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51 labor day. However, when we celebrate a small holiday, in our province, there are a lot of workers must stick to the post.
every holiday, when they are busy. The tour guide occupation, in others it can be a day sightseeing tour, but the hard work that only you know.
"all the rest to come out to play, we are out of play when people began to work. Especially in May, will be more and more busy." Yu Yaling said. Legends of
Qinghai Lake, what a beautiful place, need to pay attention to what the local local customs and practices, as well as some previous knowledge, on the way to Yu Yaling one by one and visitors to share. "We come out to travel is to relax the mood during the tour guide will directly affect the impression of the guests on the destination. So I will never bring their emotions to work, I will use my enthusiasm and quality services to infect them, take them to visit the great beauty of Qinghai, but also a good mood." Yu Yaling said.
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