.

7 month 28 days, the reporter learned from the Provincial Department of finance, the first half of this year, into the economic benefits of enterprises monthly statistical range of the express enterprises, improve the operation quality, total profit of 41 billion 70 million yuan. read more

open cosmetics stores are more and more businesses, the industry unlimited business opportunities, huge profits, it is worth a good profit mining businesses. If you want to do a guaranteed investment business, you need to do more to take every step, smooth shop, have a good start.

1. select a good address. First make sure your cosmetics stores for is what kind of people, different people choose different address, if it is relatively high, choose some large commercial areas, such as pedestrian street. If the more popular, the choice of the crowd more places, such as the station near the residential area more lively place. General join the beautiful Lai Lai, then the company will give you detailed guidance. Of course, this is your own cosmetics store, how do you think it is important that a person no matter what they must have their own ideas, to understand the idea of customer analysis. read more

to open their own home supplies stores, the need to pay attention to many aspects, then, home stores to operate how to do better? Xiao Bian for us to do a detailed introduction, I hope we can bring some basic recommendations.

Home Furnishing supplies stores how to operate? Now on the market of professional brands beyond count, brought no small competition for operators. Household goods store how to operate? Want to get the success of the business, every household goods franchisee in the actual operation should pay attention to the cultivation of the old customer resources, which is the key to successful operation. read more

January 21, 2008, will be the official launch date of the DedeCMS V5 GBK. But the website and forum where the server, from the beginning of January 20th, suffered a large flow of malicious attacks, resulting in network congestion, resulting in the official website and the forum can not access.

January 21st early in the morning, the page began to be able to visit, only to see the official website of the DedeCMS published attack announcement.

DedeCMS (lwash) is currently the main station system, famous industry website is adopted in the system, such as and other new, is used in this system. read more

IDC network ( on 28 August 07 reports: according to the latest data from Baidu statistics show that in the first half of 2014 (January to June) during the browser share battle for the lead in domestic non IE and Chrome, both staged fierce competition competitive. In June, IE fell to 50.86%, according to this trend, in the future there will be less than the risk of 50%. While the share of Chrome is increased to 27.27%, growth and stability. Next, look at the detailed data analysis of the IDC review network. read more

, the most familiar things around the heart to do a good job, you can find a dedicated career."

do for the campus market community class website, for me is a kind of inevitable. My parents are taught at Tsinghua University, I grew up in Tsinghua campus, after graduation, went to the United States, has in Minnesota, Shuangcheng State University, Harvard University and the Yale University to study for 8 years. The campus is my most familiar place, is the source of entrepreneurial inspiration, whether it is the first time the business eYou, or community sites, zhanzuo are based on the campus of the stage. read more

, according to Xinhua news agency, Jinhua city of Zhejiang Province, the relevant sources, the country’s largest shopping rebate site, Zhejiang billion Agel Ecommerce Ltd and belongs to the "million shopping" site because of suspected crime MLM organization and leadership, the relevant departments in June 12th was closed by the police investigation, the responsible person of the enterprise control. From February 15th this year, the site about 6 million yuan a day loss, by the year May 25th has been a loss of more than $600 million. read more

domestic bitcoin trading platform was a Russian hacker, and open sales data on a forum website. A security web site editor managed to get the data, by comparing the leak in 2011, the password library and search the mailbox, you can determine the identity of these members. Through the sampling analysis, black workers accounted for the majority of. The legendary Chinese aunt, Wenzhou businessmen accounted for only a small part.

in a hacking forum, a man claiming to be from a Russian hacker organization member, claimed successful invasion China a very large bitcoin trading platform, and download the database, the database will want to sell. read more

on digital marketing activities, only to forget that from Chicken Burger King, office supplies manufacturer OfficeMax "own avatar dwarfs", a way to pull away, become the history of the best communication effect of viral marketing activities. For this activity, we had in the festival marketing tactics in the virus severe epidemic done on card. At the end of the holiday season, specific statistics show that this activity is indeed very successful.

almost 26 million 400 thousand of the people (which account for about 1/10 of U.S. Internet users) visited the office’s holiday site in this season. This site allows users to post their own faces to the dancing dwarfs. This figure is 10 times in 2006, the first launch of the event in 2006. read more

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is online shopping community service SF’s, which is a very important function is to complete the laying of electricity "last mile" function, and the formation and development of cold chain logistics system sf. "With the SF cold chain logistics opening, when partners demand increased, the cold chain logistics layout will also speed up the future, the four line of the city will also consider sinking." SF preferred CEO Li Dongqi said that this year the cold chain logistics development speed and the development of fresh electricity supplier. read more

extra ~ extra! In January 11, 2017, Chengdu Zero Information Technology Co. Ltd. sent great news, preparations for the long run has been through the beta version, is now fully on-line, officially open to all run errands delivery team


this exciting news, we have zero internal team full out, with the background of managers, businesses and staff, staged a [] who run demonstration activities in the area near the Yingbin avenue.

company division role

distribution waiting to grab a single read more

Oriental May 7th news: according to the labor daily reported that less than a year, the domestic buy site evaporated nearly 2000. Reporters learned yesterday, the latest data show that the current domestic buy site has 3269, and this figure is about 10 months ago, is 5058. The industry believes that the new trend at present is that integration has spread to the comprehensive ranking before the war.

shuffle acceleration:

gangster shot integration

Data from

group purchase group purchase navigation site 800 released at the end of March, the domestic group purchase website of a total of 3269, compared to February evaporate 357, but only 10 months ago, on the market there are 5058 group purchase website in the fight. read more