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website is the webmaster has been concerned about the issue, some site of Shanghai dragon, with a reasonable update, with appropriate promotion, there will always be a good collection, but for some, the search engine only included home or rarely included in this page, what is the reason to? That included bad would directly affect the long tail traffic sites, but also affect the weight of the website in a certain extent, based on this issue, I summarize several key points of attention own website optimization, hope to have the help to everybody. read more

third: there are a lot of reasons, we are writing, you know the " Description" the best attribute is written words, if is listed keywords ranking on the site will not be of great help, I feel this is the problem, I get it last time, I didn’t know " Description" properties do not list keywords, if a word is a word, only to let the search engine that is " Description" property, otherwise would not be included.

don’t know the webmaster met search engines not to " Description" attribute? I met a few times, was very puzzled, I do not know why, just think the search engine itself, later discovered that in fact it is not so, why are we now own website or our promotion way I specifically, hope to the Webmaster Help, recently discovered this problem, I hope that after the treatment can quickly normal, below this is the problem we look at the pictures. read more

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first sunluck Shanghai dragon in here to explain: the snapshot itself has no direct effect to the user site ranking! But the actual situation is the snapshot date indirectly reflects the website more or less, big or small, there is a problem. read more


entrepreneurs need to choose the right partners, which is one of the most important and difficult decisions. Because a good idea is not enough, someone else can do it together. Entrepreneurs often want their partners to have the same vision, complementary skills, and respect and appreciate each other. This entrepreneurial partner met on the way, you can let yourself through the ups and downs of entrepreneurship.

not everyone can find like-minded friends together without the entrepreneurial university, what can you do? I remember a few years ago, I to the circle of friends sending e-mail, trying to find with technology and product experience of friends to try the real estate business. And in this way I met Matt, my future partner, and Nestio’s product director. read more

with the rapid growth of China’s population is not only a series of China’s survival crisis, faster growth and maturity of China’s Internet users. A series of online service industries are emerging in this lively and networked atmosphere. C2C mature, formed the perfect online payment as well as to the virtual means of payment, to provide conditions for online services.

The virtual and actionable nature of the

network makes it easier for the natural and comfortable Chinese to accept freely or freely from the internet. The maturity and success of a series of online trading platforms, to a large extent, proves that existing Internet giants are fully prescient in targeting the Internet market. This vast market share and capacity sphere is showing its iceberg from the net of the ocean. Undeniably, the network is yet to be developed "big northwest" is waiting for us to vigorously develop. read more

now there are a lot of people want to try to start a business, but the cost of the project needs too much money, many people can not meet the requirements. So online shop to get more people of all ages. However, open shop should be how to make money? If you want to know, it’s for you.

if you will be graphic design, 3D design, web design and other technical work, can be in online orders to do, recommended to Witkey website look, such as:, task Chinese network etc.. There are relatively simple tasks, such as: name, planning, design companies, such as logo, look at it. read more

restaurants always have a market, to enter the industry entrepreneurs are not afraid of the future, the most afraid of the product is not good and business ideas. Good product by choice, good business ideas need to accumulate, business experts believe that restaurant entrepreneurs need to know through development, it is helpful to make the restaurant business success.

1. rely on business center

read more

this year, the province continued to increase investment, to the livelihood of the ten facts as the starting point, full support to improve the income level of urban and rural residents. As of the end of the third quarter, the province’s urban and rural incomes grew by 10.1% and 13.5%.
– to broaden the channels of employment funds allocated 483 million yuan, to support the province’s employment difficulties, to carry out the employment assistance month three public employment and personnel services special activities. At the end of September, the province’s urban employment 55 thousand people.
– increase investment in agricultural and pastoral areas of support to promote the facilitation of business registration system, to reduce accreditation project, by the proband according to the first photo card, increase infrastructure investment in agricultural and pastoral areas, agricultural and pastoral areas to solve 250 thousand people drinking water security issues, new construction and renovation of rural highway 4935 kilometers, to improve production and living conditions in rural areas.
– improve the lowest income residents of new funding arrangements 1 billion 100 million yuan, support to establish and improve the standard of subsidies. Including improving the minimum living standards for urban and rural residents: from January 1, 2014 onwards, respectively, to improve the urban and rural residents per capita minimum living standard 20 yuan and $10. Raise the standard of elderly subsidies: from January 1, 2014 onwards, an increase of 20 yuan per month.
– the allocation of funds to control prices steady so far has arranged 620 million yuan of funds, mainly used to support large-scale breeding vegetable greenhouse construction, field construction and beef meat sheep industry development etc.. For the stability control of the market price, the price adjustment arrangements issued capital of 71 million 100 thousand yuan, mainly for cheap grain and oil supply, subsidies for public transport operators, and support 100 discount stores, 3 par market construction, at present, some stores Haidong, other areas have run in haibei. read more

In 2007, Xining City Department of transportation, according to the Xining municipal government "on 2007 for farmers to do practical work of the notice" requirements, focus on rebuilding or construction of 4 county highway project construction, the total mileage of 161 kilometers, around 230 thousand people travel to solve problems.

4 highway projects are the bridge Yin Road project, Xining road project, Mongolia road project and rural highway project. Among them, the construction of highway bridge Yin standard is three roads, construction mileage of 57 kilometers, the highway bridge from Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County to the town of Dabanshan pass section. Lu Yun highway project construction mileage of 44 kilometers, from Huangzhong County lushaer town to Yungu Sichuan reservoir, 38 administrative villages through Ganhetan Lijiashan, 5 town. Mongolia road from Huangyuan county and Pingxiang Mongolia road village, through the song cloth charcoal village, Dong village, the whole 13 km. (author: read more